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WINDocumentation Helper428KJean-Marc DURONov 10/16 
Two programs to help document source code. doc_helper scans source code and adds documentation tags. Manually add more details then launch html_builder on modified file to get a help file (HTML). - Bug correction
WINWin32 Error Codes459KJean-Marc DUROAug 18/16 
Pretty exhaustive list of Win32 error codes as of August 2016, from 0 to 15818 (including Internet Errors). Sorted by numerical value, hex value and description in comments. v1.2: added Internet error codes resolution in FormatSystemError()
GENRussian docs for EU3.1.1218KIgor KachanMay 11/16 
The complete HTML docs in Russian to learn EU3.1.1 off-line.
GENHTML documentation for Euphoria 4.0tip524KShawn PringleMar 8/16 
HTML documentation for Euphoria 4.0tip in HTML
WINTutor21590KFred ManganFeb 26/16 
This is Wolfritz's old Win32Lib tutorial, with instructional code and demo programs' code modified to run under Euphoria 4 + Win32Lib. Place the Tutor2 folder in your Win32Lib folder and run file WinTutor.exw or Tutor.exe. Many things that were a 'problem' for Wolfritz and needed special coding are now quite easy to do with new commands in Win32Lib. Even so, I have as far as possible NOT re-written Wolfritz's tutorial, because it often provides insights into how the API actually works.
WINwdemos25KFred ManganFeb 26/16 
This is Dan Moyer's 2000 "Gateway" Tutorial for Win32Lib, updated to run under Euphoria 4 + Win32Lib. Put the wdemos folder in your Win32Lib folder. You may have to change the coding of some of the file paths used in program WDEMOS.EXW to make the "Gateway" work fully on your system. Fred has altered it as little as possible, though he has completed answers to some questions in Dan's FAQ.html.
GENPorting from win32lib to wxEuphoria10KJean-Marc DUROMay 13/15 
A small cheat sheet to help porting win32lib-based programs to wxEuphoria and gain portability.
GENDesign Patterns in Euphoria13KSteve BaxterApr 16/15 
An article showing design patterns for procedural languages, and the unique pattern Euphoria 4.0 offers. Euphoria on the largest scales.
GENEuphoria Help File2459KDan EveringhamMay 9/14 15.00
A Windows Help File for Euphoria 2.5 that's designed to be used by editors with context-sensitive F1 help keys. You can also use it just by double-clicking it. All keywords and library routines are covered. Mike's editor is also included. May 9: euphoria manual
GENEuHelp20KKenneth RhodesFeb 4/13 
Universal Context Sensitive Help for 1400 Euphoria Standard Library keywords and ENUMS. Easy installation instructions for editors such as as Geany. A 3rd party library *.html help file, can be used, if no match is found in the Euphoria Standard Library index. If multiple matches are found, the number of articles to be loaded can designated by user. Feb 4: Automatic Browser selection for Linux. EUDIR constant set without using gentenv("EUDIR").
WINModern OpenGL Tutorials715KSteve AllenJan 2/13 
Euphoria conversions of the first 6 tutorials from Great place to start for learning modern OpenGL in Eu. Shows how to write simple OpenGL shaders, render 2d/3d shapes, texturing. Rotations/Scaling/transformations. Uses and includes Mark Akita's SDL lib, Mics EuGL wrapper.
GENEuphoria 4.1 function List431KJohn SalviSep 9/12 
Euphoria 4.1 Function List in various formats for Windows, DOS, DBF TXT etc.
LNXEuphoria 4.1 standard functions32KJean-Marc DUROSep 7/12 
A small ODS calc sheet to find quickly where a Euphoria 4.1 routine is declared and which routines are available. Routines are listed by Unit and by Name. He needed this to port DOS Euphoria 3 source files to Linux Euphoria 4.1 ones.
GENEuphoria Tutorial1KMohtashimJun 23/12 
Euphoria is simple, flexible, easy to learn, and interpreted high-level programming language for DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and more. Euphoria's first incarnation was created by Robert Craig on an Atari Mega-ST and it was first released in 1993. It is now being maintained and enhanced by a group of open source developers. This tutorial gives a complete understanding on Euphoria.
GENABGTE tutorial annotated for OpenEuphoria2029KTom CiplijauskasApr 18/12 
Written by David Gay, ABGTE is the 'classic' Euphoria tutorial. This is a PDF version annotated for users of OpenEuphoria.
GENEuphoria 4 API Documentation1496KTom CiplijauskasApr 18/12 
A sorted version of the std library documentation.
GENHow To Program Computers907KSteve BaxterFeb 16/12 
A tutorial for beginners in Euphoria. This book is an early attempt at a work in progress. It applies to Euphoria 3.1.1, but is perfect for beginners. His email is scdbaxterii at He regrets any errors, but takes no responsibility for the results of such errors. Use at your own risk.
GENEuphoria 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian154KIgor KachanDec 24/11 
Euphoria Programming Language version 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian. You can see these documents on-line in Russian section of the RDS site. Use 7z for unpacking.
GENUnOfficial Euphoria version 4 chm Help file1372Kne1unoJun 30/11 
A help file in chm format, searchable with F1 from many editors. This is a totally unofficial version based on the official docs. The index has some minor format errors. Some section numbers may not exactly match the Official docs. Jun 30: updated to 4.0.3
GENBitAboutEu45242KFred ManganJun 9/11 
BitAboutEu.htm describes Euphoria 3.1 rather informally, with links to demo programs and listings. It is for people who don't use Euphoria but might like to. Anyone is free to redistribute this to where it might do some good.
GENStandard Library Routines Needles in Haystacks8KShawn PringleJun 8/11 
Documentation. A comparison of routines that take some notion of a needle and haystack as arguments organized in a table.
DOSEuphoria Norton Guide239KPablo Alvarez Gonz�lezApr 14/11 
This is the complete Euphoria documentation in a single .NG file. The original .DOC files of Euphoria 3.1 package compiled to the Norton Guides format. Includes a freeware viewer (AXGDE.EXE), wich is compatible with the original Norton Guides viewer (NG.EXE).
GENpdf documentation svn33792912KTom CiplijauskasAug 27/10 
Pdf documentation for 4.0 svn3379 contains updated Euphoria Documentation. Also, an experimental pdf containing only sorted constants and routines. Aug 27: Latest version. Fixed some formatting issues. Second pdf with only sorted constants and routines.
GENUnOfficial Euphoria version 4 CHM Help file beta1600Kne1unoJul 3/10 
with doc changes since the last official eu4 release, for anyone using eubins or compiling euphoria from source. PSPad editor syntax and context INI files included. you can find a new zip from time to time listed on the download list at
GENEuphoria 3.1.1 Documentation in Japanese(Offline edition)529KRDS / Ninetailfox SoftwareFeb 24/10 
Japanese translated html documentation (includes original html documentation)
GENEuphoria Documentation in Japanese(Online edition)900KRDS / Ninetailfox SoftwareJan 17/10 
Primary documentation Japanese translation of Euphoria 3.11 He asks that reports of mistranslation be sent to
GENLogo based on { }15KTom CiplijauskasSep 29/09 
An svg, { } based logo, for experimentation.
WINtoJP312KWolfgang FritzSep 18/09 
An expanded and enhanced English to Japanese ( shift-JIS ) dictionary for computer programmers, based on his 'Multilingual' contribution. Sep 18: corrections, additions, source included.
WINtoRU291KWolfgang Fritz / Igor KachanSep 8/09 0.80
An expanded English to Russian ( Cyrillic ) dictionary for computer programmers, based on the 'Multilingual' contribution. Includes EXE, source code, and Borland bilingual demo. Sep 8: expanded vocabulary
GENEuphoric Mysteries E-book6786KBill AitkenJun 5/09 
An excellent E-book for Euphoria. Note: This version runs fine on Windows XP, but maybe not Vista.
GENThink Euphoria342KTom CiplijauskasFeb 21/09 
An introduction to programming with Euphoria. First Draft.
GENEuphoria 3.1/3.1.1 Help in chm format864Ktxj2000Apr 17/08 
Euphoria 3.1.1 documentation in CHM help format.
DOSKolibri OS and Euphoria for DOS3303KIgor KachanOct 15/07 
These are bilingual (English/Russian) HTML instructions with illustrations - how to set up the Kilibri OS and run on it DOS32 Euphoria using DOSBox, ported to the Kolibri platform.
GENEuphoria 3.1 CHM documentation427KDominiqueBJun 16/07 
Here is the latest release in .chm format of the Help files for Euphoria 3.1 Jun 16: Final release . . .
GENCompiled HTML PDF for Euphoria v3.01302KDave BunchJun 13/07 
Brett Pantalone's compiled HTML help manual (CHM) for the Euphoria 3.0 language and libraries packed into a single PDF file. Contains all documentation included with the RDS download. All keywords indexed and bookmarked.
GENA Beginners Guide To Euphoria (HTML)112KJules DavyMay 16/07 1.50
An HTML version of David Gay's tutorial. May 16: Fixed broken ToC links.
WINCompiled HTML help for Euphoria v3.0285KBrett PantaloneJan 21/07 
Compiled HTML help manual (CHM) for the Euphoria 3.0 language and libraries. Contains all documentation included with the RDS download. All keywords indexed. Jan 21: Recompiled to fix broken links (oops)
WINMakeDoc12KDerek ParnellDec 18/06 
This tool generates HTML documentation from encoded documentation text. This is usually embedded in source file comments. This tools extracts the documenation comments and formats and indexes them into a number of HTML files. This is the tool that generates the docs for Win32lib. It does not require win32lib to run and can generate docs from any text file, not only Euphoria source code.
GENEuphoria .chm file414KDominique BodinNov 4/06 
Here is the new help file system build to .chm, updated to Euphoria 3.0.1
GENEuWiki backup - 2006-10-13651KAkuOct 13/06 
EuWiki database backup. (Aku and RDS have the password) Oct 13: backup on 2006-10-13.
GENEuWiki backup - 20060916344KAkuSep 15/06 
EuWiki database backup on 2006-09-16. (password required)
WINAdapting the Registry to Work Better with Judith's IDE14KShawn PringleJun 19/06 
Instructs the user to instruct Windows to use Judith's IDE to open .PRJ files.
GENAn introduction to Euphoria Programming227KCharles NewbouldMar 15/06 
A readable introduction to Euphoria with easy examples. The description assumes a Windows environment but could be followed by a DOS or Linux user with only slight adaptation. It covers the basics, but also incorporates simple windows programming. Intended to encourage more users of this "splendid language".
GENwxEuHTHelp8KKenneth RhodesMar 2/06 1.50
wxEuHTHelp 1.3 is a version of Juergen Luethje's yet to be released EuHTHelp 1.2, modified to optionally support the wxEuphoria programming library. It is the author's hope that Juergen might employ some of the modified code or concepts in his next release of EuHTHelp. Mar 2: Minor bug fix and changes in naming conventions.
GENEuphoria HyperText Help2KJuergen LuethjeFeb 5/06 1.00
A command-line utility that displays the appropriate section of the Euphoria HTML documentation for keywords, routine names and other important terms. Can be used to provide context-sensitive help in editors that support user-defined tools (PSPad, ConTEXT, Crimson, TextPad, etc.). Feb 5: Fixed and elaborated cross-platform functionality (thanks to Kenneth Rhodes).
GENEuDoc - Euphoria Documentation Generator11KD. NewhallOct 8/05 5.50
A program that takes comments from a file and generates HTML documentation that looks like the RDS HTML documentation. Designed mostly for documenting libraries with emphasis on usability for the Euphoria Standard Library project. Version 0.4 Oct 8: Added "Notes" and "Disclaimer" tags, added command line arguments, and fixed a few minor bugs.
GENEuDoc revised10KAndy DrummondSep 15/05 
This is an updated version of Derek Newhall's very useful documentation-generator. Two bugs have been sorted - the alphabetic listing is now truly alphabetic, and the See Also: references now do jump to their reference entries.
WINHelp File526KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 10.50
A compiled HTML Help file for the complete Euphoria 2.3 documentation based on Adam Weeden's old version in the Archive. This one includes Win32Lib and lets you view the RDS web site. Dec 24: Updated for version 2.3. Includes Win32Lib and many other files
WINHelp File Maker630KGreg HaberekMar 19/05 
An easy-to-use program for making simple help files for your Windows-based programs. Includes a Help File Maker and a Help File Viewer (dll file) for use in your apps. Should work with any Windows library (Win32Lib, Arwen, EuWinGUI, etc.). (no source). See Readme.txt for more information.
GENEuphoria 2.5 Documentation as Compiled HTML425KBrian BrokerMar 10/05 8.00
Euphoria.chm is a compiled HTML help file (CHM) for the Euphoria 2.5 documentation. Includes updated HTML titles for more meaningful search results and syntax-highlighted listings of most standard Euphoria libraries. Mar 10: Updated with docs from 2.5 final release. Includes simple demo using HTML Help API for Windows.
WINWin32Lib Keyword Lookup3KAndrew HallAug 7/04 3.00
A command-line utility for looking up a Win32Lib keyword (function, procedure, constant, etc.). Requires Win32Lib 0.59.1 or higher. Can be used to provide instant context help in editors that support user-defined tools (Crimson, ConTEXT, TextPad, etc.).
WINStep-by-step guide library3KAlexander ToressonApr 9/04 
A library which automates the most common tasks in a step-by-step guide. Uses win32lib, but is easily adapted to any other gui library.
WINEuphoria 2.4 - Documentaci�n HTML en espa�ol257KFernando VeloOct 21/03 
Spanish translation of the HTML documentation files of Euphoria 2.4.
WINEuphoria 2.4 - Documentaci�n en espa�ol (PDF)655KFernando VeloOct 21/03 
Spanish translation of the HTML documentation files of Euphoria 2.4, but in PDF format.
WINEuphoria 2.4 Documentation as Compiled HTML394KBrian BrokerOct 14/03 4.00
A compiled HTML help file (CHM) for the Euphoria 2.4 documentation. Includes updated HTML titles for more meaningful search results and syntax-highlighted listings of most standard Euphoria libraries. This is now obsolete - see his new version for Euphoria 2.5.
GENGuide to Object Oriented Programming662KAlex CaracatsanisSep 11/03 3.00
A guide to object oriented programming in Euphoria using Mike Nelson's Diamond Lite. It has lots of examples and a very detailed, well-written manual. Sep 11: Now uses .pdf format instead of .doc
WINEuphoria Help176KAl GetzFeb 16/03 1.00
A Help program for the standard Euphoria library routines, with additional information on Win32Lib and the WIN32 API.
WINEuphoria Help File Maker55KVirtual B / Roland StowasserJan 23/03 
A system for easily creating and maintaining help files.
GENEuphoria Book29KMike SabalJan 15/03 3.00
The first three chapters of a new book about Euphoria. He'd like to get feedback as he writes additional chapters. Jan 15: added chapter 3
GENEuphoria Messages in English and Russian13KIgor KachanSep 26/02 
The complete set of error messages and other messages that the Euphoria interpreter produces, in both Russian and English. If you have the Euphoria interpreter source code, you can use these files plus Igor's slightly modified Euphoria source files, to build a Russian version of the interpreter, or even better, translate the messages into your own language. Sep 26: fixed one bug, added a message for FreeBSD
GENRefman in Spanish37KRicardo FornoAug 21/02 
A translation of the Euphoria 2.3 Reference Manual into Spanish. Carefully and accurately done.
GENWindows Help File428KEuler GermanAug 18/02 1.00
A Windows help file for Euphoria 2.3. It has a table of contents and an index, and you can search it. Aug 18: Browsing facility now includes library routines.
GEN.PDF Help File676KEuler GermanAug 3/02 
A help file in .PDF format for Euphoria 2.3. It's based on his Windows help file.
GENModified Library Documentation92KRod HicksAug 1/02 
Rod reformatted and extended library.doc to make it more convenient to print and work with.
DOSCauseWay Manual144KIgor KachanMay 12/02 
This is the manual for the CauseWay DOS extender used by the ex.exe interpreter, and by Euphoria programs that are translated to C and compiled by Watcom. CauseWay is open source and free. Igor collected all the CauseWay manual pages from Michael Devore's Web site.
GENEuphoria Documentation in Russian248KIgor KachanApr 23/02 
A complete translation of the Euphoria 2.3 language documentation into Russian. Choose from: code page for Windows, code page for DOS, or code page for Linux. Apr 23: updated for the FreeBSD release
WINTutorial10KDon PhillipsDec 31/01 
A tutorial to show how using one windows message you can create skinnable applications, drag windows around by the client area, much more.
GENEuphoria Encyclopedia249KTravis BeatyDec 14/00 1.50
Euphoria documentation in the form of a Windows Help file. He has the RDS docs, and he's in the process of including other important documents for Win32Lib etc.
WINEuphoria 2.2 Documentation as Compiled HTML358KAdam WeedenMar 24/00 2.00
He took the RDS HTML documentation and made a compiled HTML file with a table of contents, index and search capability. Mar 24: additional links to all the library routines.
WINWIN32 Header Files148KHendrik MundtAug 29/99 
C include files containing declarations for most of the WIN32 API functions. The code was developed for the CYGWIN UNIX to WIN32 porting project.
WINWindows Help File for Euphoria 2.1231KFabio RamirezAug 7/99 
The Euphoria documentation converted into a Windows help file.
WINWindows Help File for Euphoria 2.1246KWOLF InI SoftwareApr 12/99 
the Euphoria 2.1 documentation as a Windows Help File. Click on the .hlp file to view it.
DOSDocumentation in HelpPC Format276KDetlef ReimersOct 22/98 
REFMAN.DOC, LIBRARY.DOC and some other useful documents in HelpPC format for easy browsing. The HelpPC reader and TSR program are included.
GENEuphoria Article21KRalf NieuwenhuijsenMay 6/98 
an informative article about Euphoria.
WINREFMAN.DOC in MS Word Format42KJohn DeHopeAug 15/97 
REFMAN.DOC in MS Word format for easier viewing. You can't view it with WORDPAD on Windows 95. You need MS Word 8.0 or higher.
DOSBeginner's Guide to Euphoria463KDavid GayAug 1/97 11.50
An excellent tutorial program. No previous programming experience is required. David's program teaches you Euphoria programming in a series of easy lessons, complete with example programs. Unzip with WinZip, or use: pkunzip -d
GENREFMAN.DOC in Spanish27KCarlos GonzaliaApr 17/97 
Euphoria v1.5 REFMAN.DOC in Spanish. el manual de referencia de Euphoria en Espa�ol!
DOSEuphoria Docs in Norton format63KClaire Anglehart, Francis BussiereApr 9/97 
Euphoria 1.5 documentation in Expert Help / Norton Guides format
WINWIN32 API Documentation7962KMicrosoftJan 1/95 
This is a very large help file, win32.hlp for the WIN32 Application Program Interface. It describes all the C functions in the standard .dll files on Windows. You will need this information to call C API routines from Euphoria. This is a link to Borland's FTP site. For a huge, up-to-date set of API documentation (266 Mb), go to Microsoft's site.
WINWIN32 API On-line Description10KMicrosoftJan 1/95 
Microsoft's on-line description of the WIN32 API. It gives you an overview, then it leads you into the full set of functions and data structures.

Fonts (20)

WINOdd behaviour in MleText1KPhil FrenchJan 22/15 
Using Bold font - temporarily - in a small MleText produced a small 'permanent' change in its' character layout later (using Normal font) as if the control had got permanently smaller. More details in an attached text file. Is this normal?
DOSHi-speed FONT driver for Euphoria540KTom JanesDec 26/11 
This is a high speed FONT driver capable of utilizing fixed or variable pitch fonts. It uses an updated version of the Babor font system, and a directory of available fonts is included, along with the EFONT.EXE executable that enables the creation of fonts from TTF files, Babor conversion, and the construction of libraries.
DOSNational patcher for the OW compiled programs18KIgor KachanMar 28/07 0.70
This patcher replaces the standard Open Watcom fonts for the pixel graphics screen modes with national ones in the noncompressed compiled programs, for example, in ex.exe and in a specially recompiled backend.exe of EU 3.0.2.
GENInternational fonts330KIgor KachanMay 1/06 
All fonts of this package are in Jiri Babor's format and may be used with Jiri's DOS32 programs and with SDL programs by Mark Akita on WIN32 and Linux platforms. May 1: Fixed bug in one glyph of cp866.j16 font.
WINFont Enumerator2KGreg HaberekJun 20/05 
Enumerates all fonts on your system. Displays an example with your provided text and choice of font size.
DOSThe Localized Interpreters & Backends955KIgor Kachan, Robert CraigApr 19/05 
A tool for replacing the standard Watcom fonts to national fonts for graphics modes in the official RDS DOS32 interpreter, backend, and in user programs translated with the E2C translator. 21 code pages are supported. Alpha version for official Euphoria v.2.5.
GENBilingual Toolkit829KIgor KachanSep 13/04 
A toolkit, including a modified ed editor rewritten in Russian, that fully supports the use of Russian and English with the unlimited alphabet Euphoria interpreters for DOS and Windows. You can write your EU programs in Russian with just about 25 English words or in pure English, or in any mix as well. EtoC translator and binder are supported. You can switch the language of diagnostics and turn on/off syntax coloring in the current window. The syntax coloring dictionary has 11049 words for the bilingual RDS libs (included), Win32Lib v060.05 and w32engin v7.20. Sep 13: New color words for Win32Lib v060.05 added, red.exe excluded to free space for future improvements.
GENTrueType Font Converter46KColin TaylorAug 23/03 29.00
A program that reads TrueType fonts and converts them to bitmap fonts for use under DOS. The bitmap fonts can be saved in Jiri Babor's font format. It also has user-definable Unicode-to-DOS character mapping (needed to produce foreign-language fonts). Aug 21: a bit more functionality, a couple of new demos and a few bug fixes. Aug 23: typos fixed
DOSConvert To Unicode171KIgor KachanAug 4/03 10.00
Windows code page mapping for the TrueType Font program by Colin Taylor (below). Demo included (uses 1024x768 DOS graphics). Aug 4: Added new demo -- ttshow.ex to see all glyphs of given TTF font. Works on Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts with more than 22000 characters.
WINFont_SDL450KMark AkitaMay 31/03 
A simple text drawing library for SDL, that's based on Jiri Babor's Font.e library. The zip also includes a folder of font files for use with Font_SDL.
WINFont Converter22KJuan ReinaOct 31/01 0.50
A utility that converts Windows fonts to Jiri Babor's font format.
WINProgrammer's Fonts4KKarl BochertMar 4/01 
Two monospaced Windows fonts designed for programming -- visible punctuation, distinguishable 1's, l's, 0's and O's etc. Use 'Control Panel-Fonts-File-Install new font' to install.
DOSFont Routines30KMatt ArriolaAug 25/00 
Font routines that can be used in both graphics and text mode. Aug 25: minor improvements
DOSDisplay and Edit Fonts6KNo SolutionFeb 26/00 
Code for saving the system font, making your own fonts, and displaying and inputing text using fonts. (See also Jiri Babor's font routines.)
DOSRom Font13KJiri BaborJan 8/00 2.20
A stripped-down font package that loads the system font from the ROM. It's for people who want something more sophisticated than putsxy.e, but who aren't ready to employ Jiri's full-blown Font Package (above). A nice demo is included. Jan 8: minor bug fixes, faster, selectable font magnification, simplified prompt cursor, speed test, revamped demo
DOSFont Package379KJiri BaborDec 5/98 8.50
a sophisticated, comprehensive, and faster new version of his font.e library for displaying fancy fonts in pixel-graphics modes. The .ZIP file also includes over 150 different fonts, all compatible with his routines. See also "The Jiri Babor Collection" (below).
DOSVector Font Library5KPeter BlueOct 28/97 
a library for displaying characters made up of line segments. With this approach you can print text at any angle, and grow or shrink the size of characters as needed. (Note: the demo programs use SVGA mode 257.)
DOSFancy Colored Fonts3KEduardo OkadaOct 8/97 
routines for displaying cool-looking colored fonts.
DOSThe Jiri Babor Collection107KJiri BaborSep 18/97 7.50
an excellent collection of code for fonts, mouse support, user interfaces etc., and well documented. See also his new font code (above).
DOSFont Package91KDavid CunyAug 1/97 
a large collection of fonts that are easy to add to your application

Library Routines (256)

GENEuSDL2Image1041KAndy P.updated Sep 29/17 
This is a wrapper of the SDL 2 Image library. This allows you to use other graphic formats when using SDL2. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Sep 29: Updated for SDL_Image2 2.0.1, also made a new example. Added in cross-platform support.
GENCheck processes2KJean-Marc DUROAug 25/17 
Two functions to test running processes under Linux and Windows. Windows part is based on Pete Stoner's code. - Bug correction on Windows
GENsort_order lib1KIgor KachanJul 8/17 
There are too many discussion about true names for the sort functions constants. Just his $0.02.
GENEu3 Standard Library2228KJean-Marc DUROJun 18/17 
A set of libraries for Eu3, documented and tested. - Added 2 wrappers for Windows: WinHTTP and LibSSH2 to allow HTTPS and SSH. - Upgraded many libraries, added JSON parsing
GENLongest Common Substring Problem17KJames CookJun 2/17 
Implementation of the longest common substring problem in Euphoria. Freeware license.
GENCommand-line options for your program5KJames Cookupdated May 27/17 0.70
Add command-line options handling to your program. Start with the sample provided, and expand it to meet your program's command-line needs. Includes option handling code for: /?, -x, -x[string], -x [str1] [str2] May 27: Freeware license.
GENCommand-line Processing Shell17KJames Cookupdated Apr 13/17 
Add command-line options handling to your program. Start with the simple routines provided, and expand the shell to meet your program's command-line needs. Includes option handling code for: /?, -x, -x[string], -x [str1] [str2] Apr 13: Freeware license.
GENEu4 Standard Library2111KJean-Marc DUROMar 20/17 
Port to EU 4.0 of the Eu3 standard library, documented and tested. - Includes libcurl, libSSH2 and WinHTTP wrappers to allow HTTPS and SSH. LibSSH2 may be usable in Linux too (not tested). - Added JSON parser
GENdatetime.e (v1.10)10KShian Leeupdated Mar 11/17 
datetime.e provides date and time routines for Euphoria 3.1.1. The library supports calculation of date and time between the years 1900 and 4900 (Gregorian Calendar). It is designed to be efficient and practical. Includes standard user manual. Mar 11: time_to_float32() removed.
GENString.e (v1.00)8KShian LeeJan 31/17 
String.e provides traditional string (and sequence) manipulation routines (BASIC's style), for Euphoria 3.1.1: spc, chr, set, trim, squeeze, change (replace/insert/delete), mid, translate, split, join words, reverse match/find, left/right, and more. Includes standard user manual.
GENStructures Management9KJean-Marc DURONov 2/16 
Allocate, write, read and free structures in memory. Pointers and variables are automatically sized according to EU version and OS Architecture. Helps interface DLLs while being compliant with both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, EU 3 or EU4. -- Now uses his new Euphoria version checker
WINlibxlswriter for eu3386KJean-Marc DUROOct 9/16 
Greg Haberek's libxlswriter library ported to Euhoria 3.11.
GENCSV parse routine14KShawn David Pringle B.Sc.Jun 1/16 
Parse a line of CSV by calling a single routine. Jun 1: bug fix and added tokenize_record routine.
WINsimple ini file include2KHayden McKayDec 15/15 
Loads an ini file into a nested sequence with just one call. Comments etc.. are handled. see demo.exw for details on how to use.
GENThe libxlsxwriter library149KGreg HaberekSep 11/15 
Libxlsxwriter is a C library that can be used to write text, numbers, formulas and hyperlinks to multiple worksheets in an Excel 2007+ XLSX file. It supports features such as: 100% compatible Excel XLSX files, full Excel formatting, merged cells, autofilters, defined names, and memory optimisation mode for writing large files. Currently does not support 64-bit Euphoria 4.1. Sep 11: No longer requires Euphoria 4.1 with memstruct support.
WINEuSDL2Image1041KAndy P.Jun 1/15 
This is a wrapper of the SDL 2 Image library. This allows you to use other graphic formats when using SDL2. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Jun 1: Re-written from scratch, updated code base and includes example program.
WINwinlibSimple4KJean-Marc DUROMay 26/15 
First draft of the second library which aim is to standardize function names and syntax on top of major GUIs. This one is for win32lib. Property names may change in the next releases.
GENStable Sort routines22KMikeNov 11/14 
A general purpose sort routine module suitable as a drop-in replacement for the original Euphoria sort routines. The sorting principle is based on Merge Sort rather than Shell Sort so that the sorting is always stable. Also, sorting may be done by column(s). All bug reports Welcome.
GENXML to Sequence38KJean-Marc DUROMar 16/14 
An update to my previous XML parser with enhanced search functions. Converts an XML sequence to an Euphoria sequence. Openeuphoria 4 and up.
DOSDOS File System Library v1.0038KShian LeeDec 18/12 
DFS.E library includes elementary routines for drive, directory, file, volume label, parse path, absolute path, and critical error handler with full long file name (LFN) optional support. includes standard user manual.
GENVLC201KrasOct 11/12 
Wraps vlc libraries for media file playback (libvlc: multiple audio and video formats). Demos include command line media player and wxwidgets media player
GENIso to UTF-8 conversion1KJean-Marc DUROSep 16/12 
A function to convert ISO sequences (Windows) to UTF-8 sequences (Linux). For Euphoria 4 and up.
GENUTF-8 conversion13KJean-Marc DUROSep 4/12 
ISO compliant UTF-8 decoding with compliance test. Function to decode special keys when in a Linux console provided (works also on DOS or Windows).
GENcjson183KrasMay 16/12 
JSON library wrapper (open webos) with demos. Requires Euphoria 4.1 with memstruct support.
GENUTF-8 <--> Unicode (v1.01)2KShian LeeMay 10/12 
Convert between UTF-8 characters and Unicode code points. May 10: unicode_to_utf8()'s code is now more clear for the reader.
WINDelete to recycle bin6KArthur CrumpNov 1/10 
Experimental functions to delete one or more files, moving them to the recycle bin so that they can be recovered.
DOSRead/Write INI files2KJean-Marc DUROOct 5/10 
Read/Write INI files under DOS (maybe also Linux, not tested). No dependency. Example included.
GENUTF-8 to ASCII sequence converter1KJean-Marc DUROSep 30/10 
Converts UTF-8 sequences to ASCII sequences. This is an extract of Tommy Carlier's excellent Unicode Library which does only convert files. He needed to convert UTF-8 sequences returned by a Web server.
GENJunko's DayByDate reviewed1KJean-Marc DUROSep 30/10 
Junko's DayByDate rewritten as a library to be reusable.
WINRay Smith's EuTcp4U with long sequences26KJean-Marc DUROSep 30/10 
He added two functions to Ray Smith's EuTcp4U library to allow sending and receiving long sequences (> 65535 bytes which is tcp4u maximum length).
GENKV - Key/Value Sequences2KKenneth RiviereJul 28/10 
Routines for maintaining sorted key/value sequences. Includes code for testing whether a sequence is an ASCII string, testing the depth of a sequence (how many subsequences) and formatting sequences for printing (handy for debugging). Long used in JoKoSoKo game here in archive, but here uploaded separately.
GENCxImage564KMicMay 20/10 12.00
A wrapper for the CxImage library. It can load and save images using the BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, TGA and PCX formats. It can also resize images using either nearest-neighbor or bilinear filtering. An example is included. May 20: Added Linux support (32-bit).
GENEuScanf2KFred ManganFeb 23/10 
Use a scanf function for Euphoria to extract data from formatted text lines.
WINDos Rescue with small fix5KMarco AchuryFeb 3/10 
A (very little) fix to Rob's dos_rescue library so the window title caption is not hardcoded on the library. The main program passes it as a global sequence.
WINHistPie195KOtterDadFeb 1/10 
Repost of Original Submission by Fred Mangan Jun 5/08 An include file to draw simple histograms and pie-charts for EuWinGUI. Source code and demo program.
GENSmartStrings1KJim PishloJan 20/10 
Offers some simple sequence (string) manipulation functions. Also includes "smart_parse". An intelligent parsing function that splits a string by more than one delimiter, and ignores delimiters located between quotes. Good for processing commands.
WINwindows serial port access8Kjacques desch�nesMay 24/09 3.00
WIN32 API binding for serial port usage.
GENfixed width file parser6KJeremy CowgarMar 19/09 
Fixed width file parser library. Requires Euphoria 4.0.
GENMerge Sort3KDon CahelaSep 19/08 
Sort a sequence of values by merging. A test code compares execution time to that of RDS shell sort using random sequences.
WINAcroPDF Demo4KGreg HaberekAug 18/08 
AcroView uses EuCOM to wrap AcroPDF.dll, the Adobe Reader plug-in. You can use AcroPDF.ew to embed an Adobe PDF in your Euphoria applications. Aug 18: Added a few more options.
WINSHFileOperation wrapper5KGreg HaberekAug 15/08 
A simple wrapper of SHFileOperation for Win32Lib. This allows you to perform move/copy/delete/rename file operations through Windows with a variety of options, such as a progress dialog and user interaction.
GENUse Windows .DLLs on Other Systems65KMicJul 26/08 
This library lets you run code in Windows .DLL files, using Euphoria for DOS, Linux or FreeBSD. Note however that the .DLL code can't call any Windows API routines. Jul 26: Fixed the broken download link.
GENidle task library3KRyan W. JohnsonJul 14/08 2.60
Useful routines: nanosleep() - to sleep for less than 1 second, delay(), and idletask() - causes the Euphoria task scheduler to idle the CPU when not running other tasks (otherwise, the scheduler will use active waiting when there is less than 1 second between scheduled tasks, which hogs the CPU) Read the comments in the source file for more info and usage examples. Jul 14: Re-uploaded file.
DOSCheck DOS version1KMarco AchuryJul 11/08 
Two low-level routines to detect DOS Version. Int 21h, Functions 30h and 3306h
GENAccess .Ini Files62KTone SkodaMar 4/08 0.50
An easy-to-use library for accessing .ini files. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
GENSets Library1KShawn PringleJul 29/07 
This is the sets.e include file contributed by Rod Jackson with the change that the functions all do what the comments say they do. remove_member and add_member take the set as the first argument as in the comments.
GENString Tokenizer1KFrancis O. DowlingJun 20/07 
All purpose string tokeniser, allows inclusion/exclusion of null tokens. Requires Euphoria 3.1 Interpreter.
GENSimple Standard Library7KNot only Aku 2005 :)Jun 11/07 1.00
Contains general purpose frequently-used routines. The routines include String/Sequence manipulations, File and I/O, Pretty Printing, File/Dir Operations, Hash, and Timing. All are made as simple as possible. Please help him extend this file by optimizing the algorithms and adding new routines but please keep it SIMPLE. Still need file operations routines for Linux. Jun 11: Fixed parameter type in read_lines (thanks Craig Welch)
GENBit Operations10KJuergen LuethjeMay 3/07 3.30
Versatile and fast bit operations on 32-bit integers, mostly using machine code. May 3: crc32() function implemented in machine code, so it's now considerably faster than before. Enhanced documentation.
GENUnique File Name generator2Kjxliv7Mar 31/07 
A simple 8-character name generator based on the Euphoria date() function -- it can generate a new file name every second without repeating. Mar 31: Updated to fix bug.
GENUnique file names4KCChrisMar 20/07 
Generates a file name which doesn't conflict with any in the supplied directory, isn't longer than any file name therein and only contains alphabetical characters. Great for creating temporary files. Please report any bugs. Mar 20: v0.2: more comments, more files considered, one more limit case properly handled.
GENThe case_xx() function1KIgor KachanMar 18/07 
A function to convert texts in different languages and code pages to upper or lower case. Just add your alphabet. Mar 18: Common improvements, added example on concatenation of two alphabets.
GENBITS13KMike DuffyJan 24/07 3.80
Bit and byte functions for Euphoria 2.4 and higher. Jan 24: Fixed limit calculation in word/dword_scan(), extended cpu_id(), added std_call(), updated documents.
GENGeneral Functions72KRicardo FornoDec 31/06 27.50
A large collection of useful general purpose functions. Dec 31: On request, he packed genfunc.e with genfunc.htm, a documentation HTML file.
GENCode scraps for MS Excel documents42KMichael J. SabalSep 8/06 
This set of routines successfully reads text and data from the first sheet of an Excel 97/2000/XP workbook. Normally he wouldn't contribute such an early version, but there has been at least one request. To do: read formulas, enhance the amount of formatting information that is read, read more than the first sheet, read other OLE data like macros and images, get writing to work at all, read versions other than BIFF8, document the library.
GENCompression41KJustin SnyderAug 2/06 
A compression algorithm he made up. Pretty good, but it tends to expand small files. It's probably quite close to the DEFLATE method. It might be a little lossy with some files. Includes a small hex library and a test picture.
GENBasic electronics functions9KMichael J. SabalMay 18/06 
Includes a number of basic electronics functions based on Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, net value of series and parallel components, and series resonant frequency.
GENLZJB compression library6KAku 2006May 14/06 
A compression library that uses the LZJB algorithm that is used on the recently famous ZFS file system. The code is very short and the compression ratio is not good, but it is very fast (33 MB/sec on Pentium 4 2.2 GHz)... using the C version. The Eu interpreted version is only ~630 KB/sec, so someone who is good at optimizing Eu code please optimize it.
GENSort by n-th field1KCChrisMay 3/06 
V1.0 Provides two functions: sort_by_nth_field(source, field_number, direction) and safe_sort_by_nth_field(source, field_number, direction). Borh sort a sequence of records (source) by their (field_number)-th field in (direction) order. The slower safe_ version can cope when the sorting field doesn't exist. A test program is provided too. May 3: Test program repaired and augmented.
GENcross-printing to console and a file or files2KJ.GuyMar 23/06 0.80
When developing a program, he often found himself writing the same diagnostic messages to a log file and to the console at the same time. It makes for tedious typing, and mistakes. So he eventually wrote himself a set of output procedures paralleling print, printf, puts, close and open.
WINEuphoria to Win INIfile manager11KAntonio AlessiFeb 21/06 
Adds to the basic Wolfgang Fritz's read/write routines for INI file strings management the flexible and complete ability to record numbers and Euphoria objects of any complexity, with a little compromise and many advantages. Feb 21: message and auto-repair feature added.
GENmimoc.e23KagsFeb 9/06 1.00
Allocate arbitrary (memory) objects with a "key" name allowing the allocated handle/address to be retrieved by key name or all managed resources to be freed at once with the appropriate freeing routines. Feb 9: Added optional optimisations with timing results. bfind lookups and a key name cache.
GENESLv0.0130KJeremy PetersonJan 20/06 
Implementation of the ESL modules. These should provide a starting point for the project, as they implement everything proposed so far. Jan 20: Fixed bug in ceil function; thanks to Larry Miller.
GENNatural Sort2KAndy SerpaJan 13/06 1.00
A customized sort that handles strings containing numbers in a better way. Jan 13: bug fix, changed one declaration to avoid crash in rare cases
GENFast Sorting for Euphoria10KLeks van der Voort van der KleijJan 13/06 1.20
Fastsort provides a set of very fast sorting algorithms for Euphoria. Sorting speed gains from 20% for small sequences to up to 45% for large sequences (>40,000 items). It comes with an adapted sort.e: use this, and no editing of your own programmes is needed to benefit from the faster sorting.
GENStructure Library [update]33KVincent / Chris / JasonJan 1/06 
A port of Chris Bensler's and Jason Mirwald's latest structure library with updated documentation included. Note: A near future update may include an example program and *fully* updated documentation. See also: their original submitted 'Structure Library'.
WINFreeImage1590KGreg HaberekDec 23/05 
A full wrapper for the FreeImage library. See for more information. Requires Win32Lib. Includes the FreeImage DLL and PDF documentation.
WINwin_dir()10KGreg HaberekDec 17/05 2.00
A Windows-specific directory routine. Returns the same information as Euphoria's native dir(). Uses optional Unicode* strings, so the maximum path name length may be 32,767 characters instead of just 255, and extended characters are fully supported, unlike dir(). *Note: Unicode is only supported in Windows NT/2000/XP. See docs for more info. Dec 17: Bug fixes thanks to Al Getz. Updated demo program.
GENGD Library577KElliott Sales de AndradeOct 19/05 4.50
A Euphoria wrapper for the GD Library. It supports JPG, PNG, WBMP, and XPM. It can read and write each format. It has support for drawing rectangles, circles, arcs, lines, simple text, and anti-aliased TrueType fonts. Oct 19: Fixes CDECL problem on Windows, and an atan2 domain error.
GENParse with keep7KMichael RaleyOct 9/05 
This include library converts a string of delimited text into a list. It retains the position of empty elements and can build nested lists where there is a second level delimiter. An example of where this would be needed is in decoding a multi segment HL7 financial transaction message. Multiple delimiters may be passed as arguments. Oct 9: improved response time
GENCommand Line Processor1KAlex ChamberlainSep 15/05 0.60
A small include file for processing command line options.
GENDate and time subroutines7KDavid MoneySep 10/05 
Subroutines for various date and time functions. Calculates offset by a number of days, interval between dates or times, and time in a different timezone. Outputs date or time as a string (sequence) in any of several formats. Accepts input date or time as a string. Day of week is accurate for Julian and Gregorian calendars (before and after 1582). Sep 10: Added function to print a calendar for any month.
GENGetStartupDirectory1KAl GetzSep 4/05 
A small include file that allows a program to get the startup directory that doesn't depend on how the file was opened. Includes a function that when called will make sure the startup directory is correct so that current_dir() returns the right directory and files open correctly. Sep 4: Bug fix.
LNXDC Scalable Random Number Generator78KDan McGrathAug 27/05 
Eu Wrapper for an advanced scalable random number generator. Example use for 2048-bit non-reversable username and passkey authentication provided. Aug 27: Small update to the engine and wrappers. Basic documentation along with a new authentication wrapper.
GENEuphoria Version Detection Library24KVincent HowellAug 17/05 
EVDL includes version() + constants that can automatically detect what version(s) of Euphoria you have installed and will return a sequence having domain, platform, major, and minor release data. Tested & works on/with every "public domain", "final release" of Euphoria from v1.0 to v2.5, on all platforms. Comes complete with an example subprogram, documentation, the library, and a version maker program. Aug 17: Works on all platforms now. Comes with a program that allows you to add support for more versions that are not already supported, including custom/modified ones.
GENMore Dates10Kdon coleAug 17/05 
Some useful date and time routines. Including count-down to an event and how long since an event. Finds a day of the week in the future. Aug 17: removed unnecessary include
DOSDOS Long Filenames16KJuergen LuethjeAug 8/05 7.00
This code extends Euphoria's support of DOS long filenames to include current_dir(), chdir(), dir(), and file creation with open(). He also has routines to convert between long and short filenames. You are encouraged to test this code on various versions of DOS. If it looks solid, it will likely be built into future versions of Euphoria for DOS. Aug 8: added explicit license
GENFile I/O, Screen I/O & Other Misc Functions46KBill ReedJul 17/05 3.00
Library routines for reading, writing files, converting files. Routines for drawing DOS boxes, Msgbox, password entry. Screen read and write routines. Functions can be combined to create a file browser. Documentation in Euphoria help text and html, with full examples.
WINUnicode Conversion Library1KGreg HaberekJul 14/05 
A library for converting ASCII strings to Unicode strings for Windows Unicode functions (those which end in W instead of A). Also allocates and peeks Unicode strings to/from memory. Jul 14: Pointed out by Wolf: Only Windows 2000 and Windows XP support Unicode (W style) functions.
GENfile size routines1KThomas BetterlyJul 10/05 
This contains 2 functions. A function to get the size of an open file and a function which tests for an end-of-file condition.
GENPrioritized Column Sort3KAl GetzJun 22/05 
This program will sort data arranged as rows and columns in Eu sequences according to a specific set of columns in the order they are presented. This is especially useful for ListViews and other lists where the data must be sorted by column when the user clicks a column. Sort by one or as many columns as needed all in one function call.
WINAlternative to dir()4KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 
An alternative to Euphoria's dir() for Windows programs. Nov 7: enhancements and a couple of bug fixes. Outputs to a file now.
GENstartup_dir1KGreg HaberekMay 28/05 
A cross-platform function that will return the directory your app started in via command_line(). If command_line() does not return a directory (i.e. "C:\EUPHORIA\>exw myfile.exw") then current_dir() is returned (which should be correct).
WINGdiPlus Graphics Library132KAl GetzMar 30/05 6.00
A major graphics library with over 600 functions that can be called with Euphoria for displaying/saving pictures and drawing other graphics objects and text. Supported file formats include jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif, ico, emf, wmf. Functions are grouped according to purpose and the C declarations are included right with each function wrap for immediate reference.
WINTruLite270KLiquid-NitrogenMar 1/05 
A dynamic 2-D 32-bit lighting library for use with ExoticaX for DirectX. Allows variable radius and light colors.
GENHigh Resolution Timing routine13KVerne TiceJan 23/05 4.00
For timing code execution. Very good for benchmarking, comparative timings for evaluating alternative algorithms. Requires Pentium+ class CPU, as it uses the TimeStampCounter which increments by 1 for every CPU clock cycle. Many comments, samples of output from timing tests on DOS32, Win98 console, and Win98 DOS box, and timing program.
GENPalette file reading/writing routines (Version 1.0)1KcumesoftwareJan 21/05 
An include file with reading/writing routines for "Adobe" palettes. A future version will support "Windows" palettes too .
WINSet Euphoria Environment Variables5KAl GetzJan 11/05 
Sets environment variables used for Euphoria. Use defaults or make your own. Tested under XP.
LNXGTK OpenGL extension17KMichael J. SabalJan 11/05 
This is a truly bare beginning of a wrapper for the GtkGlExt and OpenGL libraries. GtkGlExt .so files are available at This version is very much a work in progress; and until an alpha is released, no attempts will be made for backward compatibility. This upload is intended to whet the appetite of anyone who wishes to co-develop this library.
GENRead + Write CSV (unicode)2KAku 2004Dec 22/04 
Read and write CSV (comma separated values) files. Needs Tommy Carlier's Unicode library, so it can read and write unicode encoded files too (uses UTF-8). Simple functions: data = readCSV(fileName) and result = writeCSV(fileName, data). Handles quote escapes and multi-line fields.
GENQuick Sort Algorithm2KGreg HaberekNov 14/04 
Quick Sort is faster than Shell Sort, especially when used on large sequences of very random values. An example program is included that compares qsort() to Euphoria's native sort().
DOSEmagine 1.292KEmlyn MerlynNov 4/04 2.00
A powerful gaming library which features routines for fast sprites and buffers. It has palette routines as well as routines for saving and loading pictures. It supports midi music and speaker sounds. Nov 4: New routines, Old ones faster, More demos.
GENRandom levels for platform games2KEmlyn MerlynOct 26/04 
This powerful library creates the landscape for platform games with complicated levels. It looks at one pre-made level and generates new levels using the patterns and rules it detects. His platform game Edgar's Escapade uses this library.
GENCharacter uppercase / lowercase conversions6KDerek ParnellOct 26/04 
A generic set of routines that can help your application correctly change the case of text strings and sequences. It can handle most national languages by enabling you to define the mapping from lower to upper for any character set. By default, it understands the Windows Western set.
DOSGame object positioning1KEmlyn MerlynOct 19/04 
This is a library for detecting whether two objects are within a certain range of each other. It has two routines, one of which is a new one he created.
GENAssembler version of Mersenne Twister RNG4KJuan ReinaOct 19/04 
This is a fast assembler-based version of the Mersenne Twister pseudo random number generator. Interpreted, it generates numbers at a speed comparable to rand(). When the Euphoria to C Translator is used, it becomes twice as fast as rand().
GENRecord Sorting8KDerek ParnellOct 10/04 3.00
Functions for comparing and sorting records by field, and for converting text strings to numbers. HTML documentation included (index.htm). Handles text-numerics, case insensitive fields, and asending/descending orders on a by-field basis.
GENElfin Encryption26KEmlyn MerlynSep 22/04 
A simple, new encryption algorithm that features up to 2048 bit keys. Sep 22: Elfin is now more secure, with a few more routines
GENPete's Pretty Print5KPete LomaxSep 11/04 5.50
Displays Euphoria sequences and tables in an easy-to-read format. Options to set file, nesting, screen width and depth, string, integer, and float formats, ascii range, and date handling. Full source. Sep 11: 32 bit integer printing.
GENHard bit conversion1KEmlyn MerlynSep 7/04 
These routines do hard number to bits conversions. They are good to use in applications where the number of bits and the range of the number to be converted are not constant.
GENsTEGO ALGo(rithm)1KWilliam HeimbignerSep 7/04 
This is to become an advanced stegonography library written in 100% pure Euphoria. So far includes only 1 algorithm, inspired by the SNOW algorithm (Steganographic Nature Of Whitespace). This does not utilize any true encryption and therefore is not subject to US export regulations. This snow algorithm hides a message in a .txt file, which appears blank when opened with notepad!
WINadd-on to tidy_print2KAntonio AlessiSep 5/04 
A simple add-on to the "tidy_print" of Andy Drummond, useful for debugging.
GENTidy print2KAndy DrummondSep 2/04 
A replacement for the basic Euphoria print routine which outputs arbitrary objects with ASCII strings output as ASCII strings rather than numbers. The result is much easier to read and much more compact and yet still can be read back in using the Euphoria get() routine. It adds a newline after the entire object has been output. Sep 2: Removed spurious extra close-bracket in the code.
GENStandard Euphoria Types1KJuergen LuethjeAug 29/04 
Several standard Euphoria types, collected in a single file for easy reuse. Aug 29: Added new types.
DOSFastFile v0.31b153KHayden McKayAug 18/04 
Include file for reading/writing large files. It's purpose is to load a file, then you can process the data and write the file back out to disk. Aug 18: Added format_string(). Formats a Euphoria representation of a string to MS-DOS format (needed when writing Euphoria strings). Added documentation.
GENPrecise Timer DOS and Windows17KDaniel KlussAug 6/04 2.50
A machine code routine that can provide much more precise timings than Euphoria's time() function. Works with Pentium CPU's or higher. Aug 6: Made initialization faster
GENCompression algorithm22KEmlyn MerlynJul 29/04 
A weak algorithm that does extremely mild compression, and sometimes expansion. It is an interesting piece of code, though.
WINSystem_wait2KPete LomaxJul 15/04 3.00
An alternative to system_exec(). Originally by Juergen Luethje, modified to suspend for 40ms (1/25th of a second) while waiting for the child process to complete, and also to work with/without Win32Lib.
GENEuphoria Serialization Library 1.14KTommy CarlierJul 5/04 0.50
Allows you to serialize and deserialize a sequence. Serializing is turning a sequence into bytes, and deserializing is re-creating the sequence from these bytes. Jul 5: The routines to serialize to file and deserialize from file have been optimized.
GENPretty_Sequence10KAl GetzJun 30/04 
An include file that creates a text sequence from a Euphoria sequence that shows the structure of that sequence. The resulting sequence can be sent to a file, a console, a Display Server, a Rich Edit, or anywhere else text can be transmitted and it will retain its nice 'pretty' format. Includes advanced formatting options and a demo. Jun 30: Updated to handle large value hex numbers, or revert to emulate 'pretty_print' exactly.
GENFindInFile (FIF)1KWilliam HeimbignerJun 19/04 
A library routine to find a text string in a file, while avoiding another text string. Should work on any platform. He's included additional routines to find procedures, global procedures, functions, and global functions in a file.
GENTommy's Unicode Library 1.27KTommy CarlierJun 13/04 7.50
Lets you read and write Unicode-files. Jun 13: Fixed some bugs, thanks to Arthur Crump.
GENReplacement print statement3KDerek ParnellJun 3/04 
This include file implements a replacement for the standard 'print' statement, and a string user-defined-type. To use it, just include print.e and then your print statements will display strings as text rather than numbers. It also handles nested sequences. eg. string Name Name = "Derek" integer Age Age = 49 atom Weight Weight = 96.5 print (1,{"Name=", Name, ", Age=", Age, ", Weight=", Weight}) comes out as ... Name=Derek, Age=49, Weight=96.5 print(1, {{"abc", 34}, 5, {{1,2,3},{3,4,"def"}}}) comes out as {abc,34},5,{{1,2,3},{3,4,def}}
DOSEscreen Graphics42KEmlyn MerlynMay 27/04 
Escreen is a fast DOS mode 19 graphics engine. It has routines for image loading and saving, fast sprite drawing, and palette operations. It has seven informative interesting demos. May 27: More demo's, better routines with less weird errors
GENSequence Operations2KEmlyn MerlynMay 19/04 
SeqOp is a simple library with some handy and easy to use routines for sequence editing and finding.
WINCorrected Exotica wrappers17KDavideltrosoftMar 21/04 
These are corrected Exotica wrappers that make Exotica work with Euphoria version 2.4. (A small error in the original Exotica wrappers is caught by Euphoria 2.4, but ignored by Euphoria 2.3)
GENVector/Collision Detection Library51KMrTrickFeb 12/04 
Almost pool-hall level collision detection and response. Simple, high-level interface. Many standard vector functions, for purposes other than collision detection. Flexible object types that allow additional information to be embedded in them.
WINHigh Scores Library3KMrTrickFeb 12/04 
A system for displaying, updating, and saving high scores. Simple interface, multiple data columns allowed. Only 1 procedure call needed.
GENBlowfish for Euphoria12KAlexander ToressonJan 28/04 1.00
This include file enables you to encrypt and decrypt a byte sequence or any sequence with the powerful encryption algorithm Blowfish. Jan 28: You can now make this lib catch all output/input to any files and automatically encrypt/decrypt it.
WINAllegro Euphoria bitmap library1KMike WeverJan 8/04 1.50
A library of functions to allow you to use Euphoria-style bitmaps with Allegro. Requires Ray Smith's Allegro library.
GENDictionary Wrapper150KStewart MacKenzie-LeighJan 3/04 
Basicly the functions in Andrew's Crossword and Hangman Solver, plus one of his, dressed up a bit. If you need to add dictionary support to your program (spell checkers, word games etc.) just include this. Words are stored in a plain ascii text file, containing 51802 words. Jan 3: Fixed so that it actually worked.
GENHash tables3Kjiri baborJan 2/04 
Hashed tables (associative arrays). Fast and flexible.
LNXpopt11KJeff NyczDec 21/03 
A library of utilities for command line option parsing. (Based on the behavior or idea of a few select routines from the GNU popt library.)
GENExtra routines16KHayden McKayDec 21/03 
Some math, sequence & geometry libraries that may be useful to some folks. Dec 21: Added bios library, with functions for memory, keyboard, disk and video calls.
GENZLib Compression Library105KElliott Sales de AndradeNov 29/03 4.00
The open-source ZLib Compression Library adapted for Euphoria. A Windows .dll file is included. On Linux you can use a standard shared library available on most systems. Nov 29: ZLib 1.2.1. Speed increases for certain functions. New call-back based decompression. Run-length encoding strategy.
WINRAR File Extraction Library92KElliott Sales de AndradeNov 24/03 3.00
A Windows dynamic-link library which provides file extraction, listing and testing of RAR archives, with password support. Euphoria wrapper and demo program included.
WINCompression tool7KGuy ProgrammerOct 28/03 
A simple compression tool that allows you to combine and then compress files. It uses lzss.e
GENbzip2 data compression library78KAkuOct 22/03 
A library for bzip2 data compression (bz2 files). Supports Linux ( and Windows (bz2.dll), both files are included. Read bz2.txt for information, and run bz2demo.ex for demo (not for DOS!). Oct 22: -- compatible with Linux -- compatible with eu 2.4 -- bug fix: no need to change the mode -- now the functions are in English
GENEuRegExp28KChristian CuvierOct 15/03 
A pattern-matching library for strings. It conforms roughly to the Perl standard, but has some extra features. Oct 15: File name changed to what it should have been in the first place.
WINBZip2 Library45KGreg HaberekOct 14/03 2.00
A re-write of Aku's BZip2 data compression library. Does not require any extra libraries, and it's written in English.
GENSequence Operations2KDerek ParnellSep 17/03 1.00
A set of general purpose sequence functions. Including... remove_right() remove_left() remove_mid() insert() last_element() to_head() to_tail() move_back() move_forward() find_from() find_all() match_from() match_all() mid() left() right()
WINPrint in Columns7KTony StewardAug 17/03 1.00
A routine to print reports in columns, or print listviews. It prints listviews almost exactly as they appear on the screen. i.e. if a column occupies 30% of a ListView control then it will occupy 30% of the page. If a column is not visible on the screen, then it is not printed. Automatically gets column names, sizes & data. Aug 17: bug fixes and improvements
WINLoad .GIF with Win32Lib17KMartin StachonJul 9/03 
Martin modified Mike Carroll's .GIF loader so it would work well with Win32Lib-based programs. Demo included.
WINEzip813KPaul PlummerJun 26/03 
Ezip for Euphoria creates compressed (Deflated) data files from external files or any Euphoria sequence. This data can then be used as an include file, an external data file (similar to .zip) or attached to a .exe file in WIN32 and DOS32.
WINAccess .Ini Files8KAkuMay 28/03 3.00
An INI file library that uses native Windows functions. It can read/write any Euphoria object. Demo included.
GENLZ Compression51KMicMay 28/03 2.00
He converted a variation of the very effective LZ compression/decompression algorithm to Euphoria. You can use this to compress any file and later decompress it. May 28: Matthew Lewis heavily optimized the encoder. Mic enhanced both the encoder and decoder.
GENString Token Routines24KKatDec 27/02 26.30
A large set of routines for treating strings of text as streams of "tokens". Dec 27: version 2.1, more commands and options, faster parsing
GENLossless Image Codec17KMicDec 9/02 
A library for doing lossless coding/decoding of 8- and 24-bit images. It uses a bidirectional predictor together with adjusted binary codes and Golomb-Rice codes, which yields typical compression ratios of between 1.5:1 and 2.5:1. Examples are included.
WINSimple RichEdit50KMario SteeleNov 11/02 
A RichEdit library, with a simplified interface. This library allows fonts, colors, and attributes to be changed as text is inserted, or already within the buffer.
GENArcfour Encryption Algorithm8KDavi FigueiredoOct 19/02 
A powerful encryption algorithm used in many Internet protocols. v1.12
GENStructure Library8KChris Bensler / Jason MirwaldOct 5/02 
Create (simulated) structures, and associate a string-name for each member in the structure. Structures can be nested to any level, can contain arrays of structures, and unions are supported. Pointers to a C structure in memory are supported by the routines peek_struct() and poke_struct().
DOSAccess File Names via FAT5KDaniel KlussOct 1/02 
Low level DOS interrupts that access file information via the FAT table. Works for FAT32 only.
GENSave Euphoria Objects in Memory5KJordah FergusonSep 20/02 3.50
Save/restore any Euphoria object, i.e. integer, floating-point, complex nested sequence, as a series of bytes in allocated memory, or in a file. Among other things, you might use this code to pass Euphoria data between separate Euphoria processes - see Share Memory Between Processes. Sep 20: Save/read compressed data to file or sequence. Optimized with better compression of data.
GENAssociative Lists (Tables)17KJiri BaborSep 9/02 13.00
Three different implementations of tables (associative lists of key/value pairs). Sep 9: Jiri has a new approach that is more intuitive and slightly faster.
DOSDOS Window Functions1KMartin StachonSep 3/02 
Some routines that a DOS program can call to affect the window it is running in.
GENEuphoria Heap Manager10KBarbarellaSep 3/02 
A library for managing a collection of general Euphoria objects. He defines a heap as a tree data structure where the first element is always the lowest, but the data structure need not be completely sorted. Sep 3: bug fixed; an experimental integer version of the library was added
WINLow Level Memory Routines25KJordah FergusonAug 9/02 
A library that lets you work with allocated blocks of memory more easily, including freeing a bunch of related blocks with one call. Aug 9: uses kernel32 heap routines, supports structure handling, has better documentation and examples
GENGenerate Unique Numbers3KDerek ParnellJul 26/02 
A library that helps you to create and maintain sets of constant values for indexing sequences etc.
GENStructures6KDerek ParnellJul 22/02 3.00
A library that implements a form of simulated structures in Euphoria. These structures are fixed-length sequences with named elements and (optionally) fixed element types. They are passed to subroutines by reference rather than value. Jul 22: a routine to delete structure definitions, improved documentation and a couple of minor bug fixes.
GENAccess .ini Files11KMikeJul 11/02 3.10
A library for accessing .ini files. This library was previously bundled with his Windows editor.
GENStack Library5KLucius L. Hilley IIIMay 22/02 1.50
A set of routines for manipulating LIFO stacks and FIFO queues.
GENReverse find() and Other Variations2KLucius L. Hilley IIIMay 13/02 
Versions of Euphoria's find() that start from a point in the middle of a sequence, or start from the end and search backwards, plus some functions that correct out-of-bounds subscripts.
WINPattern Matching53KKarl BochertApr 23/02 4.00
A regular expression library implemented as a wrapper around the PCRE .DLL (Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions) by Philip Hazel. Apr 23: API functions renamed. High speed "index based" API added
GENOptimized image.e5KPaul PlummerApr 5/02 
An optimized version of image.e that is claimed to be faster and use much less memory
WINWordWeb Interface2KRoss BoydJan 9/02 
An include file for interfacing with WordWeb, a free on-line dictionary. Also included is a small demo program to show how to use the include file.
GENEaster Calculation1KKen RogerJan 7/02 0.50
Calculate which day Easter lands on for any year.
GENCRC3KGraeme BurkeJan 5/02 3.00
Routines for calculating a Cyclic Redundancy Check, either 32-bit or 16-bit. This is useful in detecting corruption of transmitted files.
GENSubdirectory List1KJeffrey FieldingJan 1/02 
A routine for making a list of all the directories under a given directory. Dec 30: bug fixed by Travis May. Dec 31: Ken Rhodes made it work with Linux.
GENSets2KRod JacksonNov 19/01 1.50
A library that treats sequences as mathematical sets, with routines for intersection, union, etc.
GENpoke2 / peek2u /peek2s1KBernie Ryan / Rolf SchroederOct 14/01 
An include file that provides the "missing" functions poke2(), peek2u() and peek2s() to complement Euphoria's poke4(), peek4u() and peek4s().
WINFast .dll for value()25KAkuOct 11/01 
A fast version of value() using a C++ .dll. Oct 11: New: valePos, C++ source in English, vale returns atom, fixed bug
GENFaster Routines for machine.e2KAkuSep 15/01 
Faster versions of int_to_bytes(), bytes_to_int() and allocate_string().
DOSDOS Utilities32KColin TaylorSep 10/01 
A collection of improved DOS utilities, based on previous work by others: putsxy, disk status, keyboard/mouse monitoring, improved mouse.e
GENCompress Strings 3:13KMichael RaleyAug 8/01 
A compression scheme for strings that packs sets of 3 characters into one large integer value. Aug 8: faster
DOSFast Print in Mode 185KIgor KachanAug 8/01 
Routines for very fast printing of text in mode 18. Part of his Polygot project. (see also by Jiri Babor and David Gay). Aug 8: His benchmark shows his method to be almost 20x faster than putsxy() when interpreted, and 30x faster when both are translated/compiled by WATCOM.
GENAr Lib8KMatt ArriolaAug 2/01 
A library for creating/reading archives compatible with the Unix (Linux) ar command.
GENMersenne Twister3KBrendon SlyJul 20/01 1.00
A very good random number generator. Jul 20: Rod Jackson made it much faster.
DOSPadlock I/O Encryption Library12KRoderick JacksonJul 16/01 1.00
A library that lets you easily encrypt the data that you write to files. Jul 16: multiple passkeys can now be used, a function is included to allow passkey validation, and the library is released as source code (no longer shrouded.)
GENDate and Time Functions13KCarl WhiteJun 26/01 17.00
A set of routines for calculating dates and times. It includes extensive documentation and historical notes.
DOSPutsxy for Graphics & Text Modes1KDavid MosleyJun 16/01 
A version of putsxy() that works in text modes as well as graphics modes.
DOSFancy Mouse Pointers in SVGA13KIgor KachanJan 18/01 
Routines for using a mouse in SVGA. Depending on your graphics card, you might have to call use_vesa(1). See also the SVGA mouse routines of Jiri Babor and Pete Eberlein in the Archive. Jan 18: tests for usable DOS mouse driver
WINWIN32 File Utilities1KJeff FieldingDec 28/00 
routines for deleting, moving and copying files under WIN32. Dec 28: create directory and delete directory functions were added by Brian Broker
DOSLong Filename and Console Routines14KKen RogerDec 27/00 
Include files for DOS long filenames and Borland-style console functions. Some interesting demos are included. Dec 27: bug fix in lfnfindfirst()
GENFaster wildcard.e1KColin TaylorNov 25/00 
A faster version of wildcard.e.
GENMD5 Message Digest Algorithm11KDavi FigueiredoNov 12/00 
A sophisticated hash function for long strings of text. v1.11
GENSoundex Library1KJess HarpurOct 11/00 0.75
Routines that determine the soundex equivalent of a string. See also Matt Sephton's Soundex Coding in the Archive.
WINJarod Dual-Platform Multimedia Library828KMicOct 7/00 1.95
A multimedia library that works on both DOS and Windows. Demo programs are included. Oct 7: new routines for lines, circles and boxes, bug fixes, most demos can be translated to C and compiled
GENHash Function Library24KDerek ParnellSep 6/00 
A set of generalized hashing routines. There's a fully commented version, a shrouded version, a quick and dirty test/demo, and an HTML documentation file.
GENCompresso Compression Library11KRoderick JacksonJul 15/00 0.12
A flexible, lossless compression library that works on streams of data. Jul 15: bug fixed, plus command-line programs that compress and decompress files.
GENRound to N Decimal Places1KMike NelsonJun 10/00 
The rounding function that he posted on the mailing list. It works with atoms or sequences.
DOSEnhanced open() for long names1KMike Nelson / Gabriel BoehmeMay 14/00 0.25
A simple enhancement to Euphoria's open() for DOS32 that allows the creation of files with long filenames. May 14: works on all platforms.
DOSNeilGUI Library34KLewis TownsendApr 21/00 1.40
A GUI library based on Pete Eberlein's Neil. Apr 21: new demo program, objects can be destroyed, more extensive error trapping
GENModified Print Routine2KGabriel BoehmeMar 29/00 6.00
A modifed print() routine that prints sequences that appear to be strings, as human-readable strings with double-quotes. This can save a lot of space if you are saving/restoring data using print()/get(). Mar 29: minor update to declare Public Domain status.
GENType Checking for Structures3KAdam WeedenMar 24/00 
A method of creating and type-checking data structures (records) in Euphoria.
DOSUseful Routines36KMathew HounsellMar 13/00 
Routines for character typing, memory addressing, file path manipulation, date validation, finding elements, sequence manipulation, benchmarking and determining an objects size. Also included are constants for BIOS addresses and ASCII characters. Mar 13: control the formatting of text by a printer - BJC4000 supported so far
GENLibrary for Complex Numbers2KSpockyFeb 16/00 
A library containing several functions for complex (real, imaginary) numbers.
GENPattern Matching for Text Strings8KDavid CunyFeb 4/00 4.00
A routine that performs complex pattern matching against strings of text. It goes well beyond Euphoria's wildcard_match() in wildcard.e. It's based on Perl's regular expression matching. Feb 4: '/' escape character enhanced
GENIndex Sort1KPete KingFeb 4/00 
A routine that sorts and gives you the original index positions of the sorted elements.
GENFile Pack/Unpack4KJiri BaborJan 29/00 
an algorithm for compressing and uncompressing files. See also the compression programs by Junko Miura, Daniel Berstein and others. Jan 29: bug fix, and can now be used as an include file.
DOSText Display in Graphics Modes3KJiri Babor / David GayJan 13/00 0.50
putsxy.e lets you print text in graphics modes at any pixel location, and with any combination of foreground and background colors. You can also redefine the shape of any character. Jan 13: Jiri added an option for printing with a transparent background.
GENDay of the Year1KE. Allen SoardJan 7/00 
Routines that convert the date to the day of the year and vice versa.
DOSTurtle Graphics17KJiri BaborJan 2/00 3.10
An engine for displaying turtle graphics, a method of drawing pictures that is popular in LOGO and other languages. He has included some very artistic examples. Jan 2: code rewritten, plus better documentation
DOSFlood Fill13KJiri BaborJan 2/00 0.20
A fast and reliable flood fill written entirely in Euphoria. It can handle both solid and patterned fills. A benchmark is included that compares this flood fill against some previous efforts by other people. Jan 2: slightly simpler code plus corrected documentation
GENBinary Data-type File I/O9KGabriel BoehmeDec 23/99 
A library of I/O routines for reading and writing various binary data types.
DOSImproved Mouse Routines12KJiri BaborDec 8/99 1.00
A new, improved drop-in replacement for Euphoria's mouse.e that works in all pixel-graphics modes, including SVGA. See also Jiri's original demo package.
DOSNeil Graphics Library49KPete EberleinSep 22/99 7.15
a very sophisticated graphics library for DOS32. You will also need asm.e from Pete's file. This link takes you to his site.
DOSVega Vector Graphics Library48KColin TaylorAug 26/99 2.00
An impressive vector graphics library, that can be used in both DOS32 and WIN32. A great-looking tutorial program is included that makes use of his library. Aug 26: file I/O routines and a new demo
DOSSafe Sequence Access4KDrazen MravinacAug 11/99 
Routines for safer sequence access.
DOSUseful DOS Routines10KDrazen MravinacAug 11/99 
A new version of machine.e, plus routines for fast random getc/puts, as well as code for long file name support.
DOSMode 19 Machine-coded Library216KMicAug 8/99 
He made extensive use of machine code in developing this set of graphics routines. You must use WinZip (preferred) or pkunzip -d. Note that the demos are in a different subdirectory from the include files.
DOS"Minnie" Mouse Routines5KColin TaylorAug 1/99 
He trimmed down Pete Eberlein's "Mighty" mouse routines (see Archive) to get this smaller set of routines that lets you change the shape of the mouse cursor.
DOSPrecalculated Encoded Masking1KPete KingJul 28/99 
A fast Euphoria routine that stores images in a compressed, encoded format.
DOSGame Library based on ESE51KJeffrey FieldingJul 28/99 
A game library based on his ESE. He now has keyboard and sound effects. Joystick and graphics routines will be added soon. Several small demos are included.
DOSLAGui Library7KLewis TownsendJul 21/99 
A GUI library. It supports 3d-looking boxes, buttons, message boxes, input boxes, and mouse input. He plans to write a similar library for Neil. Jul 21: added a demo program and fixed a few bugs
DOSBitmap Manipulation Routines13KColin TaylorJun 24/99 0.50
He developed this library two years ago. It has handy routines for manipulating bitmap images, and it includes some nice demos.
DOSCreate .AVI Files39KPeter BlueJun 21/99 0.50
A library for creating .AVI animation files. A demo is included that will play an animation, and make a large .AVI file for it. Jun 21: now includes 8 and 16 bit frames that are playable using MediaPlayer
GENXPM Picture Format74KDavid CunyJun 1/99 
A library that can read and write pictures in Unix XPM text format. This makes it easy to embed small pictures right into your code, rather than having a separate picture file.
DOSThe Hilley Collection100KLucius L. Hilley IIIMay 21/99 
several useful routines such as: enhanced dir(), flexible bucket sort and others. The link takes you to his site.
DOSLanguage Resource Routines7KMartin SchutApr 3/99 
a system that lets a program support many different languages, e.g. English, French, German, etc.
DOSRandom Access File Operations7KDerek BrownApr 1/99 0.25
a library for inserting, deleting and replacing records randomly in a file.
GENBinary Print/Get17KGabriel BoehmeMar 30/99 20.75
an efficient system for saving/restoring Euphoria data objects to/from a file. His method saves or restores any Euphoria atom or sequence. Benchmarks versus Euphoria's print()/get(), and Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen's EDOM are included. See also Euphoria's new EDS database system.
DOSEven Faster Flood Fill7KNick MetcalfeMar 25/99 1.00
a machine language version of a flood fill routine originally written in Euphoria by Colin Taylor. The machine-coded routine can work directly in mode 19, or it can use a virtual screen in memory. A nice-looking fractal boundary trace demo is included.
DOSFile Commands2KDaniel BersteinMar 10/99 0.50
The DOS interrupts needed to perform a variety of operations on files without having to call system(). His .e file includes: copy, cd, del, deltree, mkdir, move, rename etc. Mar 10: fixed bug in plain DOS 7, fixed copy()
DOSJPG Reader29KAl GetzFeb 24/99 
a program that can read the .JPG picture format. He included a flow chart that shows how to decompress .JPG's.
DOSVirtual Graphics Library24KJiri BaborFeb 19/99 1.10
graphics routines that let you make lines, polygons, ellipses etc. in "virtual screens" in memory. When ready, you can copy your virtual screen to the real screen at very high speed. Great-looking 3-D geometry demos, plus fancy stars demos.
DOSArcs2KJiri BaborJan 25/99 
routines for drawing arcs, circles, spirals etc. This is an improved version of some code he posted on the mailing list a long time ago.
GENString Library Prototype2KNormand BlaisJan 7/99 
a quick little string library that you can develop further.
GENEnhanced Bucket Sort4KArt AdamsonJan 2/99 
a "bucket sort" algorithm that sorts both integers and floating-point numbers at high speed. Jan 2: minor update
DOSRecord Locking7KHugo RozasDec 8/98 
code for locking file records across a network.
DOSText Mode Direct Screen Write4KJiri BaborNov 30/98 0.40
a library of routines for fast display of text. He uses direct pokes to screen memory to avoid the overhead of the DOS BIOS routines. His routines are faster than the normal Euphoria routines such as puts().
DOSEnhanced TrueColor Library45KHawke'Nov 7/98 0.10
an improved version of the TrueColor library originally posted by Christopher Street (see Archive). Your video card must support TrueColor (millions of colors).
GENRegular Expression Matcher4KDavid CunySep 24/98 
a library routine that matches regular expressions, such as [-+]?[0-9]+[0-9]* against strings of text.
DOSViewport5KHawke'Sep 21/98 
A graphics-mode-independent library (with docs and demo) which allows you to specify a screen coordinate system, and where those coordinates are to be mapped upon the display, to better suit your program's needs. (demo uses SVGA)
DOSManipulate Pointers2KJeff FieldingSep 5/98 
routines for manipulating and garbage-collecting pointers to blocks of memory.
GENSave Compressed Sequences20KRalf NieuwenhuijsenAug 7/98 
a library of routines for saving/loading sequences in compressed form.
GENInsert Commas2KRobert PilkingtonJul 3/98 
another alternative for comma-insertion and deletion.
DOSTarga Files30KZac PavlovJul 3/98 
a library for processing Targa format graphics files.
GENExpression Evaluator5KAndy MontgomeryJul 2/98 
a function that parses and evaluates expressions stored as character strings.
DOSMighty Mouse Routines5KPete EberleinJun 2/98 1.00
an excellent set of mouse routines plus a neat demo program
DOSEnhanced mem_copy() for action games4KMichael BolinJun 2/98 4.00
high-performance routines for blasting images onto the screen.
DOSSparse Matrix Input3KGerardo Valenzuela LozadaJun 1/98 
routines for storing a sparse matrix
GENRandom Numbers9KKaseyApr 30/98 0.10
Routines to generate random numbers that fit a bell curve.
GENCreate Multi-Dimensional Sequences1KKaseyApr 18/98 
recursive routines for creating multi-dimensional sequences
GENInsert Periods1KRaúl CamposMar 27/98 
A routine for inserting periods (or commas) into a large number
DOSMouse Routines30KJiri BaborMar 18/98 1.60
An excellent collection of mouse routines that works in all graphics modes, including SVGA. Note: Jiri has since updated rat.e, but the demos in this package are still interesting. See Improved Mouse Routines.
DOSTrue Color Library11KChristopher StreetJan 21/98 0.50
alpha release of a library for displaying images in "true color", i.e. graphics modes with 16.8 million colors. Many people have asked for this. (See enhancements to this package by Hawke').
DOSMake GIF and PCX files16KChristopher StreetJan 8/98 0.40
library routines for saving an image as a .GIF or .PCX file. He also made a utility for reducing the number of colors in a .GIF file.
DOSMode X Graphics22KPete EberleinDec 12/97 1.00
a library of routines for displaying images in a special graphics mode known as Mode X. Game developers and others will be very interested in this. Excellent demos are included.
DOSFaster Palette Routines1KGreg HarrisDec 11/97 0.10
routines for performing palette() and get_palette(). His routines use DOS interrupts and seem to be faster than the standard palette() in graphics.e
DOSCheck Available Memory4KJacques DeschenesOct 9/97 0.25
several library routines that tell you how many bytes of memory are available to your program.
DOSLoaders for .GIF and .PCX formats11KMichael BolinSep 28/97 3.00
routines similar to Euphoria's read_bitmap() for .BMP files, that will read .GIF and .PCX files.
GENSoundex Coding151KMatt SephtonJul 30/97 
routines for converting words into a standard code based on how they sound. He has also included a file containing a list of 50000 English words. You might find this file useful in developing other programs, e.g. a spelling checker.
GENString Sort2KArt AdamsonJul 25/97 
a "bucket sort" algorithm that sorts strings at very high speed.
DOSCopy To/From Windows Clipboard6KJacques DeschenesJul 10/97 
DOS32 routines to copy data to and from the Windows Clipboard
DOSFancy Fill Routine2KJacques DeschenesJun 23/97 
a routine that fills polygons with fancy textures
DOSMouse Routines55KMr. Smily :-)Jun 18/97 
some fancy mouse routines with documentation and examples
DOSGeneral Utility Routines8KJeff ZeitlinJun 9/97 0.25
a collection of interesting utility functions and routines
DOSImage and Palette Routines2KLucius Lamar Hilley IIIJun 5/97 
some useful routines for manipulating images and palettes
DOSEnhanced dir() Function2KFrancis BussiereMay 30/97 
a very useful routine. It's a compatible replacement for Euphoria's dir() function, that also gives you the long filename and some other information for each file in the directory.
GENEuphoria Data Manipulation3KRalf NieuwenhuijsenMay 17/97 
routines for converting Euphoria data objects to bits, and for encrypting data. (The U.S. government needn't be concerned - his encryption algorithm is weak enough for legal export to any country!)
DOSKeyboard Status Function1KMarcel KollenaarMay 3/97 
a function for detecting the status of the shift keys, control, alt, scroll lock, num lock, caps lock, and insert mode of the keyboard
DOSGIF Loader5KMike CarrollApr 20/97 
a loader for .GIF files
DOSFast Image Routines16KJiri BaborApr 13/97 1.00
some fast routines for manipulating sprites and virtual screens
DOSget_key() replacement1KMichael BolinApr 1/97 
a version of get_key() that ignores control-c.
DOSMode 19 Graphics Engine62KHollow Horse SoftwareFeb 19/97 5.08
a fast engine for making games and graphics in mode 19. Their engine has been tested extensively by Mark Honnor.
DOSMouse pointer shapes3KViktor MilankovicsSep 4/96 
a routine that lets your program use any of 27 different shapes for the mouse pointer (cursor).

Machine-Level (42)

GENMachine2 (v1.01)15KShian Leeupdated Mar 17/17 
Machine2.e includes basic utilities, bitwise operators and machine level interface routines for Euphoria 3.1.1 (peek2, poke2, EQV, IMP, shift, rotate, pack, unpack, set, get, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, flatten, boolean, string, fix, sign, delay, pause, ...). Includes standard user manual. Mar 17: string() type is faster. Tip to speed up 'for' loops.
WINfasm4e52KHayden McKayDec 3/15 
New bug fixes and support for generating x86 and x64 machine code. Extract folder to include directory, runs on WIN32-OS, tested with Euphoria 4.1.
WINCPUID54KHayden McKayDec 3/15 
cpuid instruction global variables, supports all processors. Developed for Euphoria 4.1 32-bit.
WINSimple text to PCL converter5KKaroly KovacsJul 11/09 
The program will provide PCL strings that cause your printer to print a plain text file with *exactly* the right font - i.e. the exact font needed to fill the page with as many fixed width characters across and down as you specify. In addition to providing for your desired width and height layout, the provided PCL strings will also cause the printer to honor your other desires regarding paper size, paper orientation, sides printed, and number of copies. Jul 11: Description updated.
GENPentium Bug Check1KNahuel CarballoAug 3/08 
If your program uses FPU functions, some older Pentium processors will give incorrect results. This Euphoria code checks for this annoying bug and alerts the user. If the user types the command this code recommends, he/she will turn on Software FPU Emulation (for DOS). Aug 3: English translation, removed useless comment.
GENUpdated Assembler42KMicMar 31/08 10.30
An update of Pete Eberlein's mini-assembler. It contains additional instructions not available in the original version, as well as some bug fixes and improvements. Mar 31: Added nearly all SSE4 instructions (untested). Work has also begun on adding x64 support, but this is incomplete and buggy.
WINcpu frequency1Kjacques desch�nesAug 15/07 
A console application to display cpu running frequency.
GENHigh Level assembler287KmicJun 5/07 1.00
A compiler/linker using Pete Eberline's mini-assembler with some high level constructs added on top (aka Not Quite Assembly). Additions in this version include compact linking mode, 16-bit DOS output (.COM) and some new flow control constructs (if, while, when).
WINFlat-Assembler (wrapper)182KHayden McKayMay 28/07 2.00
Similar to Pete's mini-assembler, it allows the programmer to use assembler syntax with Euphoria. May also be used as a runtime compiler to build an embedded dll, com, mz, pe or elf binary. For info about fasm syntax and directives look here. May 28: minor updates
WINDs1620-2255KWolfgang FritzDec 9/06 
A Win32lib interface to the Dallas Semiconductor DS1620 temperature sensor IC. Includes schematics, EXE, and source code.
WINGPGPU with ATI Fix209KDaniel KlussNov 12/05 
Updated with a temporary ATI fix, which once the real problem is tracked down will probably be removed. This turns your programmable gpu into a cpu, a massively parallel cpu. Have fun, requires vs.2 vertex shader with branching, and fs.2 fragment shader (branching not used). GeForceFX or better. Updates soon, probably going to make GPU-Core-Wars. Nov 12: A hopeful fix for ATI incompatability. Please mess around with this, as he doesn't have an ATI card to test with.
WINPapou3214KNeoOct 18/05 
Parallel Port Out 32 (Papou32) is a program to control the parallel port under Windows XP/NT/2000 while entering simply a value from 0 to 255, it uses the library inpout32.dll.
GENmemory.e2KHayden McKayMay 2/05 1.00
memory.e - handles some peek/poke routines not found in Euphoria. int86.e - enables an application to make real cs:ip far calls - can pass 32-bit parameters to DOS interrupts. May 2: Optimized calls made to real mode interrupts. Updated some notes found in the source.
WINSerial Communications82KKondor AttilaMay 2/05 6.00
Some code that will help you get started using COM ports in Windows. May 2: Includes latest Pcomm Lite .dll, new demos and more
GENsprite_core.e8KHayden McKayApr 18/05 3.00
A good start for a fast sprite engine. Uses MMX if possible, otherwise uses scalar code. Has routines for overlaying sprites to tiles, bitmaps or directly to screen.
GENclock.e3KHayden McKayApr 6/05 
Machine code routines to read the CMOS RTC registers. Apr 6: Incorrect byte in machine code fixed. Tested on many machines, and library is now final.
DOSsvga.e23KHayden McKayMar 31/05 6.00
A SuperVGA driver for Euphoria. Contains routines for SVGA mode access. It is NOT a graphics engine, but a source for people developing their own graphics engines. Also comes with a handy little memory include. Mar 1: Fixed some routines that were still pointing to euphoria's pixel() and get_pixel() Mar 31: Accidentally uploaded the update under old name (Hayden O'Connor)
GENblur_addr1KHayden McKayMar 21/05 
Blur a region of memory from source to destination. Uses Pete's asm2.e.
GENAssembly Mini-Debugger34KAlexander ToressonOct 10/04 14.00
A tracer for asm code written for Pete's assembler. Runs in both DOS and Windows Oct 10: Windows version fixed, frontend gui fix
DOSMemcopy comparison37KEmlyn MerlynSep 7/04 3.00
This demo proves that regular Euphoria mem_copy() is faster than an external machine language routine!
DOSDOS Interrupt routines19KHayden McKayAug 31/04 
A basic set of DOS interrupt routines for Euphoria DOS32 coders. Aug 31: Fixed Specific_Drive_Info() in DOS32.E also added an asm replacement for this s[1]*s[3]*s[4] = free space, s[1]*s[2]*s[3] = total space.
DOSSome ASM examples1KDavid EltrosoftJul 9/04 
An assembly language example. It shows how to use imul multiply. Requires ATP Assembly Mini-Debugger by Alexander Toresson, Jul 9: imul example
WINEutendo - A NES emulator28KmicNov 9/03 
A NES emulator written in Euphoria. It's a bit slow and only supports 3 mappers, but is still functional.
DOSRead/Write IC on Parallel Port139KDavid JarvisOct 30/03 
Code that demonstrates how Euphoria can be used to read and write to integrated circuit chips via the PC's parallel port. In this example, the IC is the TLC542 A to D converter by Texas Instruments.
WINGet Drive Info3KAl GetzAug 30/03 
Some code that will determine which drives exist on a machine, and which are available. Win32Lib not required. Aug 30: you can get sizes in units of 1, 1000, 1024, 1000 * 1000 or 1024*1024, and you can easily use this file as an include file.
DOSNokia LCD Display184KSotiris BellosAug 16/03 3.00
A driver for the LCD display used in Nokia mobile phones. The display module is connected to the LPT port of a PC.
DOSKeyboard Lights18KDaniel KlussAug 13/03 
A demo that makes use of the new feature in Euphoria where you can define a machine code routine using define_c_func/proc(). (May not work on all versions of DOS)
DOSRead/Write Parallel Port7KDavid JarvisMay 18/03 
Files for reading and writing to the parallel port. It uses Jacques Deschenes' ports.e.
WINParallel Port Monitor114KNeil FraserMay 9/03 1.00
A parallel port monitor that works on everything from Win 95 to XP. It's a good example of how to access the parallel port from Euphoria.
GENMini-Assembler30KPete EberleinDec 30/01 17.20
A tool for converting assembly language into sequences of machine code. Supports MMX instructions.
WINI/O Ports1KJesus ConsuegraDec 10/01 
Sample code for accessing I/O ports using dlportio.dll.
GENAddress Routing1KVictor KaprilianApr 23/01 0.20
A program that compares the IP address and Sub Networking address of two different workstations on a LAN/WAN and determines whether routing is required or not.
DOSCOM1 Interrupt Handler4KJean Marie DecruNov 22/00 
Example code for handling interrupts on a COM port.
DOSDOS Interrupt Tester53KCenSeJun 23/00 
A program that lets you test DOS interrupts. It uses David Cuny's text-mode GUI.
DOSSimple DLL compiler/loader30KPatrick QuistMay 3/00 
A simple mechanism for assembling routines into a kind of .DLL file so they can be later loaded and executed. May 3: bug fixes, supports most registers as arguments
GENGet CPU Parameters2KPete EberleinSep 17/99 0.20
A routine that picks up detailed information about the CPU - who made it, does it have MMX, what kind of cache, the serial number, and much more.
DOSThe Jacques Deschenes Collection24KJacques DeschenesMar 20/99 2.35
His famous collection. This bundle of code includes: I/O Ports, file selection, reading the joystick, a menu system, INT 21 DOS functions, DMA controller and CMOS Info. Mar 20: ports.e and doswrap.e have recently been fixed.
DOSDisk Utilities9KCraig GilbertMar 2/98 0.50
A well-documented set of routines for determining the status of all the disk drives.
DOSKeyboard Interrupt Handler2KMichael BolinFeb 5/98 4.78
a keyboard interrupt handler that can detect the status of all keys on the keyboard.
DOSAre Drives Ready?5KCraig GilbertNov 11/97 
code for testing floppies, CD's and hard drives. He uses a special interrupt handler.
DOSSerial I/O3KPeter BlueJun 8/97 
a simple terminal program that lets you dial your modem and communicate with another machine. Many people have asked for something like this. Be sure to edit the correct COM port number of your modem into his program before running it.
GENAssembler for Euphoria15KAlexander YakovlevFeb 4/97 0.35
a program that converts assembly language into sequences of machine code. This is his alpha release.

Linux/FreeBSD (55)

LNXEuphoria 4.0 tip binaries for Linux/322578KShawn Pringleupdated Mar 9/16 
Linux/32 binaries for the tip of the Euphoria 4.0 branch. Mar 9: * includes test report
LNXAll-in-One 64-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners22343KJean-Marc DUROAug 28/15 
All-in-One package with OpenEuphoria 4.1 and wxEuphoria (include file and libraries only, no demo) for 64-bit Debian-based Linux systems. An executable installs needed packages and sets environment variables. Target directory can be specified for OpenEuphoria.
LNXAll-in-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners16152KJean-Marc DUROAug 27/15 
All-in-One package with OpenEuphoria 4.1 and wxEuphoria for 32-bit Debian-based Linux systems. An executable installs needed packages and sets environmemnt variables. Target directory can be specified for OpenEuphoria.
LNXCheck User and Password2KJean-Marc DUROSep 24/12 
Check existence of a Linux user account and verify shadow password using execCommand(). Needs to be run as root to access /etc/shadow. For Euphoria 4 and up.
LNXexecCommand1KJean-Marc DUROSep 24/12 
Launch a Linux command and get the result with pipes. For Euphoria 4 and up.
LNXeuXosd: Wrapper for the XOSD on-screen display library148KIra HillJan 2/12 
This wrapper exposes the routines in the libXosd library for use in Euphoria to display text directly on-screen. Source code is provided along with an example demo.
LNXQt to Euphoria Gtk3KninoidApr 21/10 
Use Qt3/4 Designer (part of KDE Linux distributions) for visual create GTK Library Euphoria source file. This is v0.8 beta.
LNXNetscan2Kirv mullinsMar 19/10 
Simple EuGTK program to display your computer's network address and look for other computers on your lan. See link for photo.
LNXCauses of Health Problems154KJerry StoryMar 7/10 
A program that figures out causes (in terms of life style) of health problems. Mar 7: Change of website.
LNXlinux serial communication library14Kjacques desch�nesJun 21/09 
Update to serial.e library. Also added a serial.html help file. Contains a gps logger program as a demo.
WINjapi for windows tested and ready1125KCarlos ValdesJan 30/09 
To test compatibility with linux, he downloaded the same examples from for windows, tested everything, corrected same bug as in linux, changed names to *.exw... just unzip and run... for complete documentation visit Works great, too! and gives total windows-linux portability...
LNXjapi for linux tested and ready samples1078KCarlos ValdesJan 30/09 
He merged the japi contributions from Alban Read and Merten Joost and took the images from (where you will find everything included here), tested everything under ubuntu, corrected one single bug. Modified japi.e to work with the library. Just unpack anywhere under linux. If you have euphoria installed and working, you can run every example.... Works great!
LNXEuGTK Demos206Kirv mullinsMar 10/08 
Updated to work with new version of EuGTK
LNXEu Assistant41KJesse AdkinsMar 9/07 
A set of simple shells and a library, combined with a script to allow easy installation of Euphoria. Works with any version of Euphoria, and is extremely simple to use. Mar 9: New improved readme file, added a changelog, put everything as one line of code. All files set to rwxrwxrwx at start.
GENOSX (Intel) speech synthesizer library1668Kalban readNov 13/06 
This library provides access from Euphoria to the speech synthesizer on OSX. Source code, an example and a compiled file is included. To run this please unzip the file and open a Terminal.
LNXXMOTOR80KBernie RyanFeb 16/06 
XMOTOR.ZIP is a library that allows the user to use Euphoria to write X-Windows, XT ( Intrinsic Toolkit ), Athena, and Motif programs. Motor can also be used for MS-Windows programming. See WMOTOR.ZIP Feb 16: description changed.
LNXUse STDIN and STDOUT on Linux2KMatt LewisFeb 8/06 
Overrides Euphoria builtin I/O to allow easy use of STDIN and STDOUT under Linux, avoiding ncurses.
LNXncurses for Euphoria21KChris BurchJan 26/06 1.00
ncurses wrapped for Euphoria, updated as much as possible, work in progress, will follow as closely as possible the C library.
LNXDebian package of the Public Domain version of Euphoria1104KAlexander ToressonJan 3/06 3.00
This is a debian package of the public domain version of Euphoria. It installs the files in sane locations and adds wrappers for setting environment variables. How to install: dpkg -i euphoria-pd_2.5-1_i386.deb How to find out where it put its files: dpkg -L euphoria-pd How to uninstall: apt-get remove euphoria-pd
LNXEuphoria 2.4 for Sharp Zaurus PDA551KMark BrownApr 7/05 3.00
The Euphoria 2.4 interpreter, compiled for the Sharp Zaurus PDA (specifically, the 'Japan only' model SLC-700/760/860, running 'pdaXrom' linux.). Includes the standard include files, demo programs etc. Apr 7: New Version 2.4.2 adds support for calling shared library functions.
LNXEuphoria SVG Icons228KAlexander ToressonMar 19/05 
This archive contains some good-looking Euphoria SVG icons that he created. Mar 19: added new windows icons, *.err icons, icons with low saturation and png versions of all icons
LNXFax Manager16KChris BurchAug 25/04 
Tired of junk faxes? Use Linux? Can't work out how to use Hylafax? Here's a program to receive and view faxes before they are printed, or if you know who they are from, automatically print or junk them. Runs in user space. Guide on how to set up mgetty enclosed. Needs a modem. Requires eugtk1.2
LNXEncrypt / Decrypt3Kirv mullinsJul 6/04 
Two small EuGTK programs which provide a GUI interface to rccrypt, which encodes them using an rc5 128 bit cipher.
LNXdevdsp7KMichael J. SabalJun 25/04 
A set of routines to manage the /dev/dsp device in Linux. Record and play raw audio data, gather audio device statistics, and set the sample rate. NOTE: KDE users must use this library prior to starting KDE. Once ARTS (KDE sound manager) is activated, only a reboot will release the audio device.
LNXSyntax Coloring12KIrv MullinsApr 24/04 6.25
A .xml file which adds coloration for both Euphoria and EuGTK 2 syntax to the Linux Kate and Kwrite editors. Installation instructions are at the top of the file. Apr 24: H.W. Overman added code-folding to the editor. This is a great addition.
LNXHolistic Encryption3KPeter BlueMar 9/04 
This encryption system works by joining one or more chunks of data into a continuous stream and then randomly 'scattering' all the bytes in that stream according to a pre-defined key sequence. The key can be any length. Additional layers of encryption can be applied. A simple XOR system is used here. He has no idea how hard this system would be to crack. Perhaps someone can try. It was developed on Linux but should be easy to port to DOS, Windows or FreeBSD.
LNXLinux console utilities302KChris BurchFeb 4/04 
Three console utilities for Linux. See readme. Frontends for setdate, crontab, and lpr (note this is not CUPS, but the 'old' style lpr). Uses strtok 1.2, Fdialogs (derived from Irv's dialogs.e), and filelib and pipelib by J Fielding. In tar.gz format, so should preserve file attributes. .exe's are Linux executables.
LNXSimple Text-Mode User Interface5KIrv MullinsOct 28/03 0.50
He ported his user interface code to Linux. Use: tar -xvz -f demo.tar.gz Oct 28: Moved blinking cursor out of the way, improved line-drawing character set.
LNXDoomsday Perpetual Calendar2KIrv MullinsOct 25/03 
A calendar for the years 1497 to 2500. It uses Irv's GraphApp library. Oct 25: GraphApp is no longer supported, but the calendar generating code may be useful.
LNXEE for Linux95KIrv MullinsOct 25/03 3.50
He polished up David Cuny's EE editor. It now runs quite well on Linux. Use unzip on Linux, so you don't lose the lower-case file names. Oct 25: To enable DOS-style line drawing characters, you may need to add: echo -e "\\033(U" to your .bash_profile
LNXSDL_Wrap for Linux309KMark AkitaApr 9/03 
His SDL wrapper graphics library for Linux, plus some demos that use the library. See also his Windows SDL library.
LNXDemo Runner for GTK Library2KChris BurchNov 26/02 
A small program that lets you run the demo programs in Irv Mullins' GTK package.
LNXShared Memory Library5KElliott Sales de AndradeNov 21/02 3.00
A port of the Windows memory sharing library by Steele/Mirwald to Linux. One of the demos requires Irv's GTK library.
LNXLLama/GTK Enhancements433KJ. BrownSep 24/02 1.00
He's breathing life into David Cuny's old Llama project. It works under Linux, FreeBSD (theoretically), and Win32 (incomplete). Sep 24: more Win32Lib compatible, includes documentation for Win32Lib and GTK (for use by co-developers), and has changed goals from being a clone of Win32Lib for Linux, to a Win32Lib-like cross-platform widget library.
LNXCGI On-line Phone Book6KAndy CranstonJun 25/02 
A Euphoria CGI program that runs on a Web server and displays an on-line searchable phone book.
LNXSockets Demo2KIrv MullinsJun 4/02 
A Linux sockets demo which downloads an HTML page from a server, and optionally saves it to a disk file.
LNXPipe I/O2KJ. BrownApr 1/02 
Support for performing pipe I/O with Euphoria for Linux.
LNXVowel Play5KRussell K. DavisMar 9/01 
A small music player for linux. It uses libao for audio output.
LNXFile Commands1KTed FinesFeb 16/01 
Perform mv, cp and rm commands without opening a shell. The cp function relies on Jeff Fielding's File and Pipe Libraries.
LNXEuphoria CGI Setup59KIrv MullinsFeb 12/01 1.00
A tutorial package that shows how to set up a Linux system for CGI using Euphoria. Feb 12: added server-side includes
LNXEditor Syntax Files10KKen RhodesFeb 4/01 
Files that enable syntax highlighting in the Moonshine editor, plus files that support Irv Mullin's Graphapp Library, David Cuny's GTK+ library and Mike Nelson's Object Euphoria.
LNXPebbles Games for DOS and Linux24KBenjamin FitchJan 10/01 
Two games that use the mouse. They work in DOS or Linux.
LNXGraphics Engine for Linux95KBernie RyanDec 20/00 5.00
A set of include files for doing graphics on Linux. It lets you write graphics programs on Linux using the same routines that are available in Euphoria for DOS. You can also access other SVGAlib graphics routines. Dec 20: bugs fixed, demo added
LNXUnzip Utility1KKen RhodesNov 20/00 
A small program for unzipping into a directory and setting the filenames to lower case.
LNXgraphics.e for Linux6KMike SabalSep 9/00 
A pixel graphics library for Linux that's compatible with graphics.e for DOS32. Sep 9: support for floodfill, ellipse, and polygon. You can use this library in Linux and DOS32, and it should provide 100% compatibility.
LNXWeb Server and Client28KPete EberleinMar 1/00 
A server that will send html, text, images, and binary files to the world, and a client that can download files from the Web. Both written in Euphoria.
LNXFile and Pipe Libraries2KJeff FieldingFeb 22/00 
Libraries for accessing C file and pipe I/O in Linux.
LNXExperimental Thread Library20KJeff FieldingFeb 20/00 
An experiment with multiple threads of execution in Euphoria, using a Linux threads C library. This is highly experimental as Euphoria was not designed to support multiple threads at this level. (tar -xv -f ethreads.tar) Feb 20: documentation updated
LNXCall Euphoria Routines on Another Machine8KPete EberleinFeb 18/00 0.30
A library that allows dynamic calls to Euphoria routines (call_func/call_proc) over sockets in Linux. A server program can make its routines available for client programs to call. He has included a simple messageboard client and server program. Feb 18: now allows multiple simultaneous connections to the server. A sample program for a MUD is included.
LNXMulti-player Word Game Using Sockets4KIrv MullinsFeb 15/00 
A simple word game that demonstrates the use of Pete Eberlein's Remote Dynamic Calls package.
LNXRoutines for SVGALib5KMarcos DonnantuoniFeb 6/00 
A library that accesses SVGALib on Linux. He included a small game as a demo. You'll have to run as root, and possibly configure your system a bit for SVGALib.
LNXGTK Library24KDavid CunySep 7/99 1.85
He is exploring the use of GTK+ (Gimp toolkit library) as a base for porting Win32Lib and Llama. He has a few simple demos working already. You'll need GTK on your Linux system. He also has .dll files (not included) that make it work under WIN32. Use: unzip on Linux to get lower case names. Sep 7: demos 1-10, font support, color line graphics, menus, basic widgets
LNXGTK Wrapper Declarations85KDavid CunySep 7/99 
He is exploring the use of GTK+ (Gimp toolkit library). Here is a large include file that declares Euphoria "wrapper" routines for the GTK library routines.
LNXSVGA Graphics in Linux42KPete EberleinAug 8/99 0.14
He's experimenting with svgalib on Linux. You need to run this as root. Let Pete know how it works on your system. The demos should also run on DOS32. Use tar -xvz -f ray.tar
LNXSimple Chess Program11KNormand BlaisAug 1/99 
His original non-GUI version of TSCP ported to Linux. Decompress with tar -xvz -f simple.tar

User Interfaces (64)

GENaprompt23KJames Cookupdated May 27/17 
What should I do prompt. Uses reverse polish notation (rpn). Fully configurable. Features: It can do simple mathematics. It logs everything to a file. It uses a stack machine internally. Requires OpenEuphoria v4.0 May 27: Freeware license.
LNXEuGTK - GTK Library for Euphoria 4.019500KIrv Mullinsupdated Apr 21/17 15.50
Very complete and easy-to-use wrapper for Euphoria 4.1 and GTK3. More than 200 demo programs plus extensive html docs. Includes web browser and program editor plugins, compatible with Glade for drag and drop interface design. Apr 21: Works great on Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian or Ubuntu.
WINEuWinGui : Phix Edition569KChrisBurch3Jan 30/17 
Andrea Cini's EuWinGui modified to work with Phix, rather than just Eu. Still has a few quirks, but makes for a very nice quick form creation tool, especially when used with Edita. Still have some ideas for enhancing it (Phix integration), but thought would release it now as its very usable as is.
WINIDE 104 for win32lib 0.70.4 and eu 4.xx823KChrisBurch3Dec 22/16 
Updated IDE to resolve the block labels appearing on tabs. See openeuphoria forum for more detail.
WINiup4eu3389KCharles NewbouldJul 21/16 
Get started using IUP with Euphoria. Will work on 3.1.1. Many examples provided; full documentation (via EuDoc). Syntax and approach identical to iup4eu, except for call-back arrangements. Add the "so" and it will work in Linux, too!
GENEuIup292KAndy P.updated Jul 7/16 
EuIup is a wrapper of the Iup software. All functions have been wrapped. EuIup wraps the current version of Iup. EuIup allows you to make cross-platform GUI programs. Jul 7: Added more functions and updated wrapper for Iup 3.1.9
GENLazGUI7189KJean-Marc DUROFeb 24/16 
LazGUI (Lazarus GUI) is a multiplatform UI built with help of Lazarus. It works in client/server mode (Windows executable included; source provided to build it for Linux). Pre-alpha state. Following widgets are available: TScrollBar, TGroupBox, TComboBox, TListBox, TEdit, TMemo, TStaticText, TButton, TCheckBox, TToggleBox, TRadioButton and TLabel. See Lazarus documentation for widgets properties - Added getProperties and items management for TComboBox, TListBox and TMemoBox.
GENSDL2 console widgets777KJean-Marc DUROJan 15/16 
A simple way to build your own graphical GUI with home-drawn widgets. Uses EuSDL2 (2.0.3) and EuSDL2_gxf. Tested on Windows 10 (OE 4.05) and Linux (Mint x64)
WINConsole widgets24KJean-Marc DUROJul 8/15 
A simple way to build your own graphical GUI with home-drawn widgets.
GENwxEuphoria functions188KJean-Marc DUROJun 4/15 
wxEuphoria functions sorted different ways to know which functions apply to a widget or wich widgets a function applies to. ODS file based on wxEuphoria v0.17 documentation.
LNXUTF8 Dialogs8KJean-Marc DUROJan 29/15 
Irv Mullins' Simple Text User Interface ported to Unicode for OpenEuphoria 4.1 on Linux. Added Save/Restore screen to manage popup lists because OpenEuphoria routines (save_text_image/display_text_image) are not Unicode compliant. package libncurses5-dev (Ubuntu/Mint/Debian) is needed (ncurses development files). -- UPDATED: changed Input Method
GENRedy224KRyan W. JohnsonDec 8/14 
Redy is an open source project written in the Euphoria programming language that helps you write GUI applications in Euphoria by providing a collection of libraries and programs that follow specific standards. It is easy enough for beginners to learn GUI programming, yet powerful enough for experienced programmers to make professional-quality applications.
GENwxIDE10000KMatthew LewisApr 15/13 0.50
An editor and visual interface designer for wxEuphoria written using wxEuphoria. It runs on both Windows and Linux. Apr 15: v0.8.0: code completion, new GUI designer, file tree, faster
LNXNewt for Euphoria11KGreg HaberekJul 2/12 
Newt is a programming library for color text mode, widget based user interfaces. Newt can be used to add stacked windows, entry widgets, checkboxes, radio buttons, labels, plain text fields, scrollbars, etc., to text mode user interfaces.
DOSFreedom GUI for FreeDOS1015KTom JanesDec 27/11 
This was the start of a windowing GUI for FreeDOS. Allows the creation of programs by using an API system like Windows or GNOME. Does not require a wrapper like Win32lib. Unlike a wrapper, DOS_API is the OS, and user programs are created using it directly. It needs many new objects installed which most Euphoria programmers can do on their own. Currently, it can produce windows, allow free movement on the screen, window contract and expand, popup menus, and static text, background images, etc. It would be a great GUI for a great OS that now handles LBA hard drives, FreeDOS. Contact for help if you need it.
GENEu4Qt: euqt wrap of GUI toolkit Qt for euphoria42Kne1unoSep 24/11 
Get source from svn or zip which Includes example programs, html documentation, tests, source and a precompiled dll for Windows. Only a small fraction of Qt is wrapped so far but enough to get an idea of how it can work. Needs Qt4.5+ in source or binary from Sep 24: works with current Qt4.7 and Euphoria 4.0.4 & 4.1 tip
GENwxEuphoria3000KMatthew LewisJun 20/11 184.25
Wrappers and binaries for wxWidgets, a cross platform GUI library for Windows and Linux. Jun 20: v0.16.0 Additional wxWidgets functionality wrapped
WINAndrea Cini's EUWinGUI reloaded384KChrisBurch3Nov 15/10 
Andrea Cini's excellent library for GUI windows programming, updated by Jim Brown to work with EU4. This package has been uploaded with Andrea's blessing.
LNXEuGTK 4.0 Library2100Kirv mullinsOct 28/10 
Euphoria/GTK wrapper for Linux. Added support for designing your user interface with Glade, making EuGTK programs very short. All you need to do is connect signals to your Euphoria routines! Oct 28: additional features, new host.
GENwxEuphoria3287KGreg HaberekJan 9/09 
Wrappers and binaries for wxWidgets, a cross platform GUI library for Windows and Linux. Jan 9: Version 0.12.1 for Win32 released.
WINCSHelp2KAllen AshbyJun 28/08 
He was looking for a context-sensitive help routine in the archive and couldn't find one, so he created this one.
GENIupEu29KJeremy CowgarApr 18/08 1.50
Iup wrapped for Euphoria. Iup is a portable cross-platform GUI system that is powerful yet easy to use.
WINMouse via keyboard165KThomas BetterlyJul 20/07 4.20
MouseEvent4 is a program that allows a user to control their mouse cursor using the keypad on their keyboard. Jul 20: It reloads the config file upon dectecting a change in home folder, adds new cursor movement options, and sound.
GENClaro / Cairo GUI wrapper win/*nix/mac971Kne1unoApr 19/07 
Wrapper and "hello world" programs for Euphoria. Claro - A cross platform GUI toolkit which "makes sense". Cairo - A popular 2D vector drawing lib. Windows dll's included. For other systems you have to get binaries or compile them from free sources. Apr 19: minor bugfixes all over. New, partially working cTranslate!, tribute to eTranslate! from the RDS archive. and carc, a GUI front end for bzr revision control system he uses daily.
GENJAPI GUI Library compiled for INTEL OSX304Kalban readNov 19/06 
This is the JAPI highly portable GUI library from recompiled for Euphoria INTEL OSX only. The library supports Euphoria well, JAPI.E and lots of examples are included.
DOSAccept7KFred ManganNov 16/06 
Procedures for accepting keyed data from user (string, 'integer', 'float' and formatted numeric). Also a screen form procedure and small demo program.
GENText mode eu2.5 to 3.xx conversion1KChrisBurchNov 1/06 
For those that miss ncurses character input of special keys (arrows, F-keys, Insert, Delete, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown), a conversion routine, allowing the use of wait_key and get_key, almost as before. Built on the efforts of others - D.Cuny, Irv Mullins, and Rob Craig (ripped from ed.ex) - He makes no claim to any original source code with this code. Copy and paste to your own programs. Mostly for Linux/FreeBSD users, but useful for Windows users writing console programs.
WINEuWinGUI Library and IDE247KAndrea CiniOct 30/06 97.00
A GUI development system for Euphoria, similar to Win32Lib and Judith's IDE, but smaller and simpler. Oct 30: This updated version of the library features color customizable controls, a full new set of printing instructions, two new variants of list control types, improved event handling, a new open utility library, updated Window Designer, improved demos and revised documentation. It is compatible with Euphoria 3.0, 2.5 and 2.4 and uses a .dll created with the (soon to be released) 3.0.1 Translator and Open Watcom.
WINSego (SDL Euphoria GUI Objects)342KMark K. AkitaOct 25/06 
A small library of GUI elements for Euphoria/SDL programs. A demo program is included.
WINinput_box()1KGreg HaberekDec 2/04 
input_box() displays a message box that requires user input. Requires Win32Lib.ew
GENColored Character forms21KCChrisNov 1/04 
Based on A. Cranston's bcform library, this one offers the same basic functionality, plus colors, more flexible editing and positions calculated as fractions of the screen height or width. Nov 1: Corrected a typo in last release
DOSDos message box21KEmlyn MerlynOct 19/04 
This is a message box for Colin Taylor's UI.
GENTextmode Dialogs7KcklesterMay 4/04 
Based on Irv's dialogs.e, this adds functionality like PgUp/PgDn, Home/End, type-to-find (you type "rec" and it goes to first list item starting with "rec"), etc. Auto-centering dialogs. Documentation is yet to be done, but it's great for text-mode UI. May 4: Added keys.e to archive.
DOSWidgets for DOS GUI98KJiri BaborDec 6/03 5.00
A package of attractive GUI elements for pixel-graphics mode. Add a great-looking user interface to your DOS program. An overview plus lots of small demos makes it easy to learn. Dec 6: Missing pal.e added.
DOSWindow library189KHayden McKayDec 3/03 
Simplified, sunken or flat windows, tool bar buttons that display 32x32 bmp's. standard win style push buttons. A bitmap to sequence tool. routines to erase buttons from memory. required files mighty.e putsxy.e included. Dec 3: added bmp tool buttons, win style push downs, link routines routine to display embedded bmp's on buttons, and a general tidy up.
DOSPush Buttons18KHayden McKayNov 29/03 
A push button library with 5 shadow types, double border or single border, stay down or spring back buttons and two different ways to link buttons. Demo and complete readme included. Nov 29: putsxy() syntax is now mended for mode 18, thanks to Igor Kachan. All the running gear is now included. putsxy.e and might.e
DOSmenu48KHayden McKayNov 23/03 
This is an example for beginners showing the use of dialogs to scroll directories, delete, move, rename, copy etc.. The source is very well documented for this purpose. It uses Dave Cuny's DOS Text Dialogs (included).
LNXeuApp531KMatt ArriolaJul 19/03 0.50
A wrapper for the GraphApp GUI library.
DOSEnhanced bcform.e2KDavid JarvisMay 18/03 
An enhanced version of Andy Cranston's bcform.e. It adds the ability to control the color to make things a little more user-friendly.
GENText-mode Forms20KAndy CranstonMar 17/03 3.80
A tool that lets you easily create simple text-mode forms that your user can interact with. Includes examples and documentation. Mar 17: Better editing of text fields. A field type for hiding data (good for passwords). Display a form without interacting with it. Updated documentation in HTML and plain text. New example programs password.ex and progress.ex.
DOSText Windows3KCraig GilbertNov 6/02 
A simple library for making text-mode windows with automatic line wrap and scrolling.
GENJapi Gui Library200KMerten JoostJun 12/02 2.00
A GUI library that supports Windows and Linux, and also supports several programming languages, including very recently, Euphoria.
DOSChanges to DOS32Lib112KMatt ArriolaMay 3/01 
Some changes and enhancements to David Cuny's DOS32Lib. May 1: several new enhancements. May 3: bug fix
DOSKDE Menus22KBrecht PynooMar 24/00 
Code for displaying some attractive-looking menus. It uses SVGA so you might need use_vesa(1).
DOSDOS GUI Routines20KAndrew GreenwoodOct 26/99 
Routines for making a graphical user interface in DOS. He has included an improved version of Jacques Deschenes' file selector.
DOSSimple Menu System15KNormand BlaisOct 6/99 
A simple menu system. Oct 6: added DOS shell and user prompt window
DOSWindows for DOS18KCaballero RojoOct 4/99 
A program that creates Windows-like windows in a DOS program. It's in Spanish.
DOSGUI With Scrolling Lists14KWayne OvermanSep 6/99 
A demo showing several scrolling lists in a pixel-graphics mode user interface. Sep 6: Coded more elegantly.
DOSDOS32Lib: DOS32 Library with Demos104KDavid CunyJun 1/99 2.95
The DOS32 version of his popular Win32Lib GUI Library. Most of the demos in his original Win32Lib package will run under DOS, if you simply include dos32lib.e instead of win32lib.ew. Dos32Lib is now lagging somewhat behind his current Win32Lib. June 1: added createDIB
DOSDialog Editor24KDavid CunyNov 12/98 0.15
an easy-to-use program for constructing simple text-mode GUI dialogs. His graphical dialog editor actually writes the code for you!
DOSSimple Text User Interface5KIrv MullinsNov 11/98 1.00
a simple starter-kit of basic user interface controls for text mode. It includes checkboxes, radiobuttons, scrolling list boxes, etc. and it has a very simple calling syntax.
DOSFaster Boxes2KIrv MullinsOct 2/98 
he modified Stafford White's boxes (below) to display much faster.
DOSMake Nice Boxes2KStafford WhiteSep 29/98 
routines for making nice text-mode boxes.
DOSGUI for DOS170KIrv MullinsAug 13/98 2.25
a graphics mode interface for DOS that he uses in a great-looking database demo. (uses SVGA)
DOSDOS Window Manager Prototype41KDavid CunyJun 2/98 0.25
An object-oriented demo of a Window Manager for DOS.
DOSSimple Menu Routine7KL. Raúl Campos ArribasApr 22/98 
A simple routine for displaying menus.
DOSHigh-Res Mouse / Clickable Buttons13KGraeme BurkeJan 31/98 
High-res mouse routines, a utility for making clickable buttons for a graphical interface, and a demo of rotating a cube in 3 dimensions.
GENSimple User Input Routine2KDavid CunyOct 10/97 0.15
a very simple routine for reading a line of text from the keyboard. Quite a few people have asked about this on the mailing list.
DOSTag List GUI7KRod DamonSep 18/97 
a simple, but useful user interface routine that lets the user select multiple items from a list.
DOSGraphical Buttons17KJim LacovaraSep 13/97 0.50
a program that sets up several interesting types of graphical objects that users can click on. This is his first program, and he even has a calculator.
DOSText GUI Enhancement28KMatthew WhiteheadAug 7/97 
a utility that helps you to use David Cuny's text-mode GUI library.
DOSGUI Routines8KDaniel BersteinApr 20/97 
some graphical user interface routines
DOSGraphical Windows9KMike FowlerApr 18/97 0.33
some Windows look-alike graphics
DOSMenu Display Utility3KDaniel BersteinOct 24/96 
a user interface routine for displaying a general menu

Editors (89)

GENED.EX macro mod36KJames Cookupdated Oct 2/17 
ED.EX from Euphoria v4.0.5 modified for recordable macros. Current features are: 100 programmable macros -- ESC, j -- accesses the macro menu, view/record/stop-record/select-current-macro from the macro menu, F12 plays the current macro. Be careful to save your work, and use -- ESC, m -- to compare changes. example: ESCAPE,'f',CR,ARROW_RIGHT,BS,'e' Oct 2: added feature: save and load macros to and from file(s)
LNXWEE 0.48m5572KKenneth Rhodesupdated Feb 16/17 
A modified version of Pete Eberlein's WEE full featured GUI editor for Euphoria 4.1, or better, Linux 64-32 bit. with improved EuGTK Widget HTML context sensitive help, routine written by Irv Mullins. Place cursor on a command containing "Gtk" and press F1. An article will be displayed from the included Gtk.html help docs. Streamlined F1 Key context sensitive help: if *.html help is not available for the current word the view declaration routine is called automatically. Extended color syntax support for most std library "words". Starting Glade tutorial and "Run Glade" option added to Help menu. The User must install Glade using a package manager, but GTK *.html help files are included in the WEE 0.48m download package. Feb 16: 32 bit support added.
WINA Better Text Editor1018KllamedosoAug 17/16 
A text editor for .txt and .rtf files. Has a number of unique features, including a Secret File routine for opening financial sites with login data instantly available.
WINMr753KEric RandallApr 27/16 
A text editor exploiting the Windows GUI. Programs can be tested whilst editing continues.
LNXWEE Editor v0.47 modified4354KKenneth RhodesMar 12/16 
Extended context sensitive help for GTK widgets (thanks to Irv Mullins) and euphoria keywords - If html help is not available, the view_declaration routine is called automatically. Much improved Backup with timestamp routine options for current file, directory, or project list. Run Glade from Run menu. Irv Mullins' Getting Started with Glade html help tutorial available from Help menu. Several files have been renamed with the prefix "x" (ex:"xwee.exw", ".xwee_conf") so your official wee installation will not be overwritten. GTK/Glade help files are included. Simply Unzip the xwee.tar.bz2 archive into Home directory. Mar 12: Updated with Pete Eberlein's WEE v0.47 bug fix for "loop...until" case statements.
WINModified ed.ex18KT-DukeApr 21/15 
Original ed.ex was enhanced, to usage of function keys to do hot jobs, like saving file, searching texts and running programs. Save file now - F2, load file - F3, search text - F7, replace text - Ctrl+F7, starting eui with pogran currently on the editor's screen now is F9. Clone window - F6, switch to next window - F10 Also added support for scancodes for cyrillic layout (usualy swithed by Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift). Now russian symbols can be typed in editor under Windows 7. Also that symbols can be used in "search/replace text" comands.
WINWindows Editor23KPete EberleinDec 4/14 0.75
He used riched32.dll to produce this complete Windows text editor, written in Euphoria, and including Euphoria-specific programming features. Dec 4: Bug fixes, added cursor position, recent files list.
WINWackoze Euphoria Editor22KJean-Marc DURONov 27/14 
Pete Eberlein's Wackoze Euphoria Editor adapted to OpenEuphoria 4 (code and syntax coloring). Added view_subroutines, two display fonts and fixed a bug. Words for syntax coloring copied from Shian Lee's support for Vim.
GENwxEditor3682KJean-Marc DURONov 14/14 
Greg Haberek's wxEditor v0.2 updated with wxEuphoria 0.16 for Euphoria 4 and up. Tested on Windows x64 and Linux x64.
GENmdx.ex Euphoria console editor90KKenneth RhodesMay 2/14 
This is the stock Euphoria editor, "ed.ex/edx.ex" with over 50 modifications including word/command auto-completion, and context sensitive help for virtually all Euphoria keywords, builtins, and std library commands as well as backup and restore file routines, selectable EDS database and table functions via scrolling top-line message bar menus and more. May 2: Deleted Control_key commands which were not available under Windows.
GENEuphoria 3.1.1/4.0.5 support for Vim editor9KShian LeeApr 12/14 3.00
Syntax highlighting of Euphoria 3.1.1 and Euphoria 4.0.5 for Vim editor. Also includes filetype.vim, industry.vim color scheme, and INSTALL.txt. Apr 12: industry.vim updated. Vim's runtime files web address added.
WINEdita3200KPete LomaxAug 28/13 26.00
A full-featured Euphoria-oriented editor written using Arwen. Aug 28: url has changed
GENGedit (gtksourceview) Euphoria language file2KDirk LorenzenJul 11/13 
From the readme: This file allows you to do syntax highlighting of the Euphoria Language, for the Euphoria 4.0 Language specification, as of writing (01/16/09).
GENEuGeany: Euphoria support files for the editor, Geany31KKenneth RhodesApr 7/13 
Color Syntax support files and context sensitive help for the entire Standard Euphoria Library. EuHelp.ex now included. Project management, execution of source code file, Eu2C code compiling, binding, shrouding can all be done from within the editor. Instructions are contained in the file as comments and on the forum. Apr 7: Now supports Irv Mullins EUGTK library:
DOSQE Editor version 2.3.9 (final release)735KShian LeeOct 1/12 
The last release of a bi-directional, multilingual, powerful and flexible Quick Euphoria Editor for DOS (up to Windows-XP). This is a Qbasic styled editor and very easy to use. No source available.
DOSAdvanced DOS Source Editor299KTom JanesDec 27/11 
A full graphical DOS source editor. Made specifically for FreeDOS. Uses the new VESA, and FONT drivers. Includes the help file. For assistance, write the author at
LNXEuphoria support file for the Geany Programming Editor4KKenneth RhodesOct 27/11 
Color Syntax support and context sensitive help for the Geany Programmer's editor. Project management, execution of file, Eu2C code compiling, binding, shrouding can all be done from within the editor. At present this must be done by substituting filetype.euphoria for one of the filetype.language files currently supported by Geany. Instructions are contained in the file as comments.
GENplist file for TextWrangler for Mac OS X6KMacUserJan 1/10 
For syntax highlighting on Mac OS X.
WINEdita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File9KGSAC3Sep 7/09 
This is a copy of Greg Haberek's (Sept 4/09) Edita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File, ZIPed with WinZip version 11.2 SR-1. (outdated)
WINEdita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File9KGreg HaberekSep 4/09 
An updated Euphoria syntax file for Edita that supports highlighting and auto-complete for Euphoria 4.0 keywords. (outdated)
LNXMidnight Commander syntax highlighting1KprickleJul 31/09 
This archive holds files for syntax highlighting for the Midnight Commander file manager. See Readme for instructions on how to install.
WINExecutor of euphoria files for SciTe-ru5KMike ManturovFeb 10/09 
A tool for the SciTe-ru text editor. Executes ex/exw files and shows filtered ex.err file in the SciTe output window when necessary. Feb 10: Fixed one silly bug
LNXGEdit Syntax for Euphoria 4.02KMario SteeleJan 16/09 
This archive holds two files for syntax highlighting for the Linux Gnome Text Editor, GEdit. See Readme for instructions on how to install. Corrected README installation instructions.
WINBilingual EU 2.5 Syntax file for the HippoEDIT4KIgor KachanNov 29/08 
The Euphoria syntax definition file for the HippoEDIT editor, 1.4 beta version for NT, XP, Vista (Unicode) - free automatic registration for xUSSR. Visit the editor site.
WINJens' File Editor for Euphoria 3.x473KAlex AntypenkoNov 28/08 
Jens' Windows-based File Editor - The Ultimate Editor for programmers with support for Euphoria programming. See: Site of Editor
WINBilingual EU 2.5 syntax file for the AkelPad editor4KIgor KachanNov 27/08 
This is the syntax coloring file for the free open source AkelPad editor - small and fast. Visit english page or russian page. The package is in 7-zip format.
WINThe SciTE-RU Editor for Bilingual EU 2.5446KIgor KachanNov 12/08 
This editor is recompiled with the VC Russian build of SciTE editor, Revision 850. It works with Igor's bilingual EU 2.5. Right click on the link and take the "Save linked content as..." option to download the 7z file. Pre-alpha version. Readme.txt is in Russian (just for the first time).
GENwxEditor16KGreg HaberekJul 8/08 
A cross-platform Euphoria code editor written in wxEuphoria. Supports basic editing and Euphoria syntax highlighting for now. More features to come later.
WINConTEXT Editor files3KJames CookMay 7/08 
Euphoria (3.1) Highlighters and Templates for the ConText Text Editor (v0.98.5). Features "A Windows Scheme" and Insert Code From Template Descriptions. Download ConTEXT from
GENEdita Manual (By Pete Lomax)1212Kdon coleApr 9/08 
The Manual for Edita. (outdated)
WINEDITA (By Pete Lomax) as a .zip file934Kdon coleApr 9/08 
A backup for Pete Lomax's files. This contains everything you need to install Edita 0.3.0 yourself. (no source). (outdated)
WINEDITA (By Pete Lomax) with source1581Kdon coleApr 9/08 
A backup for Pete Lomax's files. This will unzip the same as, but also has source code. (outdated)
WINEDITA (By Pete Lomax) automatic installer1069Kdon coleApr 9/08 
A backup for Pete Lomax's files. This will install Edita version 0.3.0 for you. (outdated)
GENCorrections on ed.ex63KMarco AchuryApr 6/08 
Patched ED.EX. When working on Windows, it can now read Num Pad / and Num Pad Enter. Apr 6: Uses Rob's SVN Revision 205. Now the code is clearer to read.
WINEdit Euphoria Files with DevStudio88KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
Support for Euphoria in Microsoft Developer's Studio. Syntax coloring, registry setup, run .ex and .exw files, see Euphoria routines in current document in DevStudio, go to error file and line when you press button. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
GENEuphoria syntax file for Vim17KJason GadeNov 21/07 
Syntax highlight file for the Vim editor, written by Travis Beaty. Also included is filetype.vim so that Vim recognizes Euphoria filetypes. Only tested on Windows.
WINEU syntax coloring for FAR, N++ and PSP11KIgor KachanMar 12/07 
This package contains the Euphoria syntax coloring files for the built in editor of the FAR file manager and for the popular programmer editors - Notepad++ and PSPad. FAR can work with the bilingual Euphoria code. Mar 12: Added the syntax ini file for the PSPad editor.
WINMyEditor1401KAllen AshbyJan 21/07 
MyEditor is a rich text editor that can read and write in rtf format. You can open or save a file with the extension of .rtf or .mye (the default). MyEditor has the features of most rtf editors including undo, cut, copy, paste, delete, indent, bullets, font formating, text color, find, and text alignment. It also has typewriter sounds that can be turned on or off, and a button that opens up MyMusicMachine (included in this package), a small audio player that he created that plays mp3 or midi files. Jan 21: He made the toolbars movable and took out the find function which he could not get to work.
WINCheckpoint5KPete LomaxJan 16/07 
Edita addon. Reset an entire project tree to start of selected "edit session", and put everything back later. For that "I am sure it worked [better] this morning" feeling. Console app, creates batch files.
GENOSX (Intel) build of David Cuny's EE editor.249Kalban readNov 8/06 
An OSX (Intel) build of David Cuny's EE editor. The editor runs in an OSX (Intel only) terminal.
GENWaXy_Writer (Beta)9KJesse AdkinsMay 14/06 
A word processor written in wxEuphoria. May 14: More icons in preparation for an offical release. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
WINTexter2KAndyJul 6/05 
This is small and easy to use text editor. It can be used to write Euphoria programs. You can run Euphoria programs from the editor. Some of the features are not yet complete. Jul 6: Now hosted on
GENEUwords in Italian5KAntonio AlessiMay 21/05 
A translation of the Euphoria keywords and builtins to Italian. This can be used to expand the multi-lingual editor by David Ragazzi. (Italian words are at column 129)
WINEuphoria Editor444KDavid RagazziMay 20/05 
An editor that supports multiple languages (English, Espanol, and Portuguese) for Euphoria syntax (keywords and builtins). Before long he hopes it will have support for Francais, Italian, German and Russian.
GENVim syntax hilighting and indentation2KJeremy CowgarFeb 3/05 
Syntax hilighting and indentation files for the popular Vim editor. Unzip in your ~/.vim directory. This will create syntax/euphoria.vim and indent/euphoria.vim. Read syntax/euphoria.vim for more installation instructions.
WINAxiom2424KGreg HaberekDec 26/04 
Axiom2 is a basic multi-file Euphoria editor. It includes a built-in front-end for the Euphoria To C Translator. It requires xControls and Win32Lib v0.60.0 or greater. The Euphoria to C Translator is also required to use the front-end.
GENEuphoria Syntax-File for TextPad10KTommy CarlierNov 24/04 4.00
Syntax-file for TextPad. It has all the keywords of Euphoria 2.5 alpha, EDS and Win32Lib 0.60.6, divided in 6 categories. Each category can be assigned a different color. Nov 24: Added the word 'crash_routine' from Euphoria 2.5 alpha.
WINM Editor437KPete LomaxSep 2/04 11.25
A full-featured editor written in Euphoria: Multiple documents, auto completion, automatic backups, run program, automated error processing, file and directory compare, find in files, macro, context sensitive help, routine and section list, reformat (re-indent) program to find missing end statements, detailed manual, and more. Originally inspired by Mike's Sep 2: fixed mousewheel crash, win32lib 0.60.0
WINSyntax Files for Crimson Editor4KAndrew HallJul 22/04 1.00
Syntax files for Crimson Editor 3.60, based on Euphoria 2.4. Syntax for Win32Lib 0.60.1 routines is also included.
WINComment / un-comment macros for TextPad1KRubem PechanskyJun 4/04 
These two macros are intended to use with TextPad, the excellent text editor from Helios Software Solutions. Use them to comment and un-comment multiple lines of Euphoria code at once.
WINNexus 2.4 pre-beta44KDon PhillipsFeb 11/04 4.00
The newest editor in his Nexus series. It should be noted this is a pre-beta. Some things haven't been coded yet (such as the ability to make changes to word lists/colors, print, execute, etc). Other than that, and some other additions he plans to add, it should be fully functional and bug free to this point. (no source)
GENEuphoria Syntax for Ultra Edit279KAntonio AlessiDec 13/03 
Files that enable the Ultra Edit editor to support Euphoria syntax and commands in the Tags Frame. Dec 13: Enhanced with the keywords list of Win32 events and functions; syntax separate file. Euphoria Win32lib 'create' Tags. UltraEdit setup for RUN and more.
WINEnhanced Nexus Editor168KMario SteeleSep 7/03 
An enhanced version of Don Phillip's Nexus editor. It has command-line file opening, and single instance via ipc.ew
GENEuphoria Syntax for Glimmer Editor4KTravis BeatyMay 5/03 
A Euphoria syntax highlighting file for use with the Glimmer Editor. Installation is simple, and is covered in the readme file.
WINAxiom Editor22KGreg HaberekDec 23/02 
A simple Euphoria-oriented editor. It syntax-colors and runs Euphoria programs.
WINText File Viewer241KGreg HaberekDec 14/02 
A handy tool for viewing multiple text files. Dec 14: updated, and now includes a translated/compiled .exe file. It also contains an update to Don Phillips' Splitter control.
WINFE Editor918KMike DuffyDec 14/02 
A full-featured Euphoria-oriented editor, plus additional Euphoria programming support files. Dec 14: association of file types is now optional. Large values are assigned to atoms instead of integers, and a few other minor bugs were fixed
WINSciTe Editor200KKarl BochertDec 6/02 
A windows binary distribution of the SciTe open-source editor with support for Bach/Euphoria.
GENSyntax Script for Code Genie1KJonathan LegerDec 5/02 
A syntax script for the Code Genie editor that highlights Euphoria keywords, comments, functions, etc. Drop euphoria.cgsyn into the syn directory, and add this line to the settings file:
DefaultSyntax     euphoria     ex,exw,e
WINNexus Code Editor167KDon PhillipsNov 9/02 7.00
A program editor with syntax highlighting, undo/redo, bookmarks, configurable toolbar and edit window, automatic alignment, and more. Needs Win32Lib 0.57.9. Nov 9: looks for pcre.dll in current directory - nothing to set up; autocompletion and many more improvements
WINRich Editor144KJason MirwaldOct 5/02 3.00
An editor based on rich edit. It includes some specific support for Euphoria.
DOSPolyglot Editor398KIgor KachanJul 17/02 1.25
A graphics-mode editor that supports many different languages. A large number of fonts are included. Jul 17: now supports Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan and PRC), and Korean characters
WINEuphoria Editor for Windows251KEric RandallJun 4/02 
A Windows-based editor with support for Euphoria programming. Updated after 5 years, written in another language, no source.
WINSyntax Highlighting Editor25KDon PhillipsJun 2/02 6.00
An edit control and an editor that support color syntax highlighting of Euphoria programs. Text of almost any size can be edited.
WINTopaz Editor9KAndrewMay 30/02 
An editor for programs written in Rod Jackson's Topaz scripting language (see Archive).
GENFiles for ConTEXT Editor2KJiri BaborSep 4/01 1.10
A syntax highlighter file and a template file for the popular ConTEXT editor. The highlighter is a simple modification of an original by Mark Bloedel.
GENForeign Language Editor29KJohn McAdamAug 27/01 
A modified version of the ed.ex editor with support for foreign language (i.e. non-English) programming.
WINWindows Editor157KMikeJul 30/01 3.50
A new Win32Lib-based text editor with support for Euphoria programming. Jul 30: several small bug fixes and enhancements
LNXScripts for the xJed Editor5KHumberto YeverinoAug 31/00 
Scripts that add Euphoria syntax highlighting and error reporting to the xJed editor. Aug 31: an install script, launch programs from the editor, keyword skip, bug fixes
DOSText Editor63KMatt ArriolaAug 25/00 
A multi-file text editor with syntax coloring, context sensitive help and macros.
DOSThe EE:CS Editor354KCarl WhiteJul 16/00 7.08
An enhanced version of David Cuny's EE editor. Jul 16: bug fixes, improved error-handling, executable .ini files
DOSEE Enhancements61KDrazen MravinacJun 27/00 
Patches to David Cuny's EE editor that warn you if a file will be too big to load, and provide better context-sensitive help text.
GENEuphoria Icons5KCarl WhiteJun 16/00 
A set of Euphoria file-type icons that you can easily install into your Registry. He also includes icons for his version of the EE editor.
WINEuphoria Clipbook for NoteTab Editor2KJiri BaborMay 17/00 
A Euphoria clipbook for the popular NoteTab editor.
WINWindows Editor99KJacques DeschenesMay 3/00 
A simple editor that you can use as a kind of Post-it Note pad for making notes to yourself. It uses the new Euphoria Database System (EDS). May 3: improved user manual.
WINGWD Euphoria Editor2910KVedran GacoApr 28/00 
A full-featured, professional-looking text editor with Euphoria-specific features, such as syntax coloring, and bind support (for registered users of Euphoria). see screen shot (shareware, no source)
WINGeneric Gameboy IDE97KRussell K. DavisFeb 15/00 1.00
A small multipage editor that he plans to turn into an IDE for the Gameboy, and eventually other platforms. It uses the tab control feature in the bleeding edge Win32Lib.ew (included).
DOSEE Editor160KDavid CunyJan 29/00 19.58
An excellent full-featured Euphoria editor that many people are now using instead of the standard ed editor. He built his editor using an impressive text-mode GUI library that you can use in your own programs. Irv Mullins has a port of EE to Linux (see Archive). Jan 29: bug fix: INI file is now stored in euphoria\bin
WINWindows Editor245KRobert BrambilaJan 21/00 
Robert, age 13, is working on a Windows editor with spell checker. He's using David Cuny's Win32Lib. A lot of it is working already.
DOSEuphoria Syntax in TextPad1KStanislav SitarAug 11/99 
A file that adds Euphoria syntax coloring to the TextPad editor.
DOSEuphoria Keywords for UltraEdit2KGiovanni CardonaAug 1/99 
He added highlighted Euphoria keywords to the UltraEdit editor.
WINWin32 Editor Prototype55KDavid CunyJul 17/99 
He invites you to complete his Windows editor.
WINWindows Editor (32-bit)328KMike CarrollApr 24/99 13.75
a 32-bit Windows editor for Euphoria programs, written in another language. It contains a Windows help file for Euphoria version 2.1, context-sensitive help and color syntax highlighting. Apr 24: updated for Euphoria 2.1, and now has color preview and printing
WINVisual Euphoria Code Editor170KDaniel BersteinNov 9/98 
an editor for use with his Visual Euphoria package. (written in another language - no source)
DOSEnhanced Euphoria Editor (German)28KDetlef ReimersAug 18/98 
Detlef teaches a high-school class in computer science. For several years he has been teaching Pascal to his students. This fall he is switching the class to ... Euphoria! Here's an enhanced version of ed that he created. It has German commands and comments.
DOSEditor260KPeter EmpsonApr 9/98 
A feature-packed Euphoria-oriented text editor. (no source code)
WINWindows Editor (16-bit)270KMike CarrollDec 5/97 
a 16-bit Windows editor for Euphoria programs, written in another language. It contains a Windows help file for Euphoria version 2.0 alpha.
DOSEnhanced Ed Editor19KRobert EvansAug 14/97 
several small but very creative enhancements to the standard Euphoria editor. He even added a screen saver.
DOSGUI/Editor Enhancements27KPete EberleinJul 24/97 0.30
enhancements to an old version of David Cuny's text mode GUI and editor. Note: David has now incorporated many of these enhancements, so this code is obsolete.

Games (227)

GENEuAllegro55802KAndy P.updated Jun 19/17 
EuAllegro5 is a wrapper of the Allegro 5 game programming library. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Includes a couple of examples. Jun 19: Wrapped the rest of the allegro add-ons. All functions should be wrapped as of now.
WINEasy4Hang116KAndreas WagnerDec 8/14 
Hangman. It's the Hangman Game from Irv Mullins GTK Demos ported to Windows using tinEWG. Done in 2012. The GTK Version looks much better... Dec 8: Changed downloadlink
WINEasy4Myst76KAndreas WagnerDec 8/14 
EuMystify Simple Dos Demo ported to tinEWG. Port was done in 2012. The program is much older. Have fun. Dec 8: Changed download link
WINRotmg engine10405KgazDec 6/14 
A Realm of mad god(engine) alpha highly moddable via xml files, TinyXml parser, ZLIB, OpenGL (fully3d) direct mode, GUI 2D.Texture, Sprite Sheet, Font, Player, D3D, Equipment Weapons, Projectiles, Ground Tiles, Maps. Included Open World editor for editing maps with ground tiles and objects. Requires for edit �open world editor� Enhanced IDE 0.21.1 by Judith Win32 0.60.6 (revision 19) Euphoria 3.1 required. Included his include folder in the download. Developed on Windows 7, executables included.
WINFloppy Bird660KEvan MarshallDec 5/14 
OpenGL game. Up arrow to fly. Space to start over.
WINKakuro Trainer v1.8343KJean-Marc DUROOct 18/14 
An enhanced version of Kakuro Trainer. Now you can fill only partial grids to start and complete them later if needed. Grid designer improved. For OpenEuphoria 4 and up.
GENEuAll51387KAndy P.Aug 4/13 
EuAll5 is a wrapper of the Allegro 5 game programming library. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. The Add-on functions have been wrapped as well. Aug 4: An important DLL was missing. It is now added.
WINKakuro Assistant v22308KJean-Marc DUROJul 19/13 
Another Kakuro assistant. Lightning fast, with documentation. For Euphoria 3 and up.
WINKakuro Assistant49KJean-Marc DUROJun 24/13 
Helps find valid Kakuro (puzzle) combinations. Self-explanatory.
WINRotmg 13.2 Game Client775KgazMay 9/13 
This a Client for This code is the bare essentials required to make a client/proxy for rotmg, it uses RC4, RSA public key, base64 encryption, sockets, Euphoria v3.1.1, Win32lib v0.70.20, required, source code included
WINSudoku Trainer172KJean-Marc DUROJul 13/12 
Sudoku Trainer�s goal is to help you resolve paper grids, step by step. It indicates which digit should be selected, it is then highlighted in green, or which digit should be removed from candidates, it is then highlighted in green, while highlighting in grey the zone (line, column or block) leading to this advice. It can resolve Sudoku grids from easy level to difficult level. When it comes to the hardest ones, you can create recovery points and try your way, and if you fail, come back to the recovery point and try another strategy.
LNXLightGame904KIra HillDec 26/11 
This is a simple replica of the electronic game Lights Out. It is written with Eu 4 and wxEuphoria and should also work on Windows! Includes source and binary files.
WINTankHunter1233KIra HillDec 26/11 
This is an automated program for playing the classic online game Tank Hunter. It is written in Eu 4 and requires Win32Dib and Win32Lib to take screen shots for decision making; source and binary files are provided.
WINScroller390KFred ManganJun 20/11 
Scroller.ew scrolls memory bitmaps in Euphoria programs. Comes with demo program and a simple "bomber" game to show its capabilities, also source code and notes on use.
DOSArabella.ex6KJames GilgenMay 3/11 
This is a solitaire card game that uses 3 decks of cards. I wrote this program for three reasons. One, because I like the game, two, it was a learning experience to write the program, three, I hope that others will also like the game and will use the code for their own purposes.
LNXMemory Challenges738Kirv mullinsDec 17/10 
A simple game where you get 2 seconds to memorize the location of random countries' flags, and then match them up after they are hidden. Contains compiled executable plus source code for Eu 4.0
GENMemory Challenge120KRyan MannDec 5/10 
Memory challenge is a program that challenges memory by asking the user to enter numbers. The program starts out by asking the user to enter one number. If the user gets the number right, they will be asked for two numbers, then 3 numbers, ETC. After the program shows the numbers, the screen is cleared so they can't just cheat and look at the numbers. The program is meant to be run under the text boxes of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ETC.
DOSNewWeek10934Kdon coleOct 7/10 
A program for handicapping football. Oct 7: added the bound version
LNXAnagram Quiz Program190KJerry StoryMar 7/10 
This is for scrabble players for both entertainment and study. There is also a Windows version. Mar 7: Change of website.
LNXTriangle Game194KJerry StoryMar 7/10 
The Linux version of his Triangle game. (You might have to rename the file using a .tar extension after downloading it.) Mar 7: Change of website.
WINAnagram Quiz Program222KJerry StoryMar 7/10 
This is for scrabble players for both entertainment and study. There is also a Linux version. Mar 7: Change of website.
GENHangman Cheater267KJerry StoryMar 7/10 
This program "destroys" the game of hangman. Uses wxEuphoria. Should work on both Windows and Linux. Mar 7: Change of website.
GENSyllogism Quizzer136KJerry StoryMar 7/10 
This is an educational game that systematically quizzes you so you learn all 256 syllogism forms. Mar 7: Change of website.
GEN3-D Tic Tac Toe120KJerry StoryMar 7/10 2.50
A 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe game built using wxEuphoria. Source only. Mar 7: Change of website.
GENobject drop - learning to tetris12Ktim d.Dec 16/09 
The basic tetris engine made easy for anyone to learn. DOS graphics mode. Should work in Linux/DOS/Windows. Try it out and expand on it yourself. Super customizable, play with the vars. Now works in standard consoles. Dec 16: Now blocks "stack" with a blockstodo algorithm. Also an end game routine is in place.
WINStarcraft beta2208KgazAug 9/09 
This is his real-time strategy game. Still incomplete, but he uploaded it because he needs some help with the collision checking code, as his runs too slow.
GENSimple Object-Oriented Games Programming using wxEuphoria: A cross-platform solution5685KRay OsmondJul 20/09 3.00
How to develop and use an object-oriented code framework for simple games programming using the same code for both Windows and Linux using wxEuphoria. How to add music and sound effects to your programs, and how to package the final binary/executable for distribution to others.
WINMagic Designer (toy) emulation program1429KAndrew KatzJul 2/09 2.00
This computer program is an exact emulation of a toy which was sold years ago called Magic Designer. It also once had the name Hoot Nanny. It is made out of metal and comes with circular paper and colored pens. Needs Win32Lib.ew version 0.70.13. Contact Akatz712 at with any comments, suggestions, or issues with this program. Jul 2: Please look at the Euphoria source code for all of the improvements.
WINFrost23KAndyJun 7/09 1.00
An RPG Engine/Editor similar to the RPG Maker series. An incomplete program. Although incomplete, quite a few things are done. Read the ReadMe for more info. Jun 7: Updated, see about.txt for more info.
WINFluffy Bunnies1408KMark HonnorOct 23/08 1.50
A 2d tile-based puzzle game written for DirectX with Exotica. He made it for his 2 year old girl, but it's still challenging for an adult. The source is included, and it has a level editor. (Note: AVG anti-virus scan seems to give a spurious message about a "trojan horse") Oct 23: Uploaded zip file to RDS site.
WINMonster Mines1495KLiquid-NitrogenOct 23/08 
A fun, rock-pushing, treasure-collecting game that he made back in 2000, but never released. (source is forever lost) Oct 23: Uploaded zip file to RDS site.
WINMusubi5745KMark K. AkitaSep 2/08 3.00
Musubi is a games/multimedia library that makes it easier to use SDL and the various SDL extensions. A set of commented demo programs and 2 example game programs.
WINCrossword Solver1406KllamedosoAug 2/08 
The program opens a window with an Edit box. After entering the known characters, and a * or / for the unknown characters, the results are displayed in the window. Deals with words with 3 to 15 characters. Source, executables and word lists included. Works with XP, not tried on other platforms. Aug 2: Much larger word lists.
WINGraves3882KGazJun 11/08 
The undead are digging their way out of their graves. Take the shovel and cover the holes before it's too late. Random generated levels. Build strategic barriers from mud to prevent zombies attacking you. .EXE and source included. 95 percent completed project. Jun 11: fixed the game play, made it faster.
DOSgomoku game3KCarlos ValdesMay 22/08 
A source DOS program to play gomoku (pente, five-in-a-row) between two human players using the mouse. It only checks legal moves (play in empty squares, alternating) and checks to see who is the winner. Theory says that the first player can force a win. So to be fair to second player, he must be first in next game of match. Ideal for children's tournaments. Includes minnie.e mouse library. May 22: UPDATE: A correction to check win routine...
DOS4 in a row3KCarlos ValdesMay 22/08 
After correcting a bug in the gomoku program ... easy changes produced a 4-in-a-row game. For two players. Includes minnie.e mouse routine.
WINPool Demo252KGazApr 4/08 
Pool is an example of a pool game. It is not a complete game. He used MrTrick's vector library to write this example. .EXE and source included.
DOSWorms demo2641KGazApr 4/08 
Worms is a DOS example of the worms game made by team17 and is not a full game. Note this game requires a high spec system to run. .EXE and source are included.
WINAlien Attack568KGazApr 4/08 
Alien attack is a space shooter, like space invaders, only without paths for the enemies to follow. This is not a complete project. It uses euallegro by Ray Smith. .EXE and source included.
WINSquid Blaster5956KLiquid-NitrogenFeb 19/08 7.00
Squid Blaster is a fast-paced, very professionally done, arcade shooter game (Euphoria source not included). You must utilize skill and logic to be victorious. It uses the ExoticaX DirectX library for graphics and sound. Feb 19: uploaded install file to RDS site.
WINEuAllegro repackaged4099KRay SmithDec 14/07 
Ray Smith's EuAllegro, also available from his wiki, and sourceforge, but easier to get here. Contains extras - a help file, and the games pack - good for learning Allegro. An easy to use games development add on for Euphoria.
WINjiri's sudoku347Kjiri baborNov 28/07 
Written using Andrea Cini's Euwingui.
WINGame creator2066KgazNov 25/07 
Game creator is a new game creation program for easy creation of 2d games. It's still very early days.
WINThe Euphoria Sub Commander project1077KChrisBurch3Nov 23/07 
A re-imagining of the Atari 2600 console program, that's rapidly reshaping itself. Developed with various contributors. Nov 23: Console design started - screen (where the map will be) showing colored noise
WINSudoku242KEric RandallNov 23/07 
This is his version of the popular puzzle game. It handles various sizes of grid ranging from 6 by 6 to 12 by 12,some with diagonals. Puzzles can be input by the player or generated on demand. They can be saved at any time for reloading and playing later
WINL and D Fullscreen371KDB JamesMay 9/07 
L and D Fullscreen is an Abstract Life screensaver that "lives" on your screen. While the original L and D was in a small window, this one is big, colorful, and convenient. It "saves state" to come back exactly where it left off. There is a "movie" capability now for capturing interesting events. And there are a total of 5 pond sizes to choose from. Read the help file for more information.
WINGhost Maze 2711KgazMay 8/07 
A puzzle game with map editor using the Allegro gaming library. Written by Gareth McDaid with full source.
WINWare Houser tile matching game614KMichael RaleyMay 4/07 
Ware Houser is a Win32Lib based strategy game where you remove horizontal, vertical or intersecting sets of bitmap tiles from a grid. You can customize the grid to various sizes, and choose to play with 3, 4, 5 or 6 tile bitmaps or choose a different tile set theme. Don't lose respect or you'll be given the pink slip. May 4: Overhauled to work in Win32lib .60+, added timed aspect to game with introduction of 'drop timer'
WINSUDOKU5Kmarco zambranoApr 20/07 
A SUDOKU solver with backtracking algorithm.
WINGame maker3666KgazFeb 19/07 
His game maker program and runtime library for Windows XP come with ten demo games, including pacman and asteroids. (full source) Feb 19: many bug fixes and now the runtime library uses the euAllegro graphics and sound libraries
WINYAGL4EU1412KJeremy PetersonNov 19/06 
Wrapper for the 2D Yagl(Yet another game library) graphics library. Nov 19: Edited demos to fix crashing.
WINSkipper_SDL193KMark K. AkitaSep 27/06 
An SDL conversion of Ken Mortenson's Skipper game. Retro vector-based arcade space combat with a variety of ships. The game is still incomplete and lacking a few features but playable and stable.
WINEuPong150KChris BurchSep 5/06 
Announcing EuPong, the first game to arrive on the EuAllegro wiki. Go there to get it. Look under games. Uses authentic sounds from Freesound. He was going to call it EuAllPong, in deference to the fact that it uses Allegro (also available there). Leave a comment please.
DOSSkipper34Kken mortensonAug 25/06 
Vector graphic space game inspired by Vectoroids. Unfinished, but perhaps interesting.
WINConquest Delux30KJordan BellJun 28/06 3.00
Updated the original game and increased it's resolution. You will need 800x600 or better to play delux. 6 players now possible and many other changes including city sorting which improves game play. Enjoy!
GENGSUDOKU10KRicardo M. FornoJun 21/06 
A generalized Sudoku solver / generator. Apart from standard Sudoku rules, you can specify your own, including 3-dimensional Sudoku and other variants of this now popular game. Extremely fast. Jun 21: Improved input checking. Bugs fixed. New Sudoku generator added.
WINEuSudoku314KErik-Jan van KampenMar 31/06 3.00
A number placing game that has become very popular lately. Requires Win32Lib (0.60.5 or higher) and a mousewheel. Mar 31: Version 2.1: Added new grid input method, saving of small numbers and new small numbers hints option.
WINYahtzee7KSome SlackerFeb 11/06 
The game of Triple Yahtzee for one player in Windows, zipped with sound included... ENJOY! Feb 11: simply forgot the bitmaps...
WINEu Chess365Kyour average JoeJan 6/06 
A simple Win interface for playing games of chess with 2 people using the mouse.
WINBoggle Game161KBrett PantaloneJan 2/06 
A Boggle-type word game using Win32lib. Jan 2: Updated to use setHandler() and the latest Win32Lib files.
DOSbrute force sudoku solver2KHarm VeenstraNov 29/05 
A small documented Euphoria program to solve those popular SUDOKU puzzles using a recursive brute force approach. Nov 29: same source, just added the "brute force" bit to the description
DOSFight!250KJustin MunizSep 19/05 
This is a short game with Final Fantasy style fighting. He got the idea from the fighting sequence in the "The Clan Of The Thorn" game by David Stein, but then improved on it. See the credits for more information. .Zip includes an executable and code. Apr 7: Modified the description.
WINMineSweeperBeater Ver3111KDaniel KlussSep 10/05 1.50
This is a more open version, with customizable pngs for tile recognition, and also built to work with xp-minesweeper and german-98-minesweeper. There is no logic for beating any mines yet, but he trusts some will arrive soon. Sep 10: Added a little bit of an example AI.
WINMinesweeper With Questions5KDaniel KlussSep 7/05 
A different version of minesweeper beater with question marks where there is no logic telling it if there absolutely is or isn't a bomb. This should spur the creation of that logic to make the minesweeper better. He suggests making a custom map with relatively few bombs.
WINMinesweeper Beater53KDaniel KlussSep 4/05 
Beats minesweeper real quick, but you must have the default windows skin. Works on any size board.
GENwxPetals29KMannequinJul 29/05 
"wxPetals," or "Petals Around the Rose," is a bit of a mind game that you can play with dice. This game uses wxEuphoria 0.7.0 or better and should be able to run under Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. This game is released under the GNU GPL.
WINLewy T's RPG Game2683KLewis TownsendJun 15/05 
A demo of an Isometric-ish tile-based role-playing game using the EuAllegro graphics library. Jun 15: Fixed missing file; cleaner shut-down; Includes bound executable.
WINPeg Conundrum1347KMichael RaleyMay 30/05 
Peg Conundrum is a Win32Lib version of the classic solitaire game of jumping pegs over one another to remove as many as possible. The conundrum in this game is that the computer is playing also and will steal important pegs from you. You can also play traditional peg solitare, load or design different boards and tile sets. May 30: corrections in computer move routines, added new tile set. Link takes you to the Peg Conundrum page. Some of his links seem to require I.E. to work
WINeuSet119KRene ConijnMay 24/05 
The popular game Set, using Akita's SDL wrapper. PS: type 'ESC' to exit the program.
WINDirt Merchant4831KSteven AllenMay 4/05 
A freeware game. A drug wars clone with new features and enhancements. Uses Ray Smith's EuAllegro. Source code is available upon request. Warning: the game contains some rough language and adult content.
GENDie Roll scripting language44KCChrisApr 23/05 
This include file provides a parser for complex die rolls. You can specify any regular algebraic axpression using roll descriptions. You can roll any sort of (un)balanced die, and use a roll description instead of a side number. One can further manipulate rolls using order statistics, or get unaggregated outcomes like with a slot machine. Apr 23: v1.09a: fixed bug for roll strings starting with "d" (and implied "1")
GENCrostic23KShawnApr 8/05 
A new version of crostic. The installer is still "all platforms" friendly, as is the program itself.
DOSStar Wars Space Strategy15KJacenApr 2/05 
The beginnings of a space RTS game. Also included is a small demo of a buttons library he wrote for the game.
WINSpace Blaster (was Cheesy Space Game)5147KSteve AllenMar 13/05 9.00
A work-in-progress space combat game using Ray Smith's EuAllegro wrapper. Much improved version. (no source) Mar 13: More enemies, tons of features including saving, multiple minigames, new menus, graphics improvements, a lot faster, fully working purchase/upgrade menus.
WINmonbla63Kpracticing01Mar 8/05 
An unfinished demo of a shooter. Mar 8: More bug fixes. The game is almost complete, what's left is artificial intelligence for the computer players.
DOSscooanoid152Kpracticing01Feb 27/05 
A demo of a breakout clone dedicated to scooby from the Euphoria forums. Feb 27: changed collision detection again, probably for the last time.
DOSMerchantman13KDavid StangerFeb 13/05 
A text-based 16th century sea trading game. Sail the coasts of Europe and the Mediterranean buying and selling goods in a race to raise 100,000 gold pieces to pay off your family's debts. Feb 13: Added: Rudimentry combat system, pirates and mutiny events, black jack in tavern. See Changes.txt
GENBlackJak2KLouis BryantJan 28/05 
This is his first game for all platforms written in Euphoria. You can modify it and redistribute it as you wish.
GENCamel Game4KLouis BryantJan 28/05 
Camel is his second game written in Euphoria. It can be run on all platforms. You can modify and redistribute it as you wish.
DOSGroundwork for Text-Based Adventure Game8KJacenJan 8/05 0.25
The basic coding for a text-based adventure game. Includes login system, creating characters, getting and dropping items, greeting non-human-controlled characters, and looking and saying. Jan 8: Added a shop and you can now buy items. Moved databases back to sequences.
WINMemory v1.0747KEvan MarshallJan 2/05 2.00
Tile matching game written for his 3 year old daughter. Uses OpenGL. Based on code from gamedev
WINWarehouser replay utility223KMichael RaleyNov 29/04 
This is a utility to review Warehouser saved games. Warehouser now saves the entire move stack in a Euphoria database file. This program allows you to step through or play the move stack. Requires the Warehouser tile matching game. Unzip the executable and extract it into the same directory. no source.
DOSSprite speed lesson8KEmlyn MerlynOct 26/04 
This is just a demo of how Emlyn improved and optimized one of his sprite routines to make it faster. You may find his technique helpful or informative.
DOSEdgars Escapade81KEmlyn MerlynOct 19/04 1.00
This is a full feature platform game created for his Emagine gaming library. One of its noteworthy features is its level generation. Every time you play there are all new levels to explore!
WINCards32.ew with Cardsentration demo162KBrian BrokerOct 6/04 
Wrapper for MS Windows cards.dll (last tested on XP). This file was zipped on 12/4/2001 but *seems* to work with latest Win32Lib. "animate.exw" demo provided as experimental code for pre-XP. Includes concentration-type game called Cardsentration.
WINJanken game (rock, paper, scissors)297KmicSep 20/04 
A very simple game where you as Mario try to beat Goomba, Koopa and Bowser in the game of rock, paper, scissors. Uses Mark Akita's SDL wrapper, and BASS for sound.
GENmicro19Kint-inputApr 19/04 
A tiny game that two people can play on one keyboard. All you can do is jump around. Apr 19: fixed shooting algorithm, now you can shoot each other.
WINMaster System emulator135KmicApr 5/04 
A SEGA Master System emulator written in Euphoria and assembly. It's highly inaccurate at this point, but does run a few demos. Apr 5: Lots of fixes and improvements, refer to semus.exw for a full list.
DOSsmash pack89Kint-inputMar 14/04 
6 demos: 5 old, and 1 new. The new demo is his attempt at a flame algorithm. the old demos include: megaman, mega(pre-megaman), paint2, txtgame, and disease. Mar 14: new demos
DOSdino chase150KintFeb 24/04 
A very simple, funny demo of a boy being chased by a t-rex. It uses liquid-nitrogen's mode 19 library (included).
DOSMemory Card Game15KDavid StangerFeb 15/04 
A simple memory game in which the user flips pairs of cards looking for matches. Runs in Mode 18 and is mouse driven. Feb 15: source code now included
WINYet Another Tetris Clone54KMrTrickFeb 12/04 1.00
Yet another Tetris clone. Not exactly an original game concept, but it runs in a window, has sound effects, a few fun surprises, and uses the highscore library (included) to record scores. Quite a complete game.
WINSnake Game303KPhilip DeetsFeb 3/04 
A simple action game built with Win32Lib. Similar to the game on some cell phones, only with better graphics and more features. Feb 3: v. 3.12; Many enhancements; see readme for a list.
DOSbacteria & megaman demos114KintJan 30/04 
Simple demos. One shows what looks like bacteria moving around. The other is the code for an upcoming megaman game his team is producing.
WINFruit Machine Game890Ksotiris bellosNov 29/03 
A fruit machine game made with Ray Smith's Euallegro library.
DOSTic-tac-toe1KCJ SilverNov 27/03 
A quick tic-tac-toe game he threw together to relieve stress when programming. There's no computer opponent, but the game works just fine. The grid coresponds to the keypad.
DOSPlaystation Controller driver31Ksotiris bellosNov 26/03 
Control your games with PSX PADS.
WINGuy Arcade83KGuy ProgrammerNov 3/03 
Guy, 13, wrote this Win32Lib-based arcade game. Nov 3: Forgot something
WINCityscape34KGuy ProgrammerNov 3/03 
This is a SimCity game for Euphoria. It is only half done and the programmer would like someone more experienced to finish it if they want. Nov 3: a file was missing
DOSMike's Story (RPG game)277KMike WeverOct 22/03 7.00
A simple tile-based RPG that is designed for entertainment as well as a model to teach some basic game design concepts.
WINTetrix3894KMicOct 20/03 1.50
A 3D Tetris clone with OpenGL graphics, MOD music and sound effects. Both a keyboard and a gamepad can be used to control the game. Oct 20: Latest WIP release. Game loads faster and is more stable. Framerate timing has been reworked. The keyboard bug should be fixed. Switching to fullscreen is possible (options menu).
WINCheesy Space Game225KSteve AllenOct 5/03 6.00
A work-in-progress space combat game using Ray Smith's EuAllegro wrapper. Code is well commented. All the graphics are original (minus one).
DOSColor Squares3KSafiq VirjeeSep 29/03 
A simple game to match 3 or more color squares to remove them from the board. This is his first Euphoria program and hopefully a building block for many more. He hopes it gives other new users some understanding which he had to get from many trips to the library or reference manual.
WINWar Game (unfinished project)458KEinar MogenSep 25/03 
The beginning of a a strategic war game along the lines of Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron etc. Unfortunately never finished, but perhaps it can serve as a base for someone else. Sep 25: Corrected some information.
DOSTetris-like Game5KMaximilianoSep 13/03 1.50
A version of Tetris. Sep 13: A little bug corrected: Rotation of I block over the left margin (Thanks: Archie Ritter). And a table of records added.
WINSliders Game168KRoland StowasserAug 30/03 
A game derived from the puzzle game in Judith's IDE but using a different approach. It uses Win32Lib 59.1
WINSlot Machine497KJames GreenAug 21/03 
A slot machine game made with Ray Smith's EuAllegro.
WINDeslizzzp1400KRodolfo ValeirasJul 30/03 
A nice-looking (and sounding) puzzle game based on Win32Lib. (no source). Jul 30: Now includes more than 100 puzzles.
WINDragon Blast3258KMark AkitaMay 2/03 0.50
A fantasy action game that uses the SDL and SDL_mixer libraries. The Euphoria source files and a bound executable file are included.
WINConnect 4 Game127KDavid EltroApr 16/03 
A checkerboard game that uses Exotica.
WINPearl Harbor7212KRobert SwistonMar 29/03 1.50
A 2-D Fighter action game reminiscent of the old "Atari" days. (source and .exe are included).
WINConquest2 Game1448KMark AkitaMar 12/03 1.00
A strategy game. It uses the SDL and SDL_mixer libraries. The source and a bound executable are included.
WINInstall Chess Pieces82KAl GetzFeb 27/03 
A program that installs a new Staunton piece set into the CClient chess Web interface. Instructions are included on how to get the Chess interface for playing chess on-line. See his GetStartupDir.e for a routine to get the start-up directory, in a better way than using current_dir().
DOSPong Game14KC. J. SilverJan 4/03 
A customizable pong game plus some pong-like demos.
WINBolakbalik Game5KAkuDec 9/02 
A logic game.
DOSHangman Game65KJohn ShaoDec 9/02 
A Hangman game that uses Jiri Babor's fonts package. It runs in mode 261 (SVGA) so it might cause problems on some systems. Dec 9: works in mode 18 as well as 261. Added word origins as hints. (Search for "hangman" to find 4 other Hangman-related programs in the Archive.)
GENCross Word Scanner3KEvan MarshallNov 21/02 
A tool that extracts the words from a solved cross word puzzle.
GENEuClaude Natural Language Demo44KAndy Serpa / George BrooksNov 21/02 
A conversion to Euphoria of a Quick Basic natural language understanding program. It still has some bugs in it.
WINExoticaX Demos138KDan McGrathNov 9/02 
Several small graphics demo programs that use Chris Bensler's ExoticaX library from the Archive (not included).
WINSoused Mouse Game624KRobert SwistonOct 9/02 1.00
A colorful game with sound that requires you to match barrels and eliminate them.
GENMaze Solver2KJeremy PoppSep 9/02 
A program that finds a path through a maze.
WINFix for Exotica/ExoticaX14KPaul PlummerAug 28/02 1.50
A modified exotica_api.ew include file which allows the ExoticaX or Exotica .dll file to be loaded from the windows\system directory.
WINHexy Game823KMark AkitaAug 27/02 1.00
A colorful game with nice sound effects and music. It uses the SDL and SDL_Mixer libraries.
WINCheckers Game10KMario SteeleAug 27/02 
A simple game of checkers.
DOSDark Front-End68KThe Mega-ZZTerAug 23/02 
A front-end interface to Lucas Arts' Dark Forces game. It helps you to manage your add-on games for Dark Forces.
WINMaze Maker2KEvan MarshallJun 2/02 
It generates a large random maze in a window.
WINLetter Game5KErik-Jan van KampenApr 1/02 
A game based on colorful letters. Maybe you can figure out how to play it.
WINModified Conquest Game98KShawn PringleDec 31/01 
An enhanced version of the game originally posted by Mark Akita. It uses an old version of Win32Lib (included).
WINSea Battle Game92KEvan MarshallDec 12/01 
A 2-player BattleShip game. Dec 12: bug fix
WINMasterMind Game35KRoland StowasserDec 2/01 
A nice graphical Windows program for playing MasterMind
WINBlackJack Game171KJon SnyderNov 23/01 0.50
A Win32Lib-based game with an easy to use interface. It has nice playing-card graphics, sound effects, and provides hints. Nov 23: a bound .exe is included in case you have trouble running the source
WINStratagem Game115KMark AkitaNov 15/01 
A strategy board game written using Win32Lib.
GENCrossword and Hangman Solver150KAndrewOct 16/01 
Tell it which letters you know, and which you don't know, and it will find all the possible matches in the dictionary (included).
WINTank Game606KMark AkitaSep 4/01 
An arcade game written using Ray Smith's EuAllegro graphics/sound wrappers. Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to fire. There is a MIDI music track on the title screen and some nice WAV sound-effects.
DOSThe Game72KMr. TrickAug 24/01 
An elaborate card game based on Reaper's card game engine.
WINExtreme10 Game6500KInsight Concepts Inc.Aug 7/01 
A Hangman-like game that you can play over a network. It's written in Euphoria (freeware, ad-supported, no source). They have a Web site and domain just to support it.
DOSInfinite-Game Toolkit21KRod JacksonMay 28/01 19.00
A library that aids users in creating procedurally-generated content for an "infinite" number of elements in their game. Users can get consistently generated values, objects, and even proper-sounding names.
DOSSnack Attack!347KMichael PackardMay 18/01 
A PacMan-like game with excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source) This is part of his Crash Course in Game Design. May 18: he's now using Liquid Nitrogen's Ecstacy sound engine.
WINSokoban Game30KKenneth RiviereMay 7/01 2.00
A sophisticated Sokoban puzzle game that uses Win32Lib.
WINLewisArtillery1000KLewis TownsendApr 18/01 
An artillery game for Windows with nice graphics and sound effects. (no source). Apr 18: smarter computers, and better graphics.
WINConquest Game98KMark AkitaApr 14/01 0.50
A strategy game similar to Risk that allows up to 5 players. The players can be human or computer-simulated.
DOSOidZone - FULL SOURCE646KMichael PackardMar 25/01 2.00
Michael Packard of Lord Generic Productions has donated the FULL SOURCE CODE of a fast action game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. Mar 25: You can download this .exe update that uses the arrow keys instead of the Alt and Ctrl keys. Web links and other information have also been updated (but no new source is included). The full-source package,, has not been changed.
DOSStarRanger - Registered Version551KMichael PackardMar 25/01 
Michael Packard donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
DOSInvaders - Registered Version435KMichael PackardMar 19/01 
Michael Packard also donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
DOSStar Killer - Registered Version495KMichael PackardMar 19/01 
Michael Packard also donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
DOSStarThief - Registered Version535KMichael PackardMar 19/01 
Michael Packard also donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
DOSThe Silver Crown RPG Game215KAndrewJan 29/01 
A graphical RPG game that uses Jiri Babor's font library and Caballero Rojo's transparency library.
DOSMine Sweeper Game3KCraig MeierDec 30/00 
A fairly simple Mine-Sweeper game.
WINEuphoria Games Pack428KRay SmithDec 8/00 7.00
A couple of very attractive-looking and sounding full-screen action games built using his Allegro wrapper. (unzip with long filenames)
DOSThe Lands of Karitaren715KLewis TownsendOct 22/00 1.00
An alpha demo of an isometric tile-based realtime roleplaying game.
GENGame of Life1KCarlos ValdesSep 9/00 
A text-mode version of the game of Life.
DOSEnhanced Language War Game184KMatt ArriolaAug 19/00 
A version of the Language War game, with some changes and new features. Aug 19: many new features and some cool Sound Blaster Effects.
WINWindows Puzzle Game66KStanislav SitarAug 16/00 1.00
A Windows game in which you remove matching pairs of tiles by clicking on them. (It includes an old version of Win32Lib.)
GENCrostics Puzzle Maker2KJohn McAdamMay 5/00 
A program that takes a list of words and arranges them into a Crostics puzzle.
WINXcom Interceptor Editor106KPete KingApr 5/00 
A powerful editor for this cool game. (no source) Uses David Cuny's Win32Lib.
WINSaving Master Yoga161KSpockyMar 17/00 
An adventure game parody on Star Wars using Win32Lib. Mar 17: bug fixes
WINCasino BlackJack50KJames HuffFeb 4/00 
A BlackJack game with nice graphics and sound effects.
DOSMimizu Game27KFrancisco MoralesJan 26/00 
A nicely-constructed game, similar to Snakers or Worm. Use pkunzip -d.
WINSlipMaster117KNormand BlaisJan 18/00 
The program plays a game that he created. His help file explains how to play. (no source)
DOSSmartBoard Chess Program75KNormand BlaisJan 3/00 3.00
Normand has created a new chess program, based on a move generator of his own invention. (See also his previous chess programs in the Archive.) Note: You must use WinZip or pkunzip -d to unzip it. Jan 3: bug fix
DOSDragonTown Game106KDavid SteinDec 2/99 
A simple RPG (Role Playing Game) with nice graphics. Unzip it in C:\DRAGONTOWN
DOSAnacrostic Puzzles14KJim GallagherNov 29/99 
A set of "anacrostic" word puzzles. (You need to place the puzzles in C:\PUZZLES.)
DOSHayes Game316KEinar MogenNov 19/99 0.50
An exciting multi-level action game in which you wander around a building, shooting at the enemy while trying to avoid being killed.
DOSTron Game120KAndrew GreenwoodOct 29/99 
A simple game for 1 to 4 players. It has PC speaker sound effects and an assortment of background graphics to choose from.
DOSSwitch Game342KAndrew GreenwoodOct 29/99 
A card game with high-resolution playing cards and Sound Blaster sound effects.
WINGlassWorks Game89KDavid CunyOct 23/99 
A logic game where you have to remove colored pieces from a board. Oct 23: better hints, undo, new scorekeeping, new game initialization, new jumping rule
WINStones Game285KDavid CunyOct 22/99 
A colorful game that uses a variety of animated images. Oct 22: bug fix
DOSPoker Game60KNormand BlaisOct 6/99 0.10
A poker game that uses his Simple Menu system. It has very nice graphics and sound effects. Oct 6: minor enhancements and bug fixes
DOSN-TIS3KMarcos DonnantuoniSep 27/99 
A Tetris-like game written in one afternoon.
DOSKarera1KJon VelascoSep 13/99 
A simple race game.
DOSMine Sweeper Game175KRockman XJun 17/99 
A Mine Sweeper game with an added twist. (partial source supplied)
DOSRubik's Cube11KIan WrightJun 2/99 0.20
A program that lets you manipulate a Rubik's cube on the screen. Very nice 3-D graphics.
WINMine Sweeper Game66KDavid CunyJun 1/99 
He used his own Win32Lib to create this nice-looking Mine Sweeper game. It runs with DOS32Lib as well.
DOSLemon Headz Game5117KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 17/99 2.01
One of the most impressive Euphoria games ever written. Very professional. It has excellent graphics, sound effects and music. The full source code is included. Unzip with pkunzip -d, or WinZip.
DOSVector Graphics Game22KRobert PilkingtonApr 19/99 
a neat-looking asteroids game using vector graphics.
DOSSimple Chess Program22KNormand BlaisApr 7/99 
he translated this chess program from C to Euphoria, then added a nice-looking chess board, pieces and mouse interface. It plays better than his own algorithm (below).
WINHangman Game91KRay SmithMar 20/99 
a classic word game, complete with graphics and sound effects. Needs pkunzip -d.
DOSLight Cycles4KBig JohnnyMar 4/99 
a familiar game. (see also "Snakers" and "Worm" in the Archive.)
DOSOptimized Killer Truck Game56KMicFeb 17/99 
an optimized version of Joy Magik's Killer Truck Game. It scrolls much faster now.
DOSKiller Truck Game56KJoy MagikFeb 16/99 
a violent game that uses Mic's Mode 19 Library to get faster scrolling
DOSTurn Stile Puzzle7KNormand BlaisJan 2/99 
a colorful and intriguing puzzle.
DOSBotMatch21KRalf NieuwenhuijsenDec 24/98 
a system that allows competing robots, made by different people, to find their way through a maze. Needs pkunzip -d
DOSLink Puzzle20KNormand BlaisDec 5/98 
another intriguing puzzle.
DOSMagic Card Trick30KLuis Raúl Campos ArribasDec 3/98 
a magic trick. The computer will guess which card you are thinking of.
WINOthello Game215KJerry NicholsDec 1/98 0.30
a game converted from Java to Euphoria. It uses Win32Lib and has excellent graphics and sound effects.
DOSColor Cube Game3KStafford WhiteNov 9/98 
a text-mode puzzle.
DOSTriangle Puzzle173KTerry MoriartyOct 27/98 
a nice-looking graphical puzzle program. He was inspired by Normand Blais' Logik puzzle. (no source)
DOSPing Pong32KAndrew MitchellSep 21/98 
a game that demonstrates his virtual screens library.
DOSSlot Machine Game181KCarl CutrellSep 19/98 
an amusing slot machine game in Euphoria. (no source)
DOSMemory Game26KRoy ShepherdAug 25/98 
a memory game and a colorful graphics demo
DOSChess Program36KNormand BlaisAug 23/98 
the full source code to his own chess program that uses his own algorithm. It understands all legal chess moves, and will checkmate you if you are a novice, or you aren't paying close attention.
DOSPaddle & Ball Game19KRalf NieuwenhuijsenAug 7/98 
A paddle and ball game that makes use of a mouse or Michael Bolin's keyboard interrupt handler. Aug 7: Now with many levels.
DOSMyMahjongg53KVincent GonzalesAug 1/98 
a full-featured and colorful mahjongg game.
DOSBalenfaire59KLewis TownsendJul 1/98 
an alpha version of a game he is working on. The link takes you to his Web page.
DOSEuphoria Concentration Game56KIrv MullinsMay 25/98 
A neat-looking game that uses Irv's graphics mode GUI interface for DOS (uses SVGA).
DOSStackplayer11KEduardo OkadaMay 8/98 
has created something he calls a 'Stackplayer'. This will take you to his site.
DOSSpace Race Game54KMike SabalApr 30/98 
a new space game
DOSTRI Dominium Game157KRicardoJan 23/98 
v1.0 release of his strategic board game. (uses mode 257). Now with sounds and full source code.
DOSMistical Element Game17KEduardo OkadaJan 21/98 
a game where you must battle a Ninja.
DOSSVGA Game Demo264KGraeme BurkeJan 17/98 0.25
a graphics engine for mode 261 - 1024x768 with 256 colors. To test it he made this nifty shoot-em-up game. (no source, requires VESA SVGA).
DOSXMAS game87KThe ReaperJan 11/98 
a game in which you get to be Santa. Nice graphics. Use pkunzip -d
DOSAre You a Dumb Blonde?5KOlafur OskarNov 9/97 
a quiz that determines if you are a dumb blonde.
DOSGame of Life20KJiri BaborSep 18/97 
a colorful game of Life, with lots of graphical buttons and controls for you to play with.
DOSGame Demo475KMark HonnorSep 12/97 
an exciting demo of a game that he is planning to develop. (No source code. Sound Blaster or equivalent is required.)
DOSMasterMind Game2KSlimesoftAug 15/97 
Haaken Lid and Einar Mogen wrote this simple MasterMind game. (See also MasterMind by Normand Blais)
DOSGuess The Animal5KDoug EdmundsAug 11/97 
an enhanced animal.ex demo program - it will save the knowledge it has gained into a database for future use
DOSZargaloids Game261KJoseph BolinJul 1/97 
a fast action space game using an excellent new Euphoria game engine. Note: No source code is provided, but it's well worth the download.
DOSDevil Man Game176KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareJun 30/97 
a demo version of a new game. There's no source code provided (yet) but you'll be impressed by the way the whole background of the screen is scrolled very smoothly.
DOSSolar Conquest Game86KJohn LeithJun 23/97 
an alpha version of a space game (uses mode 259)
DOSRandom Maze Generator10KRalf NieuwenhuijsenJun 6/97 
a random maze generator. You can choose the size of maze that you like, and adjust several other parameters.
DOSMercury Game371KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 29/97 
a game where you push balls through a maze, solve puzzles, and perform skilful manoeuvres. A custom-built game editor is included. (Note: it uses SVGA mode 257.)
DOSEnhanced RatLand Game236KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 28/97 
a game that was inspired by PatRat's game. Some extra scenery and effects were added.
DOSXp3 Action Game448KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareMay 24/97 
an alpha version of a fast action game that uses Jacques Deschenes' new SFX2 sound effects. This is a large file that contains a bound executable, some WAV files, and no source code, but it's well worth the download if you are interested in Euphoria action games. Some of the source code to his basic engine is available below.
DOSXp3 Engine Source11KMark HonnorMay 24/97 
some of the basic source code to his Xp3 game
DOSEuphoria Light Cycles3KMike Howell, Chris SchenckMay 5/97 
a 2-person action game
DOSConnect-4 Game16KNormand BlaisApr 28/97 
an interesting game translated from C
DOSMasterMind Game12KNormand BlaisApr 28/97 
a version of the classic game of logic
DOSLogik Puzzle2KNormand BlaisApr 22/97 
a challenging geometric puzzle (and there really is a solution). (Hint: Only the big red block can move over the little block at the bottom.) He suggested that we only give his solution-display program to registered users of Euphoria, and we are going to follow his suggestion. -- E-mail us for the solution.
DOSTwo Game Pack13KNormand BlaisApr 1/97 
a Six-Doubles game and a 15-number puzzle
DOSAliens Game61KJiri BaborMar 29/97 3.00
a fast and colorful action game. This game uses Sound Blaster, but can run without it. Also, he made good use of mem_copy().
DOSWorm Game10KJiri BaborMar 6/97 
a fast-action "Worm" game similar to "Snakers"
DOSSnakers Game213KThe ReaperMar 1/97 0.50
a really cool game that uses Jacques Deschenes' Sound Blaster code, and David Gay's graphics-mode text display code. (version 1.5)
DOSRiver Card Game13KNormand BlaisFeb 27/97 
He put The Reaper's card game engine to good use.
DOSCard Game Engine14KThe ReaperFeb 19/97 0.34
everything you need to make any kind of card game. And he even went to the trouble of documenting it!
DOSTwins Game9KJiri BaborJan 30/97 
great looking "tetris"-like game
DOSSpace Invaders - The Next Generation v1.0446KPeter BlueJan 8/97 
a thrilling game of Space Invaders using the Sound Blaster code developed by Jacques Deschenes. The full source code, with sound effects, is included.
DOSMinefield and screen saver6KNeil KubeAug 20/96 
an excellent "Minefield" (a.k.a. Minesweeper) game and an enhanced sb.ex screen saver.

Windows Programming (317)

WINwin32lib7 for Phix10000KChrisBurch3Dec 19/16 
This is an updated Win32lib 0.70.4 for Phix 0.7.1 (+). Drop into the Phix Demo folder. Includes all the Win32lib demo programs. Named as win32lib7 to differentiate from the win32lib6 included with Phix.
WINLine Numbers4KllamedosoAug 17/16 
Add/Remove line numbers in a RichEdit control.
WINDOSRescue for 4.0746KShawn Pringleupdated Jan 25/16 
dosrescue enhanced and works with both 3.1 and 4.0. Jan 25: uploaded file for broken link
WINRegistry Routines for Windows NT,XP,Vista,7,8,9,10 and 200020KShawn Pringleupdated Jan 23/16 
reg.ew - Registry wrappers for Euphoria - version 2.0 For modern Windows OSes. For modern Euphoria (4.0). For 32-bit unicode strings. Jan 23: updated for 4.0 and NT and above systems
WINreg.ew9KShawn Pringleupdated Jan 19/16 
reg.ew - Registry wrappers for Euphoria - version 1.2 -- Copyright (C) 2002 Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo. Patched so that you do registry operations only requiring KEY_READ access privilege. Jan 19: older file restored from backup.
WINLow-level Windows wrapper573KJean-Marc DUROJan 10/16 
Another low-level Windows wrapper inspired by Bernie Ryan's w32engin and mingw32 project. It should be usable in 32-bit and 64-bit environments as a basis for high-level Windows libraries. Now uses Structures manager to be agnostic to OE version and OS architecture.
WINAll-in-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners23190KJean-Marc DUROMay 21/15 
All-in-One package with OpenEuphoria 4.1 with memstruct, win32lib and wxEuphoria. Works even on 64-bit Windows 7 or 8. Just unzip in c:\WinApps to get rid of Administrator Rights and you are able to write your first program. Update: removed euGrid and updated wxEuphoria demos.
WINWin32Lib Restructured1882KJean-Marc DURONov 2/14 
Win32Lib restructured for OpenEuphoria 4 and up, with only 5 include files instead of 37 and no cross call between include files to improve maintainability and avoid namespace annoyances. Fully compatible with official Win32Lib 0.70.20. Examples have been updated. Next step is to replace global routines by public routines. Release 2: removed unused functions, cleaned the code. See changes.log.
WINCommon libraries modified to avoid namespace errors1856KJean-Marc DUROOct 18/14 
Unofficial Win32Lib modified with new include statements to avoid namespace errors (routines declared twice or more) with Openeuphoria 4 and up. He also had to modify include statements in Eucom, EIcmplib and IPC to get it work with this modified version of Win32Lib. There is still a drawback to these changes: Tbrowse does not work anymore with the modified version of Eucom (one remaining error he couldn't find).
WINTurboPower Async Pro Terminal698KJean-Marc DUROOct 1/14 
TurboPower Async Pro ActiveX terminal wrapped to OpenEuphoria 4.1 with Matt's EuCOM.
WINEnhanced IDE1971KCharles NewbouldApr 22/14 
Integrated Development Environment for writing Windows (GUI) programs using Euphoria and the Win32lib library, on a machine using Microsoft Windows. This is a revised version (1.0.6) correcting several known errors and improving layout features for later versions of Windows. Now enables the design solution to be tested using different versions of Euphoria, if installed. Problems with eudir environmental variable have been addressed. The executable version is included in the distribution for speedy loading. Apr 22: Minor update to include flist.ew (needed for a new installation when using ide.exw rather than ide.exe).
WINDos Rescue improvement77KInsolorJul 16/13 24.00
An improvement on Robert Craig's dos_rescue library. Jul 16: Abandoned Eu3 compatibility. Added fullscreen mode support. Removed text modes and textmode specific functions (put/get_screen_char(), save/display_text_image()). Some demos added.
WINModified EuWinGui Designer11000KAndreas WagnerJul 9/13 
An experimental version of Andrea Cini's EuWinGui Designer. It needs Eu4 and WinXP. It is possible to resize controls and move them using the mouse. The modified Designer itself does not need EuWinGui and is not compatible with it. It uses it's own Library. Needs some intensive testing. Help is welcome. Jul 9: FIxed some bugs with ListAdd,WinXP,the List in AddHandler. Added basic help for tinEWG functions.
WINTask Dialogs for Windows Vista and later77KArthur CrumpJun 28/13 
Requires Windows Vista or later. Creates a Windows Task Dialog which is similar to a Unicode message box but with several enhancements. It should be possible to use it with other GUI software without conflicting.
WINKeyboard1250KFred RansomNov 30/12 
I wrote this little program for my father who is in his 90s. He types Dvorak and needed something he could use at the library without affecting the rest of the system. Written in Eu 4.1 with win32lib and Judith's IDE, it illustrates the use of the event loop and structures to make the task simple, pretty, and readable.
WINScreenSaver1900KAndreas WagnerAug 25/12 
A ScreenSaver based on tinEWG. Can be used as a Skeleton.
WINEnhanced Process List27KJean-Marc DUROJul 20/12 
Pete Stoner's Process List (2006) enhanced with Threads and windows titles.
WINWindows Monitor22KJean-Marc DUROJul 20/12 
This is a proof of concept for Thomas Parslow (PatRat)'s Window Finding Function Library. It is a modified version of Greg Haberek's demo (2003) to show windows titles associated with the process ID.
WINUser32 & GDI32 Wrappers39KAndy P.Jul 18/12 
These are a set of wrappers for the User32 and GDI32 functions. Many functions have been wrapped. While not all, most documented functions are wrapped. Jul 18: Fixed a few things.
WINCalendar Update1109KFred RansomMay 3/12 
Latest version of Calendar includes seasons, journalizing, correction for time zones, a separate holiday file, optional lunar dates, etc. Source contains a greatly improved gets () allowing retrieving one or more sequences from variables. An included text file explains its location and use.
WINWinprog/Petzold Project984KCraig GilbertApr 8/12 2.00
Euphoria translations of Petzold's work in 'Programming Windows, Fifth Edition' (all of it, almost). Also some of his own explorations of things like OLE in rich edit controls, generic double-buffering methods, creating dialogs on the fly, etc. Apr 8: hosting location update
WINWin32 Engine1824KBernie RyanMay 31/11 55.00
A WIN32 library for beginners and advanced users to learn Windows API programming. Beginner & Advanced interface can be intermixed. Utility to use WIN32 resource files. Beginner interface is similar to Win32Lib ver. 50C. Fast loading speed for all versions of Euphoria including version 2.5 Jan 25: fixed bug in struct() added RCDATA function, version 10.70 ## May 31: Updated file runs on Euphoria version 4, version 3 and Virtual PC running WIN98
WINw32Engine21371KVinobaMay 7/11 
w32Engine2 is modified from original version 10.70 by Bernard W. Ryan, to work with Euphoria 4.0.2 (Bernie Ryan himself has since updated his zip file)
WINPatches for other people's projects7KShawn PringleMay 4/11 
Release of Insolar's dosrescue's activity. May 4: patch doesn't use std/*.e files but *.e files. Provides actual improvements instead of porting patches.
WINWindows Hook Demo6KAndreas WagnerApr 30/11 
A little Project that shows one possible way to use Windows Hooks with Euphoria.
WINPort patches for 3.1 projects 4.09KShawn PringleApr 21/11 
Requires a GNU patch compatible patch utility and dosrescue2
WINConsole I/O for Win324KKen RogerApr 12/11 
Borland style Win32 console I/O for Euphoria 4 using kernel32
WINExtra routines offered for win32lib19KArthur CrumpOct 7/10 
Find Windows special folders, choose a root folder and an initial folder in a dialog box to select a directory. In a dialog box to get a SaveFileName, change the file-type when selecting a filter. Requires Euphoria version 4 and Win32Lib.
WINManifest Maker43KMike DuffyMar 24/10 
Windows Dialog, lets you create a manifest with resource script, add a manifest to a resource script, compile and add a resource script to an executable. All with a couple of mouse clicks.
WINTimedMsg18KFred ManganMar 2/10 
Include File for EuWinGUI (+ demo): Display text or a bitmap picture in your programs using a timed-out Dialog.
WINWin32lib for Euphoria 4.0 beta409KMikeJan 26/10 
Here is a conversion of Win32lib to run under the latest version of Euphoria. The conversion was not perfect so some minor changes to your apps will inevitably be required. He was not able to get Judith's IDE to run, as an interpreted app, with it. However, you can use Andy Drummond's excellent bound version of the IDE to develop Win32lib apps. Please send details of any improvements to the forum.
WINMove/Resize Borderless Windows4KDadukoDec 31/09 
A library for moving/resizing windows that lack titlebars or borders. Updated to work with new win32lib.. Dec 31: Updated to work with new win32lib.
WINmessage boxes for Unicode5KArthur CrumpOct 14/09 
A modified msgbox.e to provide support for Unicode message boxes as well as the old style. If a system does not support Unicode, old style message boxes can still be displayed.
WINEuVIDE Bound install program1746KAndy DrummondAug 1/09 
This is the last version of the IDE produced by Judith Evans, last year. Andy noticed the one in SourceForge is quite old, and thought that this one should be made available. It does not include some changes as needed to make it work in Eu 4 or to fix bugs. Andy can't easily regenerate complete setup files till he has his system sorted, so he has not incorporated them.
WINShow Windows Desktop code2KThomas BetterlyApr 5/09 
Code to simulate the show the desktop menu item in Windows. Freeware. Contains a Win32Lib version and a version with Win32Lib dependencies removed.
WINConsole Clipboard Routines6KGreg HaberekSep 10/08 
A simple library for making use of the Windows clipboard in your WIN32 console applications. Sep 10: Fixed bug when poking text (missing null terminator). Added 'clear' parameter to GetClipboardText().
WINEnhanced IDE731KJudith EvansJul 27/08 201.75
A greatly-enhanced version of David Cuny's original Interactive Development Environment for Win32Lib. The IDE lets you easily design a Windows user interface, and attach pieces of Euphoria code that will be executed when GUI elements are clicked by your user. A complete Euphoria program is generated for you. Includes a companion stand-alone editor. Win32lib 0.70.4a or later is required. German and French language support is available. (Anyone who wishes to submit a translation update or new translation is welcome to do so. Judith can host it on Sourceforge or you can submit it to the Recent Contributions Page.) Jul 27: ListView Styles Explorer and winlibscan rewritten, many improvements.
WINgraphex.ew814KGary ShinglesJul 24/08 1.70
A generalized double-buffered Win32Lib graphical pseudo control for implementing simple to manage line-oriented drawing in a Win32Lib application. Jul 24: No change, transfer from external host.
WINCavelux - VLC ActiveX (COM) wrapper84KGary ShinglesJul 9/08 
This wrapper allows you to embed a VLC media player in a WIN32 application and send commands to it to get and set various information or functions. To use this you need to have VLC installed (with ActiveX component), EuCOM (2.08) and a recent Win32Lib. A demo is included. First release.
WINColored buttons for Win32lib apps49KJudith EvansJul 9/08 3.00
Add the feature Microsoft forgot! This very easy to use include file, v0.1.15, will add and manage colored buttons; color, press color, caption color, press caption color, graphics, font, hints and more. All button classes supported. Package supplies demo exw file and help docs. Jul 9: This release introduces rotated caption, elliptical, circular and roundedRectangular buttons.
WINWin32Lib1961KWin32Lib TeamJun 17/08 180.45
This is the current version that includes documentation and lots of small example programs. Most Euphoria GUI programs for Windows depend on this library. First released several years ago by David Cuny, Win32Lib is now being developed as a group effort. You can add win32lib.ew and related include files to your euphoria\include directory, but it's better if you create an EUINC environment variable, and point it to the include directory of Win32Lib. To complete your installation you should get Judith Evan's Enhanced IDE. Jun 17: v0.70.4a: bug fixes (xControl, setMousePointer()...) and a couple enhancements (isDropped(), getRect() works on menus,...)
WINxControls 2.0.614KGreg HaberekJun 17/08 5.40
This is a pre-release of his new xControls library. Only Geometry, LimitSize, HSplitter, VSplitter and FileBrowser are implemented. Jun 17: Fixed to support Win32Lib 0.70.4a
WINHistPie195KFred ManganJun 5/08 
An include file to draw simple histograms and pie-charts for EuWinGUI. Source code and demo program.
WINEuwPBar8KFred ManganMay 15/08 
A "universal" progress-bar routine for use with EuWinGUI programs. Source code for include file and demo program
WINEuGrid Grid Control v1.3.4120KPhil RussellMar 17/08 32.00
Support for grid controls with Win32Lib: multiple controls; no size limits; in-place editing of data; columns and rows can be created, changed and deleted at runtime; select font, color and text alignment; cells can be individually formatted. Support for text, list, checkbox, button and picture cells. Documentation and sample programs included. Mar 17: Updated for compatibility with Win32lib 0.7.*
WINScintilla Edit Control594KMike DuffyMar 9/08 2.50
Scintilla compiled with a Euphoria lexer. Complete Euphoria wrappers, Scite properties files and C source for lexer. Mar 9: Dll updated to 1.7.5, editor improvements, bug fixes.
WINEuStudio Editor570KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
A Windows editor that he developed using his WinMania library. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINResizer28KTone �kodaMar 4/08 
Very simple to use auto resize library for win32lib. It will do most work for you. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINWinMania Windows Library349KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
A comprehensive Windows library, similar to Win32Lib. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINclips78KMike DuffyFeb 1/08 2.00
Windows clipboard cache with integrated editor. Feb 1: bug fixes, added support for Rich Text and Unicode, many enhancements
WINcolor47KMike DuffyFeb 1/08 0.80
Windows screen magnifier and color picker, with output in a variety of formats for seven color spaces. Feb 1: Alt access to menu, options to disable magnifier and color shifting, change separator
WINGraphic Scaling84KFred ManganJan 31/08 
Include file scalew.ew lets you scale your drawing to memory bitmaps simply when using Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI Library. Fully annotated, with demo
WINTranslation Helper for Enhanced IDE94KRoland StowasserDec 15/07 
This project aims to help in translating IDE messages and IDE text to another language. The included project file could be modified to assist with other applications using a similar approach.
WINArwen206KMikeNov 12/07 53.10
A fast, compact GUI library for Windows-based Euphoria applications. Nov 12: Removed eu_file.e from bundle to remain compatible with Orac. No new functionality.
WINGetTime routine patch1KShawn PringleOct 24/07 
The GetTime routines crash. This patch, orders the internal calls in the win32lib.ew library. Temporarily rename your win32lib directory to 007001sp and do: "patch -p0 007001sp < win32lib-007001-GetTime.diff" to patch.
WINPort of the Win32lib to support old versions of Windows2KShawn Pringle B.Sc.Oct 21/07 
This patch, which requires the GNU (patch/diff) package, can be applied to the latest distributed win32lib package 0.70.1. It will continue to work with Windows XP machines, the only change is that programs can run on all versions of Windows after 3.1. To use this patch get into the directory above your winlib32 wrapper directory, rename your winlib32 wrapper directory to 007001, put a copy of this patch in that directory, and execute:� patch -p0 < win32lib_0_70_1forW9X.diff
WINCOM Library746KMatthew LewisOct 10/07 26.50
EuCOM allows Euphoria programs to use COM objects, and can turn a Win32lib-based application into an ActiveX container. Demos are included which show how to use ActiveX controls. Oct 10: v2.08: Bug fix, win32lib v0.70 compatibility fixes
WINDemoTester344KGary ShinglesSep 25/07 0.60
Testing system developed primarily for Win32Lib demo testing. Could be used for other forms of automated testing (execution success, ex.err recording, note taking). Sep 25: Documentation added, readme.txt
WINcapture.ew5Kjacques desch�nesSep 23/07 
capture.ew is used to capture console application standard I/O of a child process. It can capture standard input, standard output, standard error, or any combination of these. See capture.html for details.
WINQ_AlarmClock436KDB JamesSep 16/07 
Q_AlarmClock provides a simple alarm function for the user on the Windows operation system. But does have a nice rooster's crow to sound the alarm. There is a choice of setting a specific time for the alarm or for setting a number of minutes. The package includes a colorful html help file.
WINNEL_32 system for Euphoria with Windows API1000KTom JanesSep 5/07 
The purpose of the Nel_32 system is to provide an easy way for new Euphoria programmers to create their own Euphoria written programs for use in the Windows operating system using the Microsoft Win32 API system directly, without the need for any third party 'wrapper' file. Note: uses shrouded files that require an old version of Euphoria.
WINWin32 Profile library8KCChrisAug 6/07 1.00
High resolution timer for Win32 platform. You can HRT_start() and HRT_stop() a stopwatch (any number of them actually) for a section of code that's run a lot of times. There's a HRT_time() that's more accurate than time(), and HRT_results() lets you see the profile's results. Aug 6: v1.2: added auto reset threshholds for any/all sections. Added HRT_safe() to disable a check done on stopping a section, for even more accurate results.
WINinfoBox5KAndy DrummondJul 27/07 0.80
The usual method of displaying messages is with message boxes, which always require user input to continue, and, being modal, do not permit the caller to execute code with the message up. This module allows the display of a message, with various options (position, font, color etc) with immediate return so the caller can continue, deleting the box later on. It will work both within windows or directly on screen. ZIP file includes infoBox.ew, demo program, and documentation file.
WINXPMmer XPM Icon Generator29KAndy DrummondJul 27/07 17.00
This is a program to make the generation and editing of XPM icons simple for Euphoria users. It will generate XPM files, Euphoria-XPM files or Euphoria-compatible icons. It can take in XPMs, Euphoria XPMs, icons and bitmaps as starting data, allowing the re-use of old icons and conversion of them into formats suitable for use with Euphoria. Jul 27: This is the latest version (2.5) of XPMmer (see earlier). This one corrects the fault whereby you couldn't use it to open icon files directly. You can now. Also the color palette has been improved. This is a self-contained exw so if you want to change anything feel free!
WINTile Model224KMikeJul 2/07 2.00
A program designed to model square or rectangular floor tiles. Could be useful if you are planning on installing floor tiles and want to get the colours right before starting. Uses win32 library Arwen (NOT included). Carpet and Grout colours can be easily customised. Tiles can be rotated. Model output can be saved to disk. Easy to use. Jul 2: Removed the win32 library Arwen from the bundle; user must separately install the latest version. User can now open a model directly in MS Paint for printing.
WINWindows Services library9KMichael J. SabalJun 8/07 0.80
This library provides the tools necessary to create a Euphoria program as a Windows Service. It does not require any other libraries to run. Jun 8: Added service control functions.
WINEuVIDE 1.0.0 Setup Program999KAndy DrummondJun 6/07 1.00
This is an executable zipped bound version of the latest IDE for Win32Lib by Judith Evans. It is bound with the relevant version of Win32Lib to avoid problems with the library, and includes some other useful files. By default, it unzips to C:\Program Files\Euphoria, so you could add that to your path, or choose a different location.
WINDOS_Land338KDB JamesMay 13/07 
DOS_Land is a simple utility for Windows that allows a user to drop into DOS in any directory. It also makes it easy to give any directory a system command, or run a program with or without command options. There is no help file as it is obvious how to use the program.
WINvirtual printer165KMichael RaleyApr 8/07 
(no source) VPRT provides a command-line driven raw TCP print device to direct print jobs into serialized files. It is based on winsock code by Jesus Consuegra and Greg Harris. Included is a sample batch conversion app (requires ghostscript, and print files must be sent by a postscript driver) Apr 8: added missing ps_batcher sample app
GENSet of new EU icons9KIgor KachanMar 16/07 
This package contains a set of Windows icons for use with the different Euphoria files. Also included are sample .bmp pictures for constructing new possible variants. All icons generated with the XPMmer editor by Andy Drummond. Feel free to edit all this stuff as you like.
WINShortcut5KMike DuffyMar 15/07 
Functions to create windows shortcuts, includes a small (less than 4KB) COM library.
WINSDLL8KDaniel KlussMar 1/07 1.20
Multi-threaded Windows calls. He combined some things from apcdll with tdll and now it works just like tdll, but doesn't constantly poll and use 100% CPU. He includes an example that uses Euphoria's new multi-tasking capability. Mar 1: fixed define_s_proc/func so that now they return -1 if the routine name can't be found in the dll
WINIcons20KMike DuffyFeb 28/07 
24 bit and 32 bit Euphoria icons.
WINEuVIDE 0.22.0 Setup Program982KAndy DrummondJan 10/07 
The latest version of Judith Evans' Euphoria Win32Lib IDE (EuVIDE) version 0.22.0 setup program. This installs the complete IDE as a bound executable program so it is entirely free-standing and does not require any particular version of Win32Lib to be installed. generated by EuVIDE. If the source code is wanted that must be downloaded from SourceForge. Jan 10: EuVIDE now includes the colored button feature. This setup file now includes the coloredButtons.ew include file which the user will need to copy to his Euphoria\Include folder for use by programs with colored buttons generated by EuVIDE
WINDon Coles Niffty Progress Bar13Kdon coleNov 6/06 
A Progress Bar that allows you to change width, height, color and patterns. Demo included. Nov 6: Took some thing out not need and added a missing file.
WINEuWinGUI printing104KRod DamonNov 5/06 
Demo of the latest EuWinGUI printer capablities, showing the ease and power of the EuWinGUI. EuWinGUI included.
WINMyWindows111KKittenABAug 25/06 1.30
A new Windows library, designed for higher level windows API programmers with extra features like auto control alignment and automated control management.
WINFull Save As12KAntonio AlessiJul 1/06 
Fully integrated Save As function: appends the selected extension to the file name. Jul 1: Ver. 1.6, mostly revised and simplified; some unexperienced problems were fixed.
WINbatch job schedule audit script XP90KMichael RaleyJun 17/06 
The job audit script reformats the Windows task scheduler service log into a color coded html table to rapidly identify failed batch jobs. The log is compared against a static job table. This version runs under Windows XP or 2003 Server which have a unicode format. Process recovery documentation may be linked to each task name.
WINProcess Viewer4KPete StonerJun 16/06 0.80
A wrapper for 'CreateToolhelp32Snapshot', it lists all running processes along with any associated files/dlls with path, IDs number of threads. Example program included (example needs Win32Lib)
WINBalloon Tooltips3KLogan KodyszJun 4/06 
Provides 3 examples of balloon tooltips you can use in your applications. User can also change color of text and background in balloon tooltip. Demo requires Win32Lib and Windows 95 or Later with IE 5+. Tested with Windows XP.
WINFlash Window Example1KLogan KodyszMay 29/06 
Demonstrates the use of the FlashWindowEx() routine. It flashes the window and taskbar button. Very useful if you need to get the users attention. Win32Lib required for demo. May 29: correction
WINWindow Animation1KLogan KodyszMay 29/06 2.00
Demonstrates the use of the AnimateWindow() routine. It uses a fade effect as the window opens. For people that want a cool intro to their applications. Win32Lib and Windows 98 or later are required for the demo.
WINLaunch Pad (v4.03)243KAl GetzMay 26/06 1.50
A program/website launcher comprised of panels of hot track buttons on a property sheet. Buttons can be made any color, and drag and drop reads file and internet shortcuts. Can copy and paste buttons between two or more Launch Pad apps. Set run path, site, working dir, etc. for each button. Especially nice for opening Eu test programs. Menu "Explore" option allows exploring path instead of run. May 26: Colored tabs too now.
WINWin32Lib Dll Example512KLogan KodyszMay 23/06 0.70
He compiled Win32Lib into a dynamic link library (.dll) and used a Euphoria program to call that same library (win32lib.dll). Demo included.
WINEuWinFun500KRoland StowasserMay 22/06 2.00
A small set of Windows API functions and structures wrapped in a slightly different way. The purpose is to help porting programs from C to Euphoria and could help people who are not very familiar with the C language. The MS Help Files are necessary to work with the library. He has included some examples to show how it should work. May 22: Some changes. If you did your own experiments, please rename your folder or unzip this version into a different directory.
WINWinClass C++ Style Library495KAl GetzApr 30/06 24.30
An object-oriented Windows library that takes advantage of Euphoria's namespace feature. Includes many Windows objects (Window, Listview, Treeview, etc.) and COM interfaces including IShellLink, IDataObject, etc. Many demos included. Many nice custom controls and services. Apr 30: Just to update the files with the newest versions (1006r2)
WINMultilingual227KWolfgang FritzApr 12/06 4.30
Programming examples and tools for writing multilingual applications using code-pages, regional settings, owner-drawn menus, etc., including Russian, Japanese and 9 other languages, localized paths, and font enumeration. Apr 12: added Dutch, etc.
WINBattery Monitor3KGreg HaberekMar 15/06 
Battery Monitor is an application toolbar that sits at the top of your screen and monitors your current battery usage. It reposts the time and percentage remaining. Requires Win32Lib and xControls 2.0.
WINIDE language file17KFernando Jose Velo PerezFeb 26/06 contains the (Spanish) translation for the IDE's language file. It is used with Andy Drummond and Judith Evans versions of Euphoria IDE.
WINWMOTOR130KBernie RyanFeb 16/06 
WMOTOR.ZIP is a library that allows the user to use Euphoria to write MS-Windows programs. Motor can also be used for X-Windows programming. See XMOTOR.ZIP
GENUtility Library C-functions27KBernie RyanJan 25/06 10.50
A library of C-style string & character handling functions. C-style structures (that can be nested). Structures can also contain unions. Structure manipulation and support functions. This library can be used in a wide variety of applications. Jan 25: fixed bug in struct() version 7.0
WINResource Utility for WIN32LIB765KBernie RyanJan 23/06 5.50
A utility for converting a Windows .RES resource file into a Euphoria include file for use with Win32Lib. Ver. 8.25 Jan 23: RCDATA added global function that returns uncompressed sequence as requested by user.
WINWinPrint108KRod DamonJan 11/06 1.00
Two include files for printing to a printer that can be used with non-Win32Lib programs. Demo programs require w32engin by Bernie Ryan to be downloaded for 1(one) of the demos to be run. All other demos may be run from the included files in the zip. Jan 11: Now works on XP & WIN 2000 thanks to Larry Miller.
WINShortcut creator6KJeremy PetersonDec 13/05 
A dll that allows you to call 3 simple functions and create shortcuts in your Desktop or Start Menu. Could be useful for programs like software installers.
WINWin32Dib 0.5.373KTommy CarlierNov 17/05 11.50
Fast bitmap manipulation (24-bit graphics) for Win32Lib applications. Requires Win32Lib 0.60. Nov 17: Fixed a bug in drawDibToDib.
WINFreeDib 0.1.1522KTommy CarlierOct 17/05 
FreeDib links FreeImage to Win32Dib, so you can load bitmaps from different file formats like JPEG and PNG. Oct 17: Completely rewritten; removed dependency on Euphoria FreeImage wrapper; uses latest version of FreeImage.
WINTDLL153KDaniel KlussSep 23/05 5.00
The purpose of this is to allow blocking Windows calls to be made non-blocking to the Euphoria scheduler. You can use the tdll library with normal Euphoria. Just define a global task_yield() procedure before including tdll. Sep 23: Added full support for cdecl and assembly
WINGrPrint version 211KAndy DrummondSep 15/05 1.00
This library allows the user to simply output text and graphics at locations given in simple units like inches, millimeters, etc. You can draw lines, rectangles, polygons, ellipses, filled or unfilled, text in different attitudes and left, center or right justified, DIB images into defines spaces, etc. This version has several additions over the original, and includes documentation as generated by Derek Newhall's EuDoc.
WINShell Link18KShawnAug 14/05 
He had problems using shell link on the newer Win32lib 006005. The newer Win32lib.ew has different file names and so the include in the existing shell link package does not work. This modified version has been adjusted to work with all versions of Win32lib.
WINFor migrating to a newer Win32lib1KShawnAug 14/05 
This file contains some instructions and a regular expression you can use with jedit to change all of your functions, procedures and identifiers used from Win32lib from the old form to the new. So that when newer versions of Win32lib come out your program will still work.
WINWindows IDE enhancement1KShawnAug 14/05 
This keeps the IDE from crashing under the circumstance of opening a file without the path name to it. Requires the win32lib Windows IDE, and Patch which is available from The file in this zip file is a patch file. Instructions are in the zip file itself. Open it in notepad (or edit) to view instructions. Open a command line and use patch.
WINThread Manager 015KAl GetzAug 10/05 
A simple technique for simulating multiple threads for his WinClass library, though it could likely be used with any GUI library. It allows your app to function normally even during long operations like file saves. Run numerous background threads while the user can still click buttons and move the window around. His demo has a Marquee control that shows there are still pending operations to be completed. Note: there is no scheduling mechanism. Just the call stack. Real O/S threads are not used.
WINGraph Control v0.0.24KGreg HaberekJun 30/05 
The first control to use Win32Lib's new custom control feature, other than Derek Parnell's GroupAdv. This control displays mathematical relations and ratios in a visual manner. Displays in bar or line form, with separate colors for each bar/point. Jun 30: Some internal changes, cleaner code. Now supports both horizontal and vertical graphs, bar and line style, and tick lines.
WINSkinned Window Library and Example35KDave ProbertJun 22/05 2.50
This is a simple library to provide image shaping of Windows - i.e. skinning. There's not much to it, but it can be improved - as always. Only a few functions in the library and about 4 lines of code needed to get the skinned effect, so simple you could cry :) Jun 22: Now with Save and Load features. Thanks Elliott.
GENMore Icons20Kjxliv7 - jonJun 21/05 
Various 32x32 and 64x64 icons for Euphoria (and other things).
WINFast Scrolling88KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 
A fast scrolling demo with menus and date/time. It shows the basics of making a Windows GUI without relying on Win32Lib. Nov 2: shows icons on menu items, plus double buffering and bitblt images
WINEFFM: Euphoria's Free File Manager18KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 5.00
A fast, nice-looking, treeview of the directories on your machine. He built it using the WIN32 API directly, without using Win32Lib. It should work on all versions of Windows. Jun 19: bug fixes and small improvements
WINWin32lib Custom GUI108KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 3.00
Shows how to easily create a Custom GUI using Win32lib.
WINRound Clock33KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 
A cool-looking clock in a round window.
WINWrapper for SkinCrafter ActiveX9KMatthew LewisMay 27/05 
EuCOM wrapper for SkinCrafter ActiveX component that can be used for creating skinnable applications. Requires the SkinCrafter ActiveX (free demo version available).
WINprogram writer12Kdon coleMay 15/05 
A program to write a program for you. Good for starting new projects. Creates PushButtons & EditTexts automatically.
WINExample of using the IPC library3KPete StonerMay 13/05 
A small example of using Thomas Parslow's IPC library to check on startup if there is another instance already running and have this earlier instance reopen a popup menu.
WINVery Simple Webcam Example2KDave ProbertApr 22/05 
This is an extremely simple library and example of the use of avicap32.dll to connect to a webcam and display video in a Win32Lib window. This is a library for others to enhance - working, but not final code for educational use.
WINremote access service23Kamir rezaMar 10/05 
Euphoria code for using Remote Access Service. A manual and an example are included.
WINAppointment Calendar Demo3KAl GetzFeb 26/05 
This is a demo of an appointment calendar which sets specific dates in Windows' MonthCalendar to bold according to sequences set by the user. Requires Win32Lib to run. You can set bold days for every month, every year, or any day of any year. Tested with latest Win32Lib under XP.
WINQHTM191KAku 2005Feb 26/05 
This is the Euphoria wrapper for QHTM - Ultra small Win32 HTML control. Still incomplete but usable.
WINTony's EUGridSort3KTony StewardFeb 21/05 
Sort EUGrid by multiple columns in any order you like. Needs Win32Lib, nat_sort and EUGrid (not included) Feb 21: Now replaces existing menu that comes with EUGrid and allows user to select ascending or descending for each column.
WINAuto-scaled controls - v2.19KMrTrickFeb 14/05 12.70
An extremely simple and capable library for making controls in an application move automatically when the window is resized. This is not a complex layout manager. Design your layout by hand or in Judith's graphical IDE, and use Autosize to make all your controls move smoothly to occupy all the window. Feb 14: Fixed issue where XControls windows did not resize correctly - now fully heirarchical for tab controls and groups etc. (see demo 5) Parent control can also be explicitly defined.
WINwatch server218Kjacques desch�nesJan 28/05 3.00
Watch server is a tool for debugging windows application. It does not replace trace() but complements it. You can watch the variables change while the program is running. It's like debug.print in visual basic.
WINQuick-Alarm146KMarc PoulinDec 20/04 
A simple Alarm program for Windows. Quick set, few features. His first attempt at programming with Euphoria. Dec 20: Window now minimizes to SysTray as Icon.
WINLabor Scheduling401KLogan KodyszDec 19/04 
Demonstrates the integration of Win32Lib and Eugrid. This is a business program for scheduling hours for employees for a typical work week. Has many more features, but they have not been rewritten for this version yet.
WINWindows Mixed Command Program16KAlex BlanchetteNov 23/04 
An example program that includes the w32engin.ew library by Bernie Ryan. It uses many commands in his examples in a slightly different way and has lots of commenting.
WINJudith's IDE compiled793KAkuNov 21/04 1.00
IDE 18.22 with Win32Lib 0.60.4, as suggested in IDE's website, translated/compiled with Euphoria 2.5. Place it in the directory where you extract the IDE. Nov 21: Not installer anymore. Just the exe file.
WINgetAdaptersInfo wrapper108KBrian BrokerNov 19/04 
A wrapper for Windows' getAdaptersInfo function. It returns a sequence containing adapter name, description, and MAC address for each adapter found in the system. Demo program included.
WINTimesheet Program30KJonas TempleNov 2/04 6.00
A program that helps you keep track of the hours you have worked on various projects for various clients. It's a good example of using Win32Lib and an EDS database. Nov 2: Custom version of Thomas Parslow's find window routines is required, now in the .zip file.
WINFastMenu for Win32Lib3KcklesterOct 21/04 
A quick and easy menu builder for Win32Lib. Replaces the use of create(Menu...) and create(MenuItem...). More details at FastMenu Home Page. Oct 21: Now works correctly with Popup menus.
WINExtra Controls62KDon PhillipsSep 28/04 31.50
A library of controls that he has developed. Positioning of child windows relative to a parent window (geometry); limiting window size; syntax highlighting; window splitters; picture menus. Sep 28: Fixed bug with '&' character in quotes, added synUseColor(): Greg Haberek
WINRestart Library161KCoJaBoSep 20/04 3.00
Restarts a program using the command line parameters it was started with. Based on an idea from William Heimbigner. Includes bound example. Requires Win32Lib (not included). Sep 20: Updated URL again.
WINXML window designing24KpajaroSep 19/04 
Allows you to design windows using XML. The lib creates elements and handles events for you. HTML like: "Click me" is enough to make this button call click_function, and the button will also be autopositioned and autosized. Requires Matt Lewis Modified Interpreter Sep 19: minor change
WINWin32 Engine_R528KIgor KachanSep 14/04 2.00
Bernie Ryan's w32engin.ew v7.20 with separate definitions of Windows API constants and functions - new libs constant.e and c_routin.e. Handier for some kinds of work. A low-level style of Win32 programming. Sep 14: The draft documentation on c_routin.e was added.
WINEuControls 1.0.28KTommy CarlierAug 7/04 2.50
EuControls is a framework on top of Win32Lib that allows you to easily create custom control classes. Aug 7: Fixed some bugs, added method-functionality, private properties.
WINLayoutPanels 1.0.122KTommy CarlierAug 7/04 2.00
LayoutPanels are panels (using the EuControls-library) that take care of the layout (= position + size) of its child-controls. Needs EuControls 1.0.2 (included) and Win32Lib 0.60 (not included). Aug 7: Changed to work with EuControls 1.0.2.
WINSpinBall & SpinDisc14KTommy CarlierAug 7/04 3.00
SpinBall is an EuControl that can be used to manipulate 2 angles. SpinDisc is an EuControl that can be used to manipulate 1 angle. Needs EuControls (included) and Win32Lib (not included). Aug 7: Fixed some bugs (thanks to C.K. Lester).
WINWin32Lib + OpenGL Demos100KcklesterJul 27/04 
Code that demonstrates how to use OpenGL with Win32Lib v0.60. Several example programs. Some bugs remain, so please report any fixes/enhancements to C.K.
WINabout win9Kamir rezaJul 5/04 
A nice help/about window.
WINDynamic text2Kamir rezaJul 4/04 
With this code you can set dynamic text in LTEXT, CTEXT, ...
WINAbcMSM5KWilliam HeimbignerJun 30/04 
Alphabetizes the ENTIRE Start Menu, regardless of the number of items. Finishes in less than 1 sec. with around 2000 items on the start menu. Only tested on Windows 98SE and XP. WARNING: This will change your registry. Jun 30: Program documented, including backup instructions
WINRecipient Editor plugin19KMichael RaleyMay 31/04 
The recipient editor is a dialog window using a tree view structure to build, edit, load and save report distribution lists. It functions as a plugin to Win32lib apps. Tested with Win32Lib ver .59.1 May 31: bug fix.
WINDisplay Server362KAl GetzMay 25/04 10.00
A display window server you can use to display text sent from one or more client programs, that can also be used to display debug messages. May 25: Now displays 8 picture file types: jpg, gif, bmp, ico, png, tif, wmf, and emf. The server itself is only 100k.
GENTool Kit Routines37KDerek ParnellMay 4/04 
Five library files that contain various 'generic' routines that are commonly used. These libraries used to be distributed with Win32lib but are now stand-alone and not used by win32lib any more. These are also no longer being supported by the author. tk_mem.e, tk_maths.e, tk_misc.e, tk_trim.e, types.e May 4: Better documentation. Small fix to work with Wine on Linux.
GENfreeglut - The Free OpenGL Utility Toolkit856KElliott Sales de AndradeMar 26/04 
freeglut is a completely Open Sourced alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. FreeGLUT allows the user to create and manage windows containing OpenGL contexts on a wide range of platforms and also read the mouse, keyboard and joystick functions. Mar 26: Fix Function Links on Linux...
WINShare Memory Between Processes5KMario Steele / Jason MirwaldMar 24/04 24.50
This library allows memory to be shared between 2 processes on the Windows platform. It can eliminate the need for complicated DDE calls. Mar 24: Updated to work with Euphoria 2.4 which has stricter checking on C parameter types.
WINonXXX to setHandler IDE Project Convert174KAndy DrummondMar 1/04 
Old IDE projects used the onXXX event handler system, which is going obsolete in favour of the setHandler system. This program will convert your old IDE projects to the new system leaving a minimum of necessary editing to make it work.
WINDrag1KIsaac RawayJan 23/04 
This was put together in response to a question on the EUForum mailing list concerning how to make a window movable with the mouse if it doesn't have a title bar. This is also useful as a basis for layout tools.
WINDirectDraw fast scrolling demo651KTone SkodaJan 11/04 2.00
Fast image scrolling test and demo using DirectDraw or GDI in window mode. With DirectDraw scrolling image is almost as fast and smooth as with ACDSee, but not quite. GDI is slower. DirectDraw wrapper was wrapped with EuCom. Only main DirectDraw things are wrapped, the things I needed.
WINGLFW - An OpenGL Framework337KElliott Sales de AndradeJan 3/04 1.50
GLFW is a free, open source, portable framework for OpenGL application development. It is a link library that constitutes a powerful API for handling operating system specific tasks, such as opening an OpenGL window and reading keyboard, mouse and joystick input.
WINShutdown85KDoug WeinertDec 30/03 3.00
Shuts down Windows and turns off the power. (Also an example of how to change privileges in Windows NT, 2000, XP.)
WINSingle instance82KDouglas WeinertDec 28/03 
Shows how to test for an already running instance of a program, and how to pass data to the running instance.
WINWinDLL117KMatt LewisDec 18/03 
Allows code from a translated DLL to use the instance of Win32Lib contained in your main program.
WINKCreg6KkeldepuloDec 13/03 
A registry manipulation tool.
WINFull Screen Demo1KGreg HaberekOct 30/03 
Shows how to make a window go "full screen" with Win32Lib. Includes a pre-written routine called setFullScreen() which takes care of everything. Oct 30: Fixed bug with Alt+Space > Restore by disabling the system menu (Alt+Space). Moved setFullScreen() to an include file, added isFullScreen()
WINPrint Preview and Report Generator233KPete LomaxOct 22/03 
WYSIWYG report creation. Also permits ad-hoc changes by end users. Part shrouded, developer friendly licence. Download includes an interactive tutorial demonstrating layout amendment, full documentation (another 570K) and several examples. Needs win32lib with printerDC made global. Oct 22: Version 0.2 Two-Up printing, Text rotation, Line, Ellipse and RoundRectange drawing, Font mapping, page scrolling
WINUse Resources from .dll files27KDavid MillsOct 10/03 1.60
Access and use resources in .dll and .exe files using Windows API functions. Resources like menu, bmp, String Table, Accelerators, Cursor, Icons and Dialogs. Uses any compiled windows .dll or .exe file
WINKeyboard Status8KAkuJul 3/03 
A small library and demo program for getting the (Num, Caps, Scroll) lock status of the keyboard.
WINScriptSlacker179KSteve AllenJun 29/03 
This program is for managing and manipulating movie scripts. It will load your script, locate all the scenes, and create a master index of them. From there you can rearrange the scenes, add additional scenes, or change any already written. (no source code)
WINSDL Image Library357KMark AkitaJun 22/03 
A wrapper for the SDL_image DLL. This library lets you load image files in BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and other graphics formats for use with SDL. The .zip includes both source and bound executable versions of the demo program.
WINSystem-Wide Hotkeys11KTing (Aku)Jun 17/03 4.00
Use hot keys even when the window is not in focus. Jun 17: minor improvements
WINShget File Info9KAkuJun 2/03 
A wrapper for shGetIcon(), shGetType() and ShGetDisplay(). These functions give you some interesting information about a file.
WINFile Operations8KAkuMay 18/03 
Functions to Copy file, Move file, Delete file, Create directory, and Delete directory.
WINSystem Tray Icons6KThomas Parslow (PatRat)Apr 10/03 6.00
An include file for managing system tray (taskbar notification area) icons. Apr 10: now uses setHandler instead of onEvent. This should make it more compatible with future versions of Win32Lib. Suggested by Greg Haberek.
WINMonitor All Windows153KGreg HaberekApr 7/03 
A utility that displays information on all the windows in your system. It lets you switch to them and optionally close them. The source plus a translated .exe are included.
WINQuick Program Launcher362KLiu JunfengMar 27/03 
A convenient way to launch your favorite programs. Mar 27: select item on mouse hover (not really selected); hide taskbar button; delete .lnk file when resolved; changed default window size; bugs fixed.
WINCreate Shortcut14KMartin StachonMar 17/03 13.00
An include file that wraps the IShellLink interface (with EuCOM), so you can easily create a shortcut in Euphoria. Mar 17: a new, more flexible interface, and you can get and set more shortcut attributes.
WINColor Picker2KRobert SzalayMar 12/03 
A tool for picking a RGB color. Requires Win32Lib. Mar 12: bug fix
WINView Icons in .exe or .dll133KGreg HaberekMar 11/03 
A program that shows you the icons contained in any .exe or .dll file. The source plus a translated/compiled .exe are included.
WINControl Code Generator141KGreg HaberekMar 7/03 
A tool for generating Win32Lib code for Windows controls. See also his Event Code Generator.
WINGet Foreground Control9KAkuMar 6/03 
A function to get a handle to the current foreground control.
WINUse Resources from a .DLL32KFrancis DowlingFeb 23/03 
A demo that shows how to access and use resources (icons) that are stored in a .dll file. Feb 23: mem_set() bug fixed by Wolf
WINGradient Fill3KMartin StachonFeb 17/03 
A wrapper for the GradientFill WIN32 API function (won't work on Win95). It allows you to draw gradient rectangles and triangles. Needs Win32Lib. Two demos are included.
WINTinyPTC for Euphoria109KAdam DanielssonFeb 14/03 
A port of the minimalistic graphics library TinyPTC to Euphoria. It uses Mark Akita's SDL wrappers. Feb 14: added RED, GREEN and BLUE constants, and removed the Title parameter for PTC_Open().
WINExtended Calls to .DLL Routines74KMatthew LewisFeb 13/03 3.50
Code that gets around some current restrictions that Euphoria has when interfacing with C routines in .DLLs. With Matt's code, you can call C routines that use the _cdecl calling convention, you can receive more than 9 arguments on a callback, and other useful things. (Note: cdecl calls/callbacks will be supported in Euphoria 2.4) Feb 13: his code now lets you call call any function by pointer, using either stdcall, thiscall or cdecl. It also allows a Euphoria routine to be called by pointer using either stdcall, thiscall or cdecl, with no limit on the number of parameters that may be passed.
WINOpenGL Demos for SDL333KMark AkitaFeb 6/03 
A series of 8 programs, demonstrating how to use OpenGL in SDL programs. The demos make use of Mic's EuGL library as well as Mark's SDL_Wrap library.
WINEvent Code Generator139KGreg HaberekFeb 5/03 
A tool for generating event code to use with Win32Lib.
WINExtra WIN32 Functions3KJonas TempleJan 30/03 
Extra routines for WIN32 programming: get time zone, get current user name, get last error code and message from Windows, file operations (move, copy, delete or rename). You'll need the new misc.e with pretty_print() from Faster EDS, as well as Carl White's date/time routines.
WINJudith's IDE as a .exe677KGreg HaberekJan 12/03 
Greg used the Euphoria To C Translator to translate/compile Judith's v0.15.0 IDE into a single .exe file plus some icons, documentation and other files. This may be easier for some people to set up on their machine, and it should run a bit faster. Jan 12: he added Judith's documentation plus some other necessary files
WINCreate Hotkeys for Apps10KGuillermo BonvehiDec 27/02 
It creates a taskbar icon that lets you set up hotkeys to various applications of your choosing.
WINXPM Icon Library890KJonas TempleDec 19/02 1.00
A library of 2500 xpm icons formatted for use with Euphoria. Also included is a browser for viewing the icons. Dec 19: some invalid names/formats were found in a few of the .e files.
WINApplication Starter38KAndrea CiniDec 17/02 
A method of starting an application from your program, and getting feedback on when it finished and what the status was.
WINResource File Demos58KWolfgang FritzDec 6/02 5.00
Demos that show how to link Windows resource files with executables built using the Euphoria To C Translator. Dec 6: A new demo that shows how to link WAV audio as a resource using LCC
WINWindows Library93KLoganDec 6/02 
The start of a new project to build a Windows Library for Euphoria.
WINWindows Registry Read/Write9KDavi FigueiredoNov 30/02 5.60
Routines that let you read and write entries in the Windows Registry. v1.2
WINPopups for EuWinGui4KColin TaylorNov 21/02 6.00
A package that adds pop-up menu capabilities to Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI. It uses new features in the latest version of EuWinGUI which permit custom trapping of windows messages.
WINWIN32 API Wrappers130KJason MirwaldNov 17/02 
Wrappers and support libraries for the common WIN32 API .dlls, such as kernel32 and user32. Chris Bensler's structs.e and some other files are included.
WINMPEG GOP Cutter105KDoug WeinertNov 17/02 1.50
A program that extracts clips from MPEG movie files. It requires Microsoft DirectX 8.1 (we had some trouble running it on our XP machine)
WINInsert Bitmaps78KElliott Sales de AndradeOct 31/02 1.00
A utility that lets you insert bitmap pictures into Rich Edit controls.
WINSet/Get Environment Variables1KRobert SzalayOct 26/02 0.50
Wrappers for the kernel32 functions SetEnvironmentVariable and GetEnvironmentVariable. Oct 26: minor bug fix
WINJoystick/Pad Library1KMicOct 22/02 
A simple joystick/pad library for Windows that uses standard WIN32 API calls. A test program is included.
WINAllegro Graphics for WIN321000KRay SmithOct 15/02 20.50
Euphoria routines that tap into the powerful Allegro graphics and games library. This is a beta release, but already he's got several excellent demos running. Oct 15: fixed the mp3 example; added a 24-bit bitmap example; added a demo to show 8/15/16/24 and 32 bit graphics modes
WINIdealator48KRon TarrantOct 14/02 
Idealator is a writer's tool. It uses Maslow's Pyramid and Terry Rossio's Strange Attractor to help the user generate ideas for stories (novels, stageplays, short stories, screenplays, etc.).
WINStructulator29KRon TarrantOct 14/02 
A tiled index card system.
WINInterprocess Communication4KThomas Parslow (PatRat)Oct 11/02 12.60
This library allows Windows Euphoria programs to call procedures and functions in other Euphoria programs running on the same machine. You can pass arguments and get results returned.
WINAVI Generator (Windows)46KMicSep 30/02 1.00
An AVI export library (video only). It lets you create AVI files, with compression (depending on which codecs you have installed) from bitmaps in memory. A demo and some documentation are included.
WINProperty Sheet27KMartin StachonSep 24/02 
This include file lets you add a property sheet to your Win32Lib program. A property sheet is a table of two columns. The left column has the name of a property, and the right has its value, which is editable in various ways. This is currently used in Judith's IDE 0.14.
WINHidden Windows1KFrancesc OrtizSep 12/02 
A demo showing a useful way to hide a window.
WINEuphoria Data Sharing Demo9KJordah FergusonSep 5/02 
A demo showing two processes exchanging Euphoria data via shared memory. It uses a library written by Mario Steele and Jason Mirwald
WINSimple Direct Media Layer146KMark AkitaJul 11/02 1.00
A library that contains wrappers for using the Simple Direct Media Layer. A .dll file and 6 demo programs are included.
WINMulti-Color Multi-Line Edit Control16KMario SteeleJul 3/02 
Code that creates an MLE control with Win32Lib that supports multi-colored text. It uses Chris Bensler's struct Memory Library, and Win32Lib 0.57.6. Jul 3: faster, plus some bugs were fixed
WINGrid Control222KJonas TempleJun 20/02 2.00
An early release of a control that lets you display data in the form of a grid of cells.
WINWindows Programming Library123KEric RandallJun 4/02 
A Euphoria library and .dll that supports Windows graphics and GUI programming.
WINConsole I/O Library8KKen RogerMay 10/02 3.00
Routines for doing Windows console I/O using the WIN32 API. You need to first convert exw.exe, or your translated-to-C program, to be a console application, using setsubsys
WINSet Subsystem Type19KJeremy CollakeApr 25/02 0.30
A freeware utility that will change the Windows subsystem type of a .exe file. For example, you can convert exw.exe from a GUI application to a console application with: setsubsys exw.exe /c
(You should convert a copy of exw.exe, not the original.) Similarly, you can change your translated/compiled Euphoria programs into console applications. Console applications use the current console window and do not create a new one. This may be helpful for many things, including command-line utilities, and standard output redirection (CGI etc.)
WINWin32Lib Tutorials168KWolfgang Fritz and Ad RienksApr 15/02 2.50
A nice series of tutorials for Win32Lib. The link takes you to their tutorial Web site. Apr 15: 7 new lessons, 9 new program examples. Updated for latest Win32Lib.
WINMake Project File26KMartin StachonApr 5/02 2.00
A tool that creates a .prj file for Judith's IDE, from an existing .exw program. Apr 5: updated for IDE 0.12
WINTime Test10KAndy CranstonMar 22/02 
A utility that lets you compare the time on your local machine with the time on a remote FTP server.
WINWrapped Functions for WIN3279KChris BenslerMar 5/02 
A bunch of wrapped .dll functions that you can use with Win32Lib. He built this using his DAWG.
WINPlay .AVI Files1KGraeme BurkeFeb 7/02 
A demo that shows how to play uncompressed .AVI files.
WINDIB Demo59KMikeFeb 6/02 
Several interesting demos showing the use of DIB sections and animation of the palette. The demos use Andrea Cini's EuWinGui library, but support is also provided for Win32Lib. Feb 6: two new demos.
WINAlarm Clock5KBernie SomesJan 15/02 
Desktop alarm clock. Set it for any time, any day, or set the snooze alarm.
WINUsing A Printer With Win32Lib3KIrv MullinsDec 28/01 
Some documentation and an include file that will help you generate printed reports with Win32Lib
WINClock in a Round Window35KRoland StowasserDec 23/01 1.50
A nice-looking clock in a round window, using Win32Lib. The idea comes from H.W. Overman's Round Clock (below).
WINSend Mouse1KGuillermo BonvehiDec 14/01 
A library similar to PatRat's SendKeys, but this sends mouse events. Dec 14: minor fix
WINProject File Examples114KMartin StachonDec 14/01 
A collection of small example project files for Judith's IDE. Dec 14: timesync.prj was corrected
WINPatched version of Win32Lib.ew154KMartin StachonDec 14/01 1.00
This is a temporary patched version of Win32Lib.ew (just that file) version 0.55.1. It has some bug fixes that Martin put in, plus a few fixes that Derek Parnell provided on the mailing list. It will be obsolete soon when Derek has a major new release of Win32Lib. If you haven't downloaded Win32Lib before, you can get the full package from here. See also Judith's Enhanced IDE. Dec 14: made it more compatible with older versions
WINCustom Events Experiment2KDon PhillipsDec 10/01 
Experimental code for adding custom events to Win32Lib.
WINVisual Euphoria Prototype246KTom JanesDec 7/01 
The beginning of a rather ambitious visual programming system for Euphoria. He hopes that someone will take over the project. See also the IDE for Win32Lib by Judith Evans and David Cuny. Dec 7: some internal technical notes were added
WINWindow Styles Explorer3KDon PhillipsDec 7/01 
A tool that lets you experiment with different styles of window, and then get the Win32Lib code that you need for it.
WINAlpha Blending2KThomas Parslow (PatRat)Dec 2/01 
An include file for making semi-transparent windows with Windows 2000's Alpha Blending.
WINSplitter Control3KDon PhillipsNov 22/01 0.50
A GUI control he calls a splitter - two windows with an adjustable border between them.
WINCDR Menu144KTony StewardOct 26/01 
Create auto execute menus for your CDRs. Uses Judith's IDE, Win32Lib, and EDS database, not included.
WINBrowse for a Directory1KAkuOct 14/01 
A routine that lets your user browse for a directory. It needs Win32Lib.ew.
WINTemplate Handler19KDan MoyerOct 3/01 
A program that lets you store and retrieve useful snippets or "templates" of code to use in your programs. Includes a couple of example templates. Oct 3: Fixed bug in comment remover
WINMusic Database19KLarry MearsOct 1/01 
An easy to use database to keep track of your albums, CDs and cassettes.
WINWinAmp Wrapper597KMicAug 23/01 5.00
A library and demo program for playing music files using WinAmp input-plugins. Aug 23: Got rid of the additional .dll (plugwrap.dll). Everything is now done in Euphoria + machine code. The test program now plays MP3 files.
WINSend Message Between Apps2KGuillermo BonvehiJul 25/01 3.50
Some code that lets you exchange messages between applications. Jul 25: a new design that allows a lot of messages to be registered at the same time.
WINSendkeys2KPatRatJul 5/01 2.25
A clone of the Visual Basic Sendkeys procedure, for simulating keystrokes programmatically. (bottom of his page)
WINWindow Finding Functions2KPatRatJun 25/01 4.00
Find out which programs are running. (near the bottom of his page)
WINMDI Demo4KFrancis DowlingJun 12/01 
A simple Multiple Document Interface Demo written in Euphoria without Win32Lib.
WINRead Keys6KKen RogerJun 8/01 
Alternative key-reading routines. Handle control-c, get the Windows keycode and key state, etc.
WINDirectX Demo200KMatthew LewisJun 1/01 
A simple demo for DirectX using his EuCOM library. You must have DirectX 8.0, a free 11Mb download from Microsoft.
WINProgram Launcher55KNorman WalcottMay 17/01 
A GUI program launcher with icons for 12 commonly-used system utilities. May 17: option to keep it on top
WINCalendar2KAndrewApr 5/01 
A simple calendar program for recording appointments etc. Apr 5: new command-line switches
WINNoteTab File5KAlvin KoffmanMar 31/01 
A NoteTab clip book library file containing commands for win32lib.
WINMove/Resize Borderless Windows4KPatRatMar 25/01 1.00
A library for moving/resizing windows that lack titlebars or borders.
WINMake .DLL's With the Translator70KMatthew LewisFeb 28/01 1.50
A package that shows how to use the Euphoria To C Translator to make .DLL files (dynamic link libraries). You can write library routines in Euphoria and call them from C or Euphoria programs. (N.B. this is obsolete now that the Translator supports .dll's.)
WINVersion Information4KWolfgang FritzFeb 23/01 
A utility that extracts version information from .exe and .dll files. Uses Win32Lib 0.55.1. Feb 23: added WinInfo display program
WINMemory Dump1KJess HarpurFeb 16/01 
A debugging aid that displays a dump of memory.
WINJoEd114KJonathan SantosFeb 9/01 
A simple Windows editor using Win32Lib.
WINDrag and Drop85KAl GetzFeb 6/01 
A demo of dragging and dropping files with Windows.
WINWindows Ruler37KTravis BeatyJan 18/01 1.50
A library that lets you add a ruler to your Win32Lib-based applications.
WINIrregular Windows6KPatRatJan 16/01 5.00
Some demo code for irregular-shaped windows.
WINDDE Library4KMatthew LewisJan 9/01 
A library that adds DDE capability to Win32Lib. You'll probably need the New Win32Lib. He has included a small client-server demo.
WINSerial Ports4KAl GetzJan 7/01 
Some code that shows how to access serial ports in Windows.
WINWrapper for Open GL11KMike The SpikeJan 3/01 
An include file that defines the constants and routines needed for doing Open GL graphics in Euphoria programs.
WINDaily Journal142KJonas TempleDec 14/00 
A simple Windows program that lets you create a daily journal or diary. The information is stored in a Euphoria database (EDS).
WINMicrosoft Outlook Bar13KDavid CunyDec 9/00 
A nifty-looking control you can add to your Win32Lib programs.
WINModified IDE19KDan MoyerNov 23/00 1.00
A modification of an old version of Judith Evan's enhanced IDE. It gives you the ability to "auto-paste" the general form of any Euphoria or Win32Lib routine into your program. Works with Win32Lib v0.50, and IDE v0.9k5. A batch file is provided to switch between the original and the modification. Note: this mod, and the rest of the IDE, must be in a Win32Lib folder to access the Win32Lib html help, and to run the WinDemos program to see all the Win32Lib examples. Nov 23: specific help for any selected routine
WINWindows Debugging Tool3KAl GetzNov 13/00 
A handy tool for tracing execution of a WIN32 Euphoria program.
WINStates & Capitals157KGene MannelNov 5/00 
A nice-looking program that tests your knowledge of U.S. states and their capital cities. (unzip with long filenames)
WINFind Picture98KTheo GottwaldOct 26/00 
A utility that scans the desktop looking for a picture.
WINApplication Launcher20KAlistair MurraySep 29/00 
An application launcher for Windows, loosely based on Wharf from the AfterStep desktop under Linux.
WINGateway to Win32Lib Examples14KDan MoyerSep 9/00 0.85
This program lists demos of Win32Lib, and lets the user run or look at them. It also gives access to the Euphoria manual, the Win32Lib manual, Wolfgang Fritz's Tutorial (if present), and an FAQ for Win32Lib. Note: An improved version of this program is now bundled with Win32Lib
WINWIN32 Utilities118KMatt ArriolaSep 9/00 
Several small utilities for Windows programming.
WINWIN32 IDE437KAl GetzAug 25/00 
An integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Win32Lib-based GUI applications. See readme.txt and demo.txt. (free, but no source). Aug 25: a bug in win32ide.exe was fixed.
WINWin32LibEx147KMatthew LewisAug 21/00 3.25
Some major extensions to David Cuny's Win32Lib that let you use List views, Tree views, Rich Edit, Find/Replace and List box GUI elements. Aug 19: MonthControl; UpDown; ComboBoxEx; image lists now support xpm, eubmp and DIB formats; updated documentation. Aug 21: minor bug fix. Note: most of this is now part of New Win32Lib.
WINJapanese Tutor117KMicAug 8/00 
A program that teaches you Japanese katakana and hiragana characters.
WINListview/TreeView Demo119KWayne OvermanJul 24/00 
A demo of the new ListView/TreeView extensions developed by Matthew Lewis (below) for David Cuny's Win32Lib. Jul 24: it now uses an EDS database
WINMoving 3-D Objects57KJason MirwaldJun 28/00 
A demo that lets you move 3-D objects around in a window.
WINOpenPTC Graphics17KRussell K. DavisJun 7/00 2.00
An include file wrapper for the OpenPTC Graphics Library. It uses Win32Lib. With a few changes it might also work on Linux with Linux/X11 OpenPTC.
WINFlags Demo129KMicMay 23/00 
A demo that displays 22 different flags with a simulated waving effect and either flat or gouraud shading. May 23: now uses Win32Lib, has more flags, and several controls for adjusting the flags.
WINSpinning Particles274KMicMay 23/00 
A demo that shows a spinning cluster of particles that form a blurry donut shape. It has sound too.
WINWin3D94KSpockyMay 17/00 0.50
A simple 3-D engine that uses Win32Lib.
WINFinder3KFrank CollinsApr 24/00 
A program that finds strings in files. It creates an HTML page to display the results. Win32Lib.ew required.
WINSpectre Setup764KPete KingApr 21/00 1.50
A Windows Setup program with install and uninstall capabilities. (no source) Apr 21: progress bars, bug fixes, and other small improvements
WINGUI Front-end for bindw105KPete KingApr 19/00 
A Windows GUI interface (no source, but very useful) for the Euphoria bindw program. bindw is part of the Euphoria Complete Edition.
WINColor Picker62KBen LoganApr 17/00 
A utility for selecting colors using the standard Windows color dialog box. The color is converted to it's rgb value. The value is displayed on the screen and copied to the clipboard. Three formats are supported: Pov-Ray, HTML, and Win32Lib. Requires Win32Lib.ew.
WINWindows Animation Effect203KMicApr 3/00 
Demos that show how to blit graphics to a window using the StretchDIBits function. (unzip with WinZip to get long names).
WINFile Examiner257KPete KingMar 29/00 
A utility for examining and modifying files at the byte-level. Shareware, no source. Mar 29: rewritten from VEL to Win32Lib, some bug fixes, and it runs faster.
WINScreen Saver Example106KS.R. WilliamsonMar 18/00 
A simple example of a Windows screen saver written in Euphoria. (See also the example by Jacques Deschenes in the Archive).
WINWin32Lib Wizard Collection20KSpockyMar 17/00 
A tool that creates various objects for use with Win32Lib. Mar 17: updated for use with latest Win32Lib.
WINPassword Keeper102KV.J. DemskyMar 16/00 
A program that records all those passwords you've created at various Internet sites.
WINRegistry Functions9KJok3rMar 14/00 
Programs that access the Windows Registry in various ways. (needs Win32Lib.ew).
WINBumpmap Effect for Exotica220KMicMar 4/00 0.20
A remake of his bumpmap effect, this time for Exotica (see below).
WINDebugging Aid for Win32Lib2KS.R. WilliamsonFeb 18/00 
It creates a window that you can use to track variable values, or the current position in the program.
WINTab Control Support Routines2KRussell K. DavisFeb 18/00 
Some support routines for the new tab control in the bleeding edge version of Win32Lib. Feb 18: bugs fixed, plus he included some routines for adding helpfiles to the helpmenu.
WINRoutines for WIN32 Programming126KBernie RyanSep 24/99 4.00
A new approach to WIN32 GUI programming in Euphoria. (See also Win32Lib)
WINNag Demo50KWolfgang FritzSep 6/99 
A program that uses compressed .BMP and .WAV files stored in a single resource file. It also plays MIDI files. A comment-stripped version of David Cuny's Win32Lib.ew is included. Sep 6: Music and other effects were added.
WINRoutines for Accessing .DLL Files9KDrazen MravinacAug 11/99 
Routines for safer and easier DLL access.
WINWindows MIDI Routines18KBrent HughAug 7/99 
Files for accessing the MIDI capabilities of WIN32.
WINPrint Utility6KBarend MaaskantJul 29/99 
Code for displaying a printer dialog. It uses
WINLlama123KDavid CunyJun 29/99 0.50
He is planning to eventually replace Win32Lib and DOS32Lib with a new, modular design based on an object-oriented approach. It will be, for the most part, upwardly-compatible with Win32Lib. His new design is more portable, and easier for others to extend. He would like you to look at his approach and give him feedback. June 29: emulated controls, graphic support, better class library
WIN6000 WIN32 Constants44KJacques DeschenesJun 28/99 1.20
An include file containing almost 6000 constant declarations for WIN32.
WINLlama Demos74KKenneth RogerJun 13/99 
Two demos using David Cuny's Llama. The first overlays some colors. The second is his Newtonian Telescope Spot Diagrams that he did earlier using Win32Lib. (Llama 0.5a is included)
WINPeriodic Table of the Elements48KGuillermo Friant V.May 17/99 
a periodic table using Win32Lib. Click on an element and it will give you information about it. May 17: some small improvements
WINFront End for Running/Editing Programs397KWOLF InI SoftwareApr 13/99 
a "front end" that makes it easy to run and edit Euphoria programs for both DOS32 and WIN32. (written in another language - no source). Apr 13: file extension restriction lifted. If you have the previous version you can download this small update and unpack it in the Install-Directory of the Frontend.
WINSet up Registry for Euphoria4KLionel WongApr 7/99 
code that helps you customize your Win95/98 system for Euphoria. See also Mathew Hounsell's code below.
WINTimer43KBrett PantaloneApr 4/99 
a simple timer developed using Win32Lib.
WINRegistry Modifications for Euphoria5KMathew HounsellApr 4/99 
files for modifying your registry so Windows will work better with Euphoria.
WINRacecar Pool Calculator52KWolfgang FritzMar 26/99 
a program for calculating racing car pools. There's a Windows help file that explains what to do. The link takes you to his site.
WINDLL Linkage Routines5KAustin CatheyMar 26/99 3.00
utility routines that assist you in calling routines in .DLLs.
WINHelp File Creator71KRay SmithFeb 26/99 
a utility that assists in making simple Windows help files. Sample files and documentation included.
WINProgram Launcher42KBrian JacksonFeb 26/99 
a handy little utility for running programs.
WINAddress Book31KWolfgang FritzFeb 24/99 
an address book database program using Win32Lib.
WIN(Old) Win32Lib: WIN32 Library with Demos260KDavid CunyFeb 19/99 56.40
David's original library for creating WIN32 GUI programs. With a small amount of simple Euphoria code, you can add a variety of Windows user-interface elements to your program. Documentation plus lots of small demo programs are included. Note: People are now using the new Win32Lib
WINAnimation Test66KGreg HarrisFeb 9/99 
a test of Euphoria's ability to run animations in WIN32. It uses a sprite engine that's under development.
WINEasy Design Tool for Win32Lib65KJacques DeschenesJan 26/99 1.50
a visual tool for generating the code you need to call Win32Lib. His tool is written entirely in Euphoria, and is already quite sophisticated. He based it on David Cuny's design.exw.
WINBundle of Windows Goodies62KPatrick QuistJan 22/99 
an impressive bundle containing several Win32Lib-based programs, including: Quick Program Launcher, Euro Currency Converter, Music Database, Telephone List, Euphoria Documentation Browser, Menu System.
WINWeb Shepherd43KMark SmithJan 19/99 1.00
the beginning of an off-line Web browser. As a first step he has created a simple program for downloading a URL from the Web.
WINMultiplication Quiz for 3rd Grade175KHecnorJan 9/99 
a cute program to help a 3rd grader learn her multiplication tables. He's got very nice graphics and sounds (.WAV and .MID). It's his first program in Euphoria.
WINHex File Viewer51KJacques DeschenesJan 5/99 
a nice looking multi-document file viewer with hex/decimal/text modes and a help file.
WINAccess .ini Files2KJeff FieldingDec 21/98 0.25
routines for accessing WIN32 .ini files from Euphoria.
WINNon-English Language Support10KJiri NemecDec 18/98 3.00
routines for converting strings to upper or lower case, comparing strings, etc., when those strings are in a language other than English.
WINDecision Helper2KLewis TownsendDec 12/98 
a program that helps you to make decisions. The link takes you to his site where you can get the latest version from his downloads page.
WINDecimal/Hex Calculator36KJerome NicholsNov 28/98 
a handy decimal and hex calculator using David Cuny's Win32Lib.
WINCalendar35KDaJaRoOct 11/98 
a Win32Lib-based program that displays the calendar for any month of any year - past, present or future.
WINScreen Capture32KDajaroSep 1/98 
A program that captures the screen and puts it on the clipboard.
WINRandom Phrase Generator2KJames BegleyAug 13/98 
a DOS32 program and a WIN32 program for outputting random phrases.
WINHelp Desk Utilities63KMichael RaleyJul 2/98 
two different utilities developed using David Cuny's Win32Lib. One is a count-down reminder program. The other is a help-desk utility.
WINPort Access12KMonty KingJul 2/98 
a simple demo that shows how to call C routines in a .DLL file. The .DLL contains code for accessing I/O ports, especially the parallel port.
WINWIN32 API Wrappers33KJacques DeschenesJun 1/98 2.00
a large set of Euphoria 'wrapper' routines for WIN32 API calls. There's also a screen saver that you can easily modify.
WINNewtonian Telescope Spot Diagrams36KKenneth RogerMay 16/98 
He included both a DOS32 and a WIN32 version of this program. It shows various settings for telescope lenses. You can select a setting using the mouse. The WIN32 version makes good use of David Cuny's Win32Lib.
WINHex Viewer16KMaurizio MoroniApr 2/98 
A WIN32 hex viewer that lets you examine the bytes of a file
WINDLL Setup Technique10KColin TaylorMar 29/98 
A convenient method for automatically generating the DLL linkage and constants for a WIN32 Euphoria program. Mar 29: better documentation
WINWIN32 Screen Saver6KJacques DeschenesMar 1/98 
a program that shows us how to make a Windows screen saver using Euphoria for WIN32. Many people have asked about this.
WINConvert MS Word Dialogs to Euphoria18KMichael J. RaleyJan 9/98 
a utility that converts the output of macrode.exe into a WIN32 Euphoria program. macrode.exe is a visual GUI-making tool supplied with MS Word. The Euphoria program that he creates uses David Cuny's win32lib.ew file to display the dialog.
WINCustomized WIN32 DLL120KFrancis BussiereDec 12/97 
a DLL that can be easily used by Euphoria programs.
WINWIN32 Common Dialogs and Menus23KJacques DeschenesDec 4/97 0.75
a set of easy-to-use routines for making Windows menus and using common dialogs.

Utility Programs (197)

GENconv_unzip6KKenneth RhodesJan 3/17 
This utility program unzips all files in a zip archive into a subdirectory named the filebase of the zip archive and converted to the current file system file type, If needed. As a safety measure, the original *.zip file will be copied into the new subdirectory. If the original zip files are of Windows filetype the filenames will be converted to lower case.
WINCompare Folders588KJean-Marc DUROOct 21/16 
Compares folders and shows files added, modified and removed. Euphoria 3 and up. Bug correction.
WINCompare Files567KJean-Marc DUROOct 21/16 
Compares files and shows lines added, modified and removed. Euphoria 3 and up. Bug Correction.
WINCrosswords Assistant1061KJean-Marc DUROAug 2/16 
A small assistant to help find words in a crosswords grid. Needs lists of words by length. French lists provided. Euphoria 3 and up.
WINLaptop Spy Camera624KllamedosoMay 17/16 
Use a laptop webcam as a spy camera in a covert mode.
WINMyDiary1735KFred ManganNov 26/15 
Happy Christmas, Euphorians! This is a nice program for your diary needs in the New Year; Euphoria-4 + Win32Lib + EDS. Features a full Church Calendar displayed for each day and a perpetual editable Anniversaries list to remind you of fixed events in your year. Supports as many diaries as you like so you can keep and reload the diary for last year and the year before that. Only one diary allowed per year. Two styles of diary, business and private. Program is bound. no source code supplied. (December 2015).
WINManage Excel files106KJean-Marc DURONov 16/15 
Manage Excel files via OLE (Excel needed). Uses Eucom. For Euphoria 4 and up. Tested on XP with All-In-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria package (4.1 with memstruct). Bug correction. Easier to use.
GENConvert Excel datetime format to Euphoria date time format2KJean-Marc DURONov 13/15 
Routines to convert MS Excel datetime format to Euphoria datetime format.
GENThe Mighty Eagle Templating Solution40KRonald WeidnerSep 22/15 
METS is capable of replacing a properly tagged text document with external data. It's easily extended via the use of callbacks allowing you to model recursive data. Use cases include data transformation, web/mail templates, Euphoria Pre-processor jobs, and more. Well suited for translating relational data to hierarchical visualizations. Learn more at
GENCompare Files11KJean-Marc DUROMay 22/15 
Graphical file comparison based on wxEuphoria. Tested on Windows Seven 64-bit. Should work on Linux too.
WINEasy4Cap ScreenCapture76KAndreas WagnerDec 6/14 
Simple Screen/Window capture based on tinEWG
WINEasy4Eu Mediaplayer121KAndreas WagnerDec 6/14 
Very Simple Mediaplayer based on tinEWG
DOSGEMRxnEq389KDon CahelaApr 15/14 
Program to compute reaction equilibrium for gas phase mixture by Gibbs' energy minimization. 618 compounds available in the database. Executable program only. Apr 15: Added Cp data to output.
WINAuto-generate paste-in Gui code4KPhil FrenchJan 20/14 
He loves Judith's IDE, but he was being slow and messy with 47 QWERTY buttons for a virtual keyboard. So he auto-generated them - to paste in to the main .exw. Run attached prog. It makes kbtestme.exw (a quick trial of paste-in code). It's not much use as it is - just an idea. Anyone think of other uses for printf()?
GENlibHaru4eu508KGuillermo BonvehiJul 12/13 
A simple libHaru wrapper. libHaru is a free, cross platform, open source library for generating PDF files.
WINDir Size12KJean-Marc DURODec 15/12 
Dir Size helps find which folders can be safely removed on a disk by showing most recent modification date in a whole directory including sub-directories.
WINSecurely Delete Files377KllamedosoNov 25/12 
Safely deletes files so that they are unrecoverable. Will delete single files or files in a folder using wildcards. Nov 25: Bug fixed (wrong name for ew file)
WINFreeBudget v1.365KJean-Marc DURONov 18/12 
This is the Windows console port of my 2002 bank manager program. It is partially object-oriented, so it demonstrates usage of my Simple OOP class library.
LNXUnicode Console Utilities15KJean-Marc DUROSep 5/12 
Chris Burch's Linux Console Utilities ported to Unicode.
WINBookReaderC210895KFred ManganSep 19/11 
An ebook reader for TXT, HTM(L) and MHT files. User can resize the reading window, change font size and font and background colouring. With source code (Eu 3.x + EuWinGUI).
GENunicode chart maker1KShawn PringleJul 19/11 
Creates a 256 code point chart of Unicode characters as a sequence of ucs 4-byte little endian characters.
WINDigger252KstagasJan 29/11 
Progressively downloads RSS feeds from Beatport to help you discover new electronic music, based on your tastes. Old unfinished project, but with enough functionality already. Jan 29: Bugfix on the RSS scraper and removed default data db.
DOSReplace.ex ver.:1.10b easy modify6KPikkSep 28/10 
Jiri Babor retro utility extended parses exchange and skeleton addition.
WINRound Robbin433KFred RansomMay 28/10 
RoundRobin is a non-trivial problem solved with Euphoria. Using an algorithm from Ancient Greece, it schedules the matches in a round robin tournament. The program may not be as nice as it could be--he wrote it in one evening--but it's quite usable by any coach or league honcho worth his or her salt. He wrote it with Win32Lib using Judith's IDE. Also runs on Linux with the wine loader. May 28: Made program more robust and corrected the save as dialogue. Improved output format.
WINDbgView interface to Euphoria292KKaroly KovacsAug 4/09 
A simple interface to Mark Russinowich's famous DbgView utility.
GENSDL Slideshow629KChrisBurch3Feb 3/09 
A very simple cross platform slide show presenter with various transition effects, and text effects. Think power point lite. Ideal for kiosk info terminals. Cross platform. Test eu3.11 Linux, eu 4.0a2 winxp. Libs and full packages from
LNXfile names to lower case1KCarlos ValdesDec 28/08 
He installed Euphoria under Ubuntu, and doing some tests and downloading from the contribution list, he found almost every unpacked file has an upper case name when the include name inside the exu programs is lower case. (In windows that is not a problem.) So he created this little program to change names to lower case. Copy to the euphoria/bin directory and invoke fn2lc (file name to lower case) from under any directory. Only the first level names inside that directory will be changed to lower case. This is a very simple program for linux beginners.
WINhyphenator-Project1826KAntonio AlessiDec 16/08 
The hyphenator-Pro package was built for sale, but this task could not be completed due to unforeseen circumstances. Everybody can run and view the beta run time package as is. Should someone get involved and seriously intend to carry it on - commercial purposes not excluded - he/she can get the complete sources (codes, graphics, html, dictionaries, install routines, web site and essential support from the author.
GENDrawBust256KFred ManganNov 20/08 
A tool for drawing a simple 2D graphic object. The drawing is saved as a Euphoria sequence for use in DOS32 or WIN32 applications. Nov 20: Now upgraded with extra functions, larger drawing area, editable files, etc. plus source code for scaled drawing.
WINWipe41KRob SteelOct 23/08 
Library and example program to wipe (overwrite then delete) files from hard drive. Oct 23: GPL License
WINRGBview239Kdon coleJul 30/08 
This is a handy color generator that he found in the old Win32Lib demos. However it did not work in the newer versions of Win32Lib. He fixed it so it does. It is a must for anyone writing programs that deal with color. If you use things like: rgb(106,44,70) or setTextColor(LText126,#7FFF7F) then you need this utility. Displays both Hex and Decimal.
WINUDP463KGazApr 4/08 1.00
USB data protector is a program used to password protect and compress data stored on USB pen drives. .EXE and source included. Apr 4: (changed platform from DOS to WIN)
WINMultiSearch689KTone �kodaMar 4/08 
A program to search multiple words in multiple files. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINImage Editor624KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
An image editor that supports the major image formats (jpg, bmp,...) and basic drawing operations. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
DOSFreedos floppy boot disk with Euphoria621KMarco AchuryFeb 24/08 
A FreeDos boot floppy with a pre-installed subset of Euphoria. Useful as an emergency tool or for use on a virtual machine emulator to check the behavior of DOS programs on Windows or Linux machines.
GENDifflist utility, V3.25KAlan OxleyFeb 15/08 
Command-line driven source code compare utility, very fast. Feedback welcome. Feb 15: New in v3.2: added readme.txt, new options to ignore indention spacing.
GENAdd ID3v2 Tags7KAndy CranstonOct 31/07 
A command-line utility that adds ID3v2 tags to MP3 files. Updated to accommodate the hash (#) convention.
WINListRoutines355KDB JamesJul 16/07 
This program is a utility to see at a glance all the routines in Eu file(s). The purpose of ListRoutines is to find and list routines of Euphoria program(s) to the top of the file(s) and/or place the routines-lists in a file called ROUTINES.TXT in EUDIR. The list of routines can also be easily deleted at any time.
WINDeluxe Slide Show31497Kdon coleMay 1/07 3.50
Included are a bound .exe and the source code. Now works with, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .ico, .png, tif, .tiff, .wmf, .emf files. Features while Slide Show is in progress: Pause, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll about in a large Picture, Send Pictures to Your Favorites Folder, Manually Scroll back and forth through Slide Show, and other goodies. May 1: Now works with .jpe and .jpeg files. Smoothed out speed changes at the high end.
GENFind Duplicate Files19KRDS / Ricardo FornoApr 15/07 
This program scans one or more directories, looking for files that are identical. You can even scan an entire drive, or multiple drives with one command. Apr 15: Fixed for files over 1GB. New output format for a .BAT to ease deletion of duplicate files.
WINBitmap Crusher83KWolfgang FritzMar 17/07 
A tool that performs run-length encoding to compress 16 and 256 color Windows bitmap (.BMP) files. Mar 17: bugfixes for 2K, XP.
GENRecode Russian Text2KIgor KachanMar 16/07 
A program that converts Russian text files from one code page to another. Should work with code pages on all platforms. Mar 16: Updated for EU 3.0.2
GENGather1KRicardo M. FornoMar 13/07 1.00
A small, useful program to gather files, specified by a wildcard, from a directory and its sub-directories to a single directory, in order to ease file handling. Mar 13: Some bugs related to Windows XP fixed.
WINDB Maker2KLogan KodyszNov 16/06 
Easy to use database maker. It's handy when you need to make a database real quick without having to call all the database functions. He made it so he could create a small database to hold a large sequence. Win32Lib required.
DOSEUREAP52KRicardo M. FornoNov 14/06 
Eases backup or transporting files from a PC to another by means of floppies. Fills floppies to the brim. Enhances reliability tenfold. Allows using floppies with defective sectors. Automates process. Avoids floppy overwriting. Includes extremely fast knapsack algorithm, useful for other purposes. Works on Windows 95/98. Might not work in an XP DOS window. Nov 14: Corrected big bug. Also e-mail addresses & other info.
WINAssociator1KJesse AdkinsSep 9/06 
The Associator is a simple program to add your program's extensions to the Windows Registry. It can bind an icon to the file, make a certain extension open with your program, and more.
WINUPXer220Kwes hermansonMay 5/06 
Use this to compress your executables and free up hard drive space in a batch fashion. Requires UPX (free). Full source. Modify any way you like.
WINVersion Control program290KAndy DrummondApr 24/06 
This is a very simple but powerful program to keep an archival record of your source files. It maintains an incremental archive file for each source file and can be either run from a command line invocation to archive multiple folders & files, or as a normal window to backup a single file or to retreive previously archived source files. It allows the user to keep a record of his source code every morning with the minimum of time or disk space overhead. The included help file tells you more of its capabilities.
WINUnits56KMike DuffyMar 1/06 
A unit conversions program.
WINEnvironment Variable Editor8KGreg HaberekFeb 28/06 
Environment Variable Editor gives you greater control over your environment variables without having to search through the Registry Editor. You can create, edit, and delete environment variables as well as change their types and values. Feb 28: New webpage.
DOSTXT2BIN193KPierino MoroFeb 9/06 
The Euphoria program TXT2BIN converts a text file, with hexadecimal values (like HEXDUMP output), into a binary file.
GENbin2hex1KJason GadeFeb 8/06 
Converts a binary file to human-readable hexadecimal and ASCII representation that can be opened in your favorite text editor.
GENVarious Programs999Kwes hermansonJan 18/06 
Directory with about 20 programs (some rather large) written in Euphoria. Full source code.
DOSdiff very fast command line utility2KAlan OxleyJan 13/06 
Compares two files and shows you the differences. Processed 2x40Mb files in a split-second! (Ok it was a cache hit) Has options for upper-case, line numbers, sorting, omitting common.
GENArrays1KJuergen LuethjeDec 7/05 5.20
Deal with arbitrary-based multi-dimensional 'arrays' (even negative bounds are allowed).
WINmbox140KJuergen LuethjeOct 29/05 
A DLL that reads and writes Unix mailbox files (mbox format) -- source code and compiled DLL. The DLL is a plugin for Total Commander, but you can also use it with your own programs (sample Euphoria code that calls the routines in the DLL included). Oct 29: The main new features are a new naming system for extracted mails, and the ability to change mbox files. So the plugin now is also useful for finding and deleting duplicate mails, and for synchronizing mails in different mbox files. The plugin now can read language files. English, Dutch, German and Polish are automatically supported. Several other enhancements, and considerably improved documentation.
DOSHuffit.ex - Huffman encoder/decoder254KDB JamesOct 22/05 
Huffit.ex is an elaboration on huff.ex & dehuff.ex by Junko Miura which do Huffman encoding and decoding of files respectively. Combines the functions of those two files & adds file navigation & selection.
WINMapRuler302Kjacques desch�nesSep 9/05 1.50
MapRuler is a ruler for screen displayed maps. He's a frequent user of and he wanted to measure distance, but using a plastic rule over the screen was not convenient, so he wrote this little app. It needs windows xp +
GENhew for euallegro1KChris BurchJul 12/05 1.00
Converts allegro grabber .h files to euphoria .ew includes. For how to use these in eu allegro, see eusprite, and eudata in the euallegro example directory.
WINEuphoria Install / Setup Utility216KH.W. Overman & Al GetzJul 12/05 5.00
A nice-looking install program. It's similar to the INNO installer that RDS uses, but this is written in Euphoria. It should run on all versions of Windows. The full source is included. Lot of interesting techniques for direct API coding. Most File i/o and GUI portions are complete. Jul 12: minor fix to file compression.
WINMunafa Accounting Package558KAnando BanerjeeJul 9/05 
Windows Accounting Package (password "Super" or "Munafa" case-sensitive). Covers basics of financial accounting. (No source). Jul 9: Much better utilization of system resources.
WINDeluxe Slide Show154KDon ColeJun 24/05 
A slide show viewer with pause, scroll, zoom and time adjustment. Based on Euviewer by Al Getz.
WINPikQuik Bits8KDavid PlettsJun 23/05 1.00
The source code for just a few routines from PikQuik 3. You will need win32lib and win32dib, both in the archive.
WINPikQuik 3778KDavid PlettsJun 21/05 
The third incarnation of PikQuik, a set of tools for creating a quick design, possibly for greetings cards, small posters, postcards, CD covers, backgrounds, designs for cross stitch and embroidery, etc, with a bit of a contemporary/abstract/organic feel. Executable file only, no source - email him if you would like to know more. See earlier version for some old source.
WINEuViewer3202KAl GetzJun 20/05 1.50
A complete picture viewer that displays many picture types include: jpg, gif, tif, bmp, ico, wmf and png, with controls for stepping through a directory structure and for running a Slide Show. All source files included, including the GdiPlus library. Jun 20: Now uses an updated WinClass library with nice 3d magnified custom popup menu. Old jpg decompressor included.
GENEu2c String Encrypter9KAku 2005May 13/05 
A program that encrypts strings of the EtoC translator output. Only NewString()'s are encrypted. Before using this program, all strings will be visible, and your translated program will be easy to crack. After using this program, the compiled exe file will be rather hard to crack by an amateur cracker, since he cannot find the strings easily.
WINWorld Distance Calculator1243KGreg HaberekMay 4/05 
Using his ZIP Code Database, and Jiri Babor's earth distance algorithm, he created an application that can calculate the distance between any two cities in the United States, or display a list of all cities within a given radius.
WINDuo Bible Viewer397KFerlin ScarboroughApr 6/05 
An extended version of CK Lester's Bible Viewer that allows viewing of 2 different versions of the Bible EDB files at one time. Uses a modified version of Bibler.e and Win32Lib 0.60.6 Apr 6: Removed uneeded second set of Book/Chapter/Verse lists. Fixed a bug found by CK Lester, could not click on second combo box.
GENFluidAE1710KRyan JohnsonApr 4/05 
The purpose of FluidAE is to provide a simple, reliable, efficient, and powerful platform on which user-friendly applications can be quickly and easily developed. This platform has its own totally customizable graphical user interface, and a unique API design. It is in the early stages of development. Apr 4: Version 0.095: Many major improvements and much progress on the IDE. See website for details.
DOSTypeHex Command v1.01KcumesoftwareMar 30/05 
This program is an additional command for DOS, and is used to display the contents of a given file, using hexadeximal notation. Example: typehex get.e (each line represents 16 bytes). Mar 30: Minor bugs fixed.
DOSbmp2mem2filev9180Kpracticing01Mar 23/05 
A tool that he uses for converting a bitmap to a sequence.
WINClient Access Toolbox for IBM iSeries1382KJonas TempleFeb 1/05 1.00
Euphoria include files that let you work with IBM's Client Access Express. This gives iSeries (AS/400) programmers an alternative to the standard, overly-complex, development tools. Feb 1: Demos compatible with Win32Lib v60.5. Many new routines including object/IFS/spooled file browsing dialogs. Updated documentation.
GENDollar wiper10KCChrisJan 9/05 
This utility strips $ signs from Eu 2.5 code and replaces them with the right length(some_sequence), so that such code can be run using Eu 2.4 if it does not use crash_routine(). Usable both standalone and as an include file, can cope with indexes spreading across multiple lines.
GENMutate Dollar Signs (MDS)3KAl GetzJan 4/05 
Translate programs that use the dollar sign and run under Euphoria v2.5 to programs that run under v2.4 with little effort. Converts entire directory with "ConvertDirectory(DirPath,ExtentList)" or single file. Sample code and sample exw file included. Jan 4: Updated: Support for Eu's namespace character ':' and other improvements.
WINText File Replace3KAndr�s Szab�Dec 16/04 
A small utility program to search and replace strings in text files. It needs Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI.
DOSCRT Monitor Test Program v2.01KcumesoftwareDec 15/04 
A program that helps you to visualise your monitor geometry, by showing a geometric test screen. You can look for pincushion or barrel distortions. Suitable for auto-adjustable monitors, since it can work with various resolutions. Dec 15: Final Release: No bugs found
WINContest #2 (EuBots) Windows Interface225KcklesterDec 10/04 
IDE source file, exw source file, and exe of a program that lets you run the Contest #2 engine with a Windows GUI. Dec 10: New Popup menu lets you easily clone or kill bots. "Update" button to update bot/map list for when you add them while the program is running. Requires FastMenu.
WINWML453KAlex ChamberlainOct 30/04 
An XML parser to create windows. No documentation. Will be updated regularly. Full source. Uses Win32Lib and eebax.
WINInstallation wizard9KEmlyn MerlynOct 26/04 
This is his first serious Windows application. It is an installation wizard that installs compressed files made with an included library. It has support for multiple packages.
GENEuKa10KJuergen LuethjeOct 24/04 
A Euphoria preprocessor based on Tommy Carlier's Kanarie Template System. It provides the possibilities of block comments, inserting files, generating code or documentation depending on the platform, on the language, and/or on the configuration such as DEBUG or RELEASE. Generated source code can be executed automatically on any platform, if intended. Oct 24: Bug concerning Linux fixed. The generated program now can use command-line options.
WINCredit Card Verifier3KAkuOct 15/04 
A program that checks credit card numbers to see if they could be valid. Oct 15: In English. Compatible with newest win32lib
GENMake Icon516KAlexander ToressonOct 10/04 
A program to convert a bitmap into an icon or a cursor. Oct 10: Now includes info on how to make a .ico which contains many unique icons.
GENBoot Time Logger74KKatSep 30/04 
This merely logs the date and time windows starts up. To use, set into C: root, add the exe filename to your windows on_start menu (not the start menu of shortcuts). It demonstrates a few of Eu's basic comamnds, and how easy it is to use Eu as a scripting language (just use the interpreter). Source and exe included.
GENSmel4Eu: SMEL 1.1 Core Package for Euphoria 1.2537KTommy CarlierSep 7/04 6.00
Reads and writes SMEL-documents and -fragments. SMEL is a language for structuring data and documents, kind of like XML. Sep 7: Fixed some bugs.
DOSPassword Protector3KNicholas KocejaAug 3/04 
This program will help to password protect your files. Just follow the directions in the pssprtct.txt file. Aug 3: He updated the documentation, and fixed a bug.
WINgetVolumeInformation4KWilliam HeimbignerJul 6/04 
Gets the volume information for a given volume, i.e. "C:\\". Simple and easy to understand, and will tell you the: volume name, volume serial number, max file length, file system name (i.e. fat32 or ntfs) and file system attributes (does it support compression, LFN, etc?) He plans to use this in a shareware protection library
GENBMP to XPM or Sequence8KGuillermo BonvehiJul 6/04 
A program that converts from .BMP format to .XPM, and another program that converts .BMP to a sequence of numbers. Jul 6: C.K. Lester fixed a bug where the BMP to Sequence program output a line too long.
DOSLCD Test Program v2.01KcumesoftwareMay 10/04 
A program that helps you to find dead dots on your LCD monitor, by running a sequence of three screens. You can toggle screens using LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Send comments to: You need an adequate video driver to run this program. May 10: Final release (no bugs found, some text changed).
WINSWF file format1844KDaniel KlussMay 10/04 
Some raw example code to show how SWF Flash files can be used in Euphoria. It can make and view SWF, even from a CGI.
WINex_error reader2KAntonio AlessiApr 27/04 
A program that puts ex.err files into a more readable format.
WINCNC Control23KNathan hillApr 26/04 
Code that reads text files in Gcode format, and draws to the screen. It will hopefully become an RS232-based cnc control. Apr 26: Lock up fixed. circlecam.exw program added. new readme.
WINTimeIt v0.24KGuillermo BonvehiApr 23/04 3.00
A little program to store the minutes you've been connected to the Internet (useful when you have dial-up). Apr 23: Bug fix: The hours were added to the seconds on vtimeit.exw
WINXDIR59KLarry MillerApr 19/04 
A greatly enhanced version of the DIR command of the Windows command line. Features include multicolumn display, colors by file extension, bi-directional scrolling, etc. Compatible with Windows 95 and later. Apr 19: V1.10 Bug fixes, a few new options, expanded configuration.
WINATP Installer188KAlexander ToressonApr 12/04 
A setup program. This is the preview version. Uses Win32Lib.
GENPatcher56KAlexander ToressonMar 16/04 
A utility to generate and apply patches.
WINSimple Installer209KGuillermo BonvehiFeb 4/04 
A simple installer. He would like feedback to improve it. This is just a demo version (.exe file).
WINEncryption Utility112KHayden McKayJan 25/04 
Encrypt or Decrypt any file. Easy to use. (shrouded source) Jan 25: A lot faster, new GUI, rewrote arcfour alog, merged read and encrypt/decrypt process. MD5 password protection, validity check.
WINsearch_item21Kamir rezaJan 22/04 5.00
A program to search for a word or letter or etc in a file and give you some information. Jan 22: in updated program you can search for a file; you can search in subdirectories and have standards for searching files. After searching you are able to save the matching files, and open the files in a program or delete them.
GENToken Parser v2.12KStewart MacKenzie-LeighJan 3/04 
A parser which turns a file into tokens, skips whitespace and comments. Easy to use. Suggestions for use are parsing settings files for your program, parsing text to syntax color it, even writing a compiler. Jan 3: Made minor changes.
WINBitmap Converter12KMike WeverDec 29/03 1.00
A simple utility to convert a bitmap file into a Euphoria bitmap stored in an include file. Requires Win32Lib. Dec 29: Added ability to save in DOS palettes.
GENtidy1Kjiri baborDec 16/03 
A simple source code beautifier.
DOSLatin-square based cryptosystem3KCJ SilverNov 27/03 
This is a program he built for any kind of semi-serious security needs on his system. It'll generate the squares and optionally generate grids for gridded mode. It can then use these squares (and grids) and a password to encrypt or decrypt a file. It only uses machine.e, get.e, and file.e.
WINGW_to_E95KDaniel KlussNov 18/03 1.00
A modified version of his H_to_E include file converter that he used to make extensions for OpenGL.
WINDuplicate File Finder634KDoug WeinertNov 14/03 5.00
A duplicate file finder with a nice Win32Lib-based GUI. You can find files with similar names or contents. See also Find Duplicate Files by RDS and Forno. Nov 14: Fixed 2 bugs.
WINReminder7KMike WeverSep 22/03 
A program to pop up reminders at a date and time entered by the user. The program sits in the system tray. Left click the icon to enter a reminder.
WINRead or Write File Date and Time87KRolf SchroederSep 20/03 3.00
Write or read file date and time, also on directories. An example is given by SETDATIM. Sep 20: Minor bug fix.
GENConvert Line Terminators2KRobert SzalayJun 14/03 
A small utility to convert line terminators between DOS/Windows, Linux and Mac formats.
WINQuik Calendar573KLorri Wolk-LaniewskiMar 25/03 
A handy calendar utility written in Euphoria. (no source)
GENSource Code Builder4KTapani TalvitieMar 10/03 
A program that assists with major Euphoria projects. It lets you build a single include/main source file from small modules.
GENFile Archive Search39KRobert SzalayJan 20/03 
An enhanced version of the File Archive search used on this Web site.
WINRGB Color Selector149KAlan OxleyDec 29/02 
A tool that lets you choose a Red-Green-Blue color combination using your mouse. Source plus translated/compiled .exe
WINMemory Monitor28KH. W. OvermanDec 26/02 2.40
A program that gives you a running display of your system's memory usage. The source plus a translated/compiled/compressed .exe are included.
WINCheck for Fake .dll's2KAkuDec 11/02 
A program that checks for fake .dll, .exe, and .vxd files in your Windows and Windows\System directories.
WINJapanese Text Converter42KAkuDec 11/02 
A program that converts Romaji text into Japanese Hirigana and Katakana in EUC coding
WINRun Programs Periodically4KTravis MayOct 31/02 
A utility that runs windows programs at specified time intervals.
WINExcel Tools4KRoger MarinOct 30/02 6.40
Transfer Euphoria data into Excel spreadsheet format, and examine Excel files at the byte level.
WINGoogle Search Tool8KRobert SzalayOct 15/02 0.50
A small window on your desktop makes it easy to search Google. Right-click for some extra features. Requires Win32Lib version 0.57.9 or higher.
GENAVI Generator (Generic)32KMicOct 8/02 
A platform independent version of his Windows AVI Generator. Oct 8: Added another codec. Fixed a bug in the CrunchYUV codec. Minor fixes in the AVI reading functions. Added a GetLastErrorMessage-function for error handling.
GENFile Compare29KRicardo FornoAug 16/02 1.00
Several versions of a program that compares two files and indicates the differences between them. Aug 16: corrections and enhancements
GENFind Biggest Files2KNiels LambertsenAug 7/02 
A small utility program that finds the biggest files in a directory and its subdirectories.
WINConvert .3D2 to .NFF215KMark AkitaJul 8/02 
A program that converts 3D models in CAD3D/Cyberstudio (.3D2) format to World Toolkit Neutral File Format (.NFF).
WINConvert Data to a .e File162KJordah FergusonMay 19/02 
A tool that uses base64 encoding to convert binary data into a Euphoria sequence in an include file.
GENDocument Formatting Language6KJim BrownMay 11/02 
A document format that he can currently translate to HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), and plain text. See also Junko Miura's documentation generator in the Archive.
DOSImage Viewer115KPaul PlummerApr 15/02 
A DOS image viewer with variable zoom. It supports bmp, gif, jpg and pcx formats.
GENEncrypt Files9KDaryl van den BrinkApr 13/02 
A simple encryption algorithm based on Euphoria's random number generator. Apr 13: stronger encryption, Linux bug fixed
GENBar Code Maker7KAndy CranstonApr 3/02 
A program that generates a (type 39) bar code .bmp file, given some input text.
GENTopaz Scripting Engine26KRoderick JacksonMar 24/02 
An embedded, stack-based scripting engine. It's an interpreter, or virtual machine, that supports multiple threads of execution, using a small, but extensible instruction set. Mar 24: a bug fix, a new instruction (tEQUAL), updated documentation, and thread priorities.
WINBitmap Manipulation Tool161KMicMar 2/02 
A utility for manipulating bitmap files. It features 24-bit to 8-bit color reduction with palette optimization and dithering. Mar 2: added a great color quantizer called NeuQuant, plus the ability to output palettes in 15-bit format (suitable for the Gameboy Advance).
GENShow Strings in ex.err 11KBob EliaFeb 20/02 
It processes ex.err, substituting readable strings for sequences of numbers.
WINStretch Bitmap62KMartin StachonFeb 5/02 1.50
A program that demonstrates how to stretch and shrink a bitmap picture. Change the window size to see the effect.
WINFile Decompressor3KChrissyFeb 1/02 
This uses a decompression library built into Windows. It can decompress files that were compressed using Microsoft's COMPRESS.EXE
WINLoad File from Euphoria Data22KAndrea CiniDec 20/01 
A tool that lets you embed a file into your program as Euphoria data. See also David Cuny's Resource Binder.
DOSDisk Image16KFree PlayNov 24/01 7.00
A utility that lets you create and copy a complete image of a floppy or hard disk.
GENConvert 24-bit bitmaps to 8-bit10KRod JacksonNov 19/01 
A command-line tool that converts 24-bit bitmap picture files to reasonable-looking 8-bit files.
WINSimple Encryption Program97KMarc HooverNov 15/01 
Encrypt/Decrypt your documents.
WINBMP <--> XPM Converter55KRoland StowasserNov 15/01 1.50
A tool for converting .BMP files to .XPM and vice versa.
GENBase Converter4KJim RobertsOct 17/01 
A program that converts numbers from one base to another.
GENMeasurement Conversion Tool6KJim RobertsOct 5/01 
A command-line tool for converting from one unit of measurement to another. Oct 5: new features, conversion factors were made more precise
GENText Utilities5KRicardo FornoAug 30/01 
A Unix-like tee program; a character conversion tool between DOS and Windows; plus routines that measure the degree of similarity between two strings - useful when the user may have misspelled a word or name.
WINProgram with Flow Charts204KClaudio EmiliozziAug 6/01 
A program that lets you create and compile flow charts to generate assembly language.
GENRead ZIP file info2KJeff FieldingJul 28/01 0.50
routines for extracting information about files contained in a .ZIP archive. Jul 28: now works on all platforms
GENConvert Euphoria To HTML4KMartin StachonJul 18/01 
Convert Euphoria source code to colored HTML, with optional CSS style sheets. Jul 18: minor improvements
WINMap Editor17KBlair HowarthJun 20/01 
A map editor for .BMP images.
GENText to PDF converter2KMaurizio MoroniJun 5/01 1.00
A tool that converts from plain text to PDF format. Jun 5: It's now a command-line utility, rather than a GUI program.
DOSSlide Show Maker79KRobert MylleMay 25/01 0.10
A program that displays a slide show of .BMP pictures.
GENText Formatter2KMike NelsonFeb 4/01 0.25
Print text to the screen between margins. Handles tab expansion, word wrap, right and left alignment, and centering.
DOSFile Finder5KJim DuffyOct 5/00 
Search your hard drive for files. It uses a different approach than euphoria\bin\search.ex
DOSConvert Font to Sequence52KWayne OvermanAug 29/00 
A utility that converts a string of text in a given font, into an initialized sequence that you can declare in your program. Aug 29: the fonts are stored in an EDS database.
WINIni File Editor182KMatt ArriolaAug 19/00 
A handy tool for creating and editing Windows .ini files. Aug 19: completed new version
GENRot-13 Encoder/Decoder1KZak GreantJun 20/00 
A small program that converts text using ROT-13.
GENFile Splitter29KCarl WhiteApr 18/00 
A file splitter for large files. Apr 18: bug fix, works on all platforms
GENFile2Eu11KDavi FigueiredoMar 30/00 
Convert any text or binary file into a Euphoria sequence in an include file.
DOSFast Load of Bitmap Images15KWayne OvermanFeb 13/00 
In order to load and display .BMP files as fast as possible, he created a faster file format. He also uses Jacques Deschenes primitive DOS file operations. A benchmark shows that the primitive operations can only save about 0.01 seconds per image on a Pentium.
DOSMake Transparent Image2KCaballero RojoJan 31/00 
Routines for making part of a picture transparent, or changing its color.
WINGraphic File Converter7KNormand BlaisJan 21/00 
Normand added a Windows GUI interface to Caballero Rojo's graphics format converter. (see below)
DOSList Routines14KD. B. JamesOct 20/99 
A program that extracts the declaration lines of Euphoria functions and procedures. It includes a nice file-selector GUI for selecting files and directories from anywhere on your machine. Oct 20: It now handles the case where the routine declaration spans more than one line.
DOSDirectory Compare3KRolf SchroederOct 20/99 
a program for comparing directories. It can run using ex or exw. Oct 20: minor improvements
DOSEuSetup Install Program191KMatt ArriolaOct 2/99 
A utility for installing files. Oct 2: minor enhancements, plus bound decompressor.
DOSDisplay and Convert Graphics Files15KCaballero RojoSep 23/99 
Programs that display and convert between .GIF, .PCX, and .BMP formats. He has provided both English and Spanish versions.
DOSCreate Animated GIFs17KNick MetcalfeSep 14/99 
An extension of Christopher Street's GIF creation routine so you can create animated GIFs. Sep 14: define a transparent color for the image background in any .GIF
DOSWordMonger Encoding Scheme7KBuddy HyllbergSep 7/99 
An encoding scheme for text files.
DOSPlain Old Documentation Generator9KBuddy HyllbergAug 26/99 
A tool that extracts documentation from source code.
DOSCut a Bitmap1KRobert NalleyJun 1/99 
A tool that crops a bitmap picture to fit inside a certain area. It works with Michael Bolin's ememcopy() (see Archive / Library Routines).
DOSmicroSARA Music Generator132KDavid CunyMay 21/99 0.25
a program that generates MIDI music files in various styles using random numbers and some sophisticated algorithms developed by David Cope. With Windows you can double click on a .MID file to play it. See SARA.DOC.
DOSPalette Editor2KMarco Tulio MarmolejosMay 4/99 
a simple editor for color palettes. It has a graphical interface with Spanish commands.
DOSCipher Tools12KIsaacApr 29/99 
a Feistel utility; a keyed shuffler; an S-box substituter; an S-box inverter; a permutator; a keyed latin square generator/shuffler; the SHA-1 hash algorithm, and more.
DOSPalette Editor13KLeonid ShulmanApr 28/99 1.00
a tool for editing color palettes.
DOSLog Changes to a Directory8KRod DamonFeb 25/99 
a modification of a program by Joseph Martin. Rod's version keeps track of files that have been added, deleted, or changed in a directory (and its subdirectories). It might be useful when you install an upgrade, or try to keep your work and home computers in sync. See also Joseph's original in the Archive.
DOSSource Backup Utility2KAndrew MitchellFeb 2/99 
a program that backs up your source code by copying it to a directory named for the current date. You can also compress your backup.
DOSPalette Management83KColin TaylorJan 25/99 
a sophisticated and nice-looking program for manipulating the palettes of images.
GENEnumeration Types in Euphoria4KJeff FieldingJan 19/99 
a preprocessor for enum statements in Euphoria.
DOSChat Facility7KNick MetcalfeDec 18/98 
a simple chat facility. To use it you need to set up an IPX network. You also need David Cuny's text-mode GUI from the Archive page/Editors.
GENGZIP Decompressor13KDavi FigueiredoOct 10/98 3.25
A file decompressor based on the GZIP format. v1.01
DOSSprite and Icon Editor42KRoy ShepherdSep 21/98 
a sprite and icon editor. It works in mode 19 and includes a nice demo program.
DOSExtract Comments as Documentation2KEinar MogenSep 4/98 
it scans a Euphoria program for special comments, that will become the external documentation for the program.
GENCompress/Decompress3KDaniel BersteinJun 20/98 
a data compression algorithm. Jun 20: can now use routine ids for input and output.
DOSAccess .INI files9KTerry ConstantJun 9/98 
a utility for storing and retrieving information in Windows .INI files.
DOSVariable Save/Restore9KTerry ConstantJun 9/98 0.25
a utility for storing and retrieving variables and data in a text file. It enables applications to share information.
DOSNice Form38KTerry ConstantJun 6/98 1.00
a handy tool for nicely formatting Euphoria programs.
DOSSpace/Tab Converter25KTerry ConstantJun 6/98 
a program for inserting or removing tabs in text files. There are several different options to choose from.
GENConvert .bmp to .e3KGraeme BurkeJun 5/98 
A utility routine for converting a .BMP file into a (large) declaration of constant data in a Euphoria include file.
DOSBM Crunch2KGraeme BurkeJun 3/98 0.25
a tool for compressing .BMP images.
DOSBM Directory Cruncher2KJesus ConsuegraJun 2/98 
an add-on tool for Graeme Burke's BM Crunch. It compresses all .BMP's in a directory.
GENDot Notation for Euphoria5KDavid CunyJun 2/98 
a preprocessor for an experimental extension to the Euphoria language
DOS3-D Sprite Editor54KGraeme BurkeMay 18/98 
A unique sprite editor that allows you to rotate sprites in 3-D. Uses mode 257.
DOSSprite Editor20KEinar MogenApr 30/98 
A sprite editor that supports multi-image files, rotation, masked copy, editing, resizing etc.many new features
DOSBitmap Editor11KEduardo OkadaMar 17/98 
An editor for small bitmap images. Mar 17: better interface, faster, larger bitmaps
DOSFile Splitter3KPatRatFeb 14/98 0.40
Splits large files and puts them back together.
DOS4DOS Description Files7KAl TaylorFeb 5/98 
4DOS description file support. Now able to save descriptions.
DOSFile Display5KMatt SephtonDec 12/97 
a simple program for viewing files.
GENSpell Check Enhancement5KArt AdamsonDec 5/97 
He added some useful features to Junko Miura's spell checker.
DOS4DOS Description Files and Filename-Split7KAl TaylorNov 9/97 
code that lets you use 4DOS description files to describe the files in a win95 directory.
DOSSprite Editor48KColin TaylorSep 21/97 6.75
an excellent sprite editor and animator. He has included demos of mouse pointers and fonts, as well as a generic sprite animation demo that works in any graphics mode at reasonable speed.
DOSDraw Bitmap Images12KLee WooSeobSep 1/97 
a paint program using code donated by Pete Eberlein, Jiri Babor, and Marcel Kollenaar. You can use it to make small bitmap images. (Uses mode 257)
DOSBundle .BMP Files2KRicardo Niederberger CabralJul 6/97 
routines for bundling several .BMP files into one big file
DOSFind Added Files7KJoseph MartinJun 9/97 
a utility program that finds and outputs to a file all the files that you have added to the original Euphoria installed files. You may find it useful when you are upgrading.
DOSRed-Green-Blue Adjuster5KNormand BlaisMar 22/97 
a little utility that lets you see the color that results from mixing different amounts of red, green and blue in your palette

Mathematics (115)

WINEuChipmunkPhysics68KAndyupdated Sep 14/17 
This is a wrapper of the Chipmunk physics library for Euphoria. It has been written to be as Euphoria friendly as possible. Chipmunk is a rigid body physics system. Sep 14: Added some missing functions. Made wrapper more Euphoria friendly.
GENEuODE414KAndyupdated Sep 12/17 
This is a wrapper of the ODE Physics Engine for Euphoria. All functions have been wrapped. The wrapper has been designed to be as Euphoria friendly as possible. ODE is a 3D Physics engine. Sep 12: Added some missing functions. Added an example.
GENRoman Numbers17KJames CookJun 21/17 
Ancient Romans included both the leading and trailing items in the count. The modern computer system starts counting at zero up until one minus 2^bits. Strings are further complicated by needing an extra zero terminating character. This library can calculate the correct value when converting Ancient Roman numbers to modern numbers.
GENEnglish numbers18KJames Cookupdated May 27/17 
English numbers allows someone to type in a number and read it in natural English language. For those who cannot count up to one quadrillion. It is important that everyone should know how to count in English. May 27: Freeware license.
GENeu_number120KJames Cookupdated May 14/17 
Bignum math as sequences of digits with exponents. Does addition, multiplication, subtraction, multiplicative inverse (1/x), division, exp, and log. Defaults to length equals 100 for speed, (can be 1000s with base 10), max_radix = 0x800000. Keep in mind to check the exponent and the number. Ported to several different programming languages. May 14: Fixed bug in rounding functions. myeunumber folder is in big-endian. Added little-endian version of myeunumber.e
GENMath (v1.00)30KShian LeeFeb 18/17 
Math.e provides math routines for Euphoria 3.1.1 (Constants, Comparisons, Accumulation, Rounding and Remainders, Logarithms and Powers, Random Numbers, Prime Numbers, Trigonometry, Hyperbolic Trigonometry and Misc). Includes standard user manual.
GENmyquadmath1039KJames Cookupdated Feb 2/17 
equadmath for Windows/Ubuntu 64-bit. Does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and quadmath functions in both __float128 and __complex128. Requires Euphoria 4.1 for Windows/Linux 64-bit for myquadmath.e, and 64-bit gcc for myquadmath.h Passes pointers to float128 numbers. Contains working 64-bit dll/so's and exe/out's. Feb 2: changed link to sourceforge for download
WINmyquadmath665KJames Cookupdated Jan 28/17 
equadmath for Windows 64-bit. Does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and quadmath functions in both __float128 and __complex128. Requires Euphoria 4.1 for Windows 64-bit for myquadmath.e, and 64-bit gcc for myquadmath.h Passes pointers to float128 numbers. Contains working 64-bit dll's and exe's. Jan 28: compiled using strawberry perl's 64-bit gcc compiler for Windows
GENAmortization Tables5KKenneth Rhodesupdated Nov 16/16 
A simple program that calculates monthly payments on loans, mortgages etc. Nov 16: Minor edit - now compatible with OpenEuphoria 4.0
GENExpression evaluator278KJean-Marc DUROOct 4/16 
A small expression evaluator to be used in scripts.
GENComplex Number Calculator11KShawn PringleDec 13/15 
Complex number calculator for the console. Dec 13: fixed bad type
GENbigatom.e - floating point numbers base 10 arbitrary precision.27KcargoanDec 27/14 
Floating point numbers in base 10 with arbitrary precision, with examples. Dec 27: improved euler function for speed (checked up to 1000000 decimals)
GENEvaluate math expressions v1.1.022KShian LeeDec 6/14 
math eval() evaluates a string as though it were a math expression, e.g. "a+b/2", i.e. parses and calculates complex math expressions. Supports functions, operators, constants, variables and Euphoria 4.1 syntax. Includes standard user manual and two 'Expression Calculator' demo programs. Dec 6: Bug fix and new features - read in 'version.doc'.
GEN2STROKE2272KMike DuffyFeb 3/14 
2-stroke exhaust design. Calculate n stage diffusers and lobster back bends. Automatically calculate all cone projections. Simple (2D) on screen graphics. Editor for cone sections with skewed and rotated ends. Outputs flat panel as TXT DXF PS EPS. Will split projections for printer sheets. Math routines and a multi-mode text/svga input routine, are in separate include files. Feb 3: Replaced bad copy of DosBox, some minor fixes.
DOSParameter Estimation in ODEs270KDon CahelaJan 20/14 2.50
Estimation of parameters in ODE based models- "PESTODE", by Newton-Raphson method followed by quasilinearization. Compiled program, but source code for the library of ODE models is given. Nineteen examples illustrate use of PESTODE. Jan 20: Modified models of heat up of packed tube to estimate themal conductivity and wall heat transfer coefficient. Added a step shortening parameter.
GENDecode base58 to binary2KShawn PringleDec 26/13 
decoder and encoder. Converts bitcoin base58 strings to binary or EUPHORIA sequences.
GENdomecalc1.3a14KKenneth RhodesOct 23/13 
Calculates geodesic dome "strut" lengths, floor area, surface area, volume, etc, based on 2, 3, or 4 Frequency, Class 1, Method 1, Icosahedrons as well as 4 frequency Class 1, Method 2, Icosahedrons. Selectable units of measure - Switch to any length of measure. (Most lengths are reported in carpenters fractions as well)
WINPermutations962KFred RansomApr 10/13 
Permutations: This presents a Permutations namespace for n items taken m (<= n) at a time. It creates and delivers one permutation with each call to Permutations:next(). It also keeps track of parity, thus making it useful for some things in linear algebra. Determinants, matrix inverse and solving simultaneous equations are illustrated. All routines were chosen to illustrate use of permutations rather than speed. Although the field of real numbers was assumed here, these routines will work for any field, such as complex numbers or the integers mod 7 when you define appropriate arithmetic operations. EU 4, Judith's IDE and Win32Lib. Permutations.e is general.
GENSimultaneous Equations31KDon CahelaMar 18/13 1.00
Routines for solving N linear equations in N unknowns. Lower-Upper decomposition with row pivoting that retains intermediate results for future use. Also, routines for tridiagonal, block tridiagonal, pentadiagonal, block pentadiagonal, tridag and block tridag for periodic boundary conditions, Jacoby block iteration, and a version with sparse matrix storage implemented. Mar 18: LU decomposition with row pivoting added.
WINMixed Fractions936KFred RansomApr 15/12 
With mixed fractions you can represent 2 and 1/3 exactly. This little program fractions and the arithmetic operations that go with them. A piece of the code, although translated into Euphoria, is more than 2600 years old. EU 4 along with Win32lib and Judith's IDE. The program has not been thoroughly checked, so have fun.
LNXdomecalc2813KKenneth RhodesMar 22/12 
domecalc computes the side lengths of the triangles of several types of icosahedrons commonly used to construct geodesic domes. Various other information such as area, surface area, volume is estimated as well. Several articles regarding geodesic math are included as well as a program, written in C, which computes a wealth of information from scratch.
LNXgnuplot interface for euphoria10KGreg HaberekJan 17/12 
A build of and wrapper for the gnuplot_i library. You must have gnuplot installed to use this.
DOSPESTLRN136KDon CahelaOct 12/11 
Program to estimate rate constants from "batch" data for networks of first order Rxns. PESTLRN uses Newton-Raphson method followed by quasilinearization. Compiled program, no source code. Three examples illustrate the use of PESTLRN.
GENFermat's test1KMarco AchuryAug 17/11 
A dumb try to find an error on Fermat's last theorem, Checking for any possible sum of squares and cubes. near to reach the higher legal integer value, was impossible to find any cubic sum... Single file, no includes needed, full source. Aug 17: better output
WIN9-digit-problem938KFred RansomApr 4/11 
This little program solves the problem of finding products such that the digits 1 through 9 occur once and only once on each side of the equation. For example: 7143*25689 = 183496527. It also supplies a permutations namespace file. It introduces use of object oriented programming in Euphoria. It uses win32lib, EU 4 and Judith's IDE.
WINFractal - mandelbrot559KHarald RegerFeb 13/11 
Highly optimized mandelbrot set, very fast, zooming with factors, zooming into sections, variable iteration depth, use of functions in a dll. please read read_me.txt.
GENLibrary of Statistical Functions33KCharles NewbouldApr 9/10 1.00
A library of descriptive statistical functions. Includes full html documentation. Apr 9: More functions added. Folder of worked examples.
GENMath Library16KDon CahelaJun 2/09 1.00
A library of functions that operate similarly to power(x,n). Also complex variable functions, statistical distributions, polynomial operations, and search for zero of general function. Test codes demonstrate use of each set of functions. Jun 2: Added interval halving version of root search.
DOSMathematical expression parser191KCrashApr 20/09 
Small (and binded) parser. It can process almost any mathematical expression eg: 2+34-5*(3-46-4)+23... etc Variable definition allowed, and function declaration (not yet!)... WARNING: type #help for a brief of use. NO GUARANTIES! - CRASH -
GENHexMath14KMichael J. SabalSep 29/08 1.00
A set of routines for performing mathematical operations on almost infinitely large hexadecimal integers. Pre-alpha version. Sep 29: Restored missing file.
GENBig Fixed Math13KLucius L. Hilley IIIJun 2/08 
An arbitrary precision math library with power, root, and logarithm functions. bigfixed.e is the only include file needed. math.e is some of his prototype code. Proof of concept.
GENPortfolio Optimizer50KRobert CraigNov 9/07 
Got the "subprime mortgage" blues? This program attempts to maximize return while minimizing risk in an investment portfolio. It tests millions of combinations of funds, eliminating all combinations that would seem to have both lower return and higher risk than some other combination. For each level of desired return, it shows you the safest possible combination of funds that should achieve that return.
GENHypatia Command Line Calculator105KRobert Sch�chterOct 30/07 1.00
Hypatia is a reasonably easy to use RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator for friends of the command line prompt. It runs in text mode as a command line tool. A Windows executable is available. Linux/Unix not tested, may require minor adaptations.
GENHandling Undefined Values1KJuergen LuethjeSep 27/07 0.60
Logical, relational and arithmetic operations that can handle the value 'unknown'. If the operands are known numbers, the same results as from standard Euphoria operations will be returned. Sep 27: updated contact information
GENEinstein's Riddle23KJuergen LuethjeSep 27/07 
Extremely fast program for solving a notorious logical puzzle known as 'Einstein's riddle'. Sep 27: updated contact information
GENSum words function1KIgor GalaninSep 20/07 
A function that writes number words (sum of money) and returns a text string in Russian. All comments in the source only in Russian.
GENKnapsack: simple and fast2KRicardo FornoSep 2/07 
A very simple but also very fast knapsack algorithm. Useful to: fill DVD's to the brim, equitibly divide goods, etc. Sep 2: Made algorithm somewhat faster. Added a sub-algorithm to show all possible solutions for each goal.
GENFlat math evaluation library9KCChrisAug 15/07 
A mathematical expression library based on M. Stachon mseval.e. Returns a sequence of flat tokens, which are easier to manipulate. Can normalise an expression - one operator by pair of parentheses. Multiple variables supported. Doc can be generated using makedoc.exw from win32lib\Demo.
GENRounding function1KJean-Marc DUROMar 25/07 
Rounds atom a to n decimals (ex: round(112.234, 1) = 112.2). n may be negative (ex: round(112, -2) = 100)
GENComplex LU decomposition2KDon CahelaDec 22/06 1.80
Complex number linear algebra solution of Ax=b by lower-upper decomposition. Includes a routine to invert a complex square matrix. Testing code included. Dec 22: Test code moved to separate file and output more readable.
GENFinancial Calculator3KJaime MarcosOct 25/06 1.00
This lets you make all the usual financial calcutations: simple/compound/continuous interest, NAR, ordinary/due annuities, ballon payments, perpetuities, etc. A battery of solved examples is included. The iterative calculation of the interest is performed to the maximum precision of the machine.
GENNumber e with thousands of digits12KJaime MarcosOct 20/06 
A very fast program that computes the number e to thousands of decimal digits. The output is written as a text file, num_e.txt. For example, to compute e to 21000 decimal digits on a Pentium III at 845 MHz, it took only 37.18 seconds.
WINAI Trainer4000KWes HermansonMay 3/06 3.00
The Ai Trainer is a real-time, plain-English artificial intelligence scripting engine for use in developing non-neural, weighted logic and knowledge-based agents. (source not included) May 3: none (download link)
GENMatheval86KMatthew LewisApr 20/06 7.20
A math package with the ability to do simple symbolic algebra and calculus. Apr 20: v1.65: Added date/time functions, additional text functions
GENSimpson's Rule15KDon CahelaMar 24/06 4.40
Integration of f(x) over a specified interval using Simpson's Rule or Boole's rule with interval halving. Recursive versions coded for 1, 2 and 3D integration. Test problems included. Mar 24: Molecular orbit type test function added to all methods.
GENRunge-Kutta Numerical Integration86KDon CahelaMar 8/06 2.50
A numerical integration package for non-stiff ordinary differential equations. Classical 4th order Runge-Kutta method or Verner's 5th/6th order pair to solve any number of simultaneous ODEs. Mar 8: Added "contls" to parameter list. See parameter estimation in ODEs.
GENGeneralized Runge-Kutta Numerical Integration for Stiff ODEs138KDon CahelaMar 8/06 
Numerical integration of "stiff" ordinary differential equations by generalized Runge-Kutta method. Problems with jacobian matrices of nxn, tridiagonal, pentadiagonal, block tridiagonal jacobian matrices, and block tridiagonal with periodic boundary conditions are covered. Examples included. Mar 8: Added "contls" to parameter list. See parameter estimation in ODEs.
WINParticleDraw (drawing progam / particle simulator)517KJohn RinglandFeb 27/06 
ParticleDraw is a novel Windows drawing program powered by a state of the art general system simulation engine. The brushes are dynamic systems of particles with interesting behaviours, which you can completely customise. This program is an implementation of abstract mathematics that arose from metaphysical research. It provides a virtual reality generative process that manifests virtual universes with fundamental properties similar to our own. This program is still in development and is evolving rapidly, it is entirely free with full source code and detailed information on the website. There is also another simple drawing program and a "Game of Life" program. See screen shots and more information or see the Gallery. Feb 27: ported to Windows with full menu system; psychedelic drawing functionality; better handling; zoom & pan
GENTriangle library16KCChrisFeb 26/06 
This library allows handling triangles in 3-dimensional space. It can determine the shadow of an object (a collection of triangles) casts on another, and has a rendering function allowing subtle coloring under Windows. This v0.1 has ample room for additions.
GENMath Library20KAl GetzFeb 12/06 
A math library with complex argument handling and algebraic solutions to Quadratic and Cubic equations, as well as a full implementation of Newton's method in one variable for solving equations numerically. Also handles trig functions with complex arguments. Many demo function calls included. Feb 12: Small fix and added taking square root of a negative number to the demos.
DOSSMN Particle Simulator226KJohn RinglandFeb 5/06 
System Matrix Notation (SMN) is a new mathematical methodology for the representation, analysis and simulation of general systems. "SMN Particle Simulator" is a simple example implementation of SMN in the context of systems of particles (as a general proof-of-concept for the mathematical methodology). The program allows one to easily create and interact with systems of particles as one watches them evolve on the screen. There is also a dynamic drawing program and a "Game of Life" program. In general any type of system can be modeled and future versions of SMN will allow for arbitrary general systems and advanced analysis techniques. To view screen shots or read more information see: Feb 5: Now there's three example programs, each with updated features such as zoom, stepping, etc.
GENCalculations with long numbers8KDavid MoneyJan 25/06 
A text string representing a floating point number of any length, in any base, is converted to a sequence. Routines are provided for basic math functions, and converting to any other base. The results can then be converted back to a text string for display. Jan 25: Fixed bug with base conversion routine. Added RPN calculator demo.
GENNumber conversions3KDavid MoneyDec 31/05 3.00
Miscellaneous number conversion routines. Convert to and from Roman numerals, convert floating point number string in any base to atom, convert number string to English text. Add appropriate ordinal string (th, nd, st) to number.
GENBase Converter (beta1)3Kjxliv7 - jonDec 27/05 
This include file (BC_beta_1.e) and DEMO (BC_demo.exw) converts integers as large as 1,073,741,823 to numbers in any base from 2 to 1,073,741,823, and vice versa. Beta limited to integers only. Source included. Documented.
WINUCalc Wrapper and Calculator8KAlex ChamberlainOct 28/05 
DLL Wrapper of ucalc32.dll - a very fast and accurate math expression evaluator. Also included is a calculator that uses the program. Oct 28: Version 1.b. No longer includes the download from (license violation). You must download UCalc FMP from Now has Documentation. Beta - Very Little Testing. Please sort out/report bugs.
DOSGA Math V1.266KDB JamesSep 30/05 0.50
GA Math is a genetic algorithm program. The user enters a formula and a population of GA beings evolves an algorithm that yields the correct answer to the entered formula. Each "gene" of the beings applies a basic math operation. The sets of genes in the population change over time and tend toward those that give the correct answer. Sep 30: Generally faster. Flicker-free screen. Added more private numbers. Many other small changes. Added to docs.
WINInPlace Scientific Calculator and Server231KAl GetzApr 8/05 1.50
A scientific calculator and math server. Use as a stand-alone calculator or send data to another calc for evalulation, or use as a math server to your own app. Built in functions include algebra, trig, calculus, regression. In-Place eval allows math calculations to take place right within the text document. Load and save functions and vars for later use. Includes EE formulas. Apr 8: Now has a built-in appointment calendar. EE formulas updated with Ohm's Law and Simpson's Error. Separate property sheet page for Catalog.
GENGridcalc5KMichael J. SabalMar 11/05 
A set of functions to convert from Maidenhead grids to latitute / longitude (decimal) and back, miles to kilometers and back, as well as to calculate distance and bearing between two points. No documentation yet, but it should be fairly clear what's going on. Keep in mind the US and western Europe are negative longitude, and eastern Europe and Asia are positive longitude.
DOSShort Circuit Computation Program22KGerardo V. LozadaApr 22/04 
Calculate fault currents due to short circuits in electric utility power systems using the Rake model in conjunction with the Kron reduction method. Simulates all types of shunt faults: 3-phase, single-line-to-ground, line-to-line and double-line-t-ground. Apr 22: Includes missing modified math.e needed by the program.
DOSNewton-Raphson Loadflow Program19KGerardo V. LozadaApr 21/04 
A program to compute the voltages and power flows within an electric utility power system using the Newton-Raphson method.
WINSTEELSNAKES - Exhaust Pipes Design205KClaudio EmiliozziJan 2/04 
A multi-cone exhaust pipes design program. This simple program allows you to design and print the external surfaces of cone sections (with slanted cuts) that can be arranged to obtain a professional Exhaust Pipe for 2 Stroke engines.
GENPermutations and Combinations of up to 13 things2KRalph GillottNov 6/03 
1. permutation number q of s: perm_qs(3,"abcd")= "acbd" 2. selection q of r things from s: select_qrs(19,3,"abcde") = "bde" 3. permutation q of r things from s: perm_qrs(15,3,"abcd") = "cad"
WINDistance Calculator228KMichael S. ThompsonSep 5/03 
A program for calculating road distances between cities. It uses Djikstra's algorithm. Source and executable included. Requires Win32Lib (included)
WINBoids5KMatthew LewisSep 5/03 
Win32Lib implementation of the classic complexity theory example showing emergent behavior from a simple set of rules. You can watch the Boids fly around in 3D and change parameters that affect their behavior.
WINMath Problem Generator142KJon SasJun 24/03 
This generates a page of random math problems. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
WINImage Evolver371KAlexander ToressonMay 28/03 1.20
A program to evolve pictures of mathematical expressions using genetic algorithms. It's able to do cross-overs and mutations of pictures. May 28: bug fix, some new functions
GENSimplex Algorithm18KGerardo Valenzuela LozadaMay 12/03 1.90
A program that implements the Primal Simplex algorithm used in solving linear programming minimization or maximization problems. It uses his enhanced data reading function library (GET_ENH.E). Several sample data files are included. See ReadMe.txt for instructions.
GENHyperbolic and List Routines3KBrad OlsonFeb 4/03 1.00
Hyperbolic trig functions, plus some interesting generic list routines.
GENCipher Tools29KC. J. SilverJan 3/03 
A set of Euphoria tools for using ciphers, plus some other useful libraries. This was developed by a 13-year old for a science fair project.
GENBig Math216KMatthew LewisNov 12/02 
A library that lets you perform calculations using numbers with close to 10,000 digits. The numbers can be extremely large and/or extremely precise. He uses a sophisticated technique based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem, as well as an EDS database to store previously-calculated results.
GENBresenham/Bezier Curves3KBarbarellaSep 3/02 2.75
A library for all platforms that generates Bresenham lines and Bezier curves. The points are returned as x-y coordinates in a sequence. A DOS demo is included.
GENExtended Precision Arithmetic11KAntoine TammerMay 30/02 2.00
The first release of a library that provides extra precision (digits) on math calculations.
WINQuadratic Equation1KRubens Monteiro LucianoMay 19/02 
A very simple demo that might help a beginner to get started with Win32Lib.
WINTravelling Salesman6KMicApr 28/02 
A program that solves the Travelling Salesman problem, using a combination of Ant Colony Optimization, and Q-Learning. With some minor changes, this program can be made to run on the other platforms. Search for other Travelling Salesman solutions in the archive.
WINRegression Analysis87KMarcelo MolinaApr 20/02 1.00
A program that fits laboratory data to a curve. (The user interface is in Spanish).
GENOptimal Scaling35KAlexei van BaarenNov 1/01 
A program used for scaling of data obtained by subjective means (i.e. opinion polls, surveys etc.).
GENAerodynamic Calculations2KErik van KampenApr 21/01 
A program that calculates the lift generated by an airplane wing of a given shape and size.
GENNormal Distribution1KErik van KampenApr 10/01 0.70
A routine that generates a series of numbers with a Normal (Gaussian) distribution. You can choose how many numbers you want, along with the mean and standard deviation.
GENNeural Network Bug Simulator3KJohn McAdamMar 12/01 
A graphical educational program where a feedforward neural network helps a bug find food.
GENLinear Least Squares16KRolf SchroederFeb 28/01 
A linear least squares program for data reduction.
GENNon-Linear Least Squares16KRolf SchroederFeb 28/01 
A non-linear least squares program for data reduction.
GENAnalysis of Linear Models33KAlexei van BaarenJan 25/01 
A program that helps you to analyse linear mathematical models including regression and covariance analysis.
DOSTravelling Salesman Problem49KJiri BaborNov 22/00 
Jiri solves the famous travelling salesman problem with a program that uses his attractive new DOS widgets GUI package. Nov 22: new interface and widgets, includes standard 200-city set from Scientific American. See also the TSP programs by Jerry Story and Art Adamson (below).
WINChaos Grapher106KSR WilliamsonJul 21/00 
A program that lets you experiment with functions that become chaotic for certain values.
GENFactorial and Primes8KAbhayJan 25/00 
Some simple programs for computing factorials and prime numbers. Jan 25: new programs plus a .doc file.
GENConvert to Large Base2KC. K. LesterJan 19/00 
A program that converts base 10 numbers to a large base, such as 254. It reduces the number of digits and saves space.
DOSDado Dice Program5KMarcos DonnantuoniDec 20/99 
A program that explores various combinations of dice.
GENAssorted Math Routines11KLaurence DraperNov 30/99 
A collection of advanced math routines such as FFT, Big Numbers, prime numbers, encryption etc.
GENStatistics Program1KVonFreudenhowserAug 19/99 
A program for performing a statistical calculation.
DOS2-D Plotting Package50KLeonid ShulmanApr 12/99 
a fancy 2-d plotting package that includes a nice-looking demo.
GENSimultaneous Equations1KLaurence DraperApr 9/99 
routines for solving N equations in N unknowns.
DOSNeural Network2KJeff FieldingApr 7/99 
code for experimenting with Neural Networks.
DOSGenetic Algorithms7KJeff FieldingApr 5/99 
code for experimenting with genetic algorithms. These are algorithms that are improved through "natural selection", i.e. "survival of the fittest".
DOSMath Function Parsing and Plotting305KDetlef ReimersFeb 24/99 
a system for parsing and plotting math functions. He also included a Ghostscript program to display the resulting Postscript files. pkunzip with -d
GENMath Routines2KAndy MontgomeryFeb 5/99 
an extensive math library. Feb 5: new routines added
DOSFuzzy Logic12KHawke'Oct 3/98 
A library that allows Euphoria programs to use "fuzzy" logic in the decision making process. He fully explains the concept of "fuzzy" logic and he includes many examples and benchmarks.
GENFaster PI Calculation4KLaurence DraperSep 24/98 0.50
a fast PI calculator that calculates PI to as many digits as you like.
DOSComplex Numbers (with Fractal Demos)5KNick MetcalfeJul 3/98 
a library of routines for exploring fractal mathematics using complex numbers.
GENTernary Trees10KArt AdamsonJul 1/98 
experiments with ternary trees, as opposed to the more common binary trees. Each node in the tree can have three children, rather than two. Note: You need the file WORDS.TXT from Junko Miura's spell checker (below).
GENKnapsack Problem6KArt AdamsonNov 11/97 
a program that tries to optimally pack a knapsack (or truck or bin or whatever).
GENBig Number Arithmetic13KCraig GilbertJul 13/97 0.70
routines for performing arithmetic on huge numbers. He uses sequences to store thousands of digits for addition, multiplication, division, etc. -- even factoring. Note: the author warns that this code contains a lot of bugs.
DOSSine Wave2KMr. SmilyMay 22/97 
a simple program that shows how to plot a sine wave
DOSCommand Line Calculator5KMatt SephtonApr 27/97 
a handy little calculator. It does basic arithmetic plus hex and octal conversions.
GENFaster PI Calculation2KMichael BolinMar 29/97 
a modified PI.EX to run as fast as the compiled Microsoft Basic version
DOSScientific American4KGavin DoigMar 29/97 
two interesting programs from Scientific American. One is a genetic algorithm that uses survival of the fittest to find the best solution to a problem. The other is based on the Prisoner's Dilemma, a problem from the branch of mathematics known as Game Theory.
GENCalculate PI3KJames PowellMar 25/97 
Calculate PI to as many digits as you like. Both a Euphoria and a QBasic version are included.
DOSTrigonometry1KNathan DudekMar 17/97 
a trigonometry program
DOSTravelling Salesman6KArt AdamsonFeb 22/97 
an approximate solution to the "Travelling Salesman" problem - what is the shortest route that takes you through all the cities you have to visit?
DOS3d graphing8KJ.F. SoucailleFeb 13/97 
a program that lets you graph functions as 3-D surfaces. You can dynamically adjust parameters and the view point of the observer.
GENRoot Finder4KArt AdamsonFeb 6/97 
a program that finds the roots (solutions) of polynomial equations.
GENMatrix Operations4KJ.F. SoucailleJan 30/97 
a matrix and simultaneous equation package that uses fast operations on entire sequences, as well as strongly typed code.
GENInvert a matrix6KArt AdamsonJan 23/97 
matrix manipulation routines, including matrix inverse and solving simultaneous equations.
GENInverse Math Functions1KJ.F. SoucailleJan 16/97 
useful functions such as arctan, arcsin and arccos written in Euphoria. Note: arctan, arcsin and arccos are included in Euphoria v2.1
DOSY vs X graphing5KAndrew BaronJan 3/97 
a graph program. It uses David Cuny's expression evaluation code. version 0.5b
DOSMath, geometry and metric conversions4KDave BrockOct 2/96 
library routines for advanced math, geometry, metric conversions and sequence manipulation.

Graphics Demos (185)

WINEuSDL206428KAndy P.updated Sep 29/17 
EuSDL2 is a wrapper of SDL2 for the Euphoria programming language. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Includes some example programs. Sep 29: Fixed demos, added a couple new functions.
WINEuBox2D337KAndyJun 6/17 
EuBox2D is a wrapper of the C port of Box2D. Box2D is a rigid body physics simulation engine. This allows you to use Box2D with Euphoria. It has been designed to be as Euphoria friendly as possible.
WINEuIrr3751KAndyMay 22/17 
EuIrr is a wrapper of the Irrlicht 3D Engine. It is based on the C port known as CIrrlicht. Irrlicht is a 3D graphics engine that allows you to render 3D environments. The wrapper was designed to be Euphoria friendly.
WINEuSFML21849KAndy P.updated Mar 5/17 
This is a wrapper of SFML 2.2 for the Euphoria programming language. All major and minor functions of SFML have been wrapped for all the modules of SFML 2.2 Includes example programs. This is a wrapping of the C binding of SFML2. Mar 5: Updated for SFML 2.4
WINGraphPeu391KJean-Marc DURODec 5/16 
This is Menno S. Ter Haseborg's Windows port of Matt Arriola's GraphApp. Jean-Marc needed to correct minor bugs to get it work with Eu3.
WINEuGLFW340KAndy P.Aug 21/16 
EuGLFW3 is a wrapper for the GLFW3 library. All functions are wrapped. Includes two example programs. Aug 21: Updated for GLFW 3.2.1. Can also be accessed to github address,
GENEuCairo1361KAndyAug 14/16 
EuCairo is a wrapper of the Cairo graphics library. Cairo can be used to draw and display graphics/fonts on different types of surfaces such as those of the xlib and win32 windows, etc. All functions have been wrapped. Aug 14: Included missing DLL.
WINGSL201435035KFred ManganFeb 16/16 
Graphic package for Eu4 + Win32Lib. Classical 2D scaled drawing. Consolidates, extends, replaces earlier package "Graphic Scaling". A PolyPic entity is now a more developed structure with optional sprite-like features available. New KeyFrame animation. Also a EuCanOop version. Scroll background pixmaps. Lots of demos + "DrawBust" vector graphic drawing program.
GENEuGLFW3 with examples144KJean-Marc DUROJan 19/16 
Andy's EuGLFW3 slightly modified to be cross-platform and completed with updated examples from Elliott's GLFW. Tested on Windows Seven 64-bit and Linux Mint 64-bit (no 32-bit Linux library provided as of now).
GENEuSDL2_gfx449KJean-Marc DUROJan 18/16 
SDL2 graphics wrapper. Tested with EU4.05 on Seven. Added colors definition and simplified routines.
GENEuSDL2_ttf884KJean-Marc DUROJan 8/16 
Mark Akita's SDL TTF ported to EuSDL2. Tested on Seven with EU 4.05.
GENSDL Libraries(Mixer & Image)1514KAndy P.Jul 1/13 
These are a small collection of the SDL libraries, Image and Mixer updated for SDL 2.0, all functions for each of the wrappers has been wrapped. These allow you to use load additional file formats for sound and images with SDL2.
WINZapox OpenGL Game Engine8331KSteve AllenJun 7/13 
Euphoria OpenGL Game Engine A WIP game engine utilizing modern OpenGL. Load models, 3d picking, FSAA, A* Pathfinding, lots more. Source+Executable. Self-extracting archive.
WINastro674KMike ManturovApr 11/13 
A galaxy emulator inspired by, and based on, Marco Achury's estrella.ex program. Some new features are added: keyboard commands, inelastic collision, print screen function, engine improvements, etc. Apr 11: Ported to Windows using dos_rescue library. Mouse support added.
WINOpenGL demo2269KSteve AllenJan 12/13 
The first 3D Euphoria game??? :) Its really a pretty simple platform jumping game via OpenGL. He made it while teaching himself the fixed function pipeline. As such, its nothing breathtaking but it does demonstrate some simple 3d collision detection, model loading, terrain generation, texturing and fog. It uses Mark Akita's awesome SDL wrapper and Mic's opengl lib.
GEN3d Math Routines for OpenGL28KSteve AllenJan 12/13 
Useful 3d math routines for working with modern OpenGL. Building projection/ortho matrices, frustum culling, 3d distance checks, generating translation/scaling/rotation matrices, matrix multiplication, dot products, cross products, vector math, etc. Written for EU 3.1. Jan 12: Fixed some bugs. Added contact info in code file.
WINW32GraphicScaling46KFred ManganMar 24/12 
A porting to Win32Lib of a well-tested package for scaled graphical vector-drawing. All drawing is done via Euphoria polyline sequences your application sets up. Their drawing is via mapping from virtual "real world" window(s) to as many viewport(s) (pixmaps) as you like. Can be used for simple animations, etc. Mar 24: fixed bad bug.
WINEuFreeImage1267KMike DuffyFeb 13/12 
Full wrapper for FreeImage, with helper functions. Use alone or as an extension to GdiPlus, supports many image formats.
WINGdiPlus185KMike DuffyJan 16/12 3.00
Complete Euphoria wrapper for GDI+ versions 1.0 and 1.1. Memory allocation and data conversion is handled by the wrapped functions. Includes structures, constants, manifests and many supporting routines. A demo program is included. Jan 16: Euphoria 4 compatibility
GENOpenCV1.01723KrasJan 11/12 
Euphoria v4 wrappers for OpenCV 1.0 with example program. Playback of .avi files and capture from webcam. Windows version working, Linux version incomplete.
DOSNew IMAGING driver for Euphoria7KTom JanesDec 26/11 
This file is used with the VESA_API.E file to display, or resize images for any VESA mode. It supports GIF and BMP files only. Portions of the file may be incomplete, and no help file is included. He doesn't have the time to finish it.
DOSHi-speed VESA driver for Euphoria44KTom JanesDec 26/11 
This is a high speed VESA driver capable of utilizing all of the VESA modes used in a user's video adapter. It supports 256, 32K, 64K, and 16M color modes, as well as wide screen. The refresh speed for many modes is 256 fps, more than enough to support full screen DVD playback. However, the final speed is determined only by the user's video system.
WINHorde3D for Euphoria3442KMark BrownSep 18/11 
This package allows Euphoria to make use of the Horde3D engine. It includes a port to Euphoria of the C++ "Chicago" demo. Horde3D requires an OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card supporting at least Shader Model 2.0. Minimum hardware is an NVidia GeForce FX or ATI Radeon 9500 graphics card. Check the official Horde3D FAQ at Sep 18: Uploaded to RDS
GENGeneralScaling1328KFred ManganOct 18/10 
Package comprising (1) DrawBustV2, a much improved version of DrawBust, a vector-drawing program for Euphoria in Archive and (2) a first pass at a common scheme for scaled drawing across DOS32, EuWinGUI and (Win32Lib if you'd like to volunteer -- see package Documents).
WINSave via FreeImage14KArthur CrumpSep 10/10 
Routine for saving images via freeimage.dll, which is not included. The supplied test program requires win32lib and freedib, which are also not included.
DOSastro11KMike ManturovAug 5/10 
A galaxy emulator inspired by, and based on, Marco Achury's estrella.ex program. Some new features are added: keyboard commands, inelastic collision, print screen function, engine improvements, etc. Aug 5: Elastic collision added. Various changes and improvements.
WINDeluxe Slide Show3336KDon ColeJul 3/10 3.50
Included are a bound .exe and the source code. Now works with, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .ico, .png, tif, .tiff, .wmf, .emf files. Features while Slide Show is in progress: Pause, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll about in a large Picture, Send Pictures to Your Favorites Folder, Manually Scroll back and forth through Slide Show, and other goodies. Jul 3: Included are all the needed include files. Ver. 3.1.1 include files are also needed.
WINAVI2GIF917KmicOct 14/09 
A command line application for converting an AVI file (or a part thereof) into an animated GIF. Uses VFW for the video decoding, so the user is required to have the relevant codec installed.
GENA set of EU logos1924KIgor KachanOct 10/09 
A set of EUPHORIA logos and icons. Based on new 'eu' letter. Feel free to use them for your Open Euphoria works and sites as you wish. Packed by 7z. Oct 10: Added new logos.
WINphotuki1KMichael RaleyOct 5/09 
Photuki is a utility using Win32Lib, freedib and win32dib to copy and transform images into a template for making origami cubes. Sample images, bound version and folding instructions available at Oct 5: change of websites with Geocities shutting down on Oct 26th
GENWindows and X icons for the Open EU files3KIgor KachanSep 10/09 
A set of .ico and .xpm icons for use with the Open Euphoria files. Based on the project of OEu logo. Packed by 7zip archiver.
WINFractal Screen Saver759KNick MetcalfeAug 4/09 1.00
A screen saver for Win95/98/ME/XP/Vista/Win7 that displays a series of very pretty fractal images. Aug 4: Updated for XP/Vista/Win7. Now has full source and Windows installer.
DOS3D star field simulation2KMarco AchuryOct 20/08 
Yet another 3D star field simulation, but this is different. In some of the examples the speed and direction of each star is different, and a "gravity acceleration" is calculated between each pair of stars. This modifies the speed and velocity for each calculation cycle. In some cases, some stars are trapped and orbit another star. Requires ex.exe. Variable names in Spanish but simple enough to understand. Oct 20: Missing file now included.
WINCg wrapper247KmicJul 24/08 
A wrapper for NVidia's Cg (C-like shader language) library. The wrapper is not complete, but still functional. Jul 24: Wrapped some more Cg functions. Added an example for D3D9.
WINDirectE - DirectX for Euphoria884KMicJul 9/08 0.50
The beginning of a DirectX wrapper (only wraps a small part of D3D and DShow at the moment). Requires DirectX 9.0 or above. Several examples are included. Jul 9: Added support for shaders written in HLSL. Added functions for blending and fog.
WINImage Editor814KGazApr 4/08 
Image editor is a advanced image editor. It uses the win32dib library for transformations, and other effects. It's a free image library for opening many different file formats. This is not a complete project. .EXE and source included.
WINOpenGL Graphics for Euphoria804KMicMar 23/08 12.75
A library for accessing the powerful 3-D animated graphics of OpenGL. Many impressive demos are included. Mar 23: Added some more GL extensions, plus five more example programs.
WINPicture Viewer930KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
A Windows picture viewer, like ACDSee. Interesting features are: saving last image position and zoom to database, thumbnails view using listview, virtual listview. This is a very early release, with a lot of unfinished stuff and bugs, but it's usable. It uses code from "DirectDraw fast scrolling demo" for viewing pictures. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
GENEuGTK259KMichael J. SabalDec 3/07 
EuGTK wraps the GTK+ graphical toolkit for both Linux and Windows. This update offers support for features in GTK+-2.10.
WINMorfit reloaded29298KMark Brown and Todd RigginsNov 30/07 8.50
The original Morfit Euphoria wrappers and support files / dll, by Mark Brown et al (see readme). See the Morfit (3dstate) Web site for a new graphics engine, which could also be wrapped in the future. A very capable 3-D graphics/game engine, and fun to play with. Its big too. Thanks to Chris Burch for recovering this file.
WINFractal generator for Windows203KDan-Ake EngqvistNov 26/07 
Fractal generator with possibility to zoom in and out. Right click for PopUp menu. Zoom by holding left mousebutton down.
DOSM19CLIP167KFred ManganSep 27/07 
Euphoria automatically clips images at screen edges, and that's it. With M19CLIP.E you can map and scale and clip your line drawing to Hollow Horse Software's Mode19 virtual screens, with placement of a viewport anywhere on screen. MAPCLIP.E does the same thing with less complication to Euphoria standard screens; very easy to use - has crude demo program
GENEuSDL_MD2140KSteven AllenSep 15/07 
A WIP MD2 file loader for the EuSDL library by Mark Akita. Requires Mark's SDL_GL package. Loads the MD2 file (with animations) into an easy to manage Euphoria sequence. Also contains a loader for raw triangle files.
WINL and D516KDB JamesAug 12/07 
L and D is an abstract representation of a pond and the life in it -- an example of "Artificial Life". The author finds it "ever-green" due to the simplicity of the programming compared to the endless and complex emerging behavior. Aug 12: Updated: it now contains more ponds, a savable graph report of evolutionary development, many other improvements, new html help file.
WINEGF Viewer1473KDB JamesJul 30/07 
EGF Viewer is a program for the creation and viewing of both single images and short movies in EGF format (Eu Graphics Format). The approach is "retro" in that it is low-resolution or "lo-res" graphics. Images are black-and-white only. It is easy to make the movies (and share them) -- check the help file. Several movies, which are named in the order of their experimental creation, are included.
GENSDL Collision Detection Library - EuSDL_Collide50KSteven AllenJun 16/07 
A set of collision detection routines for SDL. The code is well commented. Functions for Pixel Perfect, Bounding Box & Bounding Circle collision detection.
WINTest to Compare Euphoria and C Graphics19KAndrew KatzApr 28/07 3.00
A graphics test between Euphoria and C. This is for applications involving complicated drawing. The test involves drawing 100,000 line segments of length 2. It requires Windows XP to run because he is using DC_PEN, an optimized stock object not supported by Windows 98 and Win32Lib. His best times are 9.68, 0.52, 0.86, 1.86, 1.33, 0.68, 0.56.
DOSThe Draw() function6KIgor KachanApr 18/07 0.60
This function is almost the same as the one in BASIC, but is better in many ways. Demo included. Apr 18: The 'A' and 'TA' commands and new demo added. Beta version.
GENRussian EU SDL979KIgor KachanMay 18/06 3.00
Euphoria SDL wrappers and demos by Mark Akita, adapted for an international (mainly Russian) user. Works on Windows XP and on Linux Mandriva 10.2 without any additional adjustment. May 18: Total optimisation of the demo-programs - no poke(), no peek(), no allocate(), no free() - common size of all demos redused from 99187 bytes to 68876 bytes, some demos take about 50% of an old version space. Bugs fixed, demo added.
WINSDL_ttf for Euphoria267KMark K. AkitaMar 23/06 
An include file to bind the SDL_ttf library for use in Euphoria. SDL_ttf allows you to render TTF fonts to an SDL surface. This version includes the SDL_TTF DDL, and 3 demo programs.
WINSDL_gfx for Euphoria166KMark K. AkitaMar 23/06 
The SDL_gfx wrapper allows you to use the SDL_gfx library with Euphoria. SDL_gfx adds 2D graphics primitives and image rotation and zooming functions to SDL. Included are the necessary DLL files and some demos to study.
WINOrbits131KErik-Jan van KampenFeb 15/06 
An OpenGL demo showing adjustable Kepler orbits. Based on C.K. Lester's Euphoria+OpenGL demo.
WINTerragen to Eu Terrain Demo731Kyour average JoeFeb 13/06 1.00
Loads a preconverted terragen terrain and renders it using OpenGL. Up and Down keys alter the height, Z and X keys alter the depth of the camera. (no source yet) Feb 13: Added 3 new demos, showing off basic shading, and LOD (Level of Detail) adjustments.
WINEu4GL804Kyour average JoeJan 7/06 
Allows a user to test different situations within the gl_begin and gl_end statements in OPENGL. (no source)
WINWIP for SDL datafiles84KSteven AllenJul 13/05 
A work in progress collection for datafile management in SDL. Similar to Allegro's Grabber utility. Includes a datafile writer/reader library for accessing datafiles in SDL (convert to surface, etc.) and some basic documentation. Currently made for storing bitmap images (more later). Could easily be used for applications other than SDL. Jul 13: Included slightly modified version of Mark Akita's Sdl_wrap.ew for EuSDL.
DOSEsperanto Movie64KGeorge BrooksMay 1/05 0.60
A DOS movie that teaches the Esperanto (human) language.
DOSAurora_b_v23KSharachanFeb 28/05 
A nice looking screen blanker. Feb 28: Should run on most machines now...
DOSsvga lib22KHayden McKayFeb 16/05 
A modified version of graphics.e and image.e to better support SVGA modes in Euphoria. puts() print() etc... are compatible. It has a user accessable pseudo palette and is compatible with other SVGA modules eg SVGA mouse etc... All modes and routines have been tested. Feb 16: Included is a modified version of putsxy() to load 8x8, 8x14 or 8x16 ROM fonts to use in graphics modes.
WINmisc graphics programs1852Kpracticing01Dec 28/04 
This requires Mics' eugl library to run the opengl examples. It contains a bunch of small graphics programs that he made to test things.
DOSPalette Routines14KHayden McKaySep 21/04 
Some palette routines he created for his own use. Includes fast direct RAMDAC set/get palette and some phong manipulation routines; blend, shade and illumination, fades and other routines.
WINFREEWORLD screensaver104KCarlos ValdesAug 19/04 
A free world screensaver for Windows XP. Works with text images in a window. Now a "true" screensaver with black background and colored text images. Included .scr file (bindw generated .exe changed to .scr) and source. Aug 19: Changed screen to black background and colored text images.
WINExample of Animation24KHongyanto SetioAug 5/04 
Interesting animation programming, using basic commands in win32lib.ew (by David Cuny & Derek Parnell, not included) such as loadBitmapFromFile, Pixmap, bitBlt, setTransparentColor and transBlt.
WINDip 'n Daub Expert137KDavid PlettsJun 7/04 
A new version of the old Dip 'n Daub - an abstract art generator. You will need Win32lib.ew and win32dib.ew, both available from the archive.
WINOpengl Examples991KDaniel KlussMay 31/04 
Opengl Examples for people on the EUforum mailing list.
GENEpaint2180KJoeMay 4/04 
You can draw pretty pictures. Supports own filetype. (Packed in an RAR archive).
DOSsnow and bubbles7Kint-inputApr 2/04 
bouncing snow and bubbles
DOSfog effects28Kint-inputApr 1/04 
A small demo of fog effects. Apr 1: changed shape of fog, looks better now.
DOSlenses56Kint-inputMar 27/04 
A small demo of lense effects. It puts bmps in c:\ Mar 27: He added bubbles, but they look like tree roots.
DOSpixel bubbles1Kint-inputMar 26/04 
A small demo of bouncing pixel bubbles.
DOSbouncing and ripple effects intro3Kint-inputMar 25/04 
Several effects in a small scale. It has ripple effects, bouncing effects, and a little bit of a transparency effect. Mar 25: fixed a bug which made one of the walls of the square not ripple correctly.
DOSsmall riple effect demo1Kint-inputMar 23/04 
A small demo of a water ripple effect.
DOSWater algorithm1Kint-inputMar 20/04 
His try at a water algorithm, since he did the fire one. It doesn't look like water, but if you play around with the numbers, you get nice effects.
DOSrain.ex1Kjiri baborMar 16/04 
A little DOS ditty, five years old and still quite fresh...
GENGlue (GLUT Wrapper)206KMicFeb 11/04 4.50
A wrapper for GLUT, plus some nice demo programs. GLUT lets you create fancy 3-D animated graphics. Feb 11: Fixed a problem which caused programs to not exit properly. Wrapped some more functions. Added another example.
WINSDL for Euphoria675KMark AkitaFeb 5/04 
Bindings to use version 1.2.6 of the SDL graphics/multimedia library with Euphoria. The SDL.dll file and 7 demo programs are included. Feb 5: This version includes more recent demos and a slightly modified include flie.
DOSRaycaster1KStewart MacKenzie-LeighJan 4/04 
A simple raycaster. Loads map data from a file and gives you a 3d world. Jan 4: Bug fix
DOSSimple Timer Screen Saver Demos12KLorri Wolk-LaniewskiJan 2/04 
Shows a simple timer, incorporated into DOS screen savers. Well commented full source, with three different demos included. (One demonstrates animation effect.) Demos do NOT use dos32lib or any include files. All code is self contained, uses no machine code, and is written in pure Euphoria. Also has auto adjust when using different modes.
WINFireball25KEvan MarshallNov 23/03 
An OpenGL particle engine demo.
WINRay Tracing in OpenGL with TGAs502KDaniel KlussNov 22/03 
A fun little example of ray tracing, using OpenGL as a means of viewing and outputting TGAs. Nov 22: Added OpenAL Dlls for those who don't have them
WINOpenGL Demo - True GL405KDaniel KlussNov 21/03 1.00
Demos showing different perspectives on a grid. Use your mouse to change the orientation. Use Esc to quit. Has a little spring-worm. Nov 21: Added EVERYTHING it needs to run
WINDip 'n Daub75KDavid PlettsOct 8/03 1.00
An abstract art generator. Uses Win32lib (not included)
WINSDL Demos710KMark AkitaMar 19/03 
A collection of very impressive graphical demos built using the SDL library. Some use alpha-blending.
WINSpinning Euphoria Cube1380KLorri Wolk-LaniewskiFeb 23/03 
A nice graphics demo of a spinning Euphoria Cube. Includes a bound executable, two bitmap versions, two Pic_File.ew versions; and has fully-commented source. Shows a perpetual loop, and can be used as a screen saver if desired. It contains a RAR self-extracting archive inside the .zip file.
WINGLUT wrappers35KDaniel KlussDec 23/01 
Wrapper routines for using the GLUT graphics library and Open GL. You can find out about GLUT, and download it free from Open GL. Dec 23: you no longer have to code c_func/c_proc calls
DOSGasket1KJoel GarciaAug 19/01 
A couple of graphics demos showing how to make a Sierpinski Gasket.
DOSFractal Explorer11KDaryl van den BrinkAug 13/01 
An enhanced version of the MSET demo. It also does Julia sets. We've set it for mode 19, but you should try SVGA modes as well. You might need use_vesa(1).
DOSFancy Cursor Demo2KNick MessengerJul 27/01 
A cute little spinning cursor demo.
DOSEnhanced Rotating Star3KJoshuah GoldsteinJun 15/01 
An nicely-enhanced version of David Stanger's wire-frame rotating star (below).
DOSRotating Star1KDavid StangerMay 29/01 
A graphics demo that lets you rotate a wire-frame star. May 29: trivial change
DOSColorful Patterns3KMark AkitaMay 24/01 
Two graphics demos. One draws a random tree with leaves. The other makes pretty tiled patterns on your screen.
WINPTC Demos5KMark AkitaApr 28/01 
Three graphics demos that all use the OpenPTC Graphics Library by Russell K. Davis. (see Archive)
DOSTree-Growing Demo2KMartin StachonMar 25/01 
A demo that grows nice-looking random trees on your screen.
DOSFancy Colored Patterns25KMark AkitaMar 12/01 
A graphics demo that uses Pete Eberlein's Neil graphics library to create fancy swirling patterns.
DOSFace with Bump Map Effect69KJoy MagikJan 29/01 0.25
An impressive-looking bump map effect done in 100% Euphoria - no machine code.
DOSSwirling Dots26KMark AkitaDec 28/00 
A graphics demo showing a swirling pattern of colored dots. It uses Pete Eberlein's Neil graphics library.
DOSSwirling Loops26KMark AkitaDec 28/00 
A graphics demo showing a swirling pattern of colored lines. It uses Pete Eberlein's Neil graphics library.
DOSSolar System Demo3KDamian PoirierDec 14/00 
Watch the planets circle the Sun.
DOSBounder202KMark AkitaNov 22/00 
A graphics demo with colorful moving patterns. He used Pete Eberlein's Neil graphics library.
GENTriangle Fillers132KMicOct 31/00 0.50
Fast triangle fillers that work in any resolution and 8,15,16 and 24-bit color depth. DOS demos included.
DOSPacer Graphics Demo25KMark AkitaSep 29/00 
A cool-looking graphics demo based on Neil.
DOSBurgess2KMark AkitaSep 20/00 
Burgess generates geometic shapes that resemble various invertibrate lifeforms, and saves them as 3D objects in World Toolkit Neutral File Format (.nff).
DOSArtificial Life Platform6KTravis MayJun 5/00 
A program that simulates artificial life forms.
DOSWavy Lines Demo1KMark AkitaMay 20/00 
A graphics demo showing a variety of wavy line patterns. It uses SVGA, so you might have to uncomment the use_vesa(1) line.
DOSSpirals Demo1KMark AkitaMay 18/00 
A small program that makes a series of very colorful spiral patterns.
DOSFall & Sift209KLewis TownsendApr 14/00 0.50
A graphics demo of falling and sifting objects. It uses Pete Eberlein's Neil.
DOSHighly-optimized Rotate and Zoom88KMicFeb 9/00 
Three graphics demos showing highly-optimized rotate and zoom effects.
DOSPlasma Effect19KMicFeb 3/00 
A cool-looking plasma effect using his mode 19 machine code library.
DOS3-D Polygon-Fill Demos (SVGA modes)150KMicJan 24/00 
Some fast gouraud/texture polygon fillers for mode 19 and SVGA modes. See his original mode 19 version below. Works with SVGA modes on most graphics cards. Jan 24: 15, 16 & 24-bit gouraud shading, Tiled texture mapping (faster), Transparent texture mapping
DOSPhong Illumination76KMicJan 13/00 
A really cool-looking effect that resembles a flashlight being shone across a bumpy surface.
DOSReal-Time Landscape Generator22KMicJan 2/00 
He uses his machine-code library to quickly generate and render random landscapes. It's like flying over the surface of Mars!
DOSFractal 3-D Maps7KTravis MayDec 28/99 
A program that generates random fractal maps in 3 dimensions.
DOSWorm Hole Effect470KMicDec 20/99 
A really cool looking visual effect, based on something that Pete Eberlein did earlier. It's a large download, but worth it.
DOSHiColor RotoZoomer113KMicNov 26/99 
A fast, colorful rotator and zoomer for HiColor. It might not work with some cheap graphics cards.
DOS3-D Polygon-Fill Demos48KMicNov 9/99 0.80
Some fast gouraud/texture polygon fillers for mode 19. He uses machine code to boost performance. Nov 9: Much faster, new fillers, bug fix
DOSPicasso162KRoderick JacksonOct 29/99 0.30
An alpha release of an impressive 3-D graphics engine for mode 19. He welcomes all feedback.
DOSDeath RotoZoomer41KMicAug 27/99 
A very sophisticated rotozoomer with anti-aliasing and transparency options.
DOSVideo for Euphoria13KPeter BlueAug 7/99 
Code for displaying and converting .AVI and .FLI files. You can find some demo .AVI and .FLI files on his Web site.
DOSRotozoomer47KMicJul 29/99 
He used his own mode 19 graphics library to create this very impressive, full-screen rotator and zoomer.
DOSFull-Screen Fire25KMicJul 29/99 
He used his graphics library to create a very realistic looking fire.
DOSTwirling Pictures55KJiri BaborJul 22/99 2.00
Twirling pictures that he displays quite fast, considering he doesn't use any machine code. Jul 22: even faster, with cool demos
DOSGraphics Tutorials6KDJ D (Quarter Moon)Jul 16/99 
A set of amusing graphical demo programs.
DOSMode 19 Sprites Demo231KRockman XJun 17/99 
A nice-looking sprites demo. (partial source supplied)
DOSFireworks using Neil28KAndrew GaineyMay 31/99 
a fireworks display in 24-bit color using Neil.
DOSFractal Patterns1KLijo JosephMay 31/99 
attractive fractal patterns. (uses SVGA)
DOS3-D Wire Frame Demos6KColin EllisMay 13/99 
3-D wire-frame demos of walls and cubes. (See also the Ray Casting demos by Hollow Horse in Archive/Graphics Demos.)
DOSSimple Sprite Demo22KJos HermansApr 26/99 
of Belgium wrote this demo of moving sprites (images moving across a background). See also Colin Taylor's Sprite Editor and animator in Utility Programs.
DOS3D Spinning Polygon Objects15KRoderick JacksonApr 15/99 
object-oriented classes for manipulating 3D shapes made out of polygons. He has written a couple of nice-looking demos to show what he can do.
DOSFill Demos113KColin TaylorApr 15/99 
some excellent fast-fill demos developed with input from Jiri Babor. The recursive fill routines that Colin uses are written 100% in Euphoria (no machine code), and are very fast.
DOSFill Demo1KJos HermansApr 3/99 
a colorful demo of a flood fill routine that's written entirely in Euphoria.
DOSRotoZoomer106KJoy MagikMar 1/99 
an interesting demo of spinning and zooming objects.
DOSNew Translucency Effect33KJoy MagikFeb 25/99 
a new "translucency" effect using the Mode 19 library of Hollow Horse Software, as well as Michael Bolin's GIF loader.
DOSScrolling Helicopter Demo26KJoy MagikFeb 14/99 
a demo that shows a helicopter with a mountainous background sliding by. Feel free to speed it up or use it in a game.
DOSEtch-A-Sketch Clone2KGreg PhillipsFeb 10/99 
some remarkably simple code that emulates the old Etch-A-Sketch toy.
DOSTransparency Effect10KJoy MagikFeb 3/99 
a graphics demo, showing a moving, transparent object.
DOSGraphics Demo36KJoy MagikJan 9/99 
a neat looking graphics demo. Now it's up to you to help speed it up.
DOSTurtle Graphics10KNormand BlaisDec 12/98 
he translated this "turtle graphics" library into Euphoria. (See also Turtle Graphics by Jiri Babor.)
DOSChess Clock5KErnest CheamOct 9/98 
a clock for timing chess programs
DOSAutotext103KRoy ShepherdSep 21/98 
a sophisticated package for displaying text in graphics modes. It has many interesting features and options, including scaling of text.
DOSFractal Clouds18KJiri BaborAug 4/98 1.90
a demo of computer-generated clouds moving across your monitor. As a bonus, he added some amusing computer art that he created.
DOSScaled Images11KJiri BaborJul 2/98 
some very fast code for scaling images. (uses SVGA)
DOSEuphoria Icons2KDaniel BersteinJun 2/98 
icons for Euphoria programs.
DOSScreen Savers12KDavi FigueiredoMay 30/98 
Some colorful screen savers.
DOSMore Euphoria Icons2KDadeMay 5/98 
added this set of icons (.ico files) for Euphoria programs.
DOSEuphoria Icons8KAlan LittleMay 1/98 
made this set of icons (.ico files) for Euphoria programs.
DOSGraphics Bundle8KLewis TownsendApr 10/98 
a bundle of graphical and miscellaneous programs
DOSAnimated Car With Sound Effects155KLewis TownsendApr 10/98 
a demo of a car moving around on the screen with funny sound effects
DOSFractal Landscape Generator34KMichael PackardFeb 14/98 
Displays 3-D views of random fractal landscapes. (uses SVGA)
DOSStar Demo2KCycle SoftwareJan 26/98 
a program that demonstrates two spinning stars bouncing around the screen. They made use of some code contributed by Jeff Zeitlin.
DOSRay Casting Maze Demo205KHollow Horse SoftwareJan 19/98 
with help from Pete Eberlein, they have taken their earlier demo a giant step further, creating a maze that you can explore, complete with 3-D perspective textured walls. (no source, but you've got to see this)
DOSRay Casting Demo7KHollow Horse SoftwareJan 6/98 
a program that was converted from BASIC to Euphoria and adapted to work with their game engine. It lets you travel through a world of corridors and walls and see things with a 3-D perspective. The code is amazingly short and simple but has everything you need to build the next shareware mega-game!
DOSScrolling Bitmap Displays33KEduardo OkadaNov 13/97 
nice demos of bitmap graphics.
DOSPolygon Texture Mapping Demo24KPete EberleinOct 21/97 0.70
a stunning graphics demo. You've got to see this. (Note: there seems to be a bug in his machine code that causes the demo to crash once in a while.)
DOSTexture Mapping Demo3KMark HonnorSep 29/97 
some of the texture mapping source code that he wrote for his Game Demo (in Games Section). (uses mode 257)
DOSSprites10KEduardo OkadaSep 29/97 
an implementation of sprites that makes use of Michael Bolin's ememcopy().
DOSZoom3KEduardo OkadaSep 3/97 
a program that magnifies images on the screen.
DOSFade Out Demo2KEduardo OkadaAug 15/97 
a graphics demo that shows a fancy fade out.
DOSStarfield Demo1KVikas PatelAug 15/97 
a 3-D star field graphics demo.
DOSMagnifying Glass2KJiri BaborAug 14/97 
an excellent tool for zooming in on a pixel-graphics screen. You can move his magnifying glass around on the screen with your mouse and get a close-up view.
DOSLandscape Demo2KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareAug 9/97 
a 3-D landscape generator. Landscape generation takes a minute or so but it's worth the wait. (uses SVGA mode 257).
DOSStar Burst2KMark HonnorAug 4/97 
a really nice graphics demo. Just turn down the lights, sit back, and keep pressing the space bar.
DOSSprites, Scrolling Backgrounds and Virtual Screens25KLee WooSeob, his friendJul 13/97 
a demo showing an MSET background that scrolls, plus some other programs
DOSDemo-Pack6KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareJul 1/97 
a nice collection of graphics demos
DOSThermometer Device12KJesus ConsuegraJun 3/97 
He hooked up a thermometer to his PC and he's using this Euphoria program to read the temperature.
DOSFalling Snow3KMatt SephtonMay 29/97 
a demo of snow falling on a Euphoria logo
DOSThe Sephton Collection13KMatt SephtonMay 29/97 
He has bundled some of his best stuff.
DOSPoem with Falling Snow1KLee WooSeobMay 25/97 
It displays a poem, while snow falls in the background.
DOSEnglish Clock5KNeil KubeMay 6/97 
a colorful analog/digital clock that also gives you the time in English words
DOSDancing Man7KLee WooSeobMay 3/97 
an amusing dancing man program ported to Euphoria
DOSStereo 3-D Demo2KOscar BrynolfApr 14/97 
a 3-D tunnel when you turn down the lights and put on your 3-D glasses
DOSFractal Demos2KJoshua MilliganApr 2/97 
a fractal fern graphics demo plus a 3-D version of his Sepinski Triangle
DOSSepinski Triangle6KJoshua MilliganMar 25/97 
"Sepinski" triangle program in Euphoria and Basic. (See also Chris Barham's "Sierpinski" triangle.)
DOSFancy Textures96KDavid PlettsMar 15/97 
an excellent tool for creating fancy background textures
DOSFaster Game Prototype3KMichael BolinFeb 28/97 
He carefully analyzed Mark Honnor's "ancients.ex" 3-D game prototype and came up with this version that's 13 times faster!
DOS3D Game Prototypes3KMark HonnorFeb 23/97 
Mark is planning to do a 3D action game. Here are some of his early experiments.
DOSPolar coordinates demo2KGeorge T.Feb 22/97 
It shows us how to use polar coordinates to make a spiral.
DOSIcon - Paint47KMichael BolinJan 26/97 
a shareware paint program for use by Euphoria programmers. It's written in Euphoria of course.
DOSvenus.fli animation file311KRDSJan 22/97 
A spinning statue of Venus that you can view using Peter Blue's .FLI player.
DOSSet your monitor on fire!4KJiri BaborJan 15/97 0.20
a toolkit for pyromaniacs
DOS.FLI (Autodesk) Animation Player322KPeter BlueJan 15/97 
a new, improved release of the animation player he is developing, along with a new .FLI animation file that he has created. Note: You must use Euphoria v1.4b or later to run this program.
DOSSpinning Lines Demo1KFricadelliOct 26/96 
a cute little graphics demo
DOSWeird screen effects2KCameron BuschardtAug 20/96 
strange graphics demos
DOSAnimation demo #2190KPeter BlueJul 16/96 
another exciting animation file
DOSSVGA mouse solution2KPeter BlueJun 28/96 
a clever solution to the problem of using a mouse in SVGA graphics modes
DOSTriangle-generator graphics1KChris BarhamMay 7/96 
a neat "Sierpinski" triangle graphics demo
DOSAnimation demo #1150KPeter BlueApr 11/96 
an animation program, written entirely in Euphoria (no machine code). How many frames per second can it display on your computer?

Internet (105)

GENLDAP Search34KJean-Marc DUROMay 31/17 
Simple LDAP search functions in pure Euphoria (no DLL needed)
GENREST API functions3KJean-Marc DUROMay 20/17 
Two functions to parse or build REST API queries according to a template.
GENlibcurl634KJean-Marc DURONov 10/16 
A libcurl 7.50 wrapper which can deal with HTTPS, certificates, cookies. Version for Eu3. Should not be difficult to adapt to Eu4. -- Now with documentation and an example of an HTTPS connection with authentication with a CRSF token
WINInternet Library511KJean-Marc DUROAug 8/16 
Tone �koda's Internet Library
WINWindows Telnet Client401KJean-Marc DUROMay 15/16 
Euphoria 3.1 version of his Telnet Client with minimal VT100 emulation. Bug corrections.
GENTelnet Client1159KJean-Marc DURONov 12/15 
Third version of his Telnet library. Allows multiple connections. Now based on Overbyte's ICS pascal library ported to OpenEuphoria instead of Ararat Synapse pascal library. Telnet library is generic. Interactive terminal is Windows only and does minimal VT emulation. User manual provided. Tested on Windows Seven with AIO package.
WINSnoop257KJean-Marc DUROMar 14/15 
A small library to send and receive raw Ethernet frames (or to sniff traffic). Uses WinPcap 4.1.3 and a 32 bits Freepascal DLL (source and binary provided). Demo included. Update: GUI version with protection to avoid entering a wrong device name and crash.
GENlibzmq733Kkapex01Nov 5/13 
Cross platform wrapper with examples for ZeroMQ. ZeroMQ is a socket library that acts as a distributed concurrency framework, with multi-language interoperability. Carries messages across inproc, IPC, TCP, and multicast. Nov 5: Update dlls. Add poke8 (for Euphoria 4.0)
WINXML to Sequence54KJean-Marc DUROAug 31/13 
An XML parser that converts any XML file into a Euphoria sequence. Straightforward: much simpler to use as eebax but can't manage huge files as eebax does. Uses OpenEuphoria standard fetch function. Demo included. For Euphoria 3 and up.
GENwkhtml1090Kkapex01Jul 13/13 
Cross-platform library wrapper with examples for wkhtmltopdf to allow generation of pdf files and multi page pdf books from HTML pages (remote urls and local files). Supports javascript in HTML pages and provides live links for generated pdf files.
GENHTML Parser35KJean-Marc DUROSep 30/12 
Helps extract data of an HTML file. Designed to compute Google Search or equivalent results. For Euphoria 4 and up.
LNXFTP Server10KJean-Marc DUROSep 24/12 
Linux FTP Server, to be run as root. Works in active or passive mode. Can be very verbose. Check constant DEVICE before first run (eth0 by default). For Euphoria 4 and up.
LNXFTP Library5KJean-Marc DUROSep 10/12 
An FTP library based on Michael J Sabal's work. Demo included. For Euphoria 4 and up.
GENmongoose1350KrasMay 30/12 
Cross platform embedded web server (requires Euphoria 4.1 with memstruct). Provides SSL, CGI, SSI, URL rewriting, access control lists. User defined route handling and Euphoria preprocessor HTML templates via shared library plugins.(also supports other language plugins via 'C' compatible interface)
GENHTML Maker13KRyan MannFeb 13/10 
HTML Maker is a program that allows a user to make simple HTML pages without knowing HTML. HTML Maker is meant to be ran from a text console or terminal session such as telnet or SSH. Currently, it asks the user for the title for their HTML page. Then, it allows the user to type the body of their HTML page. In the future, HTML Maker will have the ability to read in a text file and convert it to HTML.
GENFTP stub9KMichael J. SabalAug 20/09 
There are currently some requests for an FTP client library. He doesn't have one yet, but he has some routines that he used in a project that took advantage of eunet.e for FTP client access. This is a raw copy/paste, so there may be elements from the project still embedded in the file. This cannot be used as is, but should provide a strong starting point for those wishing to implement an FTP library of their own.
WINdefine words973Kjacques desch�nesOct 31/08 
This program fills the words.edb database with definitions (see English dictionary user contribution). It uses wget to download from web the dictionary and parses the HTML for the definitions. See readme.txt for details. - modified to avoid repeated search for words not on the Merriam-Webster site.
WINMing (swf output) wrapper (alpha04)414KGary ShinglesJul 24/08 
Development snapshot of his efforts to wrap the ming.dll (Shockwave Flash) output library. Worth a look if you are interested in SWF development and/or helping to improve this effort. It is not ready for general use, but it can do some nifty stuff. DLL and source included. Jul 24: No change, transfer from external site
GENEuNet60KMichael J. SabalJul 8/08 1.40
EuNet is a cross-platform sockets library using native OS API calls. Using a single library, you can write client or server applications that run on both Windows and Linux without modification. Jul 8: Fixes to SMTP client.
GENQuick IMG tag generator3KMarco AchuryMay 12/08 
Generate a simple HTML file with IMG tags for all image files in the current directory. Useful as base to quickly generate photo albums, catalogs, etc. May 12: Now can manage files with many different extensions at the same time, and optionally can run as cgi-bin.
LNXHTTP Fetcher20KMark BrownMar 7/08 
HTTP Fetcher is a small library by Lyle Hanson that downloads files via HTTP. "HTTP Fetcher is designed to let you retrieve files via HTTP GETs quickly and easily without having to reinvent the wheel."
WINGalleryMaker75KTone SkodaMar 4/08 6.00
A program that makes HTML image galleries including thumbnails of .jpg images. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
GENHTML Parser77KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
An event-based parser for HTML pages. You can parse many separate pages at the same time, and interleave parsing with other processing. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINSNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)161KDoug WeinertDec 15/07 
An example of using SNMP to read information from a network device. Requires Win32Lib.
LNXSushi stomper4KChrisBurch3Oct 21/07 
Similar to BlockHosts and denyhosts, this program will deny ssh brute force attempts to your linux computer. Run as a cron job (30 minute intervals). Bind it and install it, and the get_tail script, into /usr/bin. Feedback on this one appreciated. A lot simpler to write than the python version! Readme in the source. Make sure ssh_get_tail is executable.
DOSCSS Generator222KFred ManganMar 16/07 
An "Editor" to help quickly generate a basic CSS style sheet. Source code included so you can adjust to your requirements. Easy to use.
GENHTML Programming Library236Kback_analysJan 20/07 1.20
An HTML Programming Library for easy formatting of Web pages generated by your programs. This version includes all HTML 4.0 tags (he thinks). For questions mail to: back_analys at Jan 20: 20.01.07 - v0.2.2 - changed open_header() procedure, added support for set cookies, etc.
WINEasy Web Server27KLouis BryantDec 5/06 1.20
This program allows you to host your own Web Site on your own computer. It allows multiple connections, CGI apps, and is open-source. Simply double-click to run, and host and/or customize away! Dec 5: New in this version is the ability to have your CGI programs receive one file at a time of any file type of any size.
WINpFTP156KPete LomaxNov 17/06 0.80
An open source Windows GUI FTP client. pFTP is self hosted, i.e. he used pFTP to upload pFTP to his web page.
GENEU Web click/Download Counter46KPete StonerNov 3/06 0.80
He wanted a click/download counter for a Web site. All the free ones he found used Perl/PHP etc. and he didn't want to install those on the server, so he wrote this basic one in Euphoria.
GENKanarie Template System Library 1.8b30KTommy CarlierOct 24/06 31.10
The Kanarie Template System (KTS) is a mechanism to generate text-based content (HTML, XML, CSV, ...) from data, via templates. Oct 24: Fixed a bug that caused a memory leak (thanks to Andy Serpa).
WINSNTP time library50KBrett PantaloneMay 9/06 
Euphoria libraries for building a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client. Includes routines for getting time from a server, reading and setting the Windows system clock, plus other useful time and date functions.
GENconsole ip subnet calculator52Kalban readMar 5/06 
Displays details about an ip subnet such as the broadcast address and the number of hosts available.
WINGetAdaptersAddresses wrapper6KPete StonerMar 4/06 
A wrapper for Windows (XP or later) GetAdaptersAddresses function. It returns a sequence containing adapter name, 'Friendly' name (name shown in Network connections folder), description, MAC address etc, for each adapter found in the system. See also Brian Brokers GetAdaptersInfo wrapper Mar 4: rewritten to remove dependencies on external libraries (special thanks to Jacques Desch�nes for showing how to do this)
WINTrace route1Kalban readFeb 18/06 
A minimal trace route example in Euphoria. Trace to any IP address using the Microsoft ICMP.DLL.
WINrssget368KJuergen LuethjeFeb 6/06 
Download RSS feeds and convert them to e-mails. Porting the program to Linux should be easy (see file "platform.txt" in the ZIP archive).
GENEuSP (beta)557KAlex ChamberlainDec 19/05 
A Euphoria/HTML preprocessor for server-side use. Source Available on request. Linux and Windows Bound Executables are included free.
WINeulibcURL82KRay SmithDec 14/05 6.90
A Euphoria wrapper for libcURL - an Internet protocol transfer library. Your Euphoria program can use this to download Web pages and other files from the Internet. It's better in many ways than his earlier euTCP4u. It has password support, progress callbacks, header callbacks and error message support. Dec 14: RDS added some necessary declarations for the CDECL calling convention. eulibcURL will now work correctly with the Translator and Borland C. (Previously, you needed exw, or the Translator and Watcom C)
GENCGI Support Libraries20KGreg HaberekAug 20/05 2.50
Two excellent CGI support libraries that were once lost from the Archive due to dead links. Greg had these buried on his computer and re-uploaded them. Authors: Buddy Hyllberg, B. Jackson Aug 20: Added REQUEST_METHOD to CGI.E
WINSockets library16KBrett PantaloneAug 14/05 
Euphoria wrapper for Winsock 2 function library. Includes functions to display winsock error codes as English text descriptions. A "chat" demo is provided. The library uses ws2_32.dll, and the demo requires Win32Lib.ew.
GENeuXML 2.526KRene ConijnAug 9/05 
euXML is a library to work with XML in Euphoria. Work with easy functions and use an xPath-like language to go to a tag in your XML document. Aug 9: fixed bugs in solve_xPath and in setXML.
GENCGI Calendar59KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 
A CGI program that displays a calendar.
WINMagic Packet Utility4KAndrew HallMay 31/05 
This utility provides the ability to wake up a remote computer that is in a low-power state (standby, hibernate, powered-down, etc.). A "magic packet," which contains the remote computer's MAC address, is sent to wake the sleeping computer. This technology is known as Wake-on-LAN (WoL). Requires Bernie Ryan's w32engin.ew and uses Microsoft's ws2_32.dll (Windows Sockets 2). May 31: Version 1.02. Error code fix and minor improvements.
LNXEuExpat for Linux ver. 0.1.213KDamien "damo" HodgkinMay 27/05 
For parsing XML files. It's far from complete. Check it out and let him know what you think. This version uses in /usr/lib, but can be easily changed to use a different location. This version is early beta. May 27: Removed non-working functions. Code clean ups.
WINSOCKS Firewall Communication40KMario SteeleMay 9/05 
This library is a Layer Library to help programmers make internet connections to servers, through SOCKS capable firewalls. It supports SOCKS4/SOCKS5 protocols, and isn't fully tested.
WINwrapper for Blat SMTP e-mail sending6KMichael RaleyMar 14/05 4.50
This is a wrapper for the DLL version of the Blat command line SMTP mail utility. An alternative to the MAPI sendmail/sendfile library, Blat does not require another email client like Outlook express to be installed. Just a TCP connection to a valid SMTP server. Goto to get the latest version. Mar 14: added internal trim routines to prevent extra whitespace issues
GENEu Wiki22KRyan JohnsonFeb 7/05 
A CGI program written in Euphoria that provides a WikiWikiWeb - a website where anyone can edit the pages, and links between pages are automatically created. EuWiki makes it very easy to create a dynamic website, especially for documenting programming projects. Feb 7: bug fixes and enhancements
WINEuDial30KWolfgang FritzNov 13/04 
Five example programs that initiate Dial Up Networking to connect to your ISP, and four simpler Dialog Box demos. Nov 13: EuDial'r 'fix' handles Japanese (cp932) error messages.
WINInternet Library500KTone �kodaOct 21/04 
Wrappers for wininet.dll, to manipulate Internet files and sites. He made functions which are simple to use.
WINJungle Monkey8KWilliam HeimbignerAug 24/04 
Based on 'Spider' by Daniel Kluss, Jungle Monkey swings its way around the web for you, while avoiding the branches you don't want.
WINPort Forwarder398KMario SteeleJul 14/04 
A full fledged Port Forwarding program. Easy to use, it's primary function is to listen for ports assigned by the user on the host machine, and forward them to either a computer on the local network, or on the internet. Includes all necessary libraries to run.
WINABCmyFavs4KWilliam HeimbignerJun 26/04 
Quickly and efficiently alphabetizes your favorites in Internet Explorer. Only tested on Windows 98SE and XP. WARNING: This will change your registry.
WINRemote Desktop System371KMario SteeleMar 26/04 
This is the beginnings of a Remote Desktop system, developed on the basis of operation behind a Router. Developed with Win32lib, Win32dib, String Tokenizing v2.1, ZLib, and TCP.ew
WINSpider8KDaniel KlussMar 1/04 2.50
A Web "spider". It browses web sites and downloads them, for possible use in a search engine. Mar 1: whole.e is now included
WINPopup Gorilla484KGreg HaberekFeb 3/04 2.00
A tool that kills those annoying pop-up ads that you get while browsing the Web. Feb 3: Now uses NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
LNXSimple SMTP Library5KPeter BlueJan 17/04 
A simple, standalone SMTP library for automated mailing lists. Uses J. Brown's socket library (Included). Just 2 settings: SMTP-host and your email address. Test program supplied.
WINGrabber269KMrTrickNov 1/03 
Grabber, an HTTP/Local batch file transfer and renaming utility. In english, if you have a series of files to download with sequential names, this is the app for you! It can rename the files as you download them, and split into directories.
GENHTMLib6KNahuel CarballoOct 4/03 
A library for saving html pages in Euphoria. Oct 4: Fixed a lot of bugs
WINXChat Plugin Interface183KElliott Sales de AndradeSep 20/03 3.00
Using the translator and Borland C, plugins can be created in Euphoria for XChat, a popular IRC client. There is an interface for XChat plugin functions, as well as a setup program for producing the correct C interface to XChat. Includes two sample plugins, with source. Requires version 2.4 of Translator and Borland C to compile.
WINURL moniker wrapper3KMicSep 8/03 3.50
This library wraps the URLDownloadToFile function in urlmon.dll, which is used to download content from the internet. An example and some brief documentation is included.
LNXSocket Library3KJ. BrownJun 17/03 1.00
A small library for using BSD sockets (sync and async) in Linux. It should also work in FreeBSD, although that has not been tested.
WINWeb Server44KDaniel KlussMay 28/03 5.00
A Web server with support for CGI, file security, retry on downloads, error log, and more.
WINStock Ticker200KTom JanesApr 2/03 
A Euphoria program that displays up-to-the-minute stock market indexes. (no source) Apr 2: more advanced, and lets you include your own Stock Portfolio.
WINTCP Demos21KRobert SzalayMar 31/03 
Demos for using tcp.ew v2.42 or later by Jason Mirwald. Requires Win32Lib.
WINPopup Eliminator186KRobert SwistonMar 28/03 3.00
A program that eliminates all extra popup windows in IE and Netscape. Open your browser, then activate (right click on the icon in the systray) to begin searching for unwanted windows. PE will shut down everything that is added. Euphoria source program and .exe are included.
GENHTML builder2KTapani TalvitieMar 10/03 
A program that helps with updating your website when PHP isn't supported by your service provider.
WINTCP Socket Library30KJason MirwaldDec 16/02 13.00
A full library for asynchronous TCP socket communication. It has been used to write an IRC client, IRC bot, an IM (instant messaging) client and server, and a web page server. He makes good use of some support libraries by Chris Bensler. Dec 16: a bug in tcp_gethostname() was fixed
WINWeb Server98KPeter BlueNov 21/02 3.00
Web server software written in Euphoria. Run exw webserv1.exw, then point your browser at He even supports a form of CGI. For details, visit his site.
GENXML Parser30KThomas Parslow (PatRat)Nov 4/02 3.00
EEBAX - Euphoria Event Based API for XML. An event-based XML parser used by his Marvin Jabber Client. It can be used to create XML. Nov 4: A bug that affected XML files with CDATA tags was corrected
WINCGI parser19KGregg SomesSep 6/02 
A tool that he uses to process HTML forms. He has a Windows system with Apache Web server and Outlook Express. Sep 6: minor improvements
WINWrapper for HawkNL135KElliott Sales de AndradeSep 3/02 5.50
A Euphoria wrapper library for HawkNL - a cross-platform, open-source, game-oriented network library. It supports Internet Protocol, IP Multicast, IP Broadcast, IPX Protocol, and Loopback. Sep 3: two bugs were fixed
GENBase64 and Quoted Printable3KPete LomaxJul 3/02 
Routines for encoding/decoding Base64 and Quoted Printable. These formats are often used in e-mail messages.
WINMeta-tag Generator3KRobert SzalayJun 12/02 
A simple meta-tag builder. Use it to build meta-tags for your site for search engine indexing. Jun 12: bug fix
GENCGI Support Routines7KAkuApr 26/02 3.50
Some routines he made to help with CGI programming. Apr 26: some procedures renamed; new function listNames(); more error trapping; added English wrapper; fixed bug
WINPing and Trace-Route3KAlexander KarpeevApr 17/02 
An add-on library for EuTcp4u. It has two functions: ping and trace-route. He has also included two examples of how to use this library.
WINeuTCP4u TCP Library50KRay SmithApr 16/02 9.75
A Euphoria library that allows downloading of Web pages and creating sockets programs using TCP. It includes sample programs and documentation. Apr 16: a bug fix, some docs updated
WINE-Mail Client416KJordah FergusonApr 12/02 4.50
An impressive full-featured e-mail client. He hopes to get feedback so he can improve it. It uses Win32Lib, EDS, and RC4 data encryption. Apr 12: major new release - many new features, supports MIME standards, can send/receive any kind of attachment, and much more
WINCGI Search Engine89KGuillermo BonvehiMar 24/02 3.00
A simple search engine that he developed as a CGI program for a Web site.
WINWeb Browser181KAndrewMar 22/02 1.00
A simple Web browser using Win32Lib. He's looking for people to help out with it.
WINNetwork Game Engine60KAndrewDec 19/01 3.05
A program that makes it easy to play text-based games, either single-player or multi-player over a network (such as the Internet or a LAN). Games can also be played through a web browser by using the included CGI program on your Web server. No documentation yet, but try running playSUD.ex and typing 'test' as game name to play the included example game.
WINWinMXnap4KChris BenslerDec 2/01 
a utility for the winMX file sharing program. It downloads a list of OPENNAP protocol servers, from, and generates a data file that winMX can use. The author claims this is 100x better than similar programs.
WINAmpTicker742KCassidy NapoliOct 30/01 
A program that gets the currently playing song from Winamp and creates bitmaps and/or gifs out of it.
WINCutrex Server223KLuis CamposOct 11/01 
A Client/Server Chat program based on euLibnet by Ray Smith.
WINMarvin Jabber Client591KPatRatAug 19/01 
A client for the Jabber Instant Messaging network written using Euphoria. Fully skinable using an XML skin format. Check out the Download page, and the CVS source code page
WINSend E-Mail Messages8KMichael RaleyAug 19/01 
An include file that allows programs to route messages and files via e-mail. An enhanced version of the e-mail demo in euphoria\demo\win32. Aug 19: Send to multiple recipients and have multiple attachments per message. A separate version of the library was added to support GroupWise. Some bug fixes.
WINAsynchronous HTTP17KPatRatJun 6/01 3.00
An include file for asynchronous transfer of HTTP documents. Your program can do other things while a document downloads. You can also download multiple documents at the same time.
WINPsion E-mail Handler5KDavid AldredJun 2/01 
A program that scans a directory for appropriately formatted text files and passes them by MAPI to the installed email software. It also recognises files in Psion Series 3a/c/mx handheld computer Word format.
WINChat Server and Client21KAndrewMay 7/01 
A chat server and chat client. It requires win32lib and euLibnet. It will let you chat and send popup messages and files. May 7: File sending works for all types of files, you can change your nickname, bug fixes.
WINWeb Page Construction Tool183KTrevor DixonMay 4/01 0.25
An impressive tool for making Web pages, programmed by a 12-year-old for a school project.
WINChat Server & Client331KNorm WalcottMay 2/01 
Norm developed this Enhanced GUI version of a chat program originally written by Andrew
WINWrapper for ICMP17KFabio RamirezApr 16/01 
A library that lets you ping another computer to see if it's up.
WINWrapper for WinInet.dll334KFabio RamirezApr 16/01 4.00
A library that provides easy use of FTP and HTTP functions supported by Microsoft's wininet.dll.
WINEuFTP4w FTP Library62KRay SmithJan 25/01 
A wrapper for Ftp4w. It allows logging in to an FTP server, getting directory details, uploading and downloading files, creating/deleting directories etc.
WINeuLibnet40KRay SmithDec 14/00 6.25
A Euphoria library that lets you send and receive messages via TCP. It's based on Libnet. It allows multi-client servers and it comes with a demo chat server that sends messages to all clients connected to it. Dec 14: several new network functions plus documentation
WINTelnet Protocol30KMichael RaleyOct 5/00 1.00
Telnet.exw is a demo program based on winsock.ew, which reads & responds to various TELNET commands sent by a host server. A listing of all the TELNET commands plus an RFC document are included. You'll need win32lib.ew.
GENWeb Site Generator28KDavid CunySep 15/00 
A tool that David built to generate his Web site.
GENHTML Table Maker1KAidan BindoffMay 20/00 
A tool that helps you to make a table in HTML.
DOSConvert Text Files to Web pages32KDB JamesNov 24/99 
A utility that will convert a text file into a series of linked Web pages.
DOSSample Code for CGI Programming5KIrv MullinsSep 28/99 
Some useful Euphoria CGI code that Irv used on his server machine.
DOSEuphoria Channel for NeoPlanet1KAdam WeedenApr 14/99 
a set of Euphoria links to use with the NeoPlanet browser.
WINInternet Server220KHawke'Dec 26/98 1.50
software that lets you set up an Internet server, written in Euphoria, on your machine. Note: you must use pkunzip -d, or WinZip. file restored Jan 17/02, thanks to PatRat
DOSBase 64 Decoder1KDaniel JohnsonSep 28/98 
a decoder for base 64 e-mail attachments.
WINConnect to a Web page34KDaJaRoSep 21/98 
a Win32Lib-based demo that shows, among other things, how to display a Web page from a program.
WINFile Transfer Protocol (FTP)30KDaniel BersteinMay 27/98 
Uses David Cuny's Win32Lib and Microsoft's WININET.DLL in a program for uploading or downloading files using FTP.
WINDownload Files using FTP16KMonty KingFeb 26/98 
a program that starts up the FTP command. It downloads a file from the Internet.

Simple Demos (167)

GENMystack4KJames Cookupdated May 27/17 
Machine Stack include file. Implements a machine stack in a Euphoria sequence. Designed to run very fast. Released as Public Domain. Requires Euphoria v4.0 for some functions. May 27: Freeware license.
WINFull Screen Clock For The Holidays1313KllamedosoJun 24/16 
Full screen clock displaying both local time and UK time, useful when on holiday.
WINSuperscripting Windows Calculator2284KShawn PringleJan 21/16 
A Windows-based calculator that lets you type in the whole expression and then evaluate it. It supports superscripts for raising numbers to a power. Jan 21: Includes all of the dot-e files needed. Uses 4.0 Euphoria.
WINEasy4Eyes EuEyes623KAndreas WagnerMar 30/15 
A Xeyes lookalike, based on tinewg.(Source and .exe) Mar 30: As recommended by ryan, added a version that can be moved and resized directly.(eueyes1.exw)
GENBatch Files Menu14KShian LeeApr 12/14 
MENU will execute any batch file (or batch command), without staying in the memory, exactly the same way it would be executed from the OS command-line. (read DETAILS before use). Apr 12: rewrote the program better; supports DOS & Linux; and single or multiple sessions.
WINfast access633KllamedosoMay 9/13 
Displays a window on the desktop with a menu of the user's most frequented web sites and programs. Able to go to a website with only one click. May 9: Better mouse handling. Changed windows.
WINMy Personal Game Database1KAndy P.Oct 8/12 
This is a small light program to help you make a database of your collection of video games. It is simple to use, and uses Euphoria's EDS system. Special thanks to Derek Parnell. Oct 8: Switched host
WINMy Personal Piggy Bank1KAndy P.Oct 8/12 
A small program that simulates a piggy bank. Keeps track of your total amount. Uses the Win32Lib. Only features U.S. currency at this time. Includes source and exe files. Oct 8: New host
LNXFreeBudget v1.321KJean-Marc DUROSep 5/12 
Linux version of my 2002 Bank Account Manager. For Euphoria 3 and up.
WINBabySums6684KFred ManganMay 29/12 
BabySums is a nice little program for a child learning arithmetic. Written originally with Euphoria + A. Cini's EuWinGUI, it is published here just to show how easy it is to convert an existing EuWinGUI program to A. Wagner's TinEWG wrapper. If you don't yet have TinEWG.exw on your Euphoria 4 system, just run it with EuWinGUI.ew (change the "include" statements appropriately in the file BabySums.exw), or run the executable BabySums.exe.
GENEvolution simulator10KMatt ArriolaAug 8/11 
A little simulation program he wrote idly one day. It puts one or more creatures, each of a different colored "species," in a maze to compete over food. The creatures mutate with each generation and can become more or less fit.
WINVery Simple Printing with Win32lib929KFred RansomMay 27/11 
This is a very simple example of printing with Win32Lib. It shows the basic processes separated into methods. It's for anyone who wants a simple sample multi-page print job.
GENLearn to type4KShian LeeApr 13/11 
Simple program that will teach you how to type on the keyboard (if you still don't know!).
WIN.INI files uncomplicated9KSergio GelliApr 27/10 
Just say no to complicated programming language ;-), Include INI.E to use an "yourFile.ini" Apr 27: --- Now, a little better explained
LNXMy Links2Kirv mullinsMar 16/10 
Simple EuGTK program which puts a semi-transparent list (with icons) of your favorite web sites on screen. Clicking on one opens your default browser with that page. No need to keep a browser running all the time!
GENOrnamental Garden Plants214KJerry StoryMar 7/10 1.50
Source only. Uses wxEuphoria. On Linux it searches a plant on Google. If Internet Explorer changes the extension to .tar.tar, change it back to .tar.gz Mar 7: Change of website.
GENDiet Monger @$$ Kicker417KJerry StoryMar 7/10 1.15
This program uses USDA's data to help you design diets. It uses wxEuphoria and runs on both Windows and Linux. You need to download the USDA data separately. Mar 7: Change of website.
DOSSee How a Quicksort Works in Detail1KSteve BaxterJan 14/10 
Three entertaining demos for DOS screens that show all details of a fast quicksort in action. The algorithm does not use recursion and has added parameters to make it more all-purpose. These programs were translated from code written by Ethan Winer for QuickBASIC. Jan 14: FORGOT TO ZIP.
GENOpen Eu Logo Samples1237KAlex CaracatsanisSep 6/09 
A 7-zipped pdf file of sample logos for people to consider.
WINBase10 to 62 converter1KRussell SowersAug 16/09 
This is a procedure he created to convert base-10 numbers to base-62.
WINCross hairs349Kdon coleJul 16/09 
A graph demonstrating cross hairs. Jul 16: added one more file need for the demo. Drawing_price5a.exe and pbr.asp should be put in the same folder and run from there. Libcurl.dll goes in the system32 folder.
WINDigital electronic simulator1708KgazJul 12/09 
This digital logic simulator, accurately simulates all seven logic gates, the target of this project Is to have a CPU and a GPU running a simple game. Some of the components include in the simulator JK-flip-flop, Full adder, Decoders, Drivers, GPU, Seven Segment Display. EXE and Source code included. Jul 12: New features more precise simulation and faster, 2 new components and 7 new examples, bug free now.
GEN12 Days of Christmas1KShawn Pringle B.Sc.Dec 17/08 
This program prints out the 12 days of Christmas using the standard library and EUPHORIA 4.0. It is significantly shorter than the song it generates. Merry Christmas.
GENlinebreak - lb - fix the line breaks in text files2KShawn PringleDec 8/08 
Program changes the line breaks in files to be \n or \r\n depending on what platform you are using.
WINTime Status Bar4KOtterDadNov 24/08 
A simple include file to add automated time and date display to a windows status bar.
GENEnglish Dictionary as EDS database149KRobert CraigOct 27/08 
Make a 50000-record Euphoria database, words.edb, from a list of English words. Your program can use that database to easily and efficiently spell-check English text.
WINNotes11KGreg HaberekAug 25/08 
Notes is a simple sticky-note program that sits in your system tray and displays notes on the screen. Notes can be customized to any font and color. Aug 25: Fixed a couple bugs, added some features.
GENLevenshtein string distance1KJeremy CowgarAug 20/08 
Compute the number of edits required to convert one string to another, Jog -> Dog = 1, Jim -> Jan = 2, Dog -> Cat = 3, Sunday -> Saturday = 3, etc... (Requires 4.0) Aug 20: Description only update. Examples were incorrect.
WINJims Timer456KllamedosoAug 2/08 
Simple 1 second to 99 hours countdown timer. When countdown has finished and the alarm has sounded, then the time after alarm is displayed and updated until canceled. As multiple versions can run at same time, it is useful when cooking to set different times.
DOSVegetal forms Fractal2KMarco AchuryJul 18/08 
Simple recursive procedure. Changing parameters can produce different vegetal-like forms.
DOSEnviron.ex2KMarco AchuryJul 14/08 
Example DOS code on how to put all the environment variables of the running program into a sequence. Tested on FreeDOS with Qemu. Doesn't run directly on the WinXP command prompt. Requires DOS interrupts and it peeks at memory, so it can't run with exw.exe
DOSExeload1KMarco AchuryJul 12/08 
An example on how to load and execute a DOS program without using system() or It can pass to the child program a customized set of environmental variables and command line optional parameters. This demo runs well on FreeDOS but not on WinXP.
WINYet Another Calculator362KllamedosoJul 11/08 
A simple calculator that displays results in a window. Allows previous entries to be changed. Useful if you make a mistake in a long series of entries. Data is saved to a text file.
GENEnhanced lines18KChrisBurch2May 21/08 
Enhanced lines - acts just like the original lines until you use the /l switch, it will then count all the lines in the program, including (and listing) the includes. Use lines /? for in-line help. May 21: Location to euphoria svn updated
WINQuick Pick1KLogan KodyszApr 9/08 
A little program that generates "random" lotto numbers. Based on the California State Lottery. Requires Win32Lib 0.60+
WINBasic Win32Lib App311KTone SkodaMar 4/08 
A basic Win32Lib application that you can extend. Several things common to many apps have been set up for you. It also uses an EDS database. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINChecking Account Manager145KAl GetzDec 3/07 
A program for quickly managing your checking account. It works best with 800x600 screens or larger. (no source) Dec 3: Added auto backup feature and search feature.
LNXresume tool29KP. SpauldingJul 8/07 
A simple script for compiling life experiences into a job resume. Get 2 text files at download site, 1 to be renamed as .exu or .ex file. It's a text console program. (GNU license)
WINXS Converter2KFrank DowlingApr 4/07 
Simple Metric/Imperial converter, covering Units of Distance, Mass and Temperature. Requires Win32Lib
GENSimple XOR Encryption2KRicardo FornoJan 1/07 
A very simple but effective program for file encryption / decryption using the XOR method. You select a key string and use it to encrypt / decrypt a file of any type. Exactly the same program is used in both cases. Both parties must know the key. Dec 31: Great improvement preventing brute force attacks after a mail exchange with Derek Parnell.
WINMyBox219KAllen AshbyNov 20/06 
A simple program where you click on a key to let someone out of a box. Bound .exe and source included.
DOSDOS graphics characters8KDavid MoneyOct 9/06 
Draw text characters on DOS graphics screen. Characters are formed with lines, and can be scaled to any size, and can be italics or bold. Spacing can be fixed or proportional. Includes accented and special characters.
GENAlarm1KJesse AdkinsAug 1/06 
A simple alarm program that takes in a user-specified amount of minutes and hours and waits that long. Uses wxEuphoria Aug 1: Added an option to allow users to make the alarm show a custom message when the time expires.
WINPar/Rar Eliminator352Kdon coleJul 29/06 
This program will remove unwanted Par and Rar files from your computer. (no source)
WINReference243KPierino MoroJul 10/06 
This program allows you to manage a list of addresses and other picked information. In "Search Text" it is possible to insert one or more words (case insensitive) that will harvest as "Logical AND", and the search will pick up a list of records where this condition is satisfied.
WINSpiralogy172KMichael RaleyJul 9/06 
'Spiralogy' is a short little Win32Lib toy to create bitmaps of spiraling lines. That's it. This code is a few years old, so the executable is included.
WINDarius Project4000KWes HermansonMay 3/06 
The start of a very ambitious biological AI project. It's built with the Euphoria To C Translator. (no source) May 3: none (download link)
WINgetPrompt.e2KWes HermansonMay 3/06 
This is a basic windows prompt interface that demonstrates how to construct simple dialogs using win32lib. May 3: none (download link)
WINMyInputOutput1KeggMar 21/06 
Simple one-dimensional arrays, writing and reading library.
WINWinDOS for Russian letters1KeggMar 21/06 
Win-DOS transformations for russian letters
WINBinary Clock6KGreg HaberekFeb 28/06 4.00
The say there are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don't. Binary Clock is for those of us who prefer our time in base 2 instead of base 10. Available in Amber, Blue or Red LEDs. Feb 28: New webpage.
GENMarkovian Text Generator11KRicardo M. FornoJan 27/06 1.50
From a text source file, this program generates Markovian text, based on n-grams in the source file. Its aim is to amuse the user with the funny results. But also an interesting and economic, in time and space, hashing method is included. Jan 27: Speed up for 0 order. Some repetitions avoided. Added another sample short story, in English.
WINPeriodic Table program34KJeremy PetersonDec 23/05 
A Windows program that displays a periodic table. Click on an element symbol and it will display that element's name, atomic mass, and other information. Dec 23: Fixed a few things.
WINPRETENDer34KSome SlackerDec 18/05 
Simply a more playable version of PRETEND(er) for Windows. So far they don't shoot at you, but you may like playing anyway.
WINSDL Datafiles5KSteven AllenDec 12/05 
A work in progress collection for datafile management in SDL. Includes a program to create datafiles from bitmaps, a library to read from the produced datafile, and another program to view some information about produced datafiles. Works great for image datafiles. Intended to be the "Grabber" for Euphoria SDL. Dec 12: Enhanced the datafile maker utility for more functionality. More control over datafile order.
WINCustom Appointment Calendar 0314KAl GetzSep 16/05 
A nice custom appointment calendar demo with days that show up nicely and appointment days appear in red. You can enter any text for an appointment. Use in your own program to give your app an appointment calendar with only a few lines added to your file. Allows end user to change calendar size with an up/down control. For use with WinClass.
WINBalance Sheet342KAndy DrummondAug 30/05 
A balance sheet program which allows the user to keep track of income and expenditure, allowing editing old entries and inserting new entries in the right place chronologically, and with printout of the records neatly formatted. This file is the setup program to load the executable (bound) version of BS.exe with its help file. No source (unless someone wants it).
DOScolorviewer1Kpracticing01Aug 1/05 
A small program that lets you see the number of a pixels color and its coordinates. Only accepts 256 color bitmaps and uses graphics mode 19 (8bit 320*200).
WINStartbar template3KWes HermansonJul 24/05 
A template for creating a custom start menu in your program.
WINMemo2KThomas JansenApr 14/05 
A simple tool for storing text or Euphoria program files. You can even do a case-insensitive search.
WINLPlanner240KMichael J. SabalMar 2/05 1.50
The core functionality of this Lesson Plan management package are not complete, but the "Day Planner" views are. Take what you need and modify to your heart's desire.
DOSdemo0169Kpracticing01Mar 1/05 
A small demo of some standard routines such as scrolling and backgrounds. Mar 1: fixed MAJOR bug with the translucency.
GENBrainf*ck Interpreter204KD. NewhallFeb 27/05 1.50
A Euphoria-coded interpreter for the popular esoteric programming language Brainf*ck. Includes Windows console and DOS executable, example programs, and source code.
GENHQ9+ Interpreter1KD. NewhallFeb 26/05 
An interpreter for the (joke) programming language HQ9+ designed by Cliff L. Biff, written in Euphoria.
GEN'Fix' Diccionario Code Page1KAl GetzFeb 8/05 
A short program to convert "Spanish.txt" that comes with Diccionario to standard English codes that are readable using Notepad or other text editor with fonts like "Courier New". See beginning of file for instructions.
GENDiccionario332KGalileoFeb 5/05 
An easy-to-use English-Spanish dictionary.
WINWinLingua334KGalileoFeb 5/05 
An easy-to-use English-Spanish dictionary. This Windows version uses Win32Lib 0.60.
DOSSierpinski Triangle Demo Program8KcumesoftwareJan 27/05 
This program displays the famous "Sierpinski triangle" fractal. Is was ported from a TI-83 program, but then he made some modifications.
GENWindows 98 Source Code ported to Euphoria (JOKE)3KscancodeJan 5/05 
This is a joke about Windoze 98... It can be run (fun) or read (funniest!). Warning: foul language used.
GENHidden messages2KEmlyn MerlynSep 22/04 
This program attempts to find hidden messages and words in the text file provided. Unedited, it attempts to find "euphoria" in text files. Sep 22: Found a bug.
GENSorting1KEmlyn MerlynSep 22/04 
This is a simple, slow sort algorithm. It can obviously be improved!
GENEuphoric Die Roller14KcklesterAug 23/04 
A die roller that lets you roll simple dice combos like d6 as well as more complicated dice formulas like 2d5+3d6 or 4d6-L(owest). Also rolls FUDGE dice and flips a coin (heads or tails). Click "Die Roller and Plotter" link on web site. Aug 23: Now works in Linux/FreeBSD and Windows with Irv Mullins' EuGTK library! It looks different but is functionally the same.
GENEbcdic v0.1a3KHayden McKayAug 18/04 
EBCDIC/ASCII translator. Uses a simple lookup to translate EBCDIC to ASCII and vice versa. Input can be either strings or control characters. Packed decimal format has not been inplemented.
GENCompression Testing Demo16KHayden McKayAug 11/04 
A compression tester. Parses a directory with Huff.ex, Reduce.e and lzss.e and builds a report to help you decide the best compression method to archive a specific file or directory. Aug 11: removed "Encryption Utility"
DOSCalculatrice220KStephane LamyAug 10/04 
A French command-line calculator for DOS (or DOS box). Feel free to translate or modify it.
GENASC.EX1KBrian BrokerJul 31/04 
Replacement for Euphoria's ascii.ex. Easier to read and allows you to switch between decimal and hexadecimal.
DOSScreen Savers50KLes RogersJul 31/04 
A suite of screen savers using sin/cos and a few other functions.
WINwindows explore5Kamir rezaJul 18/04 
A program somewhat like Windows Explorer. Jul 18: He omitted some code.
GENCuando v0.35KGuillermo BonvehiJul 7/04 
A simple command line calendar. You can use it when you log in to your machine. Can handle repetitive tasks very easily. Feedback is welcome. Jul 7: Rewrote part of the code. Calendar display and command-line options printing added
DOSSimple Mouse Painting1KNicholas KocejaJun 1/04 
A simple program that uses the mouse. Holding down the left-mouse-button and moving the mouse draws a line. It is free form, like in MS-Paint. Clicking the Right-mouse-button selects a random color to draw with. It is 99% bug free! Make sure you have DOS Mouse support. It can also be run in Windows. (Created on WinXP.)
WINPhone Master426KDoug WeinertMar 25/04 
Phone master is a telephone book with call timing, and optional serial modem dialling. It uses the Euphoria Database System. Needs Win32Lib and pcomm (both included in download). Also includes a bound executable file.
GENpbook phonebook utility239KGreg HaberekMar 10/04 
Another take on the MYDATA.EX demo provided by RDS. Pbook uses an EDS database, displays colors, and prints out data to a file or printer. pbook.ex should work on any platform (untested on Linux) and a WIN32 console executable is included. Mar 10: Now includes both console and gui versions. Gui version requires Win32Lib.
DOSheat index calculation1KJohn LivingstoneFeb 13/04 
Calculates the heat index from temperature and relative humidity.
DOSwind chill calculation1KJohn LivingstoneFeb 13/04 
Calculates the wind chill factor.
WINYet Another Haiku Generator244KA.C.HarperDec 17/03 
Another haiku generator for windows platforms. You may add your own lines, or modify existing haiku, and save the results to an EDS database.
GENHaiku Generator2KMark AkitaNov 22/03 
A program that generates simple Haiku. Haiku is a form of abstract poetry that is comprised of 3 non-rhyming lines with 5,7 and 5 syllables. Some of the verses will be nonsensical but a few might be lovely or profound.
DOSST@RS1KNahuel CarballoNov 18/03 
A small "stars" demo program.
WINDirectory Size1KRolf SchroederSep 5/03 
A small program that tells you the size of a directory and all sub directories (i.e. bytes used). i.e. exw dirsize C:\Euphoria Sep 5: Not the current directory, but any directory and its sub directories are given.
LNXRolodex9KChrisAug 26/03 
A small rolodex program based on Irv Mullins' simple text mode user interface and EDS.
WINScratch a File162KCarlos ValdesAug 16/03 3.00
A program that builds on Doug Weinert's Recycle (below). It also demonstrates the use of Euphoria's namespace feature in utilizing both Win32Lib and EuWinGui in the same program.
WINSend Files to Recycle Bin3KDoug WeinertAug 14/03 3.00
A program that demonstrates how to send a file to the Recycle Bin.
WINDisplay Letters and Digits169KJoseph SemmelAug 2/03 
A simple program that displays large letters and digits as a child presses the keyboard.
WINCute Windows Demo2KJonas TempleJul 24/03 
An amusing litte demo. It requires Win32Lib. Jul 24: even slipperier
WINPurge Files154KGreg HaberekJul 20/03 
A program that deletes files after first storing zeros through the whole file. Source plus translated executable included.
WINEuphoria Calculator161KPierino MoroJun 28/03 
A calculator that shows a record of your calculations.
GENNamespace Demo23KAkuJun 22/03 
A simple demo that shows how to use Euphoria's namespaces to simulate classes.
WINCall It142KLorri Wolk-LaniewskiApr 16/03 
A demo that shows how to start up an executable program, or a Web site from your program.
DOSMVM Virtual Machine10KMatt ArriolaJan 27/03 
A virtual machine based on his earlier XVM (see Archive). Jan 27: version 1.2
GENScheduling Demo4KGreg HaberekJan 26/03 
A small demo that uses the task scheduler from Language Wars while displaying columns of text on the screen.
WINRandom Playlist Generator1KGreg HaberekDec 27/02 
A simple program that creates a random playlist of files for Winamp.
DOSDOS Image Gallery32KGeorge BrooksNov 19/02 
A collection of 50 text-mode color graphics pictures, with a program to view them.
WINFile Notes94KDoug WeinertNov 4/02 
A tool that lets you easily save descriptions of files into a Euphoria database.
DOSGPS Bot6KGeorge BrooksNov 4/02 
Using GPS (Global Positioning System) data for world cities, this program lets you navigate between them.
DOSEvents in History3KGeorge BrooksOct 27/02 
Input a year, and get an event that happened around that time.
WINRandom .WAV Player72KChris BurchOct 26/02 
A simple program that plays random .WAV files at random intervals. Includes 5 .WAV samples.
DOSBundle of Sample Programs717KCad CretaSep 9/02 0.50
A large collection of small DOS demo programs. See fileswrk.txt for descriptions.
WINTowers of Hanoi5KMartin StachonAug 16/02 1.00
A solution to the Towers of Hanoi problem. It has a nice graphical display with adjustable speed and tower size.
WINJapanese Verb Conjugator2KMatt ArriolaMay 17/02 
A useful little tool if you are trying to learn Japanese.
WINDigital Clock8KJesus ConsuegraApr 9/02 
A large clock built using a 7-segment LED display.
GENWinner - Contest #3160KC.K. LesterApr 5/02 
C.K. was awarded $50 in MicroEconomy money for this solution to programming contest problem #3. His program scored higher than 5 other competitors in solving a series of 5 ciphers.
DOSProverb Generator34KGeorge BrooksApr 3/02 
A proverb generator that displays proverbs in English and Net Esperanto.
GENWinner - Contest #2150KJason MirwaldApr 3/02 
Jason was awarded $30 in MicroEconomy money for this solution to programming contest problem #2. His program was correct and was faster than the other correct contestants.
GENWinner - Contest #12KAkuApr 2/02 
Aku was awarded $25 in MicroEconomy money for this solution to programming contest problem #1. His program was correct and was faster than the other contestants.
DOSAI Chatter Bot14KGeorge BrooksMar 9/02 
A robot that chats about the world political situation.
WINReminder72KJordah FergusonFeb 20/02 0.25
A reminder program that lets you record things to do and their priorities. It uses an EDS database.
GENNatural Language Translator46KGeorge Brooks / Rob CraigFeb 5/02 
A program that converts text from one natural (human) language to another. It does a rough word-for-word translation. A human needs to make a second pass to clean it up. A 5000-word English - Esperanto dictionary is included.
DOSManage Your Bank Accounts26KJean-Marc DuroFeb 1/02 
A program for managing bank accounts. Feb 1: English, French and German are supported. It can import files from Quicken or Money.
GENText Browser2KPaul PlummerNov 30/01 
An enhanced version of the text browser written by Hugo Rozas (below). Paul added a clock and bookmarks.
WINPhone List3KGuillermo Bonvehi / Gustavo BottegoniNov 21/01 
A simple phone list maintainer.
GENSimple Text Browser2KHugo RozasNov 5/01 
A simple tool for scrolling left/right and up/down through a text file. Nov 5: 2 bugs fixed
GENEvaluate Simple Expressions5KMartin StachonJul 30/01 3.80
An evaluator for simple mathematical expressions. It includes a graphing application (for DOS).
GENdir() Demo4KDavid MosleyJun 22/01 
A demo of Euphoria's dir() command.
WINSoftware Request Form9KAlan OxleyJun 20/01 
A software ordering program that is being used commercially.
GENSimple Programs4KAbhayMay 17/01 
Two simple programs. One for quadratic equations. The other for "triplets".
WINText Encoder1KMike The SpikeMar 19/01 
A simple demo that converts text into a strange form.
GENTyping Speed Tester1KAndrewMar 9/01 
Find out how many words per minute you can type.
DOSVirtual Machine131KMatt ArriolaFeb 26/01 
A virtual machine that currently emulates 50 instructions and a small subset of BIOS functions.
GENEncryption Benchmark318KGeorge OrrFeb 26/01 
Comparisons of binding vs. translating vs. interpreting a small encryption algorithm.
DOSAI Bots #231KGeorge BrooksFeb 19/01 
Three more experiments in AI, with text graphics.
DOSAI Bots #113KGeorge BrooksFeb 9/01 
Three experiments in AI, with text graphics.
GENEliza5KDavid ElsdonFeb 6/01 
The classic artificially-intelligent psychotherapist.
GENText File Converter2KMatt ArriolaJan 18/01 
A simple utility for converting text files between DOS/Windows, Unix, and Mac formats.
DOSSimple Encryption Program46KMatt ArriolaJan 10/01 
His own encryption algorithm. Jan 10: bug fix
DOSWindows in DOS24KWayne OvermanDec 24/00 
The beginning of a windowing system for DOS. Dec 24: new and improved
DOSDisplay Text Pictures5KGeorge BrooksNov 17/00 
Small programs for saving and displaying text-mode pictures.
DOSBunch of Demos33KShark ByteNov 13/00 
Several small demos. A game of Life, a glittering triangle, and many more. Nov 13: several more demos added.
GENVerify Credit Card Numbers1KLijo JosephOct 13/00 
A program that checks the validity of credit card numbers.
DOSEvent Engine9KDaniel McGrathJul 17/00 
A multi-tasking system that might be useful in games.
DOSMatrix Screen Saver2KCarl WhiteJul 16/00 
A text-based screen saver.
GENSimple Object-Oriented Euphoria8KNo SolutionJul 12/00 1.00
Another approach to doing object-oriented programming in Euphoria. Jul 12: PUBLIC/PRIVATE/PROTECT access for members and methods.
GENScripting Engine4KNo SolutionMay 19/00 
A small scripting language that you can use within your Euphoria program.
GENSimple DIR Program1KMark NenadovApr 12/00 
A tutorial program that shows how to write a simple DIR command.
GENTwo Programming Languages48KTom EklöfApr 6/00 
ETL and EOR - a couple of strange interpreted languages implemented using Euphoria.
GENMachine-Language Executor3KBrecht PynooMar 29/00 
An executor of code for a simple machine. It's based on his school project.
DOSSmooth Scrolling of Text Files78KDB JamesMar 7/00 
A program that lets you select text files and scroll them smoothly in pixel-graphics mode.
DOSDisk Browser12KCaballero RojoFeb 26/00 
A program that lets you browse your disk, run programs, view files etc.
DOSQBasic Programs in Euphoria35KMatt ArriolaAug 26/99 
He translated several small QBasic programs into Euphoria. Aug 26: 2 new programs added
GENAssembly Language Interpreter5KJeffrey FieldingJul 26/99 
A simple interpreter for a small subset of machine instructions.
DOSSimple Programming Language6KMikhaelFeb 22/99 
a very simple programming language. He wants you to help him extend it. (shrouded source)
DOSNumbers Expressed as Words3KGuillermo FriantFeb 19/99 
a program that expresses large numbers as English or Spanish words.
DOSTribute Demo24KWayne OvermanFeb 16/99 
a user interface demo using bits and pieces that he picked up from several people.
DOSAmortization Tables91KKenneth RhodesFeb 6/99 
a program that calculates monthly payments on loans, mortgages etc. He included David Cuny's DOS font program, plus a bunch of fonts.
DOSMake My Day2KAlan TuJan 26/99 
a program that calculates your biorhythms.
DOSTemperature Conversion2KStafford WhiteDec 10/98 
a simple program for converting Fahrenheit to Celcius. It has a text-mode GUI interface.
GENXProl Language17KTom EklöfJul 18/98 
a quick little programming language that he claims is 'the most useless one ever invented'. You might find it educational to see how he did it. Jul 18: after almost one year, he has released version 22 'Shent'
DOSSave Sequence to a File8KArt AdamsonJul 3/98 
programs that save a large sequence of positive integers to a file. He compared Euphoria's print(), Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen's EDOM 2.02, and his own method, for both speed and space requirements.
DOSWindow Constructor13KMike FowlerJul 2/98 
a package for creating simple graphics-mode windows. It will even generate the code for you. (uses SVGA)
GENObject-Oriented Programming7KRalf NieuwenhuijsenJun 2/98 
a system for doing object-oriented programming in Euphoria.
DOSSimple Button Demo8KEduardo OkadaJun 1/98 
a simple demo of how to click a button using the mouse in pixel graphics modes.
DOSC-64 Character Set3KJ-Man Th'ShamanMay 27/98 
A tool for displaying the Commodore 64 character set in various graphics modes.
DOSBinary File-Search2KCarlos ValdesApr 22/98 
A binary search through a large sorted file, such as WORDS.TXT in Junko Miura's spelling checker (below).
GENExpression Evaluator3KDavid CunyFeb 3/98 
a simple parser of mathematical expressions. You might use it to evaluate expressions typed by the user of your program. Some people on the mailing list requested this.
DOSStar Date Converter11KJoe MartinApr 2/97 0.10
a program that no trekkie should be without
DOSDOS Command Menu1KOlafur OskarMar 9/97 
his first program - a template for a DOS program launcher
DOSHilley's Utilities2KLucius L. Hilley IIIFeb 19/97 
some utility routines for fast puts(), and rounding of values
DOSCybrGod's First Program1KCybrGodNov 30/96 
his first-born Euphoria program. It's a simple, but useful demonstraton of the get_key() and position() library routines.
DOSWord finding program1KArt AdamsonJun 12/96 
a simple word finding program

Database (56)

GENrandom.e (v1.00)7KShian LeeMar 23/17 
random.e provides random access file routines for Euphoria 3.1.1. Random access (or Direct access) files can be used for almost anything: configuration files, help systems, dictionaries, account managing, databases, etc. The library supports 15 simple data types for fields of records. Includes standard user manual.
GENEuSQLite update500KChris Burchupdated Apr 19/16 
Euphoria wrappers for SQLite, updated from Ray Smith's contribution. SQLite home page says it's faster than other databases. Apr 19: Duplicate entry. Files moved to
WINeuSQLite100KRay SmithFeb 26/16 
A wrapper for SQLite. SQLite is an easy to use embeddable SQL database engine which uses a subset SQL query language. Chris Burch placed the code at, along with other documentation, Linux libraries, and Windows dlls. Documentation is also a good resource for SQL Feb 26: Alternate depository, additional documentation.
GENwxEDB10000KMatthew LewisMay 10/13 10.00
Euphoria Database Browser ported to wxEuphoria. Works on both Windows and Linux, 32 and 64 bits May 10: v1.29.1 Includes all binaries and source required
WINDatabase Visual Control Library145KJean-Marc DUROMar 24/13 
Database VCL on the model of Borland Delphi: a TTable component that updates linked components when current record changes. V0.5: Class library completely rewritten. Underlying controls are now defined within classes. TDBListView added. Code has reached beta state.
GENScavange197KFred ManganMay 9/10 
A EuWinGUI program to maintain a searchable EDS database of the *.e, *.ew include files in your Euphoria installation; can print to file. Executable only supplied.
LNXzipsearch1017KJim PishloJan 20/10 
Linux command that allows you to search a database of over 47,000 records for any given zip code, or city and/or state. Before you run it, you'll have to change the db_open command to point to the zip_codes database on your computer.
WINFirebird Server ODBC179KSteve BaxterJan 14/10 
Demonstration program for Firebird Server ODBC access using odbc.e and wxEuphoria with two-tone flexible datagrid. Uses the EMPLOYEE.FDB example database that comes standard with Firebird install.
WINMCatalog173KFred ManganNov 5/09 
A neat database program for storage of text; source code uses EuWinGUI - includes a handy 'TODO' include file.
WINMySQL 5.0 for Euphoria from Fabio Ramirez953KMC WongSep 26/09 
Fabio's "libmysql.dll" does not support the new password hashing from MySQL 4.1 onwards. This new dll is from MySQL v5.0's. Uses Fabio's wrapper program with 1 or 2 lines modified and file renamed to avoid name conflict. Demo program also modified from Fabio's.
WINSample odbc.e cursors connection to AS/400 (iSeries)1KMC WongSep 26/09 
Sample code using Matthew Lewis' odbc.e to access AS/400 tables (2 tables). Matthew's demo program uses wxWidget so this may be helpful to someone. This demo program uses cursors to read the entire file. Same DSN setup from sample1
WINSample odbc.e connection to AS/400 (iSeries)71KMC WongSep 25/09 
Sample code using Matthew Lewis' odbc.e to access AS/400 tables (2 tables). Matthew's demo program uses wxWidget so this may be helpful to someone.
GENContact Keeper172KRyan MannAug 23/09 
Contact Keeper is a console program that lets somebody save people's contact information into a Euphoria database file. Somebody can edit or delete contacts after they are entered.
GENStrong Typed Database v0.515KJean-Marc DUROAug 1/09 0.80
Full working database manager with strong typed fields. Uses CChris's sort_by_nth_field. Demo included. Added a function to search a record within indexed fields.
WINedbEditor prebeta6KAlgorythmDec 30/08 
This is a prebeta version of a Euphoria Database Editor. It requires Eu 4.0. It is a GUI wrapper for EDS. Only for testing! Dec 30: Forgot something
WINConverting .DBF files to EDS173KSergio GelliApr 2/08 1.00
Open a Dbase database, and show the content in a ListView with headings, showing the names of the fields and columns with data from the database. You can use keyboard or mouse to navigate between records and optionally copy the database from a .DBF to a Euphoria EDS database. Sample .DBF files included for test. Apr 2: Changed download address
WINODBC Library269KTone SkodaMar 4/08 3.00
With ODBC you can manipulate many database formats, including Access .mdb files. This library lets you loop through selected records of a table and quickly get and/or change fields. A lot was learned from odbc.ew by Matthew Lewis. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINEDS GUI331KTone SkodaMar 4/08 11.30
A nice-looking graphical user interface for viewing EDS database files (file type .edb). June 7: field name support, and some other minor improvements Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINF.R.O.G1730KJonas TempleDec 3/07 1.00
A Windows-based database browser specifically built for the IBM iSeries. Executable only. Dec 3: A minor release with a few new features and bug fixes.
WINLSD v0.315KJean-Marc DUROApr 18/07 
Light Structured Database is a holdall database. No fields declaration. Records can have different field numbers with different types. Comes in two flavors: LSD which needs to indicate a type for each record field, and LSD_LW (lightweight) which automatically detects the convenient type. A backup file is always created. Demo included.
GENEuSQL300KMatthew LewisOct 6/06 17.00
An SQL (Structured Query Language) front-end for the Euphoria Database System (EDS). It parses and executes a subset of SQL statements. Oct 6: v0.79.1: bug fixes, small enhancements
WINTable Database Manager596KKittenABAug 25/06 1.70
Complete setup included. This is a table style database manager with HTML export built in and a few new features such as topics. Uses the MyWindows library, included, and a database extension library.
WINUUID (GUID) win32 api functions wrappers4Kjacques desch�nesJul 21/06 3.00
Wrapping of a few functions in rpcrt4.dll related to the generation of UUID (GUID), comparison, conversion. UUID can be used to create unique keys for database records.
GENDBTSV13KAndr�s Szab�Apr 30/06 
An original database system that uses TSV (tab-separated-values) text files for storing information. Slow and unstable, but it was fun to write. It may serve you well in case of a simple CGI message board. (Or not even there.) The author says to give it a try, see the demos, and then use EDS instead. Apr 30: Bug fixes in the routines and the demos.
GENJetvetSQL190KChris BurchFeb 11/06 
A veterinary database / management system, 90% complete, just went live at one of his branches. Requires sqlite3 (wrappers included) (download .dll or .so from, and datetime (Carl White, included). Works unaltered on Windows and Linux. Very very fast - searches a 40 mb database in 3 seconds (and that's not optimised, and before it caches) Feb 11: Included the missing compress.e
WINPostgreSQL8.1 wrapper for Euphoria91KJeremy PetersonDec 23/05 
A mostly complete wrapper for PostgreSQL8.1. Dec 23: Fixed more bugs, changed the documentation, and the demos.
WINTsunami Record Manager wrappers293KH.W. OvermanJun 18/05 12.50
Database: Tsunami Record Manager wrappers for use with Euphoria. A Win32Lib demo is included, documentation to follow. Visit for other Tsunami info. This is a very powerful, very easy to use record management tool for commercial applications. Jan 21: Smaller download and partial update to documentation
WINFormBuilderwx11KJim SmileyMay 22/05 
Forms are generated from the EUSQL EDB tables in wxEuphoria. All fields are placed on the form and the logic for new, add, delete, and simple find. A link can be shown and placed in the appropriate field. A form can be recreated when a table is changed.
GENODBC Database Connectivity36KMatthew LewisMar 10/05 14.00
A library that wraps the ODBC API for Euphoria, allowing Euphoria programs access to almost any type of database. Mar 10: v1.34: Connections can now be properly closed.
GENZIP Code Database1745KGreg HaberekDec 19/04 
A Euphoria database of over 42,000 ZIP codes in the United States. Includes standard, P.O. Box and Military ZIP codes, along with latitude and longitude of most ZIP codes. ZIP codes can be used to determine city, county or state.
WINEuphoria Database Browser595KMatthew LewisAug 25/04 18.00
A utility that allows viewing, editing and creating EDS and EuSQL databases. It has user defined forms, including customizable, scriptable events. Aug 25: v1.26.5: Includes EuGrid v1.3, plus documentation on patching Win32Lib v0.60.4, properly updated edbform_ui.ew
GENKJV Apocrypha23KWilliam HeimbignerJul 25/04 
This is a program which will compile the King James Version apocrypha into a Euphoria DataBase file. The apocrypha is a set of (disputed) books of the Bible, written between the Old Testament to the beginning of the New Testament. So far, it includes only Esdras I.
WINBible Browser170KGreg HaberekFeb 22/04 
Another utility for browsing through the databases provided by C.K. Lester. It saves favorites in a separate database and sorts them by version. It displays Book, Chapter and Verse information, and allows browsing verse-by-verse.
GENCars Database13KGreg HaberekFeb 3/04 
An EDS database of all cars made since 1984. Includes makes, models and years. A Win32Lib demo is included.
GENSimple EDS Editor69KcklesterNov 15/03 1.00
A simple text-mode EDS database editor. Simple and fast for those quick database maintenance tasks. Tested and working in FreeBSD and Windows 2000... will probably work on all platforms supported by Euphoria. Nov 15: Major update! Automatic and manual backups. Scrolling lists. Bug fixes. More! See change_log.txt for all the info.
GENBible (ASV) as Euphoria Database1839KC. K. LesterSep 26/03 
The American Standard Version of the Bible in a Euphoria database file. Composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book,chapter,verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!).
GENBible (KJV) as Euphoria Database1755KC.K. LesterSep 26/03 
The King James Version of the Bible in a Euphoria database file. Composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book,chapter,verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!). Sep 26: removed redundant data items. viewer now available separately.
GENBible (WEB) as Euphoria Database1733KC. K. LesterSep 26/03 
The World English Bible in a Euphoria database file. Composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book,chapter,verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!).
GENBibler.e for Euphoria Database Bibles4KC. K. LesterSep 26/03 
Bibler.e is a cross-platform include file you can use to access Euphoria EDS bible databases (below). This zip file also includes a Win32Lib-based program for a demonstration.
GENAnother Database.e wrapper4KDave DavisSep 11/03 
Updated wrapper for database.e, with error messages, and dos32 error output through message_box() Sep 11: bug fixes
WINDatabase Manipulator3KPhilip DeetsJun 14/03 
A utility for creating and manipulating EDS databases. It uses Win32Lib.
GENEnhanced Interface to EDS116KA.C.HarperFeb 26/03 9.25
Additional functionality for EDS, plus manipulation of databases from the keyboard. Includes a simple text adventure browser. Includes a GUI interface that uses Andrea Cini's EuWinGui library. Feb 26: bug fixes, and has been updated to work with 2.4 alpha, including a new command to rename tables.
WINMySQL for Euphoria100KFabio RamirezJul 20/02 1.50
A library that lets you build and access databases using MySQL. Jul 20: More examples. Better comments.
GENSafe EDS Wrapper Library3KJordah FergusonMay 22/02 
Some routines that Jordah has found useful when using EDS, especially with multiple databases. His routines provide enhanced functionality and/or enhanced safety.
WINSequence Viewer167KAndras SzaboApr 20/02 2.20
A nice graphical viewer for EDS databases (file type .edb), as well as sequences saved to disk. Supports drag and drop, and right-click. Apr 20: Recognizes EDS magic byte 77 at start of database file, can reload the currently-open file.
WINArchive Search6KRoland StowasserFeb 23/02 1.15
An off-line search tool and viewer for the Euphoria Archive. It lets you select platform, category, author, keywords etc., and search for matching entries. It displays the full description for each entry. You'll need archive.edb. Feb 23: you can specify updated/stamped plus other minor improvements
WINArchive Reader77KTony StewardFeb 17/02 2.65
A viewer for the Archive database. This one will also download any file that you select. You'll need archive.edb. Feb 17: many useful improvements and better looking
GENArchive Database in Russian222KIgor KachanFeb 5/02 
Tools that convert the Archive database, plus Russian HTML files, into a Russian version of the database. Run htm2edbr.ex, then run dumpdosr.ex or dumpwinr.ex to view the contents of the Russian database. You'll also create plain text versions of the Russian HTML files.
WINEDS/Net211KJonas TempleAug 16/01 5.00
This package enhances the Euphoria Database System, allowing multiple-user access to database.e functions across an ip network. It also handles record locking. Aug 16: documentation corrections, plus a fix to server handling of db_delete_table
GENEnhanced database program6KArt AdamsonAug 16/01 
Enhancements to the simple database.ex demo program. Aug 16: after 5 years, a major bug was found and fixed. (This program was one of the very first user contributions back in June 1996!)
GENSimple Database5KDavid MosleyJun 15/01 
An enhanced version of mydata.ex in euphoria 2.2. Jun 15: more enhancements
WINSQL Utility5KJonas TempleMar 12/01 
Inspired by Matt Lewis' ODBC wrapper, this utility allows entry of SQL statements and displays the results in a dynamically built list view. requires: Win32Lib 0.55.1 and Matt's ODBC wrapper. Mar 12: Only return first 100 records of a set. Uses latest version of Matt Lewis' ODBC wrapper.
GENLoad/Merge Files into EDS18KLarry GreggMay 24/00 
A program to load external files into an EDS database. You can also merge two tables by a common key.
GENEDS Toolbox26KBuddy HyllbergApr 8/00 
A collection of programs to help manage an EDS database. It includes database creation, table add/drop/list, SQL export, HTML report generator, and CSV import/export programs. Also includes a tool to report the database version. Apr 8: minor bug fixes, includes EDS 0.5
DOSE-Rolodex and E-Notes18KMatt ArriolaDec 13/99 
A simple database program that works in English, French, German and Spanish. Good for recording personal contacts. Dec 13: new: E-Notes
GEN.DBF file (dBase) access routines5KDaniel BersteinNov 4/96 3.00
a set of routines for accessing .DBF files

Extra Stuff from RDS (14)

WINLanguage War for Windows1314KDave Craig / Rob CraigDec 31/07 
This game was designed by Dave Craig in 1978 to run on a 16K RAM TRS-80. Now Rob has ported the DOS version to Windows by using dos_rescue.ew, an include file that overrides the built-in functions: graphics_mode(), pixel(), get_key() etc. It runs the Windows event loop as a separate Euphoria task. Perhaps you can "rescue" some other old DOS graphics programs. Hear Rob's voice, and if you win at the expert level, hear Junko's voice and see a picture of Junko & Rob! Source and compiled executables included. Dec 31: fixed memory leak in call to DrawText - thanks to Matt Lewis
GENEuphoria Documentation Generator513KRobert CraigNov 3/06 
This contains the Euphoria .htx documentation files. Each .htx file is transformed into a .htm and a .doc file using Junko's documentation generator (included). These files then become part of a Euphoria release. Also included is the INNO script for building a Euphoria release on DOS/Windows, as well as some support programs used in the DOS/Windows install file. With this directory, someone could make a modified INNO install for Euphoria.
GENFiles Within All .zip's1055KRobert CraigJan 30/06 
This text file contains a listing of the files stored within all of the .zip's, .tgz's and .tar.gz's on this site. This is useful if you are searching for a particular file, such as an include file, contained within an archive. This text file will be updated each month. You can access any archive file in the listing, by downloading something like:
GENArchive HTML generator206KRDSJan 21/06 
A utility program used by RDS to generate all the HTML pages for the file Archive. It reads archive.edb and generates about 20 HTML files from it. For convenience, a copy of archive.edb is included, but you can always get the latest archive.edb from our site.
DOSLanguage War Contest368KRDSDec 8/05 
Download to an empty directory, and unzip it with WinZip, pkunzip etc. View the small README.TXT file before starting. If you can't hear the sound-effects, don't worry. You won't need them to win. The game will run on XP and all earlier versions of Windows. Three people have now destroyed all 50 C ships, and the contest is closed.
GENDerek's Contest - Final Submissions210KRobert CraigApr 22/05 
The final code submitted by the contestants in Derek Parnell's November 2004 programming contest. There are several good examples of hashing and tree-searching. The winners were: 1st Pete Eberlein $27, 2nd Jiri Babor $16, 3rd Pete Lomax $11. The MicroEconomy money was donated by Derek and some other people.
GENSpell Checker151KJunko MiuraMar 5/02 
A spelling checker using an English dictionary contributed by Matt Sephton. She used an interesting technique based on a fast hash table lookup algorithm. On a Pentium-150 she can check a 15000-word document (such as library.doc) against a 50000-word dictionary in just 2 seconds! You can easily add words to the dictionary, or replace it with another one in English or some other language. Mar 5: some minor errors in the dictionary file were corrected. This dictionary was used in the Euphoria programming contest
GENArchive as EDS Database1KRDSFeb 1/02 
A simple text mode viewer for the database of all user-contributed files in the File Archive. It will display all 1500+ records on standard output. Note: At least three other people have made nice Windows viewers. You'll also need archive.edb, which is automatically updated once per day.
WINSimple Backup Program4KRob CraigAug 21/99 
A simple program that backs up a set of directories from one drive to another. Only the changed files are copied. Works on DOS too. Aug 21: automatic delete option; backs up all files to a subdirectory on the target drive
GENEuphoria Documentation Generator169KJunko MiuraApr 4/99 
a documentation generator that automatically generates the Euphoria documentation in both HTML and plain text form. The complete set of 2.1 documentation in raw "HTX" form is included. You might be able to generate the Euphoria documentation in some other form, by enhancing the generator.
DOSExtra "goodies"4KRob CraigApr 3/99 
Three extra programs: a version of open() for DOS that handles (most) long file names on XP/NT/2000; a program that adds up disk space used by a directory; a DOS graphics demo
GENHuffman Compression5KJunko MiuraMar 18/99 
The Huffman compression algorithm in Euphoria. Huffman doesn't provide the best compression, or the fastest, but it lets you compress and decompress any kind of file, without worrying about the software patents that exist on most of the better algorithms (such as LZ). See also Daniel Berstein's "Compress/Decompress" and Jiri Babor's compression program. Mar 18: Minor fix for Euphoria 2.1
GENKernighan Interpreter Benchmarks6KRDSJan 28/98 
We translated the Kernighan / Van Wyk Benchmarks into Euphoria, and compared the speed of Euphoria with 7 other interpreters plus compiled C. Our results indicate that Euphoria beats each of the other 7 interpreters on more benchmarks than they beat Euphoria. Euphoria even beats C on at least one of the benchmarks. The tests and input data are available from Kernighan's Web page.
GENDate calculations1KJunko MiuraSep 1/96 
a program for calculating the day of the week, given the date. It also calculates the number of days between any two dates.

Language Tools (144)

GENsoop_by_MS142Kfor: Mario SteeleAug 2/17 3.00
Simplistic Object Oriented Programming Library is an API Library to allow OOP to be implemented in Euphoria Programs. It is the Successor of the POOP Library. Sports new features, including call_back support for methods, and a beta version of a new Data Type System. re-upload
LNXeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--64 bit6056KJames CookJul 29/17 
Euphoria v4.1.0 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (exu, euc non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also
LNXeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--32 bit5911KJames CookJul 29/17 
Euphoria v4.1.0 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (exu, euc non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also
WINeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--32 bit8561KJames CookJul 28/17 
Euphoria v4.1.0 gcc.exe compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (euc.exe, eui.exe, euiw.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also and (gcc.exe)
WINeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--64 bit9854KJames CookJul 28/17 
Euphoria v4.1.0 gcc.exe compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (euc.exe, eui.exe, euiw.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also and (gcc.exe)
GENquick1KPhil F.Jul 21/17 
This quick "contents list" of routine declarations and their line numbers can save a few moments when you are not sure where a routine is in a group of old project files. Try: eui qindex.ex myfile.e {and optional} > keeplist.txt
GENeuwrap5457KJames Cookupdated Jul 16/17 
A system to use Euphoria functions stored in dlls (compiled with euc or ecw) to be called from another computer programming language, such as C, by opening a dll. Data can be exchanged using Linked lists. Most Euphoria functions are wrapped. Includes binaries, demos, and source. Look for Freeware license. Jul 16: Changed link to sourceforge. Full version.
LNXeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.0.5 Linux5753KJames CookJul 15/17 
Euphoria v4.0.5 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (eui, euc non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also
LNXeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for Linux1689KJames CookJul 15/17 
Euphoria v3.1.1 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (exu, ecu non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware
WINeu.ex and ec.ex compiled1953KJames Cookupdated Jul 9/17 
Euphoria v3.1.1 Watcom compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (ecw.exe, exw.exe, exwc.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. Jul 9: Changed link to sourceforge.
WINeu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.0.57876KJames Cookupdated Jul 9/17 
Euphoria v4.0.5 Watcom compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (euc.exe, eui.exe, euiw.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also Jul 9: Changed link to sourceforge.
WINeu compiled369KJames CookJul 6/17 
This is simply a Watcom-compiled distribution of eu.ex from the source directory of Euphoria v3.1.1, euw.exe eu.ex to exw1.exe and exwc1.exe
WINeu compiled for v4.0.51411KJames CookJul 6/17 
Simply eu.ex from Euphoria v4.0.5 source directory translated and compiled using watcom. eui1.exe and euiw.exe provided. (provided without compression)
GENLinked List17KJames CookJun 23/17 
Double linked list routines in Euphoria. Can interface with C linked list structure. Linked lists can provide faster data processing than arrays, because not all the data is in the processor cache. Can represent any Euphoria object as a linked list. Freeware license.
GENeuthread310KJames Cookupdated Jun 19/17 
euthread impliments threads for Euphoria using the gcc and the openwatcom compiler. Threads allow full multiprocessor support. Source included. Freeware license. Jun 19: added euthread.e
GENclass file exmple21KJames Cookupdated May 27/17 
An example of how a class file can be implemented, with inheritance. Multiple instances of a class can be handled, with data in sequences. It can look up an id with an object name, or just have an unnamed id. Data can be erased by over writing it with an empty sequence. May 27: Freeware license.
GENdna_software60KJames CookMay 27/17 
This is my attempt to write software for dna research. I use things like bit-fields, and I try to find out how much compressed it can be (because it takes a lot of memory). I hope you find it useful. Freeware license.
GENMachine2 (v1.00)14KShian LeeJan 11/17 
Machine2.e includes basic utilities, bitwise operators and machine level interface routines for Euphoria 3.1.1 (peek2, poke2, EQV, IMP, shift, rotate, pack, unpack, set, get, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, flatten, boolean, string, fix, sign, delay, pause, ...). Includes standard user manual.
GENCheck Euphoria version4KJean-Marc DUROOct 30/16 
Generic Euphoria version checker. Works on Windows and Linux, 32 or 64 bits, with Eu 3.11, 4.0 and 4.1. Returns one of 8 values: EU_4_1_LNX_64, EU_4_1_LNX_32, EU_4_0_LNX, EU_3_1_LNX, EU_4_1_WIN_64, EU_4_1_WIN_32, EU_4_0_WIN, EU_3_1_WIN. Updates address length. Intended to be used with generic memory allocation routines to avoid common pointer size problems.
WINEuPortable Installer25000KAndreas Wagnerupdated Oct 15/16 
Installer for EuPortable, contains WEE 0.48, Open Watcom 1.9 (subset), OpenEuphoria 4.0.6. Installer does not write to the registry nor does it change any Path or file association. Oct 15: Added a downloads for Eu4.1. They include the gcc compiler.
GENTinyBasic interpreter299KJean-Marc DUROOct 9/16 
A small embedded Basic interpreter written in Euphoria. Updated to a pre-alpha version with if and while statements, variable affectations and a lot of new operators. No need of line numbers anymore.
GENEduardo's Event System3KaceduardoJun 7/16 
A simple and good event handling lib. Accompanies a very little and simple list management lib.
WINTG's Flat Assembler84KHayden McKayMay 28/16 
Wrapper for TG's Flat Assembler. This release has been rebuilt and now should be 'bug free', the debugger is now improved and solid. Supports ia32 & ia64 architectures and applications can have embedded assembler syntax included in their Euphoria program. Routines include: create_asm(), define_asm() & inline_asm()
GENEuCANOOP280KCharles NewbouldMay 13/16 
OOP programming in Euphoria is not built into the language, yet it is simple to realise and easy to apply. EuCANOOP provides an OOP functionality with just nine routines. There are no limitations with regard to either operating systems or Euphoria version. May 13: Completely revised syntax - even simpler? Now needs OE4.0 or later. OOP libraries & examples provided. Project ongoing.
LNXAll In One Installer280KShawn PringleMar 10/16 
Formerly Network AIO installer. Based on DURO's All In One installer but works on systems that do not have a French locale. This installs Euphoria 4.1, 4.0, and GTK and WX and its IDE. Mar 10: Installs the newer 4.11.5 and incorporates the newest 4.0 sources into the 4.0 install.
LNXTidy-Backup for WEE 0.4315KKenneth RhodesJan 4/16 
Simple routines to back up and "beautifier" Euphoria source code. WEE 0.43 users can run "eui backup.ex ui_gtk.e" to backup the existing "ui_gtk.e" file, then copy then "cp *.e /WEE-Directory/". Bingo! Run "eui wee.exw" and you have "Backup Current File" and "Tidy Current File Source Code" menu options appended to WEE's "Run" menu. The Tidy option automatically backs up your original source code file. More details in file comments.
GENkissWxEuphoria8446KJean-Marc DUROJan 2/16 
kissWxEuphoria succeeds to wxSimple to allow beginners to use wxEuphoria: less routines, parameters always in the same order when possible in the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid). Covers only a subset of wxEuphoria functions.
WINCode beautifier188KJean-Marc DURODec 1/15 
A code beautifier to improve readability of badly indented source code. Original source code is left unchanged. A copy with extension .btf is made. Uses tinEWG, but can easily be adapted to Linux.
GENJoy18KShawn PringleOct 17/15 
A library full of simple functions for making your code more terse but still readable. Source and Documentation.
WINM-569KJalilJul 19/15 
M- is another programming language using a virtual machine to create seemingly fast programs. M- syntax is similar to assembly language.
WINEuphoria Sandpit851KChrisBurch3Jun 1/15 
A very simple program to type in quick Euphoria code, load a program and mess about with it. Demonstrate plonkable gui building, and shows just how short an eu program can be. Exe included, source code requires tinEGW to run. Great program for a beginner to use to learn the basics of programming.
WINTrace utility2KPhil FrenchDec 25/14 
R.S Williamson's trackvars was just what he wanted, but it needed updating from 2000. He wanted to make it extra convenient. He tried to add a little - He hopes he managed this correctly. It 'logs' events you want to track in your program. 2 files, tracer3.ew and a readme.
GENtidy 1.22KKenneth RhodesApr 7/13 
tidy 1. 2 is an upgrade to Jiri Babor's source code beautifier, tidy,( New features: An include file, tidy.e can now be called from a Euphoria source code editor and tidy.ex can be used from the command line. Input source code file is now automatically backed up and the "tidied" file overwrites your input file. Program aborts if backup fails. Added support for "loop", "switch", "type", and "ifdef".
WINSimple OOP47KJean-Marc DUROMar 6/13 
Simple Object Oriented style programming. The demo shows an EditText box synchronized with a CSV Table as Borland Delphi does (similar to TEditBox + TTable + TDatasource). Simpler than ever.
WINOrac568KMikeMay 22/12 5.60
A fast optimizing incremental compiler. May 22: Enhanced analysis tool to show all included files of an owner file and the number of references. Useful for culling redundant include statements.
WINeuphoria-install-package8550KShawn PringleMay 5/12 
Install package for testing purposes. May 5: Should refuse to install on unpatched versions of Windows 95
GENSimple OOP7KJean-Marc DUROJun 21/11 
A very simple way to deal with Object Oriented Programming. Compatible with Euphoria 3 and up.
GENMethod Euphoria55KMike NelsonOct 9/10 57.00
An OOP library for Euphoria. Single inheritance with interfaces, exceptions, event handling. Full cleanup after errors including Eu runtime errors. Now supports task switching.
WINbackendw.exe (improved)73KAl GetzSep 19/09 
A new 'backendw.exe' for Euphoria version 3.11 . The version that ships with Euphoria v3.11 has a limitation of 128 bytes. This file replaces the old one and allows the bound executable to work under directory names who's lengths are limited only by the operating system.
GENDot Notation for Euphoria (v2)15KJeremy CowgarMar 24/09 
An update to David Cuny's DOT program that supports new Euphoria 4.0 features such as namespaces, enums, new built-in functions and more. It also adds DOT notation for sequence access. REQUIRES 4.x.
GENHardware DEP enabled Euphoria49KShawn PringleDec 29/08 2.00
You can enable hardware DEP, and EUPHORIA will work fine if you patch the EUPHORIA directory with the files contained in this package. Instructions on two methods of install are included in install.txt in this archive. Dec 29: Added compatibility with OSX
GENlimits.e3KJason GadeJun 12/08 
Defines some of the numerical limits for Euphoria atoms and integers. Jun 12: Corrected get_epsilon() function, thanks to Fernando Bauer.
GENglobals extractor for editor syntax files51KMichael NelsonMay 21/08 1.30
This utility extracts global routine names from an include (*.e) file. An output file is created named globals.e which assigns a sorted list to a sequence named library which may be used by Euphoria code editors to extended color syntax/context sensitive help. An executable file, is included, as is the Method Euphoria source code which requires Method Euphoria.
DOSExample of DOS distribution file2456KMarco AchuryMay 1/08 1.50
Zip file with WIN/DOS euphoria installation striping out all the windows specific files. Just the first step to create a file to include on FREEDOS distribution. TO DO: Port to DOS the setup script to generate \doc and \html from htx files. Script to setup environmental variables.
GENProfile Library54KTone kodaMar 4/08 
Library for measuring speed of code and counting how many times it is called. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINCopy Included Files148KTone SkodaMar 4/08 4.00
A utility that finds all files included by a Euphoria program, and copies them into a single new directory. This could be useful when you share your programs with other people. June 21: bug fix Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINProViewer524KTone kodaMar 4/08 10.00
A utility to view Euphoria profile (.pro) files. Included is "ProfileInExExe" utility with which will help you profile_time non-win32 includes of your win32 programs. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
GENGet returned 64 bit integers6KCChrisJan 11/08 
Some shared library functions return 64 or 96 bit values. The get_large_return() function provided here retrieves such values as a sequence of atoms, each of which holding a 32 bit slice of the value. Supports cdecl/stdcall/pascal calling conventions, signed or unsigned return values. Jan 11: Typos corrected
GENEuTCL Tcl/Tk Wrapper16KLeonardo CecchiJan 9/08 
EuTCL is a wrapper that enables Euphoria programs to embed a Tcl/Tk interpreter. It works with Windows and with Linux. You can write a platform independent GUI with Tk, invoke tcl commands, register new tcl commands, etc.
GENConversion of ex.err7KJuergen LuethjeDec 18/07 5.00
Convert Euphoria's "ex.err" file to 1 or 2 other files, that contain the contents of sequences _either_ as numbers _or_ as strings, so that they are better readable. Allows an Eu 2.5+ program to automatically convert its own "ex.err" file after a crash. Dec 18: Fixed: Strings that contained certain special characters were not recognized as strings.
WINProfile_Time in WIN32455KDaniel KlussOct 25/07 0.80
A modified source of Euphoria with profile_time enabled in Windows, 1 ms timer.
WINWrapper for the Eu2C Windows translator78KJuergen LuethjeSep 26/07 2.00
Lets you link resources with a DLL or EXE file, and export only global routines from the *main* module of a DLL. Tested with Eu2C 2.4, 2.5, 3.0.1, and 3.1.1. For translating DLLs see also "" by Matt Lewis. Sep 26: Adaptation to Eu 3.1.x. Some minor cosmetic changes. The ZIP archive now contains the compiled executable 'ecwr.exe'.
GENScientific notation parser7KMatt LewisAug 3/07 1.00
Parses numbers in scientific notation with maximum precision available for Euphoria atoms (IEEE 754 doubles)
GENComment remover2KCChrisMar 22/07 
A library and standalone .exw to remove comments from a string or file. Optional stats, optional removal of lines either white or reduced to white.
WINsetEUver2KWolfgang FritzMar 14/07 
For Watcom users. Tests adding additional version info to exw.exe version 3.0.2.. Includes sample 'probe' program. READ the readme first!
GENEuphoria Version Finder6KCChrisFeb 20/07 3.00
This library provides the getEuVersion() function, which returns a version string as found in the readme.htm file distributed by RDS. Feb 20: v0.3 has more comments and tries platform dependent defaults if everything else fails.
GENGreat Computer Language Shootout!19KJason GadeFeb 5/07 5.50
The Euphoria implementation of the benchmarks at Feb 5: Added partial-sums and reverse-complement benchmarks. Added bench.ex test harness. Removed subdirectories.
GENEuphoria Intel OSX components. ( incomplete )1244Kalban readNov 19/06 
This is the Euphoria interpreter and translator compiled for Intel Mac (terminal only), along with slightly modified source code. Mainly of interest to people working on a full Intel Mac Port. The translator can compile itself and compile the interpreter, no graphics commands are supported yet. Please read the readme. (RDS will look into adding this code to the official source.) Nov 19: debugger now switches screens properly.
GENUnit testing framework1KJeremy CowgarNov 18/06 
A unit testing framework modeled loosely after Perl's unit testing system.
GENAdvanced wildcard library6KAronNov 11/06 1.00
Package: RWILD.E, RMISC.E, documentation and demo (.EX). RWILD provides a flexible, powerful routine for handling pattern matching. RMISC supports RWILD with a few useful sequence operations.
WINModified Euphoria 3.0.1 setup program for DOS/Windows517KJuergen LuethjeNov 7/06 
The files "euphoria.iss" and "setupae.exw" from the original '' archive have been changed, in order to mainly achive the following: o Make a backup copy of "autoexec.bat" before that file is altered. o Write _short_ path names to "autoexec.bat" (because long path names will not work on bare DOS)! Some other minor changes have been made, see included Readme file for details.
WINTranslator Support for MinGW and Pelles C164KKonstantinos TampourisNov 5/06 
Support for two more free compilers for Windows: MinGW and Pelles C. Both compilers can target WinCE, so this support brings Euphoria one step closer to targeting WinCE too. All 3.0.1 source code changes included. (Someone should add this code to the official Translator).
WINElink 0.3.2b233KGraeme BurkeOct 29/06 2.00
A pre/post processor for the ML.exe assembler. Allows the user to easily create modules in ASM then import these into Euphoria. Has a custom Linker/Loader so your ASM routines can access the Windows OS or any other DLL. Contains the Elink processor, a GUI, loader, docs, examples and full source. Oct 29: Now supports compressed libraries.
GENINCLUDE Utility9KFred ManganOct 26/06 
A guru-like utility for finding global procedures in the header files in the euphoria\include folder.
WINPE File Format Reader23KGraeme BurkeOct 19/06 
Code that can dump the Portable Executable header format used by Windows .exe files. Oct 19: Added some new constants
GENObject Oriented Euphoria220KMatthew LewisOct 15/06 34.00
Adds capabilities to the RDS PD v2.5 interpreter. Windows and Linux translated executables included. Oct 15: v1.9.0: find_from, match_from, debugger enhancements, bug fixes
GENTommy's I/O Library 1.014KTommy CarlierSep 10/06 1.30
Provides I/O abstractions for reading and writing binary and text data. The advantage of this abstraction is that if you write code that needs input or output, it doesn't matter if you read from or write to files, sequences, ... You don't have to write different code for handling different kinds of I/O.
GENUse 32-bit Integers In Translated DLLs3KMatthew LewisSep 8/06 21.30
Enable Euphoria-to-C DLLs and SOs to have full 32-bit integers passed to exported Euphoria routines. Sep 8: Improvements by Juergen Luethje to automatically detect the correct file number for make_atom.c
WINAPC dll9KDaniel KlussMay 9/06 0.80
More multithreaded fun. Better than TDLL. Uses APC completion callbacks to Euphoria with unique objects for every call. Could be used to make anything super multithreaded, and the whole state could be saved in the return variables. He has tested with 20k threads, and floats, and doubles, and sequences. Passes all his tests, but needs more testing.
GENGet Fixed4KDaniel KlussMay 6/06 
This is a modified version of the standard include GET.E. He fixed what he thinks is a problem with different notations of the same value not being interpreted bit for bit the same. Please test and comment. Try: equal({GET_SUCCESS,472.8},value("47280000000000.E-011")). May 6: added a test program to show a difference. He gets bit correct: (get.e = 40-45% get2.e = 100%) digit correct: (get.e = 75-85% get2.e = 100%)
WINdEbUg_magic_box84KAntonio AlessiApr 4/06 1.00
A powerful interactive debugging tool, that allows you to watch large variables of any depth during runtime, and keep or change them. Demonstrates some library functions: get/putStream, get/setFont, openDialog, print out sequenced variables, shellExecuteEx, Load/SaveFileName, message_box etc. Apr 4: Up to 3.0, was provided with a plug-ins feature and some examples; more enhancements.
GENEuDebug_AG (Version 1.00)174KAl GetzFeb 14/06 3.00
A command line debugger for Euphoria with many features. Functionality during program execution includes: reading and writing variables to a file; change a variable while the program is running; skip program lines; backstep to a previous line; exit a loop early; etc. (no source)
GENModified include system40KVincent HowellFeb 9/06 
This is now just a proof of concept on how he proposed to fix the duplicate filename issue with Euphoria's include system. Perhaps this code can be used for comparing two different filepaths. NOTE: A better alternative solution has been agreed upon by RDS for implementation into the official language.
WINEuphoria as a dll173KJeremy PetersonDec 23/05 
Euphoria (eu.ex) compiled into a dll using the PD Translator. Most of the exported routines are not usable, as they depend on internal interpreter data structures. However, many standard Euphoria library routines are present, and those may be of some use. e.g. sort() will be faster since it's translated/compiled.
WINLua v502 wrappers for Euphoria104KJeremy PetersonDec 20/05 1.20
This is a complete wrap of the Lua v502 dll. See the demos directory for a few examples of how to use it. Dec 20: Added documentation, and some bug fixes.
GENMultiplatform Eval Script1KAlex ChamberlainDec 15/05 
An eval script that runs Eu programs and actually works - because it uses the RDS releases.
WINModified Scripting Interpreter1461Kwes hermansonDec 4/05 
Freeware scripting interpreter with GUI control, written completely in Euphoria (no source). It can run Euphoria programs (both windows and dos), as well as 7 extra languages in tandem (below). Can be called from command line. AIT, COBOL, Euphoria, Forth, LISP, Tint, SIC, and SmallTalk.
WINForth compiler583KmicDec 4/05 9.00
A multi-platform Forth compiler written in Euphoria. It generates code for several processors, including 80x86 and ARM. Dec 4: Added support for Blackfin processors. Slightly improved loop optimisation for M68000.
WINDll and include for running Lua scripts and files.97KJeremy PetersonDec 2/05 1.50
This dll and it's include file allow you to use Lua in your Euphoria programs. You can run a string containing many Lua commands, or you can run a file external to your program that contains Lua commands.
GENDynamic/Conditional Include Library18KVincent HowellNov 11/05 3.00
A dynamic/conditional inclusion system for Euphoria v2.3 or newer. Example programs and documentation are included. Nov 11: Added support for include nesting, current file detection. An improvement with the duplicate filename scanner. Minor optimizations, new examples, and improved documentation.
WINBinder GUI Interface210KRod DamonNov 7/05 1.00
A Windows GUI interface for binding and shrouding with Euphoria 2.4 & 2.5. Has been tested on WIN98 & XP for Windows & DOS. Written using Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI library. Requires the 2.4 or 2.5 RDS registered binder/shrouder (not included).
GENEuExpat ver. 0.172KDamienOct 31/05 
For parsing XML files. It's far from complete. Check it out and let him know what you think. A GNU/Linux version will be coming soon. Apr 23: updated the example program, various code clean ups, added a few more functions. parse() fully works now.
GENExtended Tasking Library2KMike NelsonOct 30/05 4.20
Extends the multitasking features of Euphoria's new tasking interpreter, including the saving and restoring of non-private per task data. It is the author's hope to develop a standard extended tasking library so that multiple task safe libraries can cooperate by using the same framework. Suggestions for improvements and additonal features are highly desired.
WINChip8 emulator14KmicSep 29/05 1.75
A Chip8 emulator written in Euphoria, complete with sound (bleep) emulation. The purpose of this project was to try to finish it in the shortest possible amount of time, so don't take it too seriously.
WINWindows Tasking Demo 016KAl GetzSep 23/05 
This is a Windows tasking demo for use with the new Euphoria tasking preview. The demo is made for WinClass but the task procedures and related can be used with any library. Be sure to read the "readme.txt" file before running.
GENTask Manager6KMike NelsonAug 27/05 0.80
Provides cooperative multitasking. Tasks can be prioritized, have start times from immediately to 1 day in the future, and can be run once or repeated at any interval from continuously to daily. A non-OOP version of the forthcoming Method Euphoria Task Manger Library.
GENSequence Parsing Syntax621KDaryl BorderAug 26/05 2.60
This file contains changes to the public domain source code which allows the programmer to "parse" a sequence into its component elements with one assignment statement. In plain words, it allows more than one variable on the left hand side of the statement. He has included the source code, bound executables and a demo program.
WINVirtual Thread Manager 0220KAl GetzAug 22/05 1.80
Although true OS threads are not used, this library makes your app appear to work as though it has time shared multitasking threads. This means your app gui doesn't hang as one or more lengthy operations are being performed in the background. True task scheduler with various other enhancements. Versions and demos for both WinClass and WinLib. Compare to ThreadManager01 (archives) and Sched.e (LangWar directory) Aug 22: New functions allow more advanced thread handling: QueryWaitThread(), PauseThread(), ResumeThread(), QueryThreadActive(). Also, message_box(..) doesn't hang threads.
GENBilingual Euphoria 2.5821KIgor Kachan, Robert CraigJun 15/05 3.00
Bilingual (English & Russian) Euphoria 2.5 Interpreters and set of the standard RDS libraries. Manual of EU 2.5 in Russian. Allows you to write Euphoria programs as 100% English or as 100% Russian or as any mix of two languages. The E2C Translator, Binder and translation to 100% standard Euphoria are supported. Interpreter has unlimited alphabet for the names. Jun 15: Added the exw_r.exe interpreter, support for translation from English to Russian. Tested with Russian versions of Win32Lib.ew and IDE.exw. Known bugs fixed. Beta version.
GENVincent's Enhanced Euphoria v2.5511KVincent HowellMay 3/05 9.70
VEEU is based off the public domain Euphoria v2.5 official source code, and offers lots of new features & enhancements. This package comes with 4 translated/compiled VEEU interpreters for DOS, Windows, and Linux, TextPad syntax file for VEEU & EDS, transparent Eu icons, numerous example programs, full source code, and documentation. May 3: Bug fix: Global Conflict Resolution now works properly. Slightly improved documentation.
GENEuphoria Plus108KAlex ChamberlainJan 5/05 
This is basically a syntax editor for Euphoria with preprocessor (David Cuny's) and automatic text. This program allows you to write a program with preprocessor commands and convert it into standard Euphoria. Jan 5: Version 2.5: Multi-file support
GENJoy Interpreter In Euphoria (joie)22KRaymundo BaquirinJan 3/05 
joie is an interpreter for the concatenative programming language Joy, written in Euphoria.
GENZClasses - Simple OOP Library10KDave ProbertDec 19/04 
This is a simple OO-like Library that can be used with or without windows (single include). It implements methods, member variables, subclassing and extending. Can be used with applications or simply as a learning tool. 2 example files included. Comments welcome. Dec 19: Fixed a couple of bugs and enhanced a couple of functions.
GENEG Interpreter662KGreg HaberekDec 8/04 1.00
A modified interpreter based on the open-source 100% Euphoria Public Domain Interpreter. Includes many new features, including variable_id() and version(). EG is also highly portable, since it has a built-in version of ed that may be run from the command line. EG is also great for CGI. Includes DOS, Windows and Linux (translated) executables, but no source code. Dec 8: egu is now compressed with UPX.
GENUpdated PD Interpreter Source Files13KDaryl BorderDec 2/04 4.80
Modifications to scanner.e and symtab.e to address a situation where included files create global symbol conflicts in other included files. A simple test file is included. (Not fully tested or optimized.)
WINVisual Euphoria47KJoeOct 14/04 1.50
Visual Euphoria intends to be a weight off a coder's shoulders. VE makes repetitive tasks like creating proc's, func's and handlers, as well as windows, a snap. Oct 14: Added two Searching Commands. Added templates for database.e . Fixed Line Pos Reporting, added more syntax words
GENCommon Code Analysis5KPete LomaxSep 11/04 
Similar in concept to a profile listing, identifies groups of lines of duplicate code.
GENDiamond Object Oriented Library119KMike NelsonMar 14/04 44.00
A library for Object Oriented Programming in Euphoria. Its design is based on Java with elements of Visual Basic and C#. Many advanced features. Mar 14: v4.0.0: Inner classes replace the Extended_Access interface. C# style delegates.
WINeu2html23KJules DavyFeb 5/04 1.00
A front-end to Martin Stachon's command line eu2html. It converts euphoria source code to syntax-coloured html with optional CSS.
WINProfiler4KAlexander ToressonNov 15/03 1.00
By using this, you will be able to see how much cpu time chosen parts of your program are using. You will also be able to watch over chosen variables and define breakpoints in realtime. You will also be able to start/stop program execution. All this through a Windows GUI.
WINModified Interpreter352KMatthew LewisJul 14/03 1.00
Using the Euphoria 2.4 interpreter source code, Matt has added some extra features. You can specify a routine to be called when there's a run-time error. You can access variables by id number, and you can resolve conflicting global symbols in a way that will likely be supported by Euphoria in the next release. Jul 14: added global resolution feature
GENException Handling2KMike NelsonApr 29/03 
A simplified version of the exception handling system from his Diamond OOP library. This could be useful in non-OOP programs. Apr 29: bug fix
GENDiamond-Lite Object Oriented Library19KMike NelsonMar 6/03 12.00
A simpler version of his Diamond Object Oriented Programming Library. This lite version is intended for beginner and intermediate OOP programmers. Mar 6: it now prints an error file for debugging.
GENInclude File Dependencies2KMatt ArriolaMar 1/03 
A program that scans your program and gives a report on all the include files that are used. Needs Kat's strtok.e. Mar 1: bug fix
WINGUI for Translator164KRoland StowasserDec 28/02 
A graphical user interface for the Euphoria to C Translator, built using Judith's IDE and Win32Lib. Dec 28: start it in any directory; add a .rc or .res file to the created executable.
GENUnlimited Alphabet Interpreter738KIgor KachanOct 5/02 1.00
A program that can generate 21 different versions of the ex.exe interpreter. Each version supports a different international code page for output to the screen in graphics modes. These interpreters are built using the publicly-available Euphoria Interpreter Source Code, and WATCOM C for DOS. His interpreters allow identifiers with ASCII characters 128-255. This is useful for many (non-English) languages. He has also included versions of exw.exe and exu (Linux/FreeBSD) with 128-255 support. Oct 5: exw.exe replaced by one built with Borland
GENUnlimited Alphabet and Russian Diagnostics704KIgor KachanOct 5/02 
ex.exe, exw.exe, and exu (Linux/FreeBSD) with Russian error messages, fonts and ex.err dumps. Igor went through the entire Euphoria interpreter source code and changed all the English messages to Russian. Interpreters for all 4 platforms are included. Allows identifiers with unlimited alphabet 128-255. This is very useful in Russian. Oct 5: exw.exe replaced by one built with Borland
GENPreprocessor9KJ. BrownMay 15/02 
A preprocessor that extends the Euphoria language. May 15: new features
WINConvert .h to .e41KDaniel KlussApr 23/02 0.50
Convert C .h header files to Euphoria .e include files.
WINDAWG - Build wrappers automatically7KChris BenslerApr 1/02 2.10
A utility that automatically builds "wrapper" functions in Euphoria for C routines in a .DLL file. Apr 1: v0.3, several small enhancements and bug fixes; better compatibility with Linux
GENEuphoria Preprocessor18KChris BenslerJul 23/01 3.00
It adds namespacing, assignments on declaration, select case, and various new delimiters and sequence operations to the Euphoria language.
GENForward Reference Parser10KJ. BrownJul 18/01 
A preprocessor that adds some features to the Euphoria language.
GENNamespace Parser20KJ. BrownJul 18/01 
His vision of namespaces. (This is not what RDS implemented for 2.3).
GENBasic To Euphoria Translator21KJ. BrownJul 3/01 
It translates a subset of Basic commands into Euphoria. (see also David Cuny's EBasic in the Archive)
GENParser for Euphoria Programs9KHumberto YeverinoMay 23/01 
A program that parses a euphoria source file and extracts information about types, functions, procedures and variables. May 23: rewrote main algorithm, fixed bugs, keeps track of constants
GENHamsterSpeak19KJames PaigeMar 4/01 
A compiler for a custom language called "HamsterSpeak" that he created for use with the DOS RPG Maker O.H.R.RPG.C.E. Originally written in QuickBasic, the new Euphoria version runs 12 times faster.
GENFormula Compiler2KAl GetzMar 4/01 0.25
A mathematical formula compiler for those looking for a dynamic "Eval" type of function.
WINGoo121KKarl BochertFeb 27/01 
A translator that adds namespaces, some shorthands, and an object system to Euphoria. The objects feature multiple inheritance, dot notation, virtual methods and visibility control (public, private, secret). Some examples and html documentation are included.
GENLOOP lib7KLewis TownsendFeb 22/01 1.50
A fast and simple Object Oriented library for Euphoria. Feb 22: garbage collection of deleted objects, easier way of creating and assigning properties
GENASP To VB Translator54KTone SkodaDec 17/00 
A Translator from ASP to Visual Basic.
GENOx Parser Generator26KDavid CunyNov 4/00 
Give it a grammar (language description). It will make a parser (syntax checker) for that language, written in Euphoria. You can include the parser in your application, and you can specify actions to be performed as elements of your language are recognized. Nov 3: $pre directive fixed. Nov 4: identifiers with embedded keywords fixed
WINPreprocessor for OOP33KKarl BochertSep 20/00 
A package for adding Object Oriented features to Euphoria. It translates OOP features into plain Euphoria. Sep 20: bug fix
GENExtensions to Topaz67KMatt ArriolaAug 26/00 
New instructions that extend the instruction set of Roderick Jackson's Topaz (see Archive). Aug 26: v1.2
WINSWIG/Euphoria539KDavid CunyAug 19/00 
SWIG ( Simple Wrapper Interface Generator) is a C++ program that makes it possible to quickly build interfaces to C and C++ programs. This beta release of SWIG/Euphoria automatically generates Windows DLL source code and matching Euphoria wrappers from C/C++ header files. Aug 19: a .DLL file, needed by the program is now included.
GENEuphoria to Java Translator16KDavid CunyMay 11/00 
A very early release of a translator from Euphoria to Java.
GENDynamic Include System1KGabriel BoehmeMar 29/00 
an improvement on the dynamic include file technique proposed by Mark Honnor. Mar 29: minor update to declare Public Domain status.
GENQuartz Professional: OOP in Euphoria14KRoderick JacksonDec 14/99 
A library of routines for object-oriented programming that's much faster than his standard Quartz above.
GENQuartz: OOP in Euphoria13KRoderick JacksonDec 14/99 1.00
A library of routines for object-oriented programming. Dec 14: store/load objects on disk, and generally faster
GENResource Binder10KDavid CunyNov 13/99 1.75
A system for binding resource files - bitmaps, gifs, data files, etc. into one big file, or even into the same .exe file as your bound Euphoria program. Your program can open and read these files as if they were separate files. Nov 13: it's now easier to use bitmaps (.BMP) in resource files
GENClass System for Euphoria27KMike NelsonSep 1/99 
A new approach to using classes in Euphoria. Sep 1: exception handling is now an integral part of eclasses
GENEuphoria Source File Analyzer11KCraig GilbertAug 13/99 
A tool that scans Euphoria code and reports on the variables and routines that it finds.
GENEvent System for Euphoria8KJeffrey FieldingJul 21/99 2.80
An event system for Euphoria. It allows programs to be written based on events. It even allows multitasking to some extent.
GENObject Oriented Programming in Euphoria9KJrgen JnesJul 11/99 
He worked out this system for doing object-oriented programming in Euphoria.
GENEuphoria expression evaluator9KFalkonJul 3/99 
A full-featured evaluator of Euphoria expressions.
GENSimple Exception Handling Mechanism6KMike NelsonJun 24/99 
A scheme that partially emulates Java-style exception handling.
DOSInteractive Euphoria Interpreter4KRoderick JacksonJun 5/99 
A front-end to Euphoria that lets you type in Euphoria statements and have them executed immediately.
GENAnother approach to Object Orientation57KMatthew WhiteheadApr 12/99 
an approach to object-oriented programming in Euphoria.
DOSDynamic Include Files2KMark HonnorMar 30/99 0.25
a system for dynamically deciding which files to include.
DOSQBasic to Euphoria Translator96KDavid CunyMar 17/99 
a Euphoria program that translates QBasic programs into Euphoria. This release handles a very large subset of QBasic. QBasic programs will run faster, and can use much more memory, after they've been translated into Euphoria.
GENEuphoria Expression Evaluator5KJeff FieldingFeb 22/99 
an evaluator of Euphoria expressions. It takes the string representation of a Euphoria expression, and gives you the resulting value.
GENEuphoria Pre-Processor30KJeff FieldingNov 17/98 
a language preprocessor for Euphoria. Among other things, it can give you a list of your variables and functions and whether they've been used or not.
DOSSimple Compiler/Interpreter5KDetlef ReimersAug 18/98 
a simple compiler and interpreter for mathematical expressions
GENEuphoria Preprocessor28KDavid CunyJun 2/98 1.00
a preprocessor that adds several language features to Euphoria, version 1.01b.
GENObject-Oriented Programming Example6KFrancis BussiereMay 25/97 
a collection of routines for creating and manipulating objects in an Object-Oriented manner

Sound (42)

WINEuSDL2Mixer2893KAndy P.Jun 2/15 
This is a wrapper of the SDL 2 Mixer library for Euphoria. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. This allows you to use other sound and music file formats besides .wav. Includes an example program.
LNXtaglist2KHarry ByersJun 16/13 
A small program to make track listings from directories of audio files, using the Taglib library by Scott Wheeler.
WINSynth Sound102KMikeMay 7/12 
Easy-to-use utility for making your own WAV sounds using audio parameters based on frequency, wave type, duration, and amplitude. Could be used for audio test equipment or just to discover awesome sound effects overlooked by designers of 1980's arcade machines. All suggestions for improvement are welcome. Requires Euphoria 4.0 May 7: Added white noise generation.
WINAmbiPlayer4996KDavid PlettsApr 2/09 
A simple music player that can play .wav, .ogg or midi files. Uses the .dll libraries from SDL. All files plus compiled version included. A few short sample files are also included for you to try out the program with. Apr 2: Added required jpeg.dll file
WINAmbi12467KDavid PlettsMar 27/09 
A suite of programs for playing ambient sounds from samples. There are a setup helper application, an interactive player and two auto-controlled players, one with a graphic display. The players have been programmed using SDL dll libraries from Mark Akita. Both compiled programs and source included.
WINEuphoria Media Player (Beta)132KLogan KodyszNov 19/08 
You can play, pause, or stop songs. Counts the number of songs you add to the library, time elapsed in a song, goes to next song automatically, or you can shuffle your playlist. Not as pretty as other media players, but it works! Tags are supported but disabled for this beta release. Requires Win32Lib.
GENMML compiler331KmicJul 9/08 
A package containing an MML (Music Macro Language) compiler, plus playback libraries for various video game systems.
WINMP3 Evaluator980KTone SkodaMar 4/08 1.00
A program that helps you decide which MP3 files to keep, which to move, and which to delete. It can also be used as a normal song player. It uses bass.ew by Elliott Sales de Andrade. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
WINAccess .Id3 Tags187KTone SkodaMar 3/08 1.00
A library for reading, writing, and manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. These tags are found in .mp3 files (artist, title, album, etc.). Mar 3: file uploaded to RDS site. See also:
WINSDL Mixer Library1546KMark AkitaOct 5/06 0.50
A library for adding sounds and music to your Euphoria programs. Formats supported are: WAV, AIFF, RIFF, VOC, MID, MOD, OGG and MP3. It uses the free SDL library. Oct 5: SDL_Mixer v 1.2.7, added new audio file types to the demo program.
WINEuphoria JFW Library41KLouis BryantMar 26/06 3.00
This library allows Euphoria programmers to speak directly to JAWS, a screen reader for the blind providing speech output. For more information on this fabulous screen reader, visit Everything you need is included in the package. Mar 26: This is only a minor upgrade. It has the variable interrupt changed so you can easily include it and translate it to C without any errors.
WINAudio Ripper Plus773KGreg HaberekFeb 28/06 
Audio Ripper Plus is a nifty utility for converting your audio CDs to MP3 format. It uses the BASS Audio Library and the LAME Encoding Engine to do its work. Audio tracks are ripped and converted on-the-fly for optimal speed. Feb 28: New webpage.
WINVirtunome12KGreg HaberekFeb 28/06 
Virtunome is a virtual real-time metronome for Windows. Its great for any musician who needs help keeping a beat. Best of all, its cheaper than a real metronome, since its free! Feb 28: New webpage.
WINspeech editor12KBob ThompsonFeb 8/06 
A basic operational Win32lib.ew demo incorporating speech recognition and text-to-speech. Requires C Bouzy's Speech.dll/Speech.ew, and a speech engine installed. Feb 8: Redundant code removed from "save as" and readme.txt added.
WINSpeech Library31KC BouzyJan 25/06 
A speech library that supports both Text To Speech and Speech To Text. It's easy to use and he has included a few demos. If it crashes, you may need to install the MS Speech SDK 5.1. Jan 25: Voice_Check() in SpeechToText.exw demo has been modified by Bob Thompson to allow vocal input of "percent sign"
WINEuspeech14KJeremy PetersonDec 23/05 
Uses a speech dll and Euphoria to make your computer speak files and strings of text. Contains stm.dll and a small example program. He has not tested it because he has no voice engine on his computer. But you can test it and add to it if you like. See also Michael Raley's program
WINBassEnc Encoding Library21KElliott Sales de AndradeNov 23/05 
A small extension that allows BASS channels to be encoded using any command-line encoder that has STDIN support (LAME/OGGENC/etc). LAME and/or OGGENC should be downloaded from their respective sites to run the examples. Nov 23: Big-endian sample data options, Manual encoder feeding, Support for Unicode command-lines, and More.
WINBass CD Library39KElliott Sales de AndradeNov 23/05 1.00
An extension to the Bass Library. It enables the streaming and ripping of CD audio tracks, superseding the Bass CD functions provided in Bass 1.8, previously in the Archive. This requires Bass.dll and Bass.ew from the Bass package. Nov 23: Support for new plugin system.
WINBASS Audio Library404KElliott Sales de AndradeNov 23/05 10.00
Support for the full BASS audio library. Plays MPEG Layers 1, 2, 3 (commonly known as MP3s), OGG, VORBIS, and Internet Streams as well as MOD file formats. Lots of additional features. See also the BASSMOD library. Nov 23: Add-on plugin system, MOD position & syncing in bytes, Support for AIFF files, Floating-point sampling, More options, and More.
WINBassVis Library69KElliott Sales de AndradeJun 18/05 
BassVis is an extension to the BASS audio library, providing a set of functions for rendering Sonique and Winamp Visualization plugins into any canvas, as long as you provide an hDC.
WINthe voice of Euphoria2KMichael RaleyFeb 8/05 
This demo of Matt's Eucom wraps the Microsoft voicetext object to make Euphoria talk. Look in your windows directory for /speech/vtext.dll to see if you can run it.
WINBASSMOD Library61KElliott Sales de AndradeJul 6/04 6.50
A subset of the BASS audio system. You can use it to play several module formats. It is probably useful for demo. BASSMOD works on Linux too. See also the full BASS library. Jul 6: Decode-only opening of files. Non-interpolated mixing. Adjustable channel/instrument volumes. Unicode support.
WINOpenAL 3D Sound172KDaniel KlussNov 8/03 
A wrapper for OpenAL (open standard 3D sound) for Euphoria, made in 30 minutes with his .H to .E conversion library in the Archive. Take a look at the examples and you'll get a good idea of how this works.
GENPerlin Noise Library887KDan McGrathSep 3/03 1.00
Routines that create textures through a technique that produces more 'natural' looking noise. There's code for both texture and sound, although the Sound library is in its early stages. He also includes a set of functions to do basic manipulations of the textures. Here are 7 sample images (782K) Dan has produced. You can discuss this project in a forum he has set up. Sep 3: Faster code, bug fixes, improved interface and greater control of the engine.
WIN.WAV Editor265KDaryl van den BrinkMay 15/03 2.00
An editor for .wav sound files. It can open multiple files to perform operations such as cut, copy, paste, convert mono to stereo and vice versa, adjust volume and insert silence. May 15: much faster at opening and saving files, lots of new features. See changes.txt
GENRead/Write .WAV Files3KDaryl Van den BrinkMay 14/03 3.00
A simple include file for reading and writing .WAV (sound) files. It uses euphoria sequences to store the wave data (no low-level memory access required). It should work on all platforms (tested in dos). It comes with a small command-line demo program.
WINFMOD Sound Library152KAkuApr 22/03 2.00
A wrapper for the FMOD sound library (.dll included). It supports ogg, mp3, mp2, wav, mid, wma, mod, aiff, s3m, and xm. See demo.exw.
DOSCD Player308KGreg HaberekJan 12/03 
A CD player program that uses David Cuny's DOS32Lib and Jacques Deschenes' cdaudio and sfx2. It uses DOS graphics modes, so you might need use_vesa(1).
WINSampler3KMicDec 7/02 
A sample generator. It can generate .WAV sound files with square, triangle, sawtooth and sine waves with arbitrary frequency, sample rate and amplitude. Requires win32lib 0.57.9 or later.
GENWAVEdit4KMicDec 5/02 
A text-based WAV editor. It can do volume adjustments, resampling, convert mono<->stereo and convert 8<->16 bits.
GENWAV Info3KCraig GilbertOct 8/02 
A short program for extracting information from a WAV file; compression type, channels, samples per second, etc.
WINPC Speaker Sounds3KTing (Aku)Jul 9/01 0.50
It lets you make PC speaker sounds in Windows 9X/ME, just like Euphoria's sound() routine for DOS.
DOSPC Speaker ToolBox8KCraig GilbertJun 20/01 4.50
A toolbox for making PC speaker sounds. It includes a qplay() routine similar to the one in QBasic, plus it has a bunch of cool sounds. Jun 20: bug fixes
WINMidi File Generator5KMark AkitaMar 31/01 3.25
A program that generates MIDI files based on simple math functions. Requires Win32Lib.ew. Mar 31: bug fix
DOSMIDI File Player34KPeter MillanMar 29/00 
An include file that lets you play MIDI files in the background. Two driver files (included) must be loaded, and a 100% SoundBlaster compatible card is required.
DOSMidget Music Program468KAndrew GreenwoodDec 16/99 
A program that plays MIDI music, and helps you to compose your own songs. (no source code, but some of his routines are available below.)
DOSMIDI Player and Other Stuff22KAndrew GreenwoodOct 13/99 
A collection of routines for playing MIDI (MPU-401 Device) music on your sound card. He also included several miscellaneous files for math, disk access, GUI, and .INI file handling.
DOSEcstacy Sound System78KLiquid-Nitrogen SoftwareJun 17/99 
A new library for playing .WAV files on a Sound Blaster card. See also Jacques Deschenes' SFX2 in the Archive / Machine-Level Access.Jun 17: now works ok with tick_rate()
DOSSound Effects version 2.0121KJacques DeschenesMar 20/99 1.58
Sound Blaster routines. You can:
  • play .WAV files of any size in the background
  • mix up to 4 sound files in real time
  • play sound in an endless loop
  • play 16-bit files
  • auto-detect the sound card
Jacques made good use of some routines contributed by Greg Harris. Mar 20: ports.e and doswrap.e have recently been fixed.
DOSMidi Player38KNick MetcalfeAug 10/98 1.25
a midi file player. It requires a special MIDI device attached to the joystick port of the Sound Blaster.
DOSMod Player162KPete EberleinApr 26/98 7.40
Plays .MOD sound files. It supports (((STEREO))) and .WAV files too. A sample .MOD file is included. It should work with most Sound Blaster or equivalent cards.
DOSAudio CD routines12KJacques DeschenesAug 15/97 
routines for accessing and playing audio CD's on your computer. You must have MSCDEX in your config.sys, and you will need some of Jacques' other .e files from his Collection.